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Nbt Cool
Nbt Cool - 10 timer siden
Loş Dilhun
Loş Dilhun - 10 timer siden
Sevgili olmuslar mıydı? Bilen var mi?
earth is a donut
earth is a donut - 10 timer siden
21:25 omg larry 😂😂lmaooo
admin sucks
admin sucks - 10 timer siden
I remember back when I travel elsewhere mostly to Southeast Asia and West Africa,people were like " do you know britney spears?" instead of "hello" her fame was insane. I was blonde so they quickly think I was from US.
Francheska Mamani
Francheska Mamani - 10 timer siden
Kim taehyung lo amo
B and C Cards
B and C Cards - 10 timer siden
Plot twist: someone actually died in the 14:21 challenge, there was no air left and they couldn’t breathe, there brother tried to get hem out but it was too late, he had already died. That’s why they ended the show
Julia Milbocker
Julia Milbocker - 10 timer siden
JUST noticed they are all wearing clothes with Disney characters on it
Leika Abedes
Leika Abedes - 10 timer siden
Deedee O.
Deedee O. - 10 timer siden
I am so into V voice. 😘
Most Talented In The World
Most Talented In The World - 10 timer siden
natalia Avila
natalia Avila - 10 timer siden
I fuckin cried😭 I love this moment celebrating Kiefer as a person!💕💕💕
Leika Abedes
Leika Abedes - 10 timer siden
Em Hi
Em Hi - 10 timer siden
흑슈가 넣은 망개떡
흑슈가 넣은 망개떡 - 10 timer siden
LoveLove - 10 timer siden
Love yourself Relay2931
LoveLove - 10 timer siden
Love yourself Relay2931
LoveLove - 10 timer siden
Love yourself Relay2931
Quashaun Winston
Quashaun Winston - 10 timer siden
Lisa Suan
Lisa Suan - 10 timer siden
Brettttttt! So Fun!
Artemisa Bangtan 방탄소년단
Artemisa Bangtan 방탄소년단 - 10 timer siden
Hermosa cancionnn de mis talentosos chicos LOS AMOOO
S1ippy L3mons
S1ippy L3mons - 10 timer siden
And that is how she got over 19 dogs
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez - 10 timer siden
The crabby powder physically allow because disadvantage fortuitously hang toward a remarkable death. energetic, knotty seaplane
Asma Baghriche
Asma Baghriche - 10 timer siden
Kim taehyung masterpiece 💜
Raman jeet
Raman jeet - 10 timer siden
lets accept the fact ezra miller flash is going to bomb like anything, as we have already grant gustins flash
퍼플스토리 - 10 timer siden
다들 너무 예쁘고 잘생겨서 만화책보다 더 눈이 호강합니다! 즐겁고 신나는 노래 잘 듣고 보았어요♡ 자주 많이 보여주세요♡
pinkypinkydinky dooo booo
pinkypinkydinky dooo booo - 10 timer siden
BE is the best album!!
Santos Colon
Santos Colon - 10 timer siden
every single one of them looked ugly asf inside and out🥰
Мария Комельских
Мария Комельских - 10 timer siden
Почему в последнее время мне кажется, что BTS прощаются с ARMY😭😭😭
Tanushree Chaturvedi
Tanushree Chaturvedi - 11 timer siden
the intro tune was giving me 'Blinding Lights by Weeknd' vibes
Marielle 24
Marielle 24 - 11 timer siden
8:14 my cousin's 1st names are mark too! 😳 Mark Anthony Mark Bryan Mark Christopher Mark Dennis
Vanessa Hall
Vanessa Hall - 11 timer siden
2021, still here, love the way we lie.. well that’s telling us something that’s happening...
Shakeel Ahmad
Shakeel Ahmad - 11 timer siden
V looking very beautiful and active
We - 11 timer siden
Love yourself Relay2926
Mary Moon
Mary Moon - 11 timer siden
Hugs Ms. Kay 🌈
PrincessChloe Reyes
PrincessChloe Reyes - 11 timer siden
DID ANYONE noticed Yoongi when he mhmhm he that sounded not him
Flower W
Flower W - 11 timer siden
The guy with pink mic🥺💕
Somya Shukla
Somya Shukla - 11 timer siden
V's reaction is very cute and cool
Britta Dale Dinawanao
Britta Dale Dinawanao - 11 timer siden
Kiefer is just so amazing and beautiful🥺❤❤
Mairi Jash Vlogs
Mairi Jash Vlogs - 11 timer siden
Ya know those stuffs can kill peoples especially waters flies creatures
Flower W
Flower W - 11 timer siden
The guy with pink mic really slays 🥺💕
Mairi Jash Vlogs
Mairi Jash Vlogs - 11 timer siden
This show or channel should be gone I mean. Why did they even made this contents? If they think they are entertaining us well no they are killing peoples!!!
Kimberly Elondo
Kimberly Elondo - 11 timer siden
pls, the vocals they deserved more. stan enhypen for a better life.
mayra cñbl
mayra cñbl - 11 timer siden
Wuuuaaauuu me encanta!!!!!! ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰 BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜muchas muchas gracias por llegar a mi vida 🥺💜😊
Tori Goth
Tori Goth - 11 timer siden
Stopped watching after K-pop lawl
Dazzlingblue Dwi
Dazzlingblue Dwi - 11 timer siden
I just wanna be happier..that's all
Ernest Schmidt
Ernest Schmidt - 11 timer siden
Geenu Placer
Geenu Placer - 11 timer siden
2021 everyone?
Tori Goth
Tori Goth - 11 timer siden
Love you Grace 😭
Ngwe sin Thoon
Ngwe sin Thoon - 11 timer siden
Bitch i want that kind of friends 😫
Alia Garcia
Alia Garcia - 11 timer siden
TINI ya hace tiempo merece presentaciónes en premios o en canales reconocidos ,esa chica es muy talentosa y trabaja demasiado con mi musica
Natalia tamang
Natalia tamang - 11 timer siden
Can't get of rapline's rap 💜💜💜💜
Mochimmy PhiArmy
Mochimmy PhiArmy - 11 timer siden
Robson Santos
Robson Santos - 11 timer siden
Concerteza o melhor cantor de rep e ripiropy .voz linda nem precisa falar isso porq o sucesso já diz e a multidão q acompanha vc Eminem .linda demas suas canções .mas abiblia diz doq adianta ganha o mundo inteiro e perde a salvação .hoje jesus manda ti dizer q ama vc Eminem demas e que salvar vc tbm .sou seu Fam Eminem .jesus tiama e eu tbn
〞alexandra pohořelská〝
〞alexandra pohořelská〝 - 11 timer siden
namjoon saying "baby" is just on another level
Lilly Blooms
Lilly Blooms - 11 timer siden
If there is a true musician in Kpop who wants to connect through his music it’s Taehyung.
Chris Tay
Chris Tay - 11 timer siden
worst song of the whole album
Marr Sinead Mozol
Marr Sinead Mozol - 12 timer siden
Why do I think that it was Pia Wurtzbach in the thumbnail
suzy - 12 timer siden
İn the morning i was think about suicide for myself. But now i am dancing. Nobody can do it like bangtan
JohnLee Ogama
JohnLee Ogama - 12 timer siden
This is a genuine friendship. Thanks bretty for making up to Miss K. She deserve that party!! Love you all
DL - 12 timer siden
Back to this </3
Tone Corleone
Tone Corleone - 12 timer siden
If he wore a belt he wouldn’t have to walk like he doo doo 💩
Mohammad Shahid
Mohammad Shahid - 12 timer siden
Bakan Langbang
Bakan Langbang - 12 timer siden
BLACKPINK IN OUR AREA🔥...... I answered all correctly for 'BLINKS' now I wished we had won😭.... But it's okay she tried her best