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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

naktete - 15 timer siden
1:07 did i missed something on this scene
D Fall
D Fall - 15 timer siden
Bucky Freaking Rocks
Darth Suglam
Darth Suglam - 15 timer siden
I still to this day can’t believe it’s Bradley Cooper. I just can’t place his voice when he speaks like that. Great voice acting.
Vincent Rogers
Vincent Rogers - 15 timer siden
I’m 56 years old, I grew upon this cool!
I'M S.S - 15 timer siden
He Looks like WayBig 🤔😅
S K - 15 timer siden
Who is in 2021😉
Pinky Boy
Pinky Boy - 15 timer siden
Still waiting for Aaron to come back to MCU
VEST WD61 ROYAL - 15 timer siden
Strange, am I the only one, watching and reading comments?
hacked account
hacked account - 15 timer siden
YAY MORE LOKI. I don't regret disney plus. I thought it was trash.
VEST WD61 ROYAL - 15 timer siden
Fun fact: everyone thinks they looked first until they refresh the page 😐
Michael DiPaola
Michael DiPaola - 15 timer siden
When did marvel buy the movie rights to Alien?
Marcus Vinícius
Marcus Vinícius - 15 timer siden
0:10 that leg... :3
Dead Pool jr.
Dead Pool jr. - 15 timer siden
Getting recommendation after 5 years. Youthoob protocol 👏
L.A.P - 15 timer siden
I remember in the 80s Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Dungeons and Dragons all comics produced by Marvel.
Diego - 16 timer siden
Diego - 16 timer siden
Xtreme Lord
Xtreme Lord - 16 timer siden
This was on my recommandations Thank you NOburn
イーヴィルask - 16 timer siden
ウルトラマンは海外でも人気が高いんだなぁ 嬉しい😃
That one game Chanel
That one game Chanel - 16 timer siden
Harsh Tomar
Harsh Tomar - 16 timer siden
0:41 new vision(white) 🙂😉
Yarakayya Ginni
Yarakayya Ginni - 16 timer siden
After 3 yrs
Housecraft - 16 timer siden
I think they're slowly trying to get back to real-time.
Ян Величко
Ян Величко - 16 timer siden
О, да это ж дядя Лёша из подъезда!!!
Lacey Cook
Lacey Cook - 16 timer siden
Wandavision: Magic go sparkle sparkle The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: DEATH DESTRUCTION ANARCHY! ANArCHY!
-Coiner -
-Coiner - - 16 timer siden
I think this will be a sires where doctor strange travel though all these different realty’s
Avani Gaggar
Avani Gaggar - 16 timer siden
Me before watching WandaVision : The show will probably be a Romantic show with the time Wanda and Vision spent in Scotland for two years before Infinity War Me after watching : 😶😶
João Victor Kwai
João Victor Kwai - 16 timer siden
They should Bring not only Phoenix but bring Jean Grey as Marvel Girl with Her Telikineses and Telepathy Powers.
Avani Gaggar
Avani Gaggar - 16 timer siden
I can't wait for the last episode
Randil De zoysa
Randil De zoysa - 16 timer siden
If we could get Xenomorphs in the mcu that would be sick
San Fée
San Fée - 16 timer siden
I’m so excited to watch this wohoooo (I’m new marvel fan btw) :3
타오0814쇼 - 16 timer siden
Hey who is that blue guy with a helmet?
Firdauchi Begum
Firdauchi Begum - 16 timer siden
Marvel Fans: *Were you killed?* Loki: *Sadly, yes....But I lived!!!*
Ni Ck
Ni Ck - 16 timer siden
Lol another American Chavez run that will flop. Wasted time and resources. These characters cannot maintain their own runs. Doesn't matter how powerful or smart you make them. Also the writer says that she's Latin which isn't true either, her species is not of human origin and she's considered and alien therefore she cannot be of Latin descent. This narrative that everyone loves her and such is so wrong, no matter how many times you say something doesn't make it true.
All Season
All Season - 16 timer siden
So there's new Loki promo pics. I'm intrigued about miss minute.
MyEconomics101 - 16 timer siden
2:15 A real "worthy" robot (powered by an infinity stone) would not grimace swinging Mjolnir. It's like the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) blinking when shooting. This shows she did not train enough for the role (not blink while shooting guns).
타오0814쇼 - 16 timer siden
Can you make top 10 thor costumes please
Robbie Reeves
Robbie Reeves - 16 timer siden
You just had to there to experience it all
Joko Jongko
Joko Jongko - 16 timer siden
bring back atj's QUICKSILVER 😭😭😭 his character needs redemption
ItzPierre - 17 timer siden
Cool i like being recommended things from 6 years ago
Orphan - 17 timer siden
Hello person rewatching this amazing trailer
NineInchNailer - 17 timer siden
Same old...stuck between nostalgia and fan service!
nakul ravindran
nakul ravindran - 17 timer siden
It was Agatha all along
Kevin Codilla
Kevin Codilla - 17 timer siden
Imagine this is the official theatrical realease. That Iron Man CGI reminds me of a low budget sci fi film LOL
Jayjay Asor
Jayjay Asor - 17 timer siden
Give him a super hero spot he's a great actor... NAMOR perhaps
Gaming Tonight
Gaming Tonight - 17 timer siden
Black MeToo
Perti Kiki
Perti Kiki - 17 timer siden
When you get goosebumps the whole trailer over And the longer the trailer goes you get more...
suyi phyoaung
suyi phyoaung - 17 timer siden
Sirius - 17 timer siden
"To grow old in" 💔
Allef de Almeida Bianco
Allef de Almeida Bianco - 17 timer siden
Darth Coco
Darth Coco - 17 timer siden
Like trailer 2 of Endgame, this trailer 2 of Infinity War really lived up to expectations and increased the anticipation
alpha reaperion
alpha reaperion - 17 timer siden
The lesbians are going to absolute love Peggy
Siddharth Biswas
Siddharth Biswas - 17 timer siden
Elizabeth Olsen was like a small girl back then 😍
Siddharth Biswas
Siddharth Biswas - 17 timer siden
Not surprised why it came under my recommendations.
Diamond Carat
Diamond Carat - 17 timer siden
And i thought mobius m. Mobius and Morbius is the same person but it's not.
Julia Wood
Julia Wood - 17 timer siden
Trash Panda
Magic - 17 timer siden
DC: The Batman who Laughed Marvel: The Deadpool who didn't Laugh
it's D
it's D - 17 timer siden
Such an inspiring studios , giving hope to our lives by seeing this characters , it's an epic to vitness this wonder
Aine Doherty
Aine Doherty - 17 timer siden
me: mmm sounds fun "i am the watcher" me: *opens piratebay*
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine - 17 timer siden
I can get behind Falcon with the shield. Very excited
Shashank saini
Shashank saini - 17 timer siden
Where black widow
Pixel Paranoid
Pixel Paranoid - 17 timer siden
totally forgot he is in the MCU
Ali Ali
Ali Ali - 17 timer siden
He is in Wanda vision and I this in my recommendation
Soumya - 17 timer siden
44k DC fans Noticed !
Cursed Cat
Cursed Cat - 17 timer siden
Just noticed they cut this Thor scene 1:09
Puneet Singh
Puneet Singh - 17 timer siden
Oh, Mann! I love the BGM Come here again and again just to listen to this short clip of music. Wonderful!!!!
Muhammad Aqib
Muhammad Aqib - 17 timer siden
"A good friend of mine once said.." "Let's get this son of a b*tch".
Soumya - 18 timer siden
When a trailer become Legend !
**nothing** - 18 timer siden
This trailer came out over 3 years ago! WTF!
Priyanshu Sahraya
Priyanshu Sahraya - 18 timer siden
Infinity War and Endgame were movies till they were only announced..but right after the release of changed and changed drastically....MCU...we think u just stepped on the wrong stone..coz fans can't wait to receive something like this again and now it's impossible to create something like this without RDJ, Chris and Scarlett.. Though it's sad that Iron Man died..but his death was legendary and I think it should not be reversed
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - 18 timer siden
Loki DB Cooper?,
Raizen Jhamil Paulo
Raizen Jhamil Paulo - 18 timer siden
Azuhanifa Mohammad youtuber
Azuhanifa Mohammad youtuber - 18 timer siden
so marvel need to take, blade runner, prometheus, and predator, too
Dennis Hockenberry
Dennis Hockenberry - 18 timer siden
This is a piece of art right here or as Scorsese would say “not cinema” lol
Ti Kay
Ti Kay - 18 timer siden
The next avenger Thor: Who the hell are you guys?! X-Men: hi
ThePandoricaOfFandoms - 18 timer siden
how is that we're already waiting for the finale
Arda Köm
Arda Köm - 18 timer siden
Ragna L. Grifol
Ragna L. Grifol - 18 timer siden
Imagine if there is a universe in the Multiverse where there are Ultramans in the Avengers
스탈로드 - 18 timer siden
Klaus_Dark Phoenix
Klaus_Dark Phoenix - 18 timer siden
Bruce Lee elements > 破裏拳 Hurricane Polymar > IronFist > Shang Chi action fightero