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Seth’s Bike Hacks is the home of Berm Peak, my backyard which we’re turning into a hand built mountain bike park. Every episode is a new build, new project, or a new adventure, produced like a mini documentary.
As you dig into the old videos, they become more about just mountain biking, and we definitely still do that. But now, we’re focusing on building things to actually ride our mountain bikes on.

Andri Gudmundsson
Andri Gudmundsson - 9 minutter siden
I unsubscribed because of what you said I am from New Jersey
Ike Melvin
Ike Melvin - 13 minutter siden
You should try motocross
F T - 18 minutter siden
Now im afraid my biker neighbour will cut my gardenhose
SavageJess - 19 minutter siden
Hey Seth love your channel. Congrats on the 2 million subs. KEEP making awesome videos.
Shon McHugh
Shon McHugh - 23 minutter siden
Seth are you Yammie Nube?
Jon Vongoh
Jon Vongoh - 29 minutter siden
ME @6:30: uuummmmm ... yeah. I realllly don't think he's going to be able to do that.... @6:41 "I really thought I was gonna be able to do that!!" 😆😆!!
Evie May
Evie May - 30 minutter siden
Seth please review quad lock in one of your videos
Cooper Gordon
Cooper Gordon - 48 minutter siden
I don’t know if this is personal or not but how come we never see mrs bike hacks?
Naeem Chakera
Naeem Chakera - 49 minutter siden
I'm allergic to peanut butter, could you help me find an alternative to peanut butter?
Bosco BMMO
Bosco BMMO - 56 minutter siden
Who else is watching this in quarantine?
Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla - Time siden
You slam hard but correctly!
Josiah Salinass
Josiah Salinass - Time siden
you should make the thumbnial as a poster
Welther47 - Time siden
Most, MOST be a typo. It's 500 lumen, which seems about right - if even.
Hamish Reid
Hamish Reid - Time siden
what radius did you use for the center trough of the whale tail?
Ian Allam
Ian Allam - Time siden
Man that is bad when I started to watch your vidios he has been there so sorry Seth
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray - Time siden
Don’t forget “Black Lines” matter too.
TheRedMan 977
TheRedMan 977 - Time siden
Seth: Were going amazing places and meeting amazing people 2020 god's: Nah I don't think so
rushthezeppelin - Time siden
I've been able to do an English bunny hop for ages now but always had trouble with this kind no matter how many tutorials I watched. This one finally helped me realize what I've been doing wrong (and I think and what I've been doing wrong with manuals too). Thanks Seth.
Alec Urquhart
Alec Urquhart - Time siden
Terry is dope
NGalings - Time siden
Build a giant quarter after the airbag to air and slow down
Daniele Evola Gaming
Daniele Evola Gaming - Time siden
He was a huge part of the the channel I am sorry for you we will greff with you I am sorry 😥😓😭😢
Sean Burke
Sean Burke - Time siden
He’s at 2 mil now wow
Sean Burke
Sean Burke - Time siden
This was my first video I watched of seths bike hack
Moonboy 101
Moonboy 101 - 2 timer siden
Hi my bike got stolen and there’s no bikes near me what should i do
Joel Bresnehan
Joel Bresnehan - 2 timer siden
I only have a dual suspension I ride everywhere
Tara Weber
Tara Weber - 2 timer siden
Andy McCartan
Andy McCartan - 2 timer siden
Hey Seth one of these days it would be sick to do another Long Island trip there some very cool trails there
Ishaque Kunnath
Ishaque Kunnath - 2 timer siden
Hello friend please tell me how to lose back shokepsar with lobe please command
jason ok
jason ok - 2 timer siden
Happy 2 mil
КГБ СССР - 3 timer siden
Medical bills pfft....I live in Bosnia .... You are probably wondering right now what's Bosnia.... It's a country in the Balkans....
Alyssa Behrend
Alyssa Behrend - 3 timer siden
I need a Seth Alvo to organize my life.
Alexander Marinov
Alexander Marinov - 3 timer siden
I have black pug his name is oscar
??? kn
??? kn - 4 timer siden
0:53 min is trug life Move With his sunglases.
Joseph Sinclair
Joseph Sinclair - 4 timer siden
How long till we see one in redbull rampage
saleemc - 4 timer siden
As a,senior rider I cannot do the monkey jump. For me best wat is to slide the bike on one side on foot on the paddle and us the other foot to push off!!
sam small
sam small - 4 timer siden
you love tacos, don't you
Callum Ryan
Callum Ryan - 5 timer siden
Is this MTB or angry birds 4:07
CLASHALKING - 5 timer siden
Who else is here after 2 mil?
Isaac Kenny
Isaac Kenny - 5 timer siden
"calibrated broom stick" got me
Your Average Cuber
Your Average Cuber - 5 timer siden
Hey Seth if you overhaul my bike you can use my mom’s Raleigh Mountain Sport M80 whenever you want😂
Sub to make Obama happy
Sub to make Obama happy - 5 timer siden
Dis is a sWyTch bIkE
shredmasta - 6 timer siden
I wonder how Lisa is 3 years after this video
James Stapleton
James Stapleton - 6 timer siden
Lowkey made me cry ❤️
Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner - 6 timer siden
Tree art.....
Hunter grillo
Hunter grillo - 6 timer siden
I would check this but get one on pickbike because it is cheaper
Jack4Ha - 6 timer siden
Looking back at this video everyone in the comments has never ridden Actual riders here
Ethan Marshall
Ethan Marshall - 6 timer siden
2mill good job Seth. Wish drama was here to celebrate
Louis Lawes
Louis Lawes - 6 timer siden
rip drama
DrPenguin - 7 timer siden
THrOW yOuR MtB awAy
sanseverino stef
sanseverino stef - 7 timer siden
let's stop buying things on amazon....... but great video. thx !!
Marcus Pedersen
Marcus Pedersen - 7 timer siden
02:15 whos dog is that in the garage door?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 7 timer siden
This is the fourth person I new who’s lost a pet in the last week
Henry Wennberg
Henry Wennberg - 7 timer siden
Wheelie bike
Louis Lawes
Louis Lawes - 7 timer siden
rip drama
Justin Chan
Justin Chan - 7 timer siden
looks like you, sir, yourself is pretty durable too!
VWRabbit2008 - 7 timer siden
massive case......
Likena - 7 timer siden
you need to bring this series back!
LOXISCOOL - 7 timer siden
ive gone otb and hurt myse really badly in the past but the first question is “dude is my bike ok?!?”. i guess its just the adrenaline.
Alexander - 7 timer siden
ahahahahah chain..what a stupid idea
Jared Womack
Jared Womack - 8 timer siden
Oh shoot, Kevin’s first “appearance”??!?!
Matijoss Pro
Matijoss Pro - 8 timer siden
6:54 Pun police wants to know your location
Smee Gain
Smee Gain - 8 timer siden
Really sorry for your loss. I mean it. Losing our two rabbits traumatized me and I almost cried watching this video. You seem to have a healthy way of looking at life and death, nevertheless it sure is hard on you. I wish you strenght.
Tommy T
Tommy T - 8 timer siden
I'm more than sure I'll fall over like that
Micah Curry
Micah Curry - 8 timer siden
7:34 the sound I made when I saw them go to Walmart for a bike
Crazy Unicyclist
Crazy Unicyclist - 8 timer siden
At the start of the video it shows a sign that says “life is better with a dog” Rest In Peace drama.
TheofficialAzriel - 9 timer siden
short and snappy huh 😂😂😂
Yaroslav Shevchuk
Yaroslav Shevchuk - 9 timer siden
1:19 guy in gray, blink three times if you're in captivity
Chasebank 89
Chasebank 89 - 9 timer siden
Seth this why you listen to the pro with big ramps in their backyard
Josiah Salinass
Josiah Salinass - 9 timer siden
Man he was a good dog rip
Kegan Wheeler
Kegan Wheeler - 9 timer siden
What about big white Kelowna
BEEFY’S BIKE’S - 9 timer siden
And today your on 2 million great job 👍👍
Avery Haferman
Avery Haferman - 10 timer siden
Smash this like button 1 like equals 1 prayer
Toyota_Celica - 10 timer siden
I just installed an aftermarket stereo in my car and it was a pain in the ass having to solder all of the connections
Ben Davis
Ben Davis - 10 timer siden
3:14 R.I.P. 😔
Graham Bate
Graham Bate - 10 timer siden
20 plus years as a cab driver at nite. just baby wipe for a poo and .quiet street
Arhat's Corner
Arhat's Corner - 10 timer siden
1:16 Nove stand!
Paul Panetta
Paul Panetta - 10 timer siden
well done. been using crank bros multi 19 for years. might try the one you review...we'll see
Amazing Jepoy
Amazing Jepoy - 10 timer siden
I remember having a cast. Being itchy is a bitch
patts katoey
patts katoey - 10 timer siden
I can do pretty much everything on a bike besides gears.They are so hard.Most of the time I can only get one or two gears to work.
Mars Rows
Mars Rows - 10 timer siden
Next time you should try $20000 road bike on the math trail.
Nicola Bland
Nicola Bland - 10 timer siden
You should try to make a BMX park
Rome Harvey
Rome Harvey - 10 timer siden
Seth did you know that you currently have 2m sub!
Doglover 99
Doglover 99 - 11 timer siden
Just put the lander where it got cut out from for a full cutting board
Divine - 11 timer siden
at the beginning i was like if he uploaded this video he should be okay... right
Elybtw - 11 timer siden
lol i have a huge bruise on my hip like u and just dislocated my sholder
Mountain Bike Moab
Mountain Bike Moab - 11 timer siden
Ive never actually injured myself while biking mostly scratches and a few good cuts a few times but managed to break my ankle running down a hill wtf
Pure Crispies
Pure Crispies - 11 timer siden
What a little pussy boy 🤦🏼‍♂️
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 11 timer siden
Seth: "...we couldn't really stomach a big and complex build..." Also Seth: <rebuilds entire airbag trail>
Egg Gaming
Egg Gaming - 11 timer siden
RIP. The best boy.
Polychromos - 11 timer siden
Sennheisser is a reputable company that makes great audiophile equipment
Versa Hype
Versa Hype - 12 timer siden
So I spent 450 on a giant atx bike and it didn’t have disk brakes and you got disk brakes on that and it was cheaper
J b
J b - 12 timer siden
one thing that hotsprings doesn’t have that bentonville has is walton money
sushil lamichhane
sushil lamichhane - 12 timer siden
Who is Joe?
Who is Joe? - 12 timer siden
you hit 2 mil, dude!
Max Gunn
Max Gunn - 12 timer siden
Maybe you should make a like a fly out like grandpa strength for Oscar since the drama drop is a drop
rÆT - 12 timer siden
Congrats on 2M
MichaelDaUnicorn - 12 timer siden
1:00 Those legs tho
Manny F03
Manny F03 - 12 timer siden
Sabes hablar español?
Dinarri Peltier
Dinarri Peltier - 12 timer siden
On my BMX bike I just hop on. On my mtb I like to get on foot on the pedal and push off with my other foot
Shampa Nath
Shampa Nath - 12 timer siden
Hey how is Oscar doing without drama? I think he would be very sad ☹️😢