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Erubey Chio
Erubey Chio - 3 timer siden
You were right sir, Vision vs vision standoff
Sean Ellison
Sean Ellison - 3 timer siden
Looks class!!
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy - 3 timer siden
This is a masterpiece story 😍Whedon and wb destroyed dceu
dheuxngsjs dhienxhejzbd
dheuxngsjs dhienxhejzbd - 3 timer siden
I disagree. I think vision just can't remember because the event of death erases all memories and your conciousness. And obviously since the mind stone being removed caused his death, the mind stone couldn't help him and remember for him and basically copy and paste it back or anything.
Alexandra Ramsey
Alexandra Ramsey - 3 timer siden
So, I think Wanda is somehow gonna go supernova and push the Hex all over the world - and a portion of the people who had already come back from the Blip will gain mutant abilities.
Caffeine addict
Caffeine addict - 3 timer siden
CAnt fukn wait
Adly Shah
Adly Shah - 4 timer siden
Get Over here...!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥✋--------->
Anmol Yadav
Anmol Yadav - 4 timer siden
1min silence for those 3yr olds who thought JL was based on a true story.🙏
Mr Biker Teacher Saigon
Mr Biker Teacher Saigon - 4 timer siden
Round one: Sub zero vs Elsa (frozen) FIGHT!!!
Muohammed Future
Muohammed Future - 4 timer siden
Mortal kombat 1995 Mortal kombat Annihilation 1997 Mortal kombat ????????
Daniel Kenney
Daniel Kenney - 4 timer siden
Well my friends I definitely have not seen a movie this badass looking in quite the while... Therefore I am most definitely looking forward to viewing this badass mofo
BaTTzZ - 4 timer siden
Everyone gangster till scorpion says get over here 2:13
Lucifer SkyWalker
Lucifer SkyWalker - 4 timer siden
nah isn't sator the homie that got saved in the beginning saying we live in a twilight world and their are no friends at dusk and later you here the protagonist talking to him again saying that saying again on the phone , so maybe that's why he wanted to not kill sator cuz their is a connection...;)
Christopher LaRue
Christopher LaRue - 5 timer siden
I just don't know
Speak of the Devil
Speak of the Devil - 5 timer siden
There is actually one thing I didn't get. Near the be beginning of the movie, the scientist says something along the lines of "getting hit by an inverted bullet would be devastating" or something like that, I don't quite remember. Why did she say that ? Wouldn't a regular and inverted bullet have pretty similar results ? Would your body react differently to an inverted bullet as opposed to a regular bullet ?
Scott Du Pont
Scott Du Pont - 5 timer siden
🔥 🔥 🔥 WTF
Mindset2Motivate - 5 timer siden
It's been years since I read the books but I think they did such a good job on this series. I love how they did Dr. Malone. Can't wait for season 3.
Nightmareman99 - 5 timer siden
Ngl I could totally see the janitor selling one of those novelty horror icon, much like ash or Dr. Decker.
Bubz4420 - 5 timer siden
7 ads before 3 quarters of the video and one more before it ended 2 of which was forced to watch a whole ad. fuck that
firstbluethenred - 5 timer siden
Template specialfx or when technology limitation pass for genius master moves.
Watch Guru
Watch Guru - 5 timer siden
Lmao "Look how they've massacred my boy." Nice godfather reference
superfurryfox - 5 timer siden
Apart from that really stupid birthmark line this trailer looks very promising
Julia Trinidad Reyes
Julia Trinidad Reyes - 5 timer siden
I was hoping to see Kitana. Anyway is exciting 😍
Nathan Himmerich
Nathan Himmerich - 5 timer siden
One thing I was hoping would be touched on... Tannhaus was given Charlotte by a group of women, as a baby, assuming he was telling the truth. This leaves some open questions unless I missed something. Who brought her to him, why, and how?
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones - 6 timer siden
"So get off your bloody phone". Okay I will. Bye.
ashley mcgaw
ashley mcgaw - 6 timer siden
We got an Aussie kano Yessssss you fuckin rippa
Watch Guru
Watch Guru - 6 timer siden
Is Cherry really as bad at the reviews say it is?
Games& Gamer
Games& Gamer - 6 timer siden
Pat C
Pat C - 6 timer siden
Definitely Dr Strange
Shahbaz Amin
Shahbaz Amin - 6 timer siden
All the theories have merit! <3
Daniel Yearwood
Daniel Yearwood - 6 timer siden
(Connection between Yo Magic and Nexus commercial) The surfboard-purple surrounding red. Agatha gifting Wanda limited magic to create her own reality however if her full powers were revealed to her she could actually take control of her destiny. Agatha needs Wanda in a state limited by her grief for whatever she's scheming (presumable dealing with the book stealing Wanda's power featured at the end of ep. 7) I cant wait to see whether it's the Darkhold or not!
Jim Roscovius
Jim Roscovius - 6 timer siden
Your WandaVision videos are AWESOME!!
Uncle Paste21
Uncle Paste21 - 6 timer siden
We all want Hugh Jackman back I hope, not gonna lie I fuckin cried over Logan, my childhood hero gone, then I had to watch Iron man die 🤣😭 Spain without the s
turblown - 6 timer siden
There's only 2 movies that I walked out the theater questioning reality - The Matrix and Inception...
Jagernaut Steel Fist
Jagernaut Steel Fist - 6 timer siden
Only Sub-zero and Scorpion does give a fuck about COVID-19... While the rest doesnt even to be concern attending freestyle combat without mask and social distancing 😭
Ben - 6 timer siden
Yoooo nice breakdown
EzFlownetic - 6 timer siden
The series and the fighting was neat and awesome that it made forget about how bad the CGI was.
Lance Davidson
Lance Davidson - 7 timer siden
I’ve been watching your wandavision videos recently, you have some interesting theories. I agree with most of them but I think your wrong on this one. She’s a witch that’s been dead since the Salem witch trials, you could be right about the wife grieving aspect, but Jane doe could just be using their grief against them. Yes, the witches were falsely accused but they could have actually turned her into a witch by the burials or so have u..all in all this was a very good horror movie that was a great surprise. They should def do a sequel seeing that at the end she moved her toe, a lot of potential and many different different story routes! Anyway bout to watch servant then wandavision later! Hopefully we get some answers with ep 8!
Vl-NEXUS-lV - 7 timer siden
Hopefully these rumors will come true... it will be a very great movie if this happens!
Kalani Helekunihi
Kalani Helekunihi - 7 timer siden
The beeping of the toaster is the sound effect from Iron Man 1 when the Stark Industries shell lands and detonates in front of Tony, with the detonation sound also being used for the toast ejection bang.
Caden J
Caden J - 7 timer siden
What if the timeline we see in the MCU is a result of cap going back to be with Peggy
Tyler Regelman
Tyler Regelman - 7 timer siden
He’s a good Peter Parker
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson - 7 timer siden
Amazing video!
Tyler Regelman
Tyler Regelman - 7 timer siden
It looks like it’s the real vision
Javi's Wood Shop
Javi's Wood Shop - 7 timer siden
After scouring the internet for "predictions" on upcoming episodes, I must ask, Why hasn't anyone mentioned anything abut the Hydra references (like the symbol on the Strucker watch or the Hydro-soak Calgon-like commercial. Could they possibly play a part in this? Is the director Hydra? Just curious to hear what you think. (And I'm sorry if you mentioned it and I missed it.)
BuzzUncut - 7 timer siden
why would the blue one represent monica and not quicksilver?
Rita Castillo
Rita Castillo - 7 timer siden
Has anyone mentioned how Agatha is dressed to look like Elaine from Seinfeld in the picnic scene? Is she wearing a poofy pirate shirt, another a Seinfeld reference?
Alexandria Greenwell
Alexandria Greenwell - 7 timer siden
Hexagons have six sides and there are six infinity stones. Also, the magic colors align with the infinity stones, at least just in the fact that there are matching colors - I don’t know how/if they actually line up with the people using those powers, but it’s an interesting thing to think about.
Rita Castillo
Rita Castillo - 7 timer siden
Oh man, I don't want her to turn into Hagatha!! Kathryn is gorgeous and I love her Vaudevillian mastery of her expressions. CGI and prosthetics will just muck up her brilliance!
Thomas Bowden
Thomas Bowden - 7 timer siden
I love listening to different theories about the show! One theory that I thought of was because everyone believes that Agatha is working with mephisto, I think that the insect that wanda sees in agathas house is mephisto in the form of Beelzebub
Galexion Playz22
Galexion Playz22 - 7 timer siden
monica + vision vs hayward maybe?
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 - 7 timer siden
Bruh the humor really worked on this one 😂
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - 7 timer siden
Saw this on /r/LupinTV subreddit, good content bro, I just subscribed. Looking forward to season 2
Drizzy Mo
Drizzy Mo - 8 timer siden
A movie based on Sub-Zero Mythologies would be ⚡
Wango Tango
Wango Tango - 8 timer siden
I just re watched all the episodes and found, I believe, a big spoiler. At the biginning of E7 when Wanda is first talking to the interviewer and reviewing the nights events, They show the clip of the Hex expanding. Listen to the background music. Bongos and a 'Woo Woo' Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. It's faint, but it's there.
XxProEditingMagexX - 8 timer siden
Man I really want Willem Dafoe as the Joker in one of the new Robert Pattinson Batman movies..
Rebekah Mansfield
Rebekah Mansfield - 8 timer siden
I’ve never considered how Hayward didn’t discover the Hex until AFTER Monica was thrown in. That was never his intention. He didn’t even know vision was gone. Had they known, they would have been searching for him. (Unless vision was the missing person??? That’s a bigger reach than Yo Gabba Gabba)
Nikkii P
Nikkii P - 8 timer siden
Garrador - 8 timer siden
Why so many dislikes?
izzy - 8 timer siden
Home has some good background music for sure, my favorite Star Wars channel plays that one a lot
Ka 27
Ka 27 - 8 timer siden
nice try on the infinity stones theory, nvr thought of that, thanks!
SUTHERLAND SINGER - 8 timer siden
i think wanda created agatha to make her the bad guy so that she had some one to blame after Rambeau said that sword thinks she is the bad guy. she also needed to explain why she was loosing control.
Rick Lopez
Rick Lopez - 8 timer siden
👍 love your videos mate!
Stephanie Sabellico
Stephanie Sabellico - 8 timer siden
I’m so happy I found this account!!
Brandon D
Brandon D - 8 timer siden
Anyone notice that Cole Young is just sitting there meditating or something in the background during the Scorpion/Sub-Zero and Sonya/Mileena fights? What’s up with that?
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez - 8 timer siden
Kelly Waters
Kelly Waters - 8 timer siden
Just lovin the indepth reviews. Spoilers never really bothered me anyway.
Sayed El Sherif
Sayed El Sherif - 9 timer siden
Fun Fact: Joss joined directing the movie even when zack was on set after the death of his daughter that what really made him step back and even quit. these kinda moves really shows the bad side of Wb and the way they overseas Dc. im really sick of wb and i pray for zack to find hope and peace. he deserves all the love and support in the world and i want him to overtake the next 10 years of cinema by giving us whatever he wants to do and direct. God Bliss Zack Snyder <3
liliespetals19 - 9 timer siden
I also agree about Peter, he's unnecessarily close but doesn't look aggressive
Dr.Jaay04 - 9 timer siden
Who was the guy with the short hair? Saying he was chosen? Was that lue kang?
Razi Quintanilla
Razi Quintanilla - 9 timer siden
now i see why willy's wonderland anamtronics they want you to have fun in heaven thats why they kill you
Sr Flux
Sr Flux - 9 timer siden
i will see this... only for scorpion.
Purely Persephone
Purely Persephone - 9 timer siden
Best video my eyeballs have grabbed. shit!
Leo Draxlr
Leo Draxlr - 9 timer siden
Fayeshun Brown
Fayeshun Brown - 9 timer siden
HELP! At the beginning of this episode, People were returning from the blip. I’m assuming that Wanda returned during this time too since she was also snapped away in Infinity War. Yet, the hex was already created in this episode. How is this possible? Can someone please explain?
Eli Pollard
Eli Pollard - 9 timer siden
I'm sorry.. chikada lol
Zach Sietsma
Zach Sietsma - 9 timer siden
That yo gabba gabba Easter egg is deep and I believe they did it on purpose.
Raakin Bajwa
Raakin Bajwa - 9 timer siden
I might be capping myself but the fire extinguisher on the left of the board looks like it has a bat.
Zach Sietsma
Zach Sietsma - 9 timer siden
Three titles = three Spider-Man’s Love it
Sam Hayden
Sam Hayden - 9 timer siden
Still need something for the power stone but I've not seen anything purple. However, the yo-magic showed someone holding something that eventually lead to their destruction so at a reach, maybe the power stone? Nah.