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I am Gus Johnson. I do comedy, I create skits, I craft memes, I make music, I crap out bad vlogs. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

Tanner Hamilton
Tanner Hamilton - 14 sekunder siden
If a girl says she's quirky, what she meant to say is that she's crazy, and not the fun kind.
Zeke Spears
Zeke Spears - 39 sekunder siden
Your girlfriend is hot is she single?
Canadian Goose
Canadian Goose - 49 sekunder siden
I clicked on the video because of the baby
Borris Boy28
Borris Boy28 - 49 sekunder siden
Unrealistic, they didn’t all look at the door when you entered
UrineTrouble05 - 51 sekund siden
Chicken John
Chicken John - 2 minutter siden
Me. I am literally playing the first walking dead game on my channel.
Adam Lee
Adam Lee - 3 minutter siden
Honestly this made my day
Epic Brony Gamer
Epic Brony Gamer - 3 minutter siden
the look of pure joy and victory on his face says he actually is doing this for the tax write off and not just to be funny
Gages310 - 4 minutter siden
Sounds like my god damn sister
Adam Walton
Adam Walton - 5 minutter siden
Mentlegen - 5 minutter siden
10/10 would american again
Evan Williamson
Evan Williamson - 6 minutter siden
Swiss miss
Defaulty Boy
Defaulty Boy - 6 minutter siden
Who ever pulls a gun at me I say *oh give me a sec I need to get my 12 gage so I’m back would you rather have your brains blown out or half your body*
Ed_Talks - 6 minutter siden
Meet Gus Johnson, the only person you will both laugh at and want to beat the shit out of.
HealthAlternatives - 7 minutter siden
I see you cut your lip with that quality razor lol
Leah James
Leah James - 7 minutter siden
Everything I hear that song I think of the desktop background of the week...
yep - 8 minutter siden
Most weird way to eARN MONEY FROM internet lol
Gregory Ashton
Gregory Ashton - 8 minutter siden
And in that salt will be microplastics unless you go out of your way to find the purest sea salt.
Andy K
Andy K - 8 minutter siden
subnautica be like
hardpack187 - 9 minutter siden
His phone number has 666 in it. FAWKIN metal!!!
NYC videos
NYC videos - 10 minutter siden
Absolutely 100% true lmfao
Willy Mehling
Willy Mehling - 10 minutter siden
This is why I go to Jersey Mike’s
Кайл Лесинскй
Кайл Лесинскй - 11 minutter siden
the curse OF THE LAW
Ludwig Hermann Schmiedgen
Ludwig Hermann Schmiedgen - 11 minutter siden
Those captions tho
The Soldering Bot
The Soldering Bot - 11 minutter siden
You almost made me yell, gosh that was terrible, this video will come back up when you get trending. They should tag it as NSFW and age restricted
Barkboy Gaming
Barkboy Gaming - 12 minutter siden
There’s a myth if you say the you tubers name three times then you will get pinned Gus Johnson Gus Johnson Gus Johnson Ok
turd sandwich
turd sandwich - 12 minutter siden
Gus... Been watching your vids for a long while. First comment. You actually look like you fit that part😂. You are a natural hillbilly comic. I think its the mustache😂
Fiona Bogunovic
Fiona Bogunovic - 12 minutter siden
me with morrowind..... at least theres overlap from oblivion and skyrim
coqueabeto1 - 13 minutter siden
You forgot to shout "He needs some milk"
Rainy Loschiavo
Rainy Loschiavo - 13 minutter siden
you forgot the crusty mayo bro
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer - 13 minutter siden
Yay micheal reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeves
. - 14 minutter siden
1:50 describes so many truck owners around here its sad lol theres one guy who has his entire back window covered in a giant sticker that says "ALPHA"
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 14 minutter siden
There’s actually someone at my school who doesn’t know who Queen is, even when I played don’t stop me now she didn’t know what I was saying
Nevan Drew
Nevan Drew - 15 minutter siden
When the dog hear you open a bag of chips. 1:01
hosanna tedla
hosanna tedla - 15 minutter siden
Prithvi J
Prithvi J - 16 minutter siden
Anyone else imagine Jotaro saying “ORAAAA” right about at 0:54? No? Ok.
odd135 - 18 minutter siden
The culprit is likely autoplay, as is the case for terrible children's youtube shows and weird ASMR channels. People capitalize on the release of the documentary to make videos on a topic that youtube's algorithm picks up on and plays one after another after another after another for us weirdos watching youtube so late at night that letting autoplay do its thing seems like a good idea.
Anonymous Senpai
Anonymous Senpai - 18 minutter siden
I was holding a uke when this popped in my recommendations. I'm scared.
no name
no name - 18 minutter siden
What if you are adopted
YTEntertainment - 18 minutter siden
Oh no! Crayins!
Joel Noellsch
Joel Noellsch - 18 minutter siden
That moment when the ad is longer then the video... no hate though.
Gabe Animates
Gabe Animates - 19 minutter siden
He got em tho
Meme God
Meme God - 20 minutter siden
Joe and carol
brooklynn fancy
brooklynn fancy - 20 minutter siden
she looks like she smells like love and cookies
The unknow Guy
The unknow Guy - 20 minutter siden
Claire - 20 minutter siden
A prank truly ahead of it's time.
Notta Nuke
Notta Nuke - 20 minutter siden
I wonder what age they least liked having a funny dad
Cody Bisgrove
Cody Bisgrove - 21 minutt siden
You can't kill what's not there.
Evil noah
Evil noah - 22 minutter siden
Salt: yay a music video cant wait! Also salt: i didnt know i came here to be disrespected
Zheng Yuhui
Zheng Yuhui - 22 minutter siden
Why does he sound like Ian from smosh
222SickBoy - 22 minutter siden
I'm going to need one of those bumper stickers. I just got a brand new truck and when I drive it no one knows my personal obscene opinions. It's quite frustrating.
brooklynn fancy
brooklynn fancy - 22 minutter siden
This is disgustingly cute
Milk Man
Milk Man - 23 minutter siden
incredible 18/10
Juan Galeano
Juan Galeano - 23 minutter siden
just a question does gus believes in God or not
Oooiki - 23 minutter siden
excuse me but hmm?
gafurrr - 23 minutter siden
masih sodaraan ama gus ipul ?
Aditya Purwanto
Aditya Purwanto - 24 minutter siden
I'm confused now. Was she God's or Noah's mom?
Demur_ - 24 minutter siden
The kiss on the cheek lmao
Random Content
Random Content - 24 minutter siden
I shot my dad with his pellet gun, welcome juvenile detention center.
Mental Popcorn
Mental Popcorn - 24 minutter siden
Just wait till Steve learns sleeping less than 8 hours a night is literally detrimental to your health in the long term
Furious_ Fighter7
Furious_ Fighter7 - 25 minutter siden
So how much does your summer home retail for?
Zach Matthews
Zach Matthews - 25 minutter siden
This guy makes about as much sense as the random drunk old guy that I've seen hanging around at bars. You know the ones that when you ask "how's it going" when you sit down next to them they just start spouting off this stuff and you don't know how get out of the situation and you found yourself in.
Ken238 - 25 minutter siden
Imagine if someone actually did that and inside was a bomb
Searion - 25 minutter siden
Imagine hot sauce lol
magicalpandas - 26 minutter siden
Facebook in a nutshell
Merle-Rose Olson
Merle-Rose Olson - 26 minutter siden
So starring at the woman from a distance is being respectful, smh
Raja Susana umayma
Raja Susana umayma - 26 minutter siden
As i comment this the video have 666 dislikes. I guess you could say the one who dislikes this video are *demons*
Isaac Zais
Isaac Zais - 26 minutter siden
He makes him so uncomfortable lol
Cyrus E
Cyrus E - 27 minutter siden
Gus plays a mom so well it's scary
Jordan - 27 minutter siden
That walk at the end
Walter Clements
Walter Clements - 27 minutter siden
Thanks Jesus Christ, now I can get a free Domino's 1 Topping Pizza!
xKAY-SIX - 27 minutter siden
Me with my phone
Otime - 28 minutter siden
when im making this comment the likes are at 420k
Fortnite John wick
Fortnite John wick - 28 minutter siden
One time my teachers computer wasn’t working so my Friend went up to fix it, the teacher started to draw on the whiteboard when my friend immediately sat down, the teacher asked what he did. He responded “I turned it on”
Blayer - 28 minutter siden
0:35 damn Gus got that cake
TheSuperGamer - 30 minutter siden
Working at a fast food place (not subway though) they probably don't cut their own jalapeños, probably get them from GFS or some other provider, can't say anyth6for certain though
arthur stark
arthur stark - 30 minutter siden
with rise of skywalker out now, I wish I was not a star wars fan at the moment.
Aquatttic - 30 minutter siden
This is basically every interaction with me mom but in Russian
Kyra - 30 minutter siden
imagine going to restaurants -2020
Garret Burrow
Garret Burrow - 31 minutt siden
Well if you're really 'passing the question' to me & you want my honest opinion... ...the era of the "celebrity" is over. It was already dying with the advent and proliferation of the internet over they past few decades... but now, given the pandemic... Hollywood is a shell of it's former self... and honestly I feel like the cast of the Office are the last great celebrities that good wholesome flyover country middle America still recognizes as celebrities. Netflix continues to sign contracts to keep "The Office" on their platform for another year because of how much people love it and watch it over and over and over... even if these characters are "scraping the bottom of the barrel," I don't care. Let them. They made me happy, and happiness is hard to come by sometimes.