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Lemons 909
Lemons 909 - 2 sekunder siden
David Goggins is the new chuck norris
JaV P - 29 sekunder siden
The media should be LEGALLY accountable for what they "report". And not just printing a little redaction "oops our bad". For example, a lot of the riots that are going on are because of the media's misinformation. The media is actively harming our country. It needs to stop.
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez - 37 sekunder siden
1:30 water drop
James Robert
James Robert - 40 sekunder siden
Wolverines finding honey, stings do NOT deter the rascals, nothing does actually!
Mr.Black Mountain
Mr.Black Mountain - 49 sekunder siden
They make it rain since after ww2..duuuh
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista - 52 sekunder siden
Bearded guy is like Michael trying to delay his story when he quit because it's the first time everyone in the office was interested in what he's saying.
TheRealJacob98 - 57 sekunder siden
Hoping Matt Dillahunty will get to come on now once this pandemic is over! He said he's not leaving his house until the stay at home order is over and probably a little after that. Great debater. Host of The Atheist Experience. Been wanting to see him on here for years!
Hairy Penis
Hairy Penis - 58 sekunder siden
5:30 stupidly funny question
Michael W. Dean
Michael W. Dean - Minutt siden
Before even seeing the video: The title is likely true because in the thumbnail, Jim Carey looks like 1974 Phil Leash.
Phil Bemji
Phil Bemji - Minutt siden
"Ellen Degeneres" No thanks
Nick Haviland
Nick Haviland - Minutt siden
Yeah, at no point while watching the “session” before seeing it discussed here, did I ever feel like they were legitimately sparring. When you have that kind of a size/weight/STRENGTH advantage, Connor can’t exactly take him to the ground and go at it like he can with his weight class, and even heavier. The guy is ridiculously strong, and I honestly feel like a real fight between them could go like it did on GoT when the Viper fought the Mountain. All it took was one solid punch to the face, and a bunch of teeth getting knocked out, and it’s over. Next thing you know, that monsters on top of you with all his weight, digging his thumbs in your eyes. Connor wouldn’t be getting out of that situation.
p00p13f4c3 - 2 minutter siden
...ya ever have gator?
DCat - 2 minutter siden
I love Youngblood! Sutton rules!
Donovan Anderson
Donovan Anderson - 2 minutter siden
Buddy Bonner
Buddy Bonner - 2 minutter siden
Rob Lowe in that shitty Astros hat
Brian Barcus
Brian Barcus - 2 minutter siden
Wow Melissa Chen was so right about it infiltrating academia, with all of the U.S. arrests within a few months of this interview of people in top universities that had hidden connections to the CCP.
Did-my inner peace Disturb your demons
Did-my inner peace Disturb your demons - 2 minutter siden
Didn’t this guy name Phil Schneider talk about this
Rob - 3 minutter siden
" number 2 , you look so healthy and youthful ...and Frau..riiiight ."
Simon Sauter
Simon Sauter - 3 minutter siden
There's a difference between nazi death squads and evil doctors doing experiments and soldiers that won the iron cross or other medals honour fighting for they're country ... My Opa fought in the wermacht in the edelweiss mountian division and won medals fighting in Russia he told me a story how he killed a Russian soldier with his shovel because he ran out of ammo. Crazy and voilent time to be alive.
Ricardo Orozco
Ricardo Orozco - 3 minutter siden
Samantha - 3 minutter siden
I was vegan before carnivore. I am 67 and this is the first time my bp read 120/70. I have not had this since I was 34 years old. Just changing to high fat, eggs and meat. Tiny amounts of carbs and zero sugar. I am not overweight. Doing this for health reasons.
Rasher - 4 minutter siden
Well that is pure lies from Joe ''I try to talk as if the person is right in front of me.'' I'd love to see him with a room full of women talking about great pussy etc as he usually does with the ''lads''. He'd be acting like a pussy more like it.
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent - 4 minutter siden
FAKE TEST RESULTS FOR A FAKE VIRUS THAT DOESN’T EXIST... KILLING CHILDREN IS HIS GOAL NOT THEIR EDUCATION. MASKS KILL FROM CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING. Masks, social distancing, is %100 NAZI GERMANY REVISITED. True. This Fauci guy owns licenses and he will make a Billions with the fake vaccinations that are full of rat poison and antifreeze. Are you people OK? Think about yourself. Stop the blind following of these Satan worshiping pedophiles. Friends of Ebstein and Maxwell including Fauci. Professional highly paid actors and liars. Period. Bronco Rothschild P.I. The cases are fraudulent, The books are cooked. The media is owned by the New World Order. And this is a comedy channel? Maybe... 1 plus 1 = 2 or 3?
Steve Yeater
Steve Yeater - 4 minutter siden
You are a idiot passed out in drive through please stay in California don’t pollute the rest of the country
Rosendo Garcia
Rosendo Garcia - 4 minutter siden
Colombia university students are too sensitive, weak.
Hyunsu Kim
Hyunsu Kim - 4 minutter siden
Ben has no clue about what the AI is. Just because he knows things about laws and politics and speaks fast doesn’t mean he knows everything about technological advancement. I work in the AI field and I personally think we need some form of UBI in our society. Most of the entry level cognitive works will be automated.
Sean Brennan
Sean Brennan - 4 minutter siden
I hate rap! It sucks hardcore weenie!
Na7lasterone - 5 minutter siden
Joe is definitely on my (real list)
AKHAA & TJ - 5 minutter siden
Maybe nuke?
L.W. Paradis
L.W. Paradis - 5 minutter siden
Don't be so sure everything she says is true. Verify some of it, especially prescribed speech to psychotherapists in the US, where it raises First Amendment issues, all sorts of prescriptions for minors without parental consent, name change by public schools without parental notification, etc. Also, what may have happened in rare instances may not be what generally happens anywhere. I'm not saying it's false, I'm saying if you have kids, do the research. That said, to me, the idea of depriving a teenager of the opportunity to have children someday sounds criminal, and cultish. The teen cannot know what that will mean to them. It seems like they are eager to risk the fertility of anxious, awkward, nonconforming girls.
Moonlight Synthesis
Moonlight Synthesis - 5 minutter siden
The first time I heard Shapiro speak, I thought he was a transgender man. That voice is abysmal. He's also an uninformed idiot who is incapable of constructing a proper argument.
Lok TW
Lok TW - 6 minutter siden
The federal goverment?????
Bodega - 6 minutter siden
You can tell Adam is just regurgitating twitter arguments and trying to get woke points.
IkilledKain - 6 minutter siden
He had a supraaaa
UnlicensedOkie - 6 minutter siden
Y’all need to watch Ghosts of the Abyss. Amazing documentary that’s narrated by Bill Paxton and basically goes through his experiences of that trip that they’re talking. Top 5 documentaries for me personally
Curtis Quillin
Curtis Quillin - 7 minutter siden
I seriously clicked on this video because I thought that was Bam Margera after he bulked up!!!
Robo Phobia
Robo Phobia - 7 minutter siden
Maybe.. Drugawareness.org Does twit land protect China where there's millions in death camps
Snowmann 168
Snowmann 168 - 7 minutter siden
Did he mention efukt?
Jason B
Jason B - 7 minutter siden
Benjamin Owen was once your friend Joe yet you dance around his channel getting banned, truth gets criminalized. You'll be fine cause either your eyes are closed shut or you know better than to speak the truth you do know... Some might say even scared. Now Eddie had a pair of balls and you would dismiss him like he didn't have a valid question or point. Like your channel but you go with the flow and dismiss anything that people could learn from to better their life. You think pushing hallucinogens and weed is going to improve lives maybe but there are bigger freedoms to fight for that's a fact. Audience as large as Joe's and his guests talk about past bs in the middle of nwo takeover, maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson offered you a chair at the table.
drschplatt - 7 minutter siden
This guy is pretty clueless. They're not just focused on 14 battleground states. Battleground states change all the time as the socioeconomic landscape shifts. This guy bitches about the "loser" winning twice in his lifetime. Well, in my lifetime California voted for Ronald Regan, a conservative Republican, even though it's supposedly a Democrat stronghold. In my father's lifetime, southern stronghold states shifted from Democrat to Republican and so on and so forth. The electoral college does the exact opposite of what this guy is saying. By giving states with lower populations a voice in the process it forces candidates to campaign most everywhere. This past election is a golden example of this. Hillary basically won half a dozen states on the east and west coast. Yet, she failed to campaign in the midwest and even attempt to appeal to anyone who didn't live on a coast and it came back to bite her in the ass. Without the electoral collage, no one would campaign in anywhere but California, Texas, Florida, NY and a few other Atlantic seaboard states.
Mr Alexx
Mr Alexx - 8 minutter siden
Dude in back moaning and dude telling the story with Jolly Rancher in his mouth... Got me thinking im listening to porn ....wtf
GroovyVideo2 - 8 minutter siden
creepy donald
Sentry - 8 minutter siden
I just did DMT
No Tag100
No Tag100 - 8 minutter siden
3:18 4:54
Blake Green
Blake Green - 9 minutter siden
Only reason the stuff was said in the first place is because it was leaked
tpnguyen88 - 9 minutter siden
EV is not sustainable, it runs on natural gas.
TJ Worker
TJ Worker - 9 minutter siden
Righteous Barber
Righteous Barber - 9 minutter siden
Jesus opposed witchcraft and drug use. Pagan practices like always. Evil spirits love it when the spiritualy weak enduged in this abomination.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson - 9 minutter siden
Joe Vargo was filming at Lawrence Livermore with generators of some sort... and filmed a Four by Four post floating in mid air. They killed the gravitational field somehow. They tried to repeat the experiment... but couldn't get it to float again. The government seized the film immediately from the experiment. Years later the Dutch had a frog floating through the air in an experiment... Killing the gravitational field. Joe was working at Explosives Technology in Suisun California filming explosions. This was in 1982-83. I guarantee you that they have found ways around gravity... that none of us know about.
kathleen thomas
kathleen thomas - 9 minutter siden
is this guy the hottest or what. and LA raised. David Choe i love you. Joe, you are cool too
chancedane - 10 minutter siden
Joe “I’m addicted to DMT” Rogan
Gmail Account
Gmail Account - 10 minutter siden
I see it more as woman worship or idolizing
Gregory Foster
Gregory Foster - 11 minutter siden
Only a very small-minded and ignorant person would offhandedly dismiss the bible as nonsense. I bet Joe Rogan has never even opened a bible let alone understand the smallest fraction of whats in it.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
King Jacula
King Jacula - 11 minutter siden
*wolves* yes wolves. Just how like how an ant are tough but a single ant is a joke. 1 wolf would get cucked against 1 human.
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson - 11 minutter siden
The first minute of this video alone is painful to listen to.
John C
John C - 11 minutter siden
this dude couldn’t be more a generation Z role model
biscuit - 11 minutter siden
Thug Rose had a hair appointment and couldn’t make this interview. Her assistant showed up instead.
giovanny bajarano rodriguez
giovanny bajarano rodriguez - 11 minutter siden
Ben Werner
Ben Werner - 12 minutter siden
Will someone plz explain to joe the illegal immigrants cost tax payers 116 billion dollars a year ....
King Jacula
King Jacula - 12 minutter siden
Wolves are a joke MR "black belt" but maybe to a 130 pound 5'2 manlet like you who is balding or probably bald who got bullied in school. But not to real men or even tough woman. I like how half your videos are about predators but you would be eaten alive by woman on a vegan diet.
Kathi Murray
Kathi Murray - 12 minutter siden
I was at the first concert of Kanye's in San Jose, 2016. Very interesting "concert"....
reignman2112 - 12 minutter siden
Because a horse is a horse...of course, of course.
Mk Minor
Mk Minor - 12 minutter siden
It’s all fun in games until you get eaten.
Shahid Naqshbandi
Shahid Naqshbandi - 13 minutter siden
What he said
Carlo Florez
Carlo Florez - 13 minutter siden
In my Opinion. And only my Opinion as not to get a smart ass reply. This multiverse hypothesis is like a house of mirrors. Where you walk in and see your image projected from the mirrors infinitely.
Monkey - 13 minutter siden
Me: Time for bed, I'll just watch this random JRE clip before I log off... Me 3 hours rabbit hole later: SERPENT MOUND
Matthew Vu
Matthew Vu - 13 minutter siden
The difference between cult and religion, nothing
darkninjamandelta - 14 minutter siden
I'm not really up for lifting weights but I definitely run at least 3 miles like two or three times a week.
Kyle Dellinger
Kyle Dellinger - 15 minutter siden
Tim pool is what your talking about hes a real journalist.cmon joe.
Stephen Weber
Stephen Weber - 15 minutter siden
It's all about the gov saying...HEY! we'll throw you a bone if you make the gov stronger we are China!
kelly maxton
kelly maxton - 16 minutter siden
Ah shit. Okay Night y’all
JoKro - 16 minutter siden
Yes, keep up the delusional anti-California propaganda so people leave and housing prices become reasonable. “You are getting very sleepy... Oregon and Utah are better because... uh... trees... Leave, leave, leave....” Let all the sheep leave and go out to pasture, and our paradise becomes affordable again. Amen.
sarcasmo57 - 16 minutter siden
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Johnson Johnson
Johnson Johnson - 16 minutter siden
Trump wins again, and my grandchildren are dead.
E. Blair
E. Blair - 16 minutter siden
Oof bad take. Porn involves a chemical dump in the brain and that shits addictive so
Callum Gillman
Callum Gillman - 17 minutter siden
Yo.. can anyone find/tell me where a copy of the Clintons Docco called 'The Menina Files'? or something like that... it was the craziest docco on the clintons ever.. bills buddies flying Cocaine into Arkensal, interviews with all the staff etc... crazy good.. seems to have been scrubbed from youtube...
J - 17 minutter siden
The truth will emerge, eventually, just like it will with traitor Trump and puppet-master Putin.
Raptors19Tdot - 17 minutter siden
Damn we're entering some serious shit. If ww3 only regular people like me suffers. Shit is this goina be an event that'll wipe out majority of the population n bam it starts over like the pyramid.
Notorious Ene
Notorious Ene - 17 minutter siden
It’s weird don’t try to twist it
Kevin Cronin
Kevin Cronin - 18 minutter siden
I tend not to train in gyms and I'm very fit.. And i figured out walking is better than running for fitness.. And stretches and lots of katas.. If you do running do it on sand or grass . Concrete is overall damaging for your lower back and knees longterm. I know i played rugby and I fucked them up.. But i have proper strength from just walking long distances..