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Peter On
Peter On - 11 minutter siden
Wash your hands big fella lol
Nicholas Colegio
Nicholas Colegio - 12 minutter siden
50 Tyson did this song first I ain't gon lie
Regular On The Track
Regular On The Track - Time siden
Hihoplivesmatter, Dreamville4life
enkadu007 - Time siden
Shoutout to Kanye
kwana raleigh
kwana raleigh - Time siden
check out Rashaann noburn.info/id/video/mn_MmbCiep6rmno.html
HyperLokki - 2 timer siden
0:19 Dutch the entirety of red dead redemption 2
Cam Shalabam
Cam Shalabam - 3 timer siden
Thank you J.Cole.
Augusto Chaj
Augusto Chaj - 3 timer siden
Abuela doesn’t care for the explanation
Suzanne Donovan
Suzanne Donovan - 3 timer siden
What's that cover all about
Augusto Chaj
Augusto Chaj - 3 timer siden
Was upset that Dreamville festival got cancelled but this making up for it for Sure
Dauntless - 3 timer siden
Who would dislike this honestly..
Yulissa Mendez
Yulissa Mendez - 4 timer siden
ΔρriηgιεΔ - 4 timer siden
I absolutely amazed by cole’s response to such criticism. Not only he acknowledged the fact he’s just a regular person at the end of the day he doesn’t think he’s higher nor better then anyone else. He addresses the elephant in the room “Noname” and instead of rather putting her down he humbles her with wise words and pointing out flaws in her argument. Not only that but the beat that’s accompanied with Cole’s voice sets the overall attitude over the situation, instead of attacking her like he did to lil pump on “1985” with a beat that makes you’re head nod with Ill remarks, clever wordplay, and predictions about pump’s fall. Instead He uses a rather relaxing beat that eases any type of tension for listeners.
Morpheus Yung
Morpheus Yung - 4 timer siden
letting go...
Jody Jacobs
Jody Jacobs - 5 timer siden
Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding
Ceyx 509
Ceyx 509 - 5 timer siden
“Under pressure, you know what coal do, make a diamond, they just rhymin’, me, I’m just quotin’ gold” 💯🔥 💎
Donovan Derden
Donovan Derden - 5 timer siden
POV your watching in 2020 august
Ronaldo Cubero
Ronaldo Cubero - 6 timer siden
I wanna see j cole and papoose do a track shit will be 🔥
Jordan Weisner
Jordan Weisner - 6 timer siden
He's decent but the bars are fairly average, as to be expected.
Kelly Kiprono
Kelly Kiprono - 6 timer siden
Cheers to this nigga proving rap is beautiful n worthy genre💖ONCE AGAIN
AA BRAIN FEVER - 6 timer siden
AA BRAIN FEVER - 6 timer siden
Bill1453 Gaming
Bill1453 Gaming - 6 timer siden
Why does this banger have to end?
Hakeem J
Hakeem J - 6 timer siden
I ain’t gonna lie he back on his shit now I hear the good quality in the sounds and songs and hunger that’s what happens when you take your time Nd don’t rush music. Shit 💥👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Alfred Robinson
Alfred Robinson - 7 timer siden
open.spotify.com/album/7lM3wNlDEOIKCi9lEJ3eyd?si=uK2wRGZlQfi_NTKcvw-CGg stream my songs it would mean the world
KOZONE - 7 timer siden
Hakeem J
Hakeem J - 7 timer siden
This sound like that J Cole when he first came in.
Stephen Moustaris
Stephen Moustaris - 8 timer siden
All 5k dislikes are from people who can't process what this man is saying
Aaron Hahn
Aaron Hahn - 8 timer siden
This shit what we need from the rap game these days. Not these 21 yr old fools dropping shit that is so negative and stupid! Cole world!
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions - 9 timer siden
I ain't gon lie.
JEREMIAH MUIRU - 9 timer siden
Love could confuse in the mind if a child✌✌truuee dat
JEREMIAH MUIRU - 9 timer siden
All a nigga know is to fuck a good thing up🙁🙁✌✌man spoke truth
JEREMIAH MUIRU - 9 timer siden
Diss track or not......this man can rap about you and you question your own existence 🙏🙏MAD RESPECT
Nell Wash
Nell Wash - 9 timer siden
id cook this man 1on1 he too slow
zyphier Smith
zyphier Smith - 10 timer siden
Here go a city noburn.info/id/video/uqOuc5yfe3qfZJQ.html
Sean Kzami
Sean Kzami - 10 timer siden
This is so smooth shit
John Zayi
John Zayi - 10 timer siden
I have Learned more about life by listening to Cole then I have ever learned at school.
asad ndlovu please help me reach 100 subscribes
asad ndlovu please help me reach 100 subscribes - 10 timer siden
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful
Isiah Irby
Isiah Irby - 10 timer siden
He literally had the opening of the Climb Back right at 56:35. He asks himself questions, and solves them in his music. Amazing.
Paystree - 10 timer siden
thought this was gonna be a noname diss or something
H2O Wav3
H2O Wav3 - 10 timer siden
He's correcting the previous error
H2O Wav3
H2O Wav3 - 11 timer siden
Billy joe_uptown girl
Nuno Costa
Nuno Costa - 11 timer siden
Awesome interview
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal - 12 timer siden
I want to see eminem x lil pump interview. 😂😂
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 12 timer siden
Imagine being overshadowed by kendrick your whole career lol
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson - 12 timer siden
*"...it's more effective to treat people like children, understanding the time and love and patience that's needed to grow"* - interesting how we let kids make mistakes, we forgive them, we nurture them, we teach them, we're patient with them. But they second they turn 18 that all goes out the window. Cole is right, instead of the cancel culture people need to recognise no one is perfect and be more forgiving.
Hugh Clow
Hugh Clow - 12 timer siden
I been sleeping and I'm sorry.
Tafara the Guy Music
Tafara the Guy Music - 12 timer siden
when i listen to JCole i get insipiration and motivation keep up one of my greatest rappers of all time
Hollywood Savage
Hollywood Savage - 13 timer siden
bars always !!
Matt Newsome
Matt Newsome - 13 timer siden
I would also shadow write for someone
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 13 timer siden
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day :)
팬더 - 14 timer siden
이걸 왜 이제봤지ㅜㅜ
erika garcia
erika garcia - 15 timer siden
The final bar is the best of the song, admitting that there’s a need for a hotline for people to call when they’re feeling homicidal. Cole is one of the few rappers to not only be very technically proficient but ACTUALLY wants to bring about change in all aspects between police brutality but also between black on black violence, healing addiction, etc. This is why he’s the goat
Jason Gunn
Jason Gunn - 15 timer siden
J. Cole’s ‘KOD’ album is a good example of Lil Pump.
serame letsie
serame letsie - 16 timer siden
My sister said you ain't the best and you are overrated in front of me and my parents. Now she's homeless. Bless up King.
BeautiFRO Bella
BeautiFRO Bella - 17 timer siden
I played this while burning some Coal. It's all Diamonds now !!!
so damn hot
so damn hot - 17 timer siden
j. cole is the definition of goat, no doubt
Rubagumya Gisa fiacre
Rubagumya Gisa fiacre - 19 timer siden
The Matured SimbaA on his Safari way back 🕸🐾🚮🖼⚙️🎙🏞” Now i know why it took me A whole month to digest this track : self note 📝 self understanding/ Jermaine back outside ~ Kill Edward holdin his beer
smsnsndn hensbdh
smsnsndn hensbdh - 20 timer siden
i’m here cuz of RDCWORLD
Severo Mateos
Severo Mateos - 21 time siden
If anyone is interested, the beginning sample is from “Tao of Leadership” by John Heider. There is a video on YT called “TAO in Everyday Life” that includes that snippet around the 21 minute mark. Stay Blessed 🙏
Bless Child
Bless Child - 21 time siden
So when will gonna do the song entanglement 🧐🤫😂
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh - 21 time siden
I tried to ignore the signs...
Sergio Mendoza
Sergio Mendoza - 22 timer siden
On repeat since I hear it 🥶💯
Reflected Boss
Reflected Boss - Dag siden
yooo i love the troll from sorcerers stone!!!
Rashaud Lawson
Rashaud Lawson - Dag siden
Thank god for j.cole
Apollo - Dag siden
The beat is crazy 🔥
Maya Rain
Maya Rain - Dag siden
Gator - Dag siden
Hornets better sign
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete - Dag siden
"Need a hotline number to call whenever theres a need to get triggers involved". Jcole went deep.
rayybrodie 7
rayybrodie 7 - Dag siden
J.cole can make it I know he can. But why did I think this was a new song 🤦🏾‍♂️ I bet people going to try and clown him for trying to make it in the NBA because he’s a rapper he can do it 💯❗️🔥🤦🏾‍♂️
1st Tenor Acclaimed
1st Tenor Acclaimed - Dag siden
Can’t be mad at ya J.Cole!!✊🏽
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith - Dag siden
Nothing but love
Denisse Vargas
Denisse Vargas - Dag siden
So the thankful for the strings at the end!
9 ot3m
9 ot3m - Dag siden
Correction: "the lion king on *iehhh*."
Official Kid Hectic
Official Kid Hectic - Dag siden
Might be the hardest beat of the year
A b
A b - Dag siden
It's sad to see lil pump with 17 mil subscriber And cole and other hard spitter real hip hop artists barely getting recognition 💔💔
Atorius - Dag siden
Everybody Has A Dream And I’m Just A Young Artist Trynna Beat The Odds Too. Hear Me Out. noburn.info/post/mq6yL4if2K-D63XTztBNiQ.html
Elam Jay
Elam Jay - Dag siden
Leave me be
Leave me be - Dag siden
The basket ball court part reminded me how I don’t fit in around and I just keep it inside me until somebody notices it
Ahmed Ben Seddik
Ahmed Ben Seddik - Dag siden