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Man City
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Guido mucci
Guido mucci - 2 timer siden
A stupid sociologist would be upset at this. Is better enter in reason when communicating, not by violence.
Jumper Jr.
Jumper Jr. - 2 timer siden
Lucy Otieno
Lucy Otieno - 2 timer siden
Genius coach
hans pope
hans pope - 2 timer siden
Adam Roshan
Adam Roshan - 2 timer siden
pfft one of the biggest game for city and only 60k views
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann - 2 timer siden
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JJ zhu
JJ zhu - 2 timer siden
worst part of the job for sure. Just there so he won't be fined
gaurav deshmukh
gaurav deshmukh - 2 timer siden
Always so calm even when facing certain challenging questions
Claude Mkindi
Claude Mkindi - 2 timer siden
So this is how press conferences of teams that consistently win feel like,must be nice.
jun - 3 timer siden
한국에서 맨시티 팬이 있다!!
John T
John T - 3 timer siden
Sure he's been given a lot of money - but he's done a wonderful job a Man City. He deserves to win the Champions League again.
mustafa - 3 timer siden
messi definitely watched this video
Jamaica Football
Jamaica Football - 3 timer siden
I’m happy I’ve never wrote #pepout how many can like this?
mustafa - 3 timer siden
predictions of the century, gundogan being insane and messi possibly coming to the club
Freddy - 3 timer siden
Good luck tomorrow - come on you blues!!! 💙⚽⚽⚽💙
DIPANKAR SHARMA - 3 timer siden
Twice twice
Derek Tauk
Derek Tauk - 3 timer siden
Man City 4 - West ham 0. 👍💙
Jacob Elout-Armstrong
Jacob Elout-Armstrong - 3 timer siden
Ederson Cancelo, Stones, Dias, Zinchenko Rodri, KDB, Gundogan Torres, Aguero, Foden
Foyez Rahman
Foyez Rahman - 4 timer siden
Man he's so humble! He says he would like careers like David Moyes and Roy Hodgson, where many people wouldn't mention them as one of the Top 10 managers.
Nimcaan Kiiko
Nimcaan Kiiko - 4 timer siden
C Dawg
C Dawg - 4 timer siden
keep talking dogs, we will keep crashing your parties. mind the gap
Garçon Paúl Ed’son
Garçon Paúl Ed’son - 4 timer siden
Remember this goal 🙏✨ Vincent kompany ✨🎯
Rafa Quesada
Rafa Quesada - 4 timer siden
Journalists are mad sus
chicky - 4 timer siden
Its what it is 4 words 4 trophies Simple
gbaden kume
gbaden kume - 4 timer siden
The more you hate him, the more you discovered you love him
George Stone
George Stone - 5 timer siden
For everyone here for that he says come on you irons at 6:00
MMN Legend
MMN Legend - 5 timer siden
I still respect west ham’s manager Poor guy was thought to be a loser all around the world but now he’s in 4th!!
Zahor zahran
Zahor zahran - 5 timer siden
Thank you pep
Carlo - 5 timer siden
Journalist: What an incredible run of form, it is now N games unbeaten. What is the reason? Pep: It is the consequence of day-to-day routine and focusing solely on the next match. Journalist: But isn't it X that makes you win? Pep: It is the consequence of day-to-day routine and focusing solely on the next match. Journalist: But what about Y...? Pep: It is the consequence of day-to-day routine and focusing solely on the next match. ---- I swear this is the beginning of the last 10 press conferences Pep has given. Why are journalists so dense?
Micah Richards
Micah Richards - 5 timer siden
8:11 SAVAGE!😁
mednux - 5 timer siden
Watchout for Lingard the goat
Micah Richards
Micah Richards - 5 timer siden
Sterling need to up his game. He first touch and decision making in opponents box is really poor.
Manchester city FC Fan
Manchester city FC Fan - 5 timer siden
Manchester city FC fighting 💙💙👏🏆
Rvssian - 5 timer siden
Thanks PEP for backing Gabriel Jesus. What a great coach 👑💙🔥🔥
KarltonJ - 5 timer siden
I swear this guy is Genius !!!!!...
Andrea Schwartz
Andrea Schwartz - 5 timer siden
Man city is god only becuse thay are rich club.
Liam - 5 timer siden
I love pep but i feel like he doesn’t give himself enough credit. I agree that in order to do well you need to have the money to buy good player’s. But not every manager can get good player’s playing well. It requires a great manager to get big player’s to work in an effective system together. Pep deserves more credit then he gives himself.
Syaqir Iskandar
Syaqir Iskandar - 5 timer siden
Seriously, can these guys stop asking the same questions every press conference? They keep asking about the winning streak even though pep keeps answering with the same exact answer which is to take it one game at a time
khelifa mica
khelifa mica - 5 timer siden
I hope Mahrez play this match.... win city
Rafa Tavares
Rafa Tavares - 5 timer siden
The Mayor of City.
IMDAD - 5 timer siden
George Sutherland
George Sutherland - 5 timer siden
Come on West Ham go for it! Give it a go don’t just sit back , treat it like a cup final! Whatever happens no fear! 👏👏⚽️
Propaganda F
Propaganda F - 5 timer siden
Lol still remember plastic saying pep out he's out of idea 😂😂 this man never runs out of ideas
Azhar Aqiu
Azhar Aqiu - 6 timer siden
Anonymous Beats
Anonymous Beats - 6 timer siden
Winning PL is fine but we want the UEFA trophy
Zeded - 6 timer siden
David Silva will become our future manager one day☝🏻
Ryder - 6 timer siden
Khabib is gonna lose faster than city for sure #20-0
john honai
john honai - 6 timer siden
Pep on Gabi: "if he was a bit more egoist(sterling) he could have scored many more goals" 🤣🤣
Michael Malloy
Michael Malloy - 6 timer siden
Why does Pep always act like “Sorry, everyone, I was asleep until this press meeting started.” Great coach, but his loathing of the press shows.
SJ Zaman
SJ Zaman - 6 timer siden
What happened at 7:35
JJSARTWORK_ OFFICIAL - 6 timer siden
Remagine if they dropped the real one by accident
Alpha bost
Alpha bost - 6 timer siden
Come on City, all my support from Chile...:)
MyX - 6 timer siden
OTW 20 WWWWWWWWWW 💙💙💙💙🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Jon Black
Jon Black - 6 timer siden
Pep I disagree with you concerning money. Lampard did spent alot of money and was sacked
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi - 6 timer siden
Creativity from this great coach.
Jon Black
Jon Black - 6 timer siden
Try to buy the best wine and to invite the managers after winning the game. Pep is a legend
Snipertrader - 6 timer siden
Come on CITY 💙💙
Miguel Elox
Miguel Elox - 6 timer siden
When the nutritionist said: "we calm the players down before Pep comes in..." to calmly speak to them
Suldan salahudiin
Suldan salahudiin - 6 timer siden
Mr Skyz
Mr Skyz - 6 timer siden
pep just stick with his formation.. if he make stupid tactic in quarter , city will be out.. just stick like now city play.. all know what to do.. thx pep
Shivashish Roy
Shivashish Roy - 6 timer siden
Quadruple loading....
Shazril Syafiq
Shazril Syafiq - 6 timer siden
Please beat khabib record 29 win 0 lose🤣🤣🤣
Aditya Prakoso
Aditya Prakoso - 6 timer siden
Khriezhii Rame
Khriezhii Rame - 6 timer siden
Buy HAALAND or MBAPPE ....that's all...end of the debate 😭
Ibrahim Jalloh
Ibrahim Jalloh - 6 timer siden
Cmon city 💙
Weimar Biang
Weimar Biang - 6 timer siden
All the best tomorrow win again for West Ham United don't give lose or draw..👍👍
3 penalties 👍
Yacine Bezaiou
Yacine Bezaiou - 6 timer siden
Catalina Hale
Catalina Hale - 6 timer siden
Do anyone know about Episoketren System? Does it really work? I hear a lot of people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.
Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shah - 6 timer siden
I would prefer city to get a first title rather than Bayern munich's 7th
Igor Korolev
Igor Korolev - 6 timer siden
PEP Common LC Common Winner!! Common only Winer !!! You must be 1!!!