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We prank people sometimes.

Toronto, Canada

This video sucks horn
This video sucks horn
6 måneder siden
NELK Is Going To Court!
NELK Is Going To Court!
8 måneder siden
KrazyPotatoe420 - 2 timer siden
I was working last night and you guys came into my restaurant, Barbacoa. The rest of the night you guys were the topic of discussion.
Alfie McConnell
Alfie McConnell - 2 timer siden
Christopher Monin
Christopher Monin - 2 timer siden
Love this video!!
Tyson Ridenour
Tyson Ridenour - 2 timer siden
Theofficiallkev - 2 timer siden
Damm barley seeing this cuz the other video smhhh
AT Real DINO 666
AT Real DINO 666 - 2 timer siden
Get a new brand full send is garbage 🗑️
John Kunce
John Kunce - 2 timer siden
-Support comment-
LeVone SnipesYou
LeVone SnipesYou - 2 timer siden
Nice video!!!!!!
AT Real DINO 666
AT Real DINO 666 - 2 timer siden
Yes nelk boys Tim Hortons is garbage now a days for food it's got all soy in it.
Yonatan Barkovsky
Yonatan Barkovsky - 2 timer siden
Lewis Anderson
Lewis Anderson - 2 timer siden
What is wrong with coke in the back of the boot
kristen - 2 timer siden
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson - 2 timer siden
The cheesy trap music makes this funnier.
Kevin Tapec
Kevin Tapec - 3 timer siden
Felix Pacheco
Felix Pacheco - 3 timer siden
Hell yeah
Slade Roy
Slade Roy - 3 timer siden
Garrett Hooper
Garrett Hooper - 3 timer siden
i dont have money but i dropped the like
Young Cruz
Young Cruz - 3 timer siden
Steve 🤣🤣 this channel goated ong
Greg Smith
Greg Smith - 3 timer siden
Just stay on the path don't go wondering off
ashton davies
ashton davies - 3 timer siden
6 years later and “fuck you and fuck your camera” has me fucking bursting
Greg Smith
Greg Smith - 3 timer siden
Good clickbait bro, I didn't see you guys getting caught in the jungle
iTakeLs - 3 timer siden
anybody know what laroi song they played at 0:34?
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia - 3 timer siden
Lmao not the kid
Chris Westley
Chris Westley - 3 timer siden
KayFetty - 3 timer siden
Jeremy Bentley
Jeremy Bentley - 3 timer siden
Everytime Kyle screams during the test I get hard afffff
AudibleVisible - 3 timer siden
90 was such a fucking square lmao
Sean Morphy
Sean Morphy - 3 timer siden
‘The cops want us but the birds dont’
Gavin Barnett
Gavin Barnett - 3 timer siden
Good shit
Theofficiallkev - 3 timer siden
ItsItaly - 3 timer siden
dropping a comment for support
S - 3 timer siden
you guys used to be funny...this shit was so disrespectful and stupid. grow the fuck up.
Mathias Sandaag
Mathias Sandaag - 3 timer siden
Joppa Denores
Joppa Denores - 3 timer siden
this guys built like a fckn fridge man
Johnny Machado
Johnny Machado - 3 timer siden
Good shit bois
Gavin Ross
Gavin Ross - 3 timer siden
Among Us Live
Among Us Live - 3 timer siden
This was great
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel - 3 timer siden
Moises Cisneros
Moises Cisneros - 3 timer siden
Hell yea
Jouri Armstrong
Jouri Armstrong - 3 timer siden
its all fun and games till they really put coke in the coke cans
Tourette syndrome
Tourette syndrome - 3 timer siden
I was on dudes team until he started acting supa sus
beau dolan
beau dolan - 3 timer siden
AudibleVisible - 3 timer siden
Why does Kyle look like he's hooked on heroine lmao
Ahmed Hidayet
Ahmed Hidayet - 3 timer siden
NELK next lvl gods
Sam Stone
Sam Stone - 3 timer siden
Who tf salim think he is
Zachary Hemry
Zachary Hemry - 3 timer siden
NOburn is gay
Sam Stone
Sam Stone - 3 timer siden
Salim just discovered the word?
Ramiz Andoni
Ramiz Andoni - 3 timer siden
The prank was great. Going to Escabor's house and disrespecting his family was pretty fucked though.
INFINITE BLADE 2007 - 3 timer siden
This is like the 100th time i watch this beat of a video. FULL SEND BABYYYYYYYY
Jay Carver
Jay Carver - 3 timer siden
He is bout to yack
Spencer Robison
Spencer Robison - 3 timer siden
That was def a crime in every country
Rob Dechellis
Rob Dechellis - 3 timer siden
Kyle giving the thumbs up the the lady asking to bring the cup to smoke had me dying 😭😭
Marc Willms
Marc Willms - 3 timer siden
Poor chef didn't get anything
Yawnn - 3 timer siden
i just wanna say i love nelk so fucking much damn
GetYeet - 3 timer siden
YG Serg Malagon
YG Serg Malagon - 3 timer siden
Keep grinding boys
Cole Oconnor
Cole Oconnor - 3 timer siden
x Motachi
x Motachi - 3 timer siden
Bigdaws has bigballs energy in that altercation lmao he held his ground
Philip Reyes
Philip Reyes - 3 timer siden
Nelk stay doing big things
Eric Steven
Eric Steven - 3 timer siden
Purified GG
Purified GG - 3 timer siden
Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy - 3 timer siden
Spit Fire
Spit Fire - 4 timer siden
Notof Use
Notof Use - 4 timer siden
Jeremy Bentley
Jeremy Bentley - 4 timer siden
I want to be in nelk
Poop Hassan
Poop Hassan - 4 timer siden
Slim you drink you are Muslim but why do you drink beer that is haram
Rob Dechellis
Rob Dechellis - 4 timer siden
Always gonna support the boys
THELEGEND56 - 4 timer siden
David Matthews
David Matthews - 4 timer siden
The jaded song emphatically compete because salt biophysically ban into a secretive shop. knowledgeable, faithful barbara
John Gblah
John Gblah - 4 timer siden
Ty Mitchell
Ty Mitchell - 4 timer siden
Everytime jesse says "i can never wear white" i loose it lmao
Uisneagh Mullen
Uisneagh Mullen - 4 timer siden
noones talking about the ad at the beginning lmao
Joppa Denores
Joppa Denores - 4 timer siden
I think youtube is mad about your intro's. Professional opinion.
Mason Walker
Mason Walker - 4 timer siden
Steve is my Spirit Animal
Joppa Denores
Joppa Denores - 4 timer siden
Yeah literally Kyle. I would have watched this video already if I had seen it was posted.... wtf youtube...
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop - 4 timer siden
That shit with brad was hella random tf
Obey it
Obey it - 4 timer siden
Elias Montez
Elias Montez - 4 timer siden
Sick video dawgs
CHICKEN EATERZzz - 4 timer siden
Love you nelk 🔥🔥🔥🔥