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CODY KO is an actor/comedian/NOburnr/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on NOburn, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.

Cal - 6 timer siden
When something gets S plus My ears have left the chat.
Gonzaminator - 6 timer siden
this is too spicy for me
Rachell Morton
Rachell Morton - 6 timer siden
Just remember that Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter HIMSELF, is a 5'5 short king.
Rachael Erickson
Rachael Erickson - 6 timer siden
i’m so glad indy got called out lmao 1:00
laurensmizz - 6 timer siden
i’m ashamed to say i’m from Ireland now😩
Trinity Siriwardena
Trinity Siriwardena - 7 timer siden
us buddhists don't claim fish girl
John William
John William - 7 timer siden
He’s probably using it as a tax write off or something if not he’s dumb
Zak Hentaigod
Zak Hentaigod - 7 timer siden
Watching this video made my face Greasy
Rachel - 7 timer siden
Funny part is I’m divorced and you get so used to saying everything and anything going through divorce that this game already doesn’t work on concept 😂
bitch bruh
bitch bruh - 7 timer siden
cody is literally fucking jerry smith
Simp Detector
Simp Detector - 7 timer siden
Those born into Gen z after 1999 are just horribly cringe
Mikey T
Mikey T - 7 timer siden
wheres the hoodie that says frictionless , i need one
Debojyoti Mishra
Debojyoti Mishra - 7 timer siden
The fact that Ajit Pai went to Harvard - 🤦🏻
Ai Han no life
Ai Han no life - 7 timer siden
Ikr I hate dhar mann
Psychedelic - 7 timer siden
you remind me of Jerry Trainor.
Bear - 7 timer siden
that is literally a person you would make fun of
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode - 7 timer siden
I know when you said _teachers that make 30 grand a year_ that was meant to seem a small amount, but to me I was like dammn 👀 thinking about how much stuff I don't need I could buy with that kind of wage.
Jake W
Jake W - 7 timer siden
bro kody can make the funniest youtube of all time one week and the other make the most unfunny video of all time.
shae. - 7 timer siden
30 year old man eating deli meat with his hands for 16 minutes
Lars - 7 timer siden
probably one of the best Songs made by youtubers
xShii_00 - 7 timer siden
Watch when they get old they will have nothing because their looks are gone.
SlumpDawgBars - 7 timer siden
cody looks like Steve Herrington with his hair
Occhi di Giada
Occhi di Giada - 7 timer siden
The dog shit thing caught me unprepared.
Manuela Montuori
Manuela Montuori - 7 timer siden
Never seen a more spanked tray of food, i'm almost jealous
Lauryn Nunez
Lauryn Nunez - 7 timer siden
every time im high i watch this video and "grapeification" KILLS ME every single time
Mason Myers
Mason Myers - 8 timer siden
Remember 80 + 26 = 96
michelle kathryn
michelle kathryn - 8 timer siden
fish girl will never not make me laugh in concern
Al Doesagood
Al Doesagood - 8 timer siden
I would watch a whole video of Cody doing the sleazy producer character
Diego Anedda Angioy
Diego Anedda Angioy - 8 timer siden
18:59 " *King dragon sends his regards* "
SomeoneHad LeftTheChat
SomeoneHad LeftTheChat - 8 timer siden
Boy do I love sorting the comments by new
DBL pro
DBL pro - 8 timer siden
noti gang
dummy - 8 timer siden
I remember choking down half a bottle cough syrup for the first time cuz I was curious thinking it wouldn't have any long term consequences cuz I was a stupid freshman and I just wanna go back and smack the shit of that girl
c_dudz - 8 timer siden
moral of the story check for a pulse
scaf - 8 timer siden
Cody looking like Mike Myers in Wayne's world.
Massimo Valles-Valiante
Massimo Valles-Valiante - 8 timer siden
Look up Addison rays parents
Brenna Caffrey
Brenna Caffrey - 8 timer siden
i have the same name as the girl Jane chose, it tripped me out to hear that button say my name
Zayed123 - 8 timer siden
David Loeza
David Loeza - 8 timer siden
15:57 ur welcome
barelycalm - 8 timer siden
Your hair is more amazing every video. Keep that shit up. 👍🏼
Caitlin Banks
Caitlin Banks - 8 timer siden
missed opportunity: X Games sex = Sex games
James Jin
James Jin - 8 timer siden
the look on cody's face was jealously
Michael Carsten
Michael Carsten - 8 timer siden
C02 poisoning lmao
David Loeza
David Loeza - 8 timer siden
all jokes aside, codys aging pretty well for a 60 year old
Jomun0z - 8 timer siden
Cheese next????
THE UNKNOWN MLG - 8 timer siden
anyone notice that its a pre recorded drone footage. they werent looking at the drone when they were looking at each other
suno lili
suno lili - 8 timer siden
Oh "I hAvEnT sEeN hIm In WeEkS" ok bitch tell your dad to stop working and now you are broke but at least he can pick you up from walmart because now you can't buy Gucci shit
Jiujitsu Passport
Jiujitsu Passport - 8 timer siden
2:49 That's gyno. Dude is on gear
Chandini - 8 timer siden
Appreciation post for Noel. Speaking feminist facts while looking like a daddy with those stripper singles🤪
Jacob GT
Jacob GT - 8 timer siden
Yall have some really good chemistry
Hollie Pong
Hollie Pong - 8 timer siden
rumor has it he's drunk after this vid
The Alchemist
The Alchemist - 8 timer siden
Ajit pai is in prison now. Look it up
hlp - 9 timer siden
Damn, tik tok is almost 3 years old...
Jayce Toupin
Jayce Toupin - 9 timer siden
im 10 also im a billionaire
Buttercupditto - 9 timer siden
With which eye is he starting you down? 12:24
Arpegius - 9 timer siden
Your weed jokes are lame. Like there's hardly a joke to be made, everyone smokes these days.
ipi g
ipi g - 9 timer siden
Cody explain why this is recommended to me today ? 😆
** - 9 timer siden
idk dude i liked the edits
Vanessa Yvonne
Vanessa Yvonne - 9 timer siden
im extremely uncomfortable watching this
BIANCA NATHAN - 9 timer siden
Can you feel that, yeah We're paying with love tonight
Sora744 - 9 timer siden
Damn there's so much fake laughing in this video at very low tier jokes
Maya# Cøökîę
Maya# Cøökîę - 9 timer siden
If i was a guy i would have picked carter👌🏾💖
Boomerman69 - 9 timer siden
The man in the thumbnail looks like if Teddy Roosevelt was into BDSM
Inji Yoo
Inji Yoo - 9 timer siden
Yo the sorority girl is so mean. How did you go to college and still maintain that high school’s mean girl attitude. Sooo childish
Stephen Wilkerson
Stephen Wilkerson - 9 timer siden
you actually used kelsey’s idea from the “taco tuesday girl” episode of insanely chill to have someone hitting a juul in the beginning of a rap song instead of a joint hit like lil wayne
RΛVΞΠ - 9 timer siden
Hit 5 Mil pretty frictionlessly there
he - 9 timer siden
holy fuckin shit dude why is Cody's rapping voice so fire
Bassam Alsheef
Bassam Alsheef - 9 timer siden
Is corona still happening in the US?
Alexis Aschkenase
Alexis Aschkenase - 9 timer siden
I’ve watched this four times and I’m still crying laughing
Jamie Bennett
Jamie Bennett - 10 timer siden
The last girl was too good for Jane. I thought she was super cute and a wonderful personality. Screw you Jane.
Dylan Machette
Dylan Machette - 10 timer siden
Hands down the most ambitious crossover event in history
Hazel Duskman
Hazel Duskman - 10 timer siden
why is this millionaire going to the nail salon... even if she doesn't feel like paying a pro to come to her house, surely she'd go to some posh one and then she wouldn't have to go undercover as a non-millionare...
he - 10 timer siden
I feel a little guilty for really liking the Six Figures song
CHALULA - 10 timer siden
If you see this that means you also watched this in 2021 lol. Congrats
RΛVΞΠ - 10 timer siden
I think you mean Valentine's Day is frictionlessly approaching
Pavel Davila Garfias
Pavel Davila Garfias - 10 timer siden
I don't get why these teens have American Citizenship and other good people do not.
River Turnbull
River Turnbull - 10 timer siden
i just looked up his last name and what the fuck
natalia burge
natalia burge - 10 timer siden
“Oi thought the doctor can’ can’t have the baby?”
ILoveMyDog - 10 timer siden
But but your old.
cody bùi lâm
cody bùi lâm - 10 timer siden
Guys Do you notice that dhar man get 6m sub just in a year ?
rico - 10 timer siden
They would make a good show