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VulturePilot - 12 timer siden
Alien isolation 2 would’ve been better
Literally Polio
Literally Polio - 12 timer siden
Wait this actually looks good what the hell
Ken Tran
Ken Tran - 12 timer siden
What is with these 3 player coop games. We got at least 4 so we don't play games with less. What a party pooper.
A Al.Sharif
A Al.Sharif - 12 timer siden
Troy Baker looking good playing Greg. PWL
KingDoms Kingdom1985
KingDoms Kingdom1985 - 12 timer siden
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
The Cammunist
The Cammunist - 12 timer siden
I feel like I'm the only person who enjoyed Aliens: Colonial Marines just because of the multiplayer. I loved playing as the Xenomorphs. Hopefully we can play as Xenomorphs in this game as well.
Darren Coughlan
Darren Coughlan - 12 timer siden
Would love an open universe style game like Mass Effect. Not just based on one planet.
Sten Viking
Sten Viking - 12 timer siden
Please do Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Big Loso
Big Loso - 12 timer siden
Time for redemption. Really hoping this is good
rossvegas7 - 12 timer siden
Yes yes and yes!
OctoOcto - 12 timer siden
Please dont be a colonial marines 2.0
Timothy Ramey
Timothy Ramey - 12 timer siden
I love alien isolation but it is time to get a alien style game like this for is great but I wanted more over the shoulder perspective and more aliens ill give this a shot true fan that i am wont let me pass
tudordincluj - 12 timer siden
Gears of War 1 but with Aliens... lol
Mr Red Fox
Mr Red Fox - 12 timer siden
So... this is what Colonial Marines should've been?
M_Chow - 12 timer siden
I need Aliens vs Predator
JT - 12 timer siden
Did they not learn from colonial marines? Haha
Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues - 12 timer siden
"Look, I'm tellin' you. There's something movin' in here and it ain't us!"
Just Jacket
Just Jacket - 12 timer siden
I really hope its better than colonial marines but that's not saying much
The Games Guild
The Games Guild - 12 timer siden
Any pre-order BS; I'm out
Trace Render 666 ANDRAS
Trace Render 666 ANDRAS - 12 timer siden
Guess she didn't like the corn bread either " Fantastic will deffo play this 👍
Daniel Bouche
Daniel Bouche - 12 timer siden
I guess everyone forgot how good Alien Isolation is
NIELS MICHIELS - 12 timer siden
Oh great ,another multiplayer based horde mode game.........
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 12 timer siden
Game over man
SH1N081 - 12 timer siden
I can feel the embryo swirling around in my chest. I’m going to be a good papa.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 12 timer siden
Me patiently waiting for a game dev not to do the alien franchise dirty.... isolation was good but thats it
LifelessSatellite - 12 timer siden
Give me a Bill Paxton skin and I'm in.
elektron117 - 12 timer siden
I'm sceptical. Especially with the games recently and the last colonial marines.
Makuta Firkax
Makuta Firkax - 12 timer siden
even youtube thinks it's "aliens: colonial marines."
Prochu97 - 12 timer siden
Looks like they gonna make another Colonial Marines. Do they even want this franchise to be successful? They could have went with same approach as they did last time, singleplayer game with good story. But no, easy approach coop game.
Mcpe Redstone In Hindi
Mcpe Redstone In Hindi - 12 timer siden
All that and it's free and runs on my phone
Nivane H
Nivane H - 12 timer siden
Bruh I had no idea this existing just typed in Aliens out of curiosity and this was uploaded an hour ago.
karry elliott 2
karry elliott 2 - 12 timer siden
David George
David George - 12 timer siden
Don’t forget the developers and engineers which turn this vision into reality!!
Underground Station 2
Underground Station 2 - 12 timer siden
Trailer with gameplay? What kind of sorcery is this?
Dominic S
Dominic S - 12 timer siden
Doesn’t look like they spent a lot, so they shouldn’t be surprised when the sales underwhelm.
HabbleBabbleLabble - 12 timer siden
L4D combines with Colonial Marines... Can we please just get a game where we can play as an alien like in AVP.
Chris Wu
Chris Wu - 12 timer siden
At least we finally got a trailer after such a long wait!
Brown Apples
Brown Apples - 12 timer siden
Wow this looks really concerning, fps drops and its pretty ugly. Hope for the best tho but tbh they know that anything pokemon will sell so they don't need to put too much effort.
WellingtonBananas - 12 timer siden
Greg Miller looks all grown up 😭
McBamm - 12 timer siden
Willing to bet a tenner that the gameplay is rubbish and it's rammed with microtransactions. Not hopeful in the slightest.
oddzuki - 12 timer siden
This looks like Halo CE: The Flood level.
Abhisang Janrao
Abhisang Janrao - 12 timer siden
Nathan Decamp
Nathan Decamp - 12 timer siden
Looks great we need a proper colonial marines game that is actually good. still want more isolation though as well.
A Al.Sharif
A Al.Sharif - 12 timer siden
Here's to the dlc that never was
Simon Gonzalez
Simon Gonzalez - 12 timer siden
So looking forward to this. Can't wait to get this! 👍🏻👍🏻
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss - 12 timer siden
Another stinker with Alien name on it
Tempting Fate
Tempting Fate - 12 timer siden
I don't need another online only multiplayer game.
Deathly - 12 timer siden
Looks pretty bad tbh. Characters are stiff as boards and its another run of the mill 3rd person shooter, literally nothing unique or special about the gameplay, no innovations..weve all already played this game countless times before....
[루이]Ruui - 12 timer siden
Another 4 people coop Third Person Shooter™ but with aliens Yeah I think I'll pass this one.
Sh8rpShoot3r - 12 timer siden
i love the content
PANZER MkII - 12 timer siden
I want Earth Hive the game, battling to survive and take back Earth from the Xenomorphs, get to drive APC's and fly the UD-4, command a fire time like Rainbow six.
DOGMA1138 - 12 timer siden
The base model used for the gun was not a Welrod but the B&T VP9, a modern version of it, for "veterinary" and other bespoke uses.
talan white
talan white - 12 timer siden
Who else wants another game like AVP 2010? I loved that game
Sunesen - 12 timer siden
Maybe its the over-the-shoulder camera and all the tracer shots, but I'm getting some pretty heavy Gears of War vibes from watching this.
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen - 12 timer siden
I love your channel!
Ze Nick
Ze Nick - 12 timer siden
Go back I want to be alien 👽
Dr. A
Dr. A - 12 timer siden
So just a rebooted aliens : colonial marines 🤣
Quack Goose
Quack Goose - 12 timer siden
No don’t do that,don’t give me hope
7point - 12 timer siden
Something fishy about the trailer but we'll see when it drops...🤔
jamie fletcher
jamie fletcher - 12 timer siden
I'll keep watch on this. If its worse than Colonial Marines, then its "GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER !"
cesar mendoza coronado
cesar mendoza coronado - 12 timer siden
Just_Playz - 12 timer siden
I hope the magic book is called the Romanti'nomicon. It raises love that is dead
Nick Alphonso
Nick Alphonso - 12 timer siden
another co op shooter meh PASS
labib tazwar
labib tazwar - 12 timer siden
Looks good Hope it ain't like colonial Marines
Jonnie Christ
Jonnie Christ - 12 timer siden
3rd person? Oh fooy
Brandon lee
Brandon lee - 12 timer siden
The Alien universe is so good with so much to offer. But just poor design and approaches to it. Hopefully this one will do it justice
A Al.Sharif
A Al.Sharif - 12 timer siden
Never knew that Arthur could play the piano
Kasual7 - 12 timer siden
This game is goty material.
Unattain - 12 timer siden
Do not fuck this up...
Etang Bose
Etang Bose - 12 timer siden
Gears of war 6
Kerone Creary
Kerone Creary - 12 timer siden
One of the many benefits huh ;)
Skyro - 12 timer siden
Now that’s hot
Photojunkie - 12 timer siden
You can tell already... look how stiff the animations are
Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins - 12 timer siden
Im waiting. When it comes out and if its good, ill nab it for me and my buddy to play togrther.
K1SSED BY FIRE - 12 timer siden
Can't go wrong with L4D but Aliens. Gonna wait until I see more gameplay though, despite that being gameplay there's always a chance of this being toilet fodder.
RanThaMan - 12 timer siden
Intervention w/ Acog
A IM - 12 timer siden
Ew Greg. Bye.
St. Shamrock
St. Shamrock - 12 timer siden
Ugghhhh. You know, Pokémon games always bore the hell outta me, but I absolutely LOVE the franchise as a whole. I really, really hope this game is gonna be anywhere near as good as people are hyping it up to be. Pokémon BotW is a hell of a bar to set, but if they pull it off, this could be one of the greatest games of all time
Amateur Gamer
Amateur Gamer - 12 timer siden
As long as they don't mess up the coding again aha