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Hello. I make very silly educational videos.

A show about London's quirky, unexplained unbuilt infrastructure, exploring bridges over nothing, tunnels to nowhere, and borders that don't make any sense.

Me and Mark Cooper-Jones (the comedian off the telly who used to be a geography teacher and really loves geography) team up to talk about the world's weirdest/funniest/interestingest maps.

What does the Prime Minister do? Who does the government? What does Right Honourable mean? If you don't understand the first thing about British politics, but you want to, this series was made for you.

Various other things.

DiyEcoProjects - 3 timer siden
7th Pangaea LOL 4:57 Dammit we collide with France eventually... humf! Remoaners finally have their way in about 5million years
Whatever - 3 timer siden
"I would like to assure you, there will be no novopangea" - Michael Fish
Margaret Elkins
Margaret Elkins - 3 timer siden
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Mo Luther
Mo Luther - 3 timer siden
1:49 So ISIS have been in the West Country this whole time?
Rasheed Khan
Rasheed Khan - 3 timer siden
If it ever does happen that the whole planet becomes the Jamiroquai emblem I think I'll slap God on the back while having a delighted chuckle!
Dave Poul
Dave Poul - 3 timer siden
Argleton is no longer on G maps boys.. sorry men..
Clarold - 3 timer siden
First found you via your singing one syllable off video, it’s amazing that I found out you did fun little geography videos bc that is exactly my shit. Love your comedic timing and energy <3
Matt Woodroffe
Matt Woodroffe - 4 timer siden
You've managed to make a northerner interested in London.
Weirdough - 4 timer siden
"BUT, years later while he still was dead ..." subbed btw.
Rudi Arendse
Rudi Arendse - 5 timer siden
brilliant little message at 0:45 noburn.info/id/video/tKDdlsyWZKWsmGU.html
Zion Futalan
Zion Futalan - 5 timer siden
Needs more views, this is a hidden gem!
Decept_ion - 5 timer siden
"don't watch it now watch it later" fine
SCP-173 gamer 69
SCP-173 gamer 69 - 5 timer siden
How did this got recommend?
Decept_ion - 5 timer siden
Biiz Ham
Biiz Ham - 6 timer siden
Ah, just like the U.S
Wilson Cally
Wilson Cally - 6 timer siden
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Grought - 6 timer siden
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TheYoutubeGuy - 6 timer siden
They should link Gatwick and Heathrow up with a taxiway, that would solve it!
Gabriel .Fataliti
Gabriel .Fataliti - 7 timer siden
Thumnail looks like Ulthuan
Callum Ping
Callum Ping - 7 timer siden
Dr Richard Beeching *Spits on his filthy name* if you didnt know i like trains like ur cut g
Shameem Khan
Shameem Khan - 7 timer siden
wales; hold my sheep
W.S - 7 timer siden
Dr. John Snow is buried in Brompton Cemetery, Earls Court, London
Божий Одуванчик
Божий Одуванчик - 7 timer siden
Всегда пожалуйста!
Bloob - 7 timer siden
The 70 dislikes were from the people in the audience.
W.S - 8 timer siden
Mark is quite the adventurer it seems
N A - 8 timer siden
It goes beyond 'I hate all of them'. What about when you become incredibly disillusioned with the way our country is run when you realise none of what is promised actually follows through, the political parties end up behaving more or less the same anyway (newsflash: the interest of the public doesn't make the top of their lists), what they tell us is democracy actually isn't and ultimately everything is fuelling a hidden agenda designed to keep the people at the top right where they are at all costs? Sometimes not saying anything says it all. If it is truly my voice why can't I use it the way I see fit? I, and I'm sure many others, are tired of being coerced and manipulated into taking part in a shit show & being labelled 'undemocratic' or 'lazy & apathetic' or downright childish if we show some resistance. People are far too compliant. The whole system needs an overhaul which includes taking the ones in power (especially those behind the scenes) right off their pedestal. If anything, I think it's apathetic to just vote for the least shit one because 'there's nothing we can do about it & it's better than nothing'!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 8 timer siden
I’m not fat. I’m big boned...
SPSheep - 9 timer siden
And the votes have come in! Blue should be strong, All people want Blue to be leader, but they put their county as their top vote. Red shouldn’t, they started hyperinflation, a famine, a civil war, etc Red: 10 Votes Blue: 9 votes *insert 8 more that have 9 votes each* Looks like Red wins! *another election comes around* It’s time for another election! Red has been leader for 942 years, it’s time for someone else to take over! Amount of votes: 47 Heh, looks like the plague did that.... Red: 10 votes Blue: 9 votes Green: 7 votes Ok, looks like Red wins again, despite there being protests to disband the Red party, Red still has the most votes after all! (Wait for them to have A. V.) It is the year 71,440. Red has been leader for 69,420 years. This republic started in 2020, we might have to change to A. V. You will see new ballots, where you have to rank the votes, where 1=Best and 10=Worst. Looks like the votes are in, Blue winning 420 votes in the electoral college, Red with 69, others with 201. After 69,420 years of ruling this republic, it looks like the Red party might collapse soon, and people all around the country will celebrate with joy!
BREATHARIAN 200 - 9 timer siden
Doubtful! My belief is that the continents didn't drift apart like that, but the earth expanded. The inner core is hollow and filled with gas. Go search the "expanding earth theory" for more info.
Islam Explained
Islam Explained - 9 timer siden
They will still have road works on the M6 in the West Midlands UK.
I want to die
I want to die - 9 timer siden
TheWoogeroo - 9 timer siden
Such a tragedy, even more so in other UK cities like Birmingham where the trams were ripped up despite not having a tube network, and no replacement at all. Cars cars cars to this day.
Official Exeggcute
Official Exeggcute - 10 timer siden
Why not make Berwick Upon Tweed it’s own constitution (sorry if I spelt it wrong) country?
Official Exeggcute
Official Exeggcute - 10 timer siden
Why not make Bir Tawil its own country?
Laurence Tucker-Brown
Laurence Tucker-Brown - 10 timer siden
People from the Midlands you must be quite triggered
Dani - 10 timer siden
Aqua Man
louismanman4 - 11 timer siden
3:26 that's the uncle from man like mobeen wtf
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Hunter - 11 timer siden
You know something Jon snow
Takato - 11 timer siden
you didnt actually drew on your monitor ahhhh it hurts
Qhorin Halfhand
Qhorin Halfhand - 12 timer siden
CrippleX89 - 12 timer siden
Things I love most in this video: Jay slipping into a severely depressing existential crisis at 6:00 and the eyebrows
Андрей Ли
Андрей Ли - 12 timer siden
For anyone wondering, the 11th picture at 3:10 is a buffalo man - Jamiroquai's logo
Mark Isaac
Mark Isaac - 12 timer siden
Berlin, Timor, Pakistan? These are sidey sidey examples, maybe the exception to the rule
thiswasnoboakingaccident63 - 12 timer siden
0:22 What's left of the Ministry of Silly Walks......sad.
mienzillaz - 12 timer siden
Can't decide on best bit of this episode: was it lighting strike or Tom called Scott..
Duodecimus .Anemoi
Duodecimus .Anemoi - 12 timer siden
Eckert IV for life.
Magnus Kesselmark
Magnus Kesselmark - 13 timer siden
You made my day. Morning tea, sunshine and a documentary of the London dinos, WHAT could possibly be better? 😊😎
MitchTheYoshi - 13 timer siden
I live in Bath and i consider myself a southerner
Evan MacDonald
Evan MacDonald - 13 timer siden
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor - 13 timer siden
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David Divad
David Divad - 13 timer siden
Very pleasent how you pronounced "Kontinentalverschiebung".
SugoiSmallFry - 14 timer siden
Pause on the Alfred Wegener newspaper mockup. Trust me.
Muse - 14 timer siden
So.... it's Thatcher's fault.
Russell - 14 timer siden
If you dont understand the theory of expanding earth then you dont understand how the earth works. Look up and learn about expanding earth and get back to me then.
Bubba Fash
Bubba Fash - 15 timer siden
By-gone era of people’s movements being controlled....... errr no!! #2020
Vaughn Campbell
Vaughn Campbell - 15 timer siden
Make a channel where you do a staring contest
Nation Defence Commision of North Korea
Nation Defence Commision of North Korea - 15 timer siden
"Im too drunk too cycle" Wait a minute....
Murdo 42
Murdo 42 - 16 timer siden
mtemboshafie anafie
mtemboshafie anafie - 16 timer siden
32+1 =33 thats a symbolic language.
R2's Trail Adventures
R2's Trail Adventures - 17 timer siden
So what you’re really saying is Greenland is really closer to the size of Greenland? Who would have guessed? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena - 17 timer siden
The nebulous bacon finally tip because hubcap understandably fear off a slow twilight. annoyed, learned cloudy
Prime Royal
Prime Royal - 19 timer siden
*picks up AR-15* "Election is theft, F the state. Also where is my tea" - UK anarchist comrades
Jedi Mandalore
Jedi Mandalore - 19 timer siden
This video explains why British place names are so complicated highly recommend it noburn.info/id/video/242xq9WYhW-mmGU.html
knosos15 - 19 timer siden
I think Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster are the two villains of Unfinished London. I feel like most of the episodes feature plans having to be scrapped or heavily changed because of them.
Guiep - 19 timer siden
I just realised those voice overs are from Will Seaward. Legendary man.
Callum Morgans
Callum Morgans - 20 timer siden
Watching this in 2021 this has a really different feel to it.
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox - 20 timer siden
02:09 The more logical explanation is surely that the dinosaur built a magnificent fleet of vessels that sailed the high seas. And that it had a research station on Antarctica.
A Timeline of Aviation
A Timeline of Aviation - 20 timer siden
let us start an argument now
Samir Muhammad
Samir Muhammad - 20 timer siden
Wait. Gotham is in Britain? 😂😂
Lenny Mears
Lenny Mears - 20 timer siden
Sean Vucich
Sean Vucich - 20 timer siden
I'm from New Zealand and we use a Mixed Member Proportional system - Its a much better system than FPP (Which we used to run). If a party gets 5% of the vote, they hold some seats in parliament - It gives a much better representation for the voting public - Majority can be 51%, leaving a huge proportion of voters disenfranchised (49%). Anyway, theanks @Jay Foreman for the interesting a funny content!
Casper Stöver
Casper Stöver - 21 time siden
I like how every cyclists outside of the Netherlands wears a helmet, like they never learned to cycle
ShaanThing - 21 time siden
I pronounced Frome right.
Lucas Cheng
Lucas Cheng - 22 timer siden
I just saw Wally.
Dave Carl
Dave Carl - 22 timer siden
It's White Hall, the bureaucrats are in charge..... The politicians make the dumb laws, but it is executed admirably by the bureaucracy... Has anyone seen Yes,Minister?
Sophie-Raine Crawford-Scott
Sophie-Raine Crawford-Scott - 22 timer siden
The fact the hair grows implies its alive...
juoig7799 - 22 timer siden
Well, just take GWR or TfL Rail a couple of stops here to Slough. It is perfect for cycling, like in Berkshire, there is a track leading straight to Eton and onto Windsor.
Fiyaaah - 23 timer siden
Me before watching the video: Because the Dutch haven't invaded yet.
Ahmad Rafa
Ahmad Rafa - 23 timer siden
Me who lives in Indonesia:haha,i'm in danger