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C S - 57 minutter siden
I'm here because as an American I need something thats inspirational. The current POTUS and majority led senate is enough to make you feel somehow you landed in North Korea. I'm watching because I need something that will confirm that the US is indeed better that what it currently is. What it is in August 2020 is a SHITHOLE.
Echo Mountain
Echo Mountain - Time siden
The Dems are out of their minds acting like dictators not allowing Barr to speak.
Shawnestly - Time siden
Barr is a terrible bluffer.
amigoctnd - Time siden
Kamala Harris just gave this trash a WWF smack down. Mr pervert / rapist is now a little bitch. Give him a beer. So he could remember. Trash at its finest....
Javitxu Vidovic
Javitxu Vidovic - Time siden
Que diferencia el Joe Biden de hace 12 años, ni punto de comparación al de ahora, ya se le notan los años encima, está muy mayor ahora, creo que no tendría y no tiene las fuerzas para dirigir a una nación como los estados unidos de América.
Brian Livingston
Brian Livingston - Time siden
I live in neberaska and I was at the bar in my hometown one night standing out side smoking and could have sworn in seen the Obama's in a black jagure.
Luca Busato
Luca Busato - Time siden
He says so much "uhh" , he could be french
Cheree Landry
Cheree Landry - Time siden
Tryna insult someone's intelligence that's more intelligent than you indefinitely....SMH&kmsl because ya ahz got creamed,and read,and walked like a dog studdering live infront of the world LMAO,acting like little children that lied about something and is busted by yo Mama😂😂😂🤣was too funny and hillarious and you are a BAD WOMAN💪🏾🤘🏽Much love 😘#Queen Kamala👑💎🏆🎉🎉🎈🎈🍫🌟💫#theybettastopALLthatlying👌🏽✌🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
shell c
shell c - Time siden
See the guy picking his teeth behind Lee
James Allaire
James Allaire - Time siden
First of all no one is for bidden from discussing a topical subject that’s in the newspaper. Imagine Ruth Bader Ginsburg being grilled like this? Kamala Harris has proven herself to be politically predatory. I’d like to see somebody questioning her about what she knows about FISA court abuse against the Donald Trump campaign.
JT Miksis
JT Miksis - Time siden
This guy is my hero. President Trump is the best thing to happen to the U.S. No problem...let's get in with this conference Mr Cool
BRETT WHITE - Time siden
*Cultural Diversity's Strength:* *President Obama's Legacy, full length.* _My life buoyed with the rhythmic grace of President Obama's,_ _Barack's entire Presidential family personified radiance;_ _Goodness's benevolent rays describe their smiles,_ _With open optimism peacefully growing for miles._ _President Obama's eloquence is still without peer,_ _In healing fear and in drying every single tear._ _Small-minded blows were parried by dignified grace,_ _President Obama's inner strength punctuated his face._ _His influence upon me time will never replace,_ _Nor will any man's daughters look prettier in lace._ _The Obama Legacy is absolutely inviolable to me,_ _As a guidepost for unbiased hospitality._ _And granted, Presidents sculpt our collective moods,_ _Their emotional depths our own thought imbues._ _And this silent lesson carries serious weight,_ _When used also as my chosen way to communicate._ _Despite President Obama's charm, I sensed his fear,_ _Exactly like my own in letting anyone near_ _The inner sanctum within an introvert's mind,_ _Always alert for insidious thoughts of any kind._ _Hidden insecurities endear him closely to me,_ _While emphasizing the healing power of one's family._ _To be perfectly blunt, his first term made me a man,_ _In absolute regard to the value of holding God's Hand._ _This swath of time often crushed my Spirit,_ _Silencing my conscience's pleas to simply hear it._ _In hindsight of this era, I had a sister named Sarah,_ _Though not once can I recall a, Brett how are you?_ _Mental resiliency overcomes such sharp regrets,_ _That one's familial apathy, deep pain always begets._ _Analyzing these snapshots is a priceless route,_ _To testing what one's character is all about._ _From his tenure's duration, I learned patience,_ _When directly face-to-face with addiction's malice._ _I also duly noted man's capacity to constantly bitch,_ _About nothing, without a rein and without a hitch._ _So now I'll dole out Obama's belated retribution,_ _Personally; for causing my role model constant agitation._ _Let me speak last about someone I truly respect,_ _While pointing out whining isn't sign of an intellect._ _For nearly ten years, you vipers thrashed my ears,_ _With political invective laced with fabricated fears._ *Is veiled racial bigotry considered a virtue to you?* *Or do you also malign the sky for simply being blue?* _But let's just completely avoid that hateful path,_ _Inherent within my desire for post-term retaliatory wrath._ _To build and and boil with my political response years past..._ _Your politicized racism that his greatness easily surpassed._ _Half a decade later, you racist tricks still talk shit,_ _From the weather, to racist paradigms you need to forget._ _Oh, but eight years ago to the day, Obama did this..._ _He was a stoic man who made political pundits his bitch._ *I told you, you and your family cool, Obama...* *These vipers blame their own birthday on their Momma.* _Real men smoke blunts to ease melodrama,_ _Then poetically retaliate for President Barack Obama._ _The Obama Family is so cherished with my heart,_ _That I'll take shit talking up to a Renaissance Art._ _President Obama's Legacy will not be defiled again,_ _By mindless parakeets unfit to even shake his hand._ _Though they'll shake their conscience for a grand,_ _And demonize their country like a Chernobyl Wasteland._ *I dedicate this to Malia Obama for putting up with a decade and a half of this racist bullshit.* *While her father personally inspired me to reinvest in myself daily when I wanted to die of pain.* *Yeah well, we made it. Luckily and heretofore, but I'm going on a Patriotic Poetic kick in order to express it.*
grandview concierge
grandview concierge - Time siden
she sucks at whatever she is trying to point out. she cuts off to much to accomplish what? i hope pence destroys her
Joe Burreaux
Joe Burreaux - Time siden
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how far we've come technologically from 2008 to 2020? Video quality is a world apart.
E Mo
E Mo - Time siden
Have you ever talked with someone that grew up on Maple avenue and their mother's middle name was marie? I am not for sure, is there a specific person you have in mind? NO!!! ANSWER THE QUESTION SO I CAN TRAP YOU IN A LIE THAT IS DOCUMENTED IN THIS COURTOOM IN FRONT OF ALL THESE CAMERAS.
martin palm
martin palm - Time siden
I don´t know if this Harris woman has kids or not but let´s pretend she has two and then ask her which one of them she´d rather kill. Two options - couldn´t be easier, right.
Piper Mccoy
Piper Mccoy - Time siden
Who the hell didn't talk about the Mueller investigation? How would anyone in USA or watching this now answer that question? Trap question. Why did she just not give him a name ..Did you not talk to Jim Bob Walnut at the blah blah lawfirm. I hate her
Scott Clarke
Scott Clarke - Time siden
A strong women, a weak man. Beta male.
Benildes Carvalho
Benildes Carvalho - Time siden
Our Vice president! 👏🏻
David Winfrey
David Winfrey - Time siden
You mean that absolutely fake and bogus investigation that turned up nothing? Such a fucking joke. This guy is such an honorable and decent man that it’s was disgusting. Be a hero and vote no! What? What for? So here I am after this woman was picked as VP candidate. She’s a nasty bitch but she’s ten times sharper and slicker than Biden. And why can’t Kavanaugh say look, I may have spoken about to someone who works there without knowing they worked there at the time or now?
EdgeofDecember _
EdgeofDecember _ - Time siden
Eww gross
Johnny Parker
Johnny Parker - Time siden
Paddock what did you do with all those shell casings😈
A b
A b - Time siden
lock him up
Rest In Peace Kobe 24
Rest In Peace Kobe 24 - Time siden
Bro don’t we have silent cameras now ????what the fuck they using typewriters still
Catina Mauro
Catina Mauro - Time siden
Sorry, she should have specified who he talked to. This is too much drama for me. I am not a R...but I am tired of this type of questioning. Stop being evasive be specific. This is like you know stuff but you do not want to disclose who he talked to. You better freshen up with more proper questioning. If she is fishing for a possible "conflict of interest" then she should have done her homework, and gotten the law firm to be investigated for phone call logs.. Shhhish, I'm not even a politician...and ....come on people, stop being corrupt, and manipulative...Both Sides are messed up. Maybe you need to fire the entire Government, and start with a bunch of 20 somethings to run your country.
GGirll22 - Time siden
hetaes - Time siden
Forensic pathologist, Michael Baden, was involved in the Epstein autopsy. In his professional opinion, it was murder. He said he'd never seen a hanging suicide result in broken bones near the thyroid. He is esteemed in his field. I believe him.
Tobeme - Time siden
In my opinion the greatest president of all time there's no question he topped every other president and he was the only president that was the right president for that time that people still love and talk about him even today sure we had other great presidents that done the right things for the right times but those presidents were never talked about consistently like John f.Kennedy his impact was not for that time his impact made an impact on the entire world forever a truly great man and the most talked about presidentl in history had he lived he would have been re-elected for another term easily no one would have wanted no.other man to be president except this great man I believe that if a president can be elected for 3 terms it would have only been john f kennedy and this man only with his brother Robert f Kennedy following right behind god bless them both 2 very great men with us only for a short time no matter what scandals that would have befallen them.both we would have forgiven them.because we knew they cared about humanity very much we couldn't have asked for better presidents blessed to do what's right for every American citizen in the united states 👍😀 proud to be an American
E Mo
E Mo - Time siden
She is obviously trying to trap him. She has a person in mind but won't say the name. Good for him. Didn't take the bait. Smart guy. Dirty trick my her. This video show why the people are tired of politics
BRETT WHITE - Time siden
I got your back, Obama.
Elliot Hearst
Elliot Hearst - 2 timer siden
Bill Barr: "Hamina hamina hamina . . . ."
TRU MAN - 2 timer siden
jadelag - 2 timer siden
-..What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss? -Sir? -The most. You ever lost. On a coin toss. -I don't know. I couldn't say.
Todd Leahy
Todd Leahy - 2 timer siden
She needs a double tap !! And English pronunciation lessons wasting her time in free America starting hate n divide !!
H Pn
H Pn - 2 timer siden
Good God she's lying and seriously trying to protect Obama and Biden.
Martin Elliot Edwards
Martin Elliot Edwards - 2 timer siden
Thank god. LBJ is gone for good!
carolanne67 - 2 timer siden
Who is the dude behind Senator Lee picking his teeth. Gross!
Ameya K
Ameya K - 2 timer siden
Lol that girls from 90 day fiancé
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 2 timer siden
She's stupid
Bzapp725 - 2 timer siden
When she finally gives up he must have been like "yes, I won!", inside
Hinkapuss - 2 timer siden
"So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for awhile.” - Donald J Trump Aug 6,2020
Jolly P
Jolly P - 2 timer siden
This guy is a slime ball and Camilla knows it. Just answer the question.
Alyssa Teixeira
Alyssa Teixeira - 2 timer siden
The only interference was OBAMAGATE
Leanthony B
Leanthony B - 2 timer siden
I’m glad she was his pick. She addresses real issues. Biden and Harris 2020
john hud
john hud - 2 timer siden
Russian trolls here attacking the next Vice president of the US Kamala Harris
Nathan Simons
Nathan Simons - 2 timer siden
"Law firms are metastazing", how revealing, they're like cancer.
Chris Negley
Chris Negley - 2 timer siden
This is the dumb bitch that Biden chose 😂
Poopy Head
Poopy Head - 2 timer siden
Uhhh as you can see uhh he doesn’t have a filter on
bco - 2 timer siden
Kamala is a wicked adulterer woman.Who let that hollering Shebeast in interrupting things.
J. P
J. P - 2 timer siden
Such a hateful and bitter bitch.
Robert lee
Robert lee - 2 timer siden
No wonder people not a lot of people don't like black people
J. P
J. P - 2 timer siden
Looks like I'll be voting for Trump.
Gabriel Chambers
Gabriel Chambers - 2 timer siden
I am glad they were heroes and voted yes to this honorable Judge Kavanaugh. Vote no to Biden and Kamala and vote for Trump/ Pence in 2020!
Ginger Allen
Ginger Allen - 2 timer siden
He is wearing red lipstick I heard Obama like this color
ytmndan - 2 timer siden
Oh, so he's always been an asshole.
Alicia Maria
Alicia Maria - 2 timer siden
Dont speak on MLK because I definitely wasn't a DEMOCRAT
Allan Albert
Allan Albert - 2 timer siden
Heels up Harris. Does her best work on her back or knees
HARWINDER SINGH - 3 timer siden
Who let her in that bitch... what the fuck shedoing in America
Blakleyratliff - 3 timer siden
Yassss!!!! That’s my president!!!♥️♥️ he gets this world is fucked up and has fucked up ppl in it!!! Trump has gained a lot of enemies over the trafficking and names being said... he wants these ppl to rot just like the rest of us!
Lisa Sexton
Lisa Sexton - 3 timer siden
Such a c*#+t
Daniel Mc Dowell
Daniel Mc Dowell - 3 timer siden
Kid you a delusional. Space what.? Fund the NOAA whose funds feed our people worldwide. We must not allow their Denise and to suffer for that of our people. Where we came is where we must go. Read softly into the night, as we are their protectors and servants.
Tylee Houchens
Tylee Houchens - 3 timer siden
She should say "wondered aloud" in the first explanation into his weirdness.
rich19722 - 3 timer siden
Omar is a terrorist
Joey - 3 timer siden
Best speech in the past 100 years, period.
Nikki Miller Inspirations
Nikki Miller Inspirations - 3 timer siden
Who came here. Just to look at the comments! Lol
Harley Madden
Harley Madden - 3 timer siden
Who is here after Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s VP pick?
Genessa Torsy
Genessa Torsy - 3 timer siden
Can't STAND Kamala Harris! She is disrespectful and nasty to others.
Paidinfull• - 3 timer siden
Who else thinks it’s amazing that the democrats didn’t want to know the truth from the FBI? Listen at how insane they go trying to stop him from answering!!😂😂 I was dying when their little voice came in like bugs “parliamentary inquiry!!!” “Parliamentary inquiry!!!” 😂😂😂
John Casper
John Casper - 3 timer siden
I think the mainstream will say that someone has attempted to take out white supremacist Hitler. This is what the BBC, CNN, CNBC, the SUN, EURO NEWS The New York Times, all kinds of TIMES, The Washington Post and god knows how many of them fake news there are . MAJOR AMERICAN AND BRITISH MEDIA OUTLETS. I could mention other European media from the same mold but I do not know all of them. The German and French ones are tightly controlled too from the same source.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson - 3 timer siden
I don't owe anyone anymore thanks to., 𝙚 𝙯 𝙗 𝙞 𝙜 𝙥 𝙖 𝙮 .𝙘 𝙤 𝙢 ,,enter in address bar with no spaces
S. Way
S. Way - 3 timer siden
Kamala is a very nasty woman! Such a foolish gal!
VonSnootingham - 3 timer siden
7:50 Seth confirms that we're all living in the Rick and Morty universe.
Yoshke Mamzer Baalam BenStada
Yoshke Mamzer Baalam BenStada - 3 timer siden
Can anyone confirm the rumor that Fauci's wife is Ghislaine Maxwell'sister?
sandracer2 - 3 timer siden
Dems good pick, lol, big ole racist woman. Good job Biden. Glad they finally picked your VP for you.
Olha Paige
Olha Paige - 3 timer siden
Lol jery springer would be jealous
silverhelmet61 - 3 timer siden
Tommy Willis
Tommy Willis - 3 timer siden
Clearly Trump 2020
Geoal Michael
Geoal Michael - 3 timer siden
so she's on the side of those who wish to limit the constitution and say we have the power. say one thing do the opposite. you guys have a funny way of speaking but I've realised the double speak. none of their bs tricks me these days. most never did.
Rachel Fu
Rachel Fu - 3 timer siden
Very nasty questioning. Have you talked anything that could be bad with anyone who could be bad? There is no way to answer the question without being implied of wrong-doing. I don’t trust her to be fair and to uphold justice.
M. J. J.
M. J. J. - 3 timer siden
Big Brain Barr and snake Kamala 2019... listen good!