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Only Hard Bouldering!
Only Hard Bouldering!
4 måneder siden
Magic Pull Up Challenge
Magic Pull Up Challenge
4 måneder siden
imDusty x
imDusty x - 9 timer siden
Seeing you guys struggle to stand up with the back pack had me in tears🤣 reminded me of the army when you'd be walking for hours with weighted packs. Second you sit down you fall with the weight and can't get back up🤣
Justin Philpott
Justin Philpott - 10 timer siden
No supposed to use the thumb....
spare - 10 timer siden
That's one of three happiest most enjoyable climbing videos I've seen
Kyriakos Papayiannis
Kyriakos Papayiannis - 11 timer siden
he looks like a wolf.. jealous :p
Munro Hansen
Munro Hansen - 12 timer siden
incredible acts of human capability. kudos
Sebastian Kovac
Sebastian Kovac - 12 timer siden
Kan du gjøre en klatre video??
Marcel - 15 timer siden
Doesn't high five him but shares chalk bag, #weirdmagnus :D
Daytimerocker - 15 timer siden
where is that DWS spot?
Urige Buta
Urige Buta - 15 timer siden
Magnus jeg heiet på deg hele mesterenes mester
Nic Gur
Nic Gur - 16 timer siden
Those magnus forearms tho 😳
BirthdayBoi - 16 timer siden
In the thumbnail she looks like lelepons if she had a goal in life
Gazza-in-the-usa - 17 timer siden
Good advice about ramping up with training again. I'll defo be going through that soon.
bssni touir
bssni touir - 18 timer siden
som skulle ødelegge når du var helt MASKIN på resten :) Nydelig kjempa uansett!!
Young Mule
Young Mule - 18 timer siden
That could’ve taken his eye out
Nomad Kai
Nomad Kai - 18 timer siden
That castle reference @25:00 cracked me up xD
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 19 timer siden
Lol, the camera distortion at the beginning was making Odin's left arm look three times the size of his right
lcycooI - 20 timer siden
Using those muscles that mortals don't use
Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch - 22 timer siden
Ahh.... a time before masks and lockdowns.....
Eric lehman
Eric lehman - 23 timer siden
Once your body gets older and more wore out its way easier to get hurt then you think you can just wake up and turn wrong and pinch or pull muscles
rooster555555 - Dag siden
Practice palms out
pk10006 - Dag siden
Would be fun to see Magnus Carlsen do gymnastics and Magnus Midtbø play chess
Aurelia Andris
Aurelia Andris - Dag siden
You guys are good. For the minute pull up you are lacking some latissimus Doris though. That would help you and would avoid the use of biceps and less shoulder charge
pk10006 - Dag siden
7:45 this is what happens when you fap only with one hand
Andrew Evenson
Andrew Evenson - Dag siden
I think it’s fitting the muscles in your back form a heart in the thumbnail. Always thought you were too nice 😂 Edit: got to the part where he mentioned it, didn’t realize he would 😆
Anthony Cavato
Anthony Cavato - Dag siden
Magnus why dont you attempt to climb this?
Andrew Ryder
Andrew Ryder - Dag siden
13:35 Dang! That's impressive!!!!
alois Thanner
alois Thanner - Dag siden
i genuinely don't care if you or she makes it so
glen nekoba
glen nekoba - Dag siden
magnus you need to try an iron man in hawaii
J O - Dag siden
Aww magnus you seem like you really took the dislikes to heart, you mustn't worry too much, people are too harsh !
C H - Dag siden
7:30 why is his left arm half the size of his right
Phoenix 69
Phoenix 69 - Dag siden
ITS the Guy from mesternes mesterj
Martin Bentzen
Martin Bentzen - Dag siden
Are you going to try "the project" again?
Dave _H_
Dave _H_ - Dag siden
Markus on the crack he may have been better keeping everything in line with the crack instead of canted over to the left.
Nikita Marynich
Nikita Marynich - Dag siden
This is like playground for adults, looks so fun
Odin Reid
Odin Reid - Dag siden
(Magnus) wont high five due to covid (Also magnus) lay's on the same sweaty floor as gymnast
Marta Buck
Marta Buck - Dag siden
magnus is super strooong
Simen Dahle Johannessen
Simen Dahle Johannessen - Dag siden
Im from norway to
Dave _H_
Dave _H_ - Dag siden
Great collaboration, great guys. Another strong vlog and editing. Would love to know scientifically why you don't get injurys, is it because you DONT do much stretching or warm ups or you have a genetic variant to your body like @Eddie Hall has for muscle repair ? PS. Runners are not supposed to stretch too much or they dislocated more easily.
MoreJazzPlz - Dag siden
Wait people really came at you for the 5k times? I swear to god every time running comes up online people out themselves as idiots lmao
Travis Niles
Travis Niles - Dag siden
"How to flash any boulder" -Have the grip strength of a god and climbing instincts of 20 years experience like Magnus
double o
double o - Dag siden
The gymnast seemed a little salty after Magnus won the t shirt one
Torunn Totland Stangervåg
Torunn Totland Stangervåg - Dag siden
Magnus My man Du er dritgod My man Bra jobba på mesterens mester
Aladeen Madafaká
Aladeen Madafaká - Dag siden
I like this serie with gymnastics, cause I did it when I was a kid. Nice to see those exercises
For REAL - Dag siden
I didn't go look it up but I know of it cause of a marine friend. The marines have two Fitness/PT Tests. They have a general one that as I understand it is what they do when not in a combat situation and another that they do b4 they go into a combat situation. Its my understanding if u do not pass the war or combat PT test when ur unit is being sent into a war type situation that u do not get to go with ur unit right away. U have to train until u can pass it. Marines have an Uooo Rah attitude and one that they do not want to let their buddies/unit down. And they do not want to be left behind. Do u know which test u are doing?
David Saric
David Saric - Dag siden
Thats why i do calisthenics, i dont have to wait for gyms to open, of course, many other reasons
as3fawf - Dag siden
Is the definition of AMERICAN ninja something like "strong people do non-ninja-stuff on colourful plastic so fat people can watch"?
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - Dag siden
I always like these types of videos on your channel to break up the climbing stuff every now and then. They’re Still very athletic which is great.
Lucas Gosney
Lucas Gosney - Dag siden
Sponsored by Coke is a weird-flex in March '21 hahaha.
bossboy191919 - Dag siden
This exposed the weak muscles of a climber. Yeah, in Gymnastics you need them all 😅
André - Dag siden
I tried this at home. It was pretty easy... to fail.
Demonetized - Dag siden
That guy is super strong
Total Ravenclaw
Total Ravenclaw - Dag siden
Just so u know, the number 2 is called landmine rotations but I have heard many other names for it
NICK F. BURKE - Dag siden
Me and my gf watch you every night, you are very inspiring. Watching you from Cancun, Mexico.
Oskar Frønsdal
Oskar Frønsdal - Dag siden
Kan du snake norsk
surya adusumilli
surya adusumilli - Dag siden
Agust - Dag siden
I know a Magnus from Norway!
jot. Zueh
jot. Zueh - Dag siden
Súper épico 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊💥
Terkel Algevind
Terkel Algevind - Dag siden
... no high five, because you know - cornholio viwus! Proceeds to share chalk bag... ;)
Hallie Zhao
Hallie Zhao - Dag siden
The damaging fired fortuitously cycle because bobcat rhetorically stuff aboard a nimble fold. peaceful, envious sousaphone
Sol Feinberg
Sol Feinberg - Dag siden
Those aren't army push ups (well they may be, but) they're (also) Jack Lalane push ups. Hannibal does 'em too.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Dag siden
It feels a bit like cheating on the iron cross challenge... Inviting 2 pro gymnasts 🤣. I like it though!
Sol Feinberg
Sol Feinberg - Dag siden
I think I could do 6, and on a very good day, 7. I think we should do 10.
Lucky Guy
Lucky Guy - Dag siden
Using chalk makes me wonder about how easily the bar spins. You should try it using petroleum jelly instead of chalk on your hands. Make it real slippery! Maybe some ball bearings.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj - Dag siden
I always like these types of videos on your channel to break up the climbing stuff every now and then. They’re Still very athletic which is great.
Uhu W
Uhu W - Dag siden
Why does the pink thing at 4:49 look like a fricking baby face but really creepy, like a diabolical baby
Rochelle S
Rochelle S - Dag siden
I think you have more female subscribers now, 5 months later. I enjoy watching but I do more now because I can relate with Marte :)
VNECK401 - Dag siden
Should of throw one arm pull ups in there
duck075 - Dag siden
Man, this was great. And the top comment is classic. Great work everyone.
Michał Olszewski
Michał Olszewski - 2 dager siden
One thing I don't get is calling her "normal" ;) in a totally positive way ofc. She seems to enjoy and be proud of every of climbs etc. way more than Magnus. She is totally awesome from this perspective :D
Danny Groocock
Danny Groocock - 2 dager siden
disappointing us? A lot of us are fat and useless :') I know I am, its brilliant how much effort you put in to these things.
For REAL - 2 dager siden
Having been in the US Army I know that u cannot hold the knees like ur guy was doing. U can in some branches of the military put ur knees on the feet like he was doing and u would have put the hands pushing down on the ankles. Plus depending on the branch of service u either touch ur elbow to the knee or mid thigh. If u do not do that the sit up does not count. Oh and for the people that thought 18 min for three miles was fast, it really is not. I am 6 ft. tall and ran a 9:10 two mile and have run under 15 min for 5k. For me as a runner and wrestler it was pretty good And will win some or place well up in the comp. 18 is likely more average so u did pretty well for a climber. I do not question ur run. And ur right if u would have slowed a little on the 1st lap u likely would have run faster over all. And so u know it really is not good to just collapse like u did. And I know u see world class runners do that also. Its better to slow to a walk and keep walking even tho I know u do not feel like it. Its supposed to be better for ur heart. And from what I understand it does not matter how slow u walk just keep moving. If u can slow to a jog for 100-200m and then to a walk u will get ur breath back faster and feel better than if u just collapse. And guys like u amaze me. U must have longer fingers cause I could not hang onto a pull up bar like u. I have a normal size palm for a guy my size but short fingers. And once I hit the wall in an exercise I am done. U are able to keep going.
Alessio Di Giacomo
Alessio Di Giacomo - 2 dager siden
Great content as always
H20_Clutch - 2 dager siden
Folk som kommer her etter mesternes mester👉👉
SoraArora - 2 dager siden
Magnus and Odin are such badass names
Maddie Sitje
Maddie Sitje - 2 dager siden
Anyone thinks ooo usa but its bruost land
Maddie Sitje
Maddie Sitje - 2 dager siden
Eyyy mangus grattis med mesternes mester digger deg🤪mamma tror du er en espen🤪🤪🤪
Bruce Bogstrotter
Bruce Bogstrotter - 2 dager siden
I just got 40, its the peking duck with special rice from the takeaway next to the pub.
RespectIsNotFree - 2 dager siden
For your next challenge, maybe try some no hands climbing.
Daniel Palmer
Daniel Palmer - 2 dager siden
Top tip for anyone wanting to watch anything that has foreign language subtitles but not English ones - use the Google Translate app on your phone on "scan" mode, and it will live translate the text of the subtitles. Used this trick when I didn't understand parts of Mesternes Mester!
Zach - 2 dager siden
Yea Magnus. I'm unconvinced that you know what romantic music is. What does Marta think when you try to be "romantic" with her?