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Welcome to That's Amazing! We are two brothers who love to make incredible trick shots, and our siblings do, too! Some of our videos have been featured on shows such as Right this Minute, Inside Edition, and MLB Network's Intentional Talk. Colin has appeared on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, and his football video was posted on Matthew's image was displayed in People Magazine, and the introduction to our Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 3 video was included in Google's 2016 Year in Search. You can also see us in a national Subway commercial! We hope you like our videos, and if you do, please subscribe!
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Jayvin Jhonsontan
Jayvin Jhonsontan - 4 minutter siden
Editon ok is that
Nathan Sosa
Nathan Sosa - 45 minutter siden
1:36. Was that a seige drone to the left
Caphatfrog - 54 minutter siden
On level 80 I woñder if any frisbees got stuck up their
Julius Ferris
Julius Ferris - 55 minutter siden
Rrga Fedggrfass
Rrga Fedggrfass - Time siden
W0W, you got my like
Ro Papa
Ro Papa - Time siden
That is amazing i try to conquist all levels and not finish but is so Cool✌️✌️✌️
Robux_Master666 - Time siden
level 95 tho :0
brawl ball stars
brawl ball stars - Time siden
IMMORTAL YT - 2 timer siden
sushila bora
sushila bora - 2 timer siden
Best 2 NOburn channel ever DUDE PERFECT and THAT'S AMAZING
Anish Siwakoti
Anish Siwakoti - 2 timer siden
I know it tooked many trails to do all the trick shots🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashvik Palakurthy
Ashvik Palakurthy - 3 timer siden
this is the past of dude perfect
Emanuela Palazzini
Emanuela Palazzini - 4 timer siden
Emanuela Palazzini
Emanuela Palazzini - 4 timer siden
WOW... 😯😯😯
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 4 timer siden
1:49 The people in the background walked by at the PERFECT TIME😂
Bruno Cardoso
Bruno Cardoso - 4 timer siden
Amber's Punching Bag
Amber's Punching Bag - 4 timer siden
Be distracted by this as the govt steals your money
fabZZone - 4 timer siden
Derpy Pig Games
Derpy Pig Games - 4 timer siden
Dude perfect but teend
ChargedFN - 5 timer siden
I think they missed level 75
mr mittens
mr mittens - 5 timer siden
This dude perfect but witch less subscribers
ABARQUEZ, Kriz Laurenz N.
ABARQUEZ, Kriz Laurenz N. - 5 timer siden
I LITRELY saw a person when it showed the ball going to the window
Arun Prakas
Arun Prakas - 6 timer siden
You are the future dude perfect you have gained a like and a new subscriber
ZeroTwo 002
ZeroTwo 002 - 6 timer siden
0:00 now thats me
не белка
не белка - 6 timer siden
Есть русские?
DERP GUY - 7 timer siden
Next dude perfect??
Saad Masood
Saad Masood - 7 timer siden
How long did it take you to make this video
Saad Masood
Saad Masood - 7 timer siden
Saad Masood
Saad Masood - 7 timer siden
So cool
Rafael Ferrer
Rafael Ferrer - 7 timer siden
How are they not in dood perfect
Rafael Ferrer
Rafael Ferrer - 7 timer siden
Are you dood perfect if not what the f###
Mpini Majola
Mpini Majola - 7 timer siden
Your good wow👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Valentino Lopresti
Valentino Lopresti - 8 timer siden
LitGamer 347
LitGamer 347 - 8 timer siden
Dude perfect but without the screaming
Hrishi's World
Hrishi's World - 8 timer siden
Ayushi Jain
Ayushi Jain - 8 timer siden
That was really really nice hats off
Sprujan malipeddi
Sprujan malipeddi - 8 timer siden
1:54 Who are those people behind Tommy with a dog?
4rever vkook
4rever vkook - 9 timer siden
Cucu88 Cynk
Cucu88 Cynk - 9 timer siden
Is the pro player
irehman7 - Cardistry Tutorials
irehman7 - Cardistry Tutorials - 9 timer siden
Tbh all of them seem level 100 to me
Leevouy Apuyan
Leevouy Apuyan - 10 timer siden
Yo it like dude perfect and there trickshots
yh p
yh p - 10 timer siden
Влад Кулиев
Влад Кулиев - 10 timer siden
How does he do it?
Влад Кулиев
Влад Кулиев - 10 timer siden
Wow! This is perfect!
Zavion number 1
Zavion number 1 - 11 timer siden
The next best trick shooters of the future if you disagree you don't know what's trick shooting
IshrakPROGamer - 11 timer siden
3:47 actually amazing but you can actually see how many time he had to try
Abby Koppel
Abby Koppel - 11 timer siden
Deuce Eder
Deuce Eder - 11 timer siden
koen yt
koen yt - 12 timer siden
Merlyn Buan
Merlyn Buan - 12 timer siden
I can't stop watching this bcause its soo amazing
Leovien Dinque
Leovien Dinque - 12 timer siden
Stop copying dude perfect
N Reacts
N Reacts - 12 timer siden
2:09 is that a moving sign on the left?
TTV LMI Ziggy - 12 timer siden
Can you shout me out pls
xXelchamaco_YTXx El Delgado Meléndez
xXelchamaco_YTXx El Delgado Meléndez - 12 timer siden
Why dislikes Is cool tricks :D
Nightmare God X
Nightmare God X - 13 timer siden
Dude the ball turns white when they make the shot
Ari Wildsoet
Ari Wildsoet - 13 timer siden
Some of these are fake
Robbie Meir Hinampas
Robbie Meir Hinampas - 13 timer siden
Im so Speechless that Dude Perfect commented and these people arethe real next dude perfects
LaggyMobileKidd Huuy
LaggyMobileKidd Huuy - 13 timer siden
They Copy u dude perfect
Maine Event Trick Shots
Maine Event Trick Shots - 13 timer siden
Got to love cool trick shots!
Nguyễn Cảnh Quân
Nguyễn Cảnh Quân - 13 timer siden
3:38 look at how many holes(attemps) they took to complete it
GOLDZ - 13 timer siden
Them throwing boomerang with a dart vs me can barely throw one
Tiffany larabie
Tiffany larabie - 14 timer siden
Rip dude p
Marlon Brito
Marlon Brito - 15 timer siden
Tomei susto pra caralho nesse video
FallKalebyo - 15 timer siden
SaiGon Night
SaiGon Night - 15 timer siden
No way is that you!
Andriy Y
Andriy Y - 15 timer siden
basically dude perfect
Sheila May Jumalon-callo
Sheila May Jumalon-callo - 15 timer siden
Bro your the best trick shot ever!
Brenda Rogers
Brenda Rogers - 16 timer siden
DogeInPyjamas - 16 timer siden
Bruh u got 650k u won’t be happy because it’s faaaaaarr away for 100k 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
saleh shiplu
saleh shiplu - 16 timer siden
So, you guys "leveled" it with how many you needed to do it, huh?
Roberto Oscar Martinez
Roberto Oscar Martinez - 16 timer siden
Denuncie el video
Joey Z
Joey Z - 17 timer siden
That’s amazing
Joseph Elzofri
Joseph Elzofri - 18 timer siden
Do you know dude perfect
Qaasim rehaman
Qaasim rehaman - 19 timer siden
2:35 that made me jump
Mina M.jacob
Mina M.jacob - 20 timer siden
I cant imagine how many trys took him to make these trick shots
Dellas Durbin
Dellas Durbin - 20 timer siden
i know you guys live in Winconsin but why do you like the packers? Even though you guys have been in the playoffs multiple years but lost in the national football league championship and lost to multiple different teams that's my only question.
John chen
John chen - 21 time siden
Sucks, stop trying to be like dude perfect
3 Gremlins
3 Gremlins - 21 time siden
how do you do that
Michael Brozovich
Michael Brozovich - 21 time siden
Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall - 21 time siden
Noor Eldanaf
Noor Eldanaf - 21 time siden
he loves the Tyler squad RIGHT TA
Joshua Munroe
Joshua Munroe - 22 timer siden
I hate 2.6M
Ravi. P
Ravi. P - 23 timer siden
bernardo biafora
bernardo biafora - Dag siden
Vi amo Duse perfect😇😇😇
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim - Dag siden
Can you do a q and a
dynamic_koro - Dag siden
Omg haven't seen something that intertaining in quarantine
Learn Magic
Learn Magic - Dag siden
The level 95 is harder than 100 Who agrees 👇👇👇
Leo Ribeiro
Leo Ribeiro - Dag siden
Dude cool
Pawel Suwala
Pawel Suwala - Dag siden
Yes didgogin
Janman 14
Janman 14 - Dag siden
1:50 Those people behind them xD
linda nana Amaah
linda nana Amaah - Dag siden
Kid version of dude perfect
SpencOw Wood
SpencOw Wood - Dag siden
The next dude perfect
Lukas Nolan Neuer
Lukas Nolan Neuer - Dag siden
These kids might be a little bit better than dude perfect but they’re not
Iron Addict
Iron Addict - Dag siden
This is basically dp but kids
RandomKid - Dag siden
Calixz de Guzman
Calixz de Guzman - Dag siden
I like et im Shaking
Joanna - Dag siden
Level 1000: The guy which skips throughout the video and lands perfectly on level 100
Erjon Yaytar bollen
Erjon Yaytar bollen - Dag siden
FN Sports
FN Sports - Dag siden
The level 95 trick shot was definitely harder than level 100