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Ricardo Jung
Ricardo Jung - 10 timer siden
Waaaay to mutch blabla... Most of the time you are promoting yourself, thank everyone dozends of times, are sooo proud of yourself and giggeling arround like kids. Imaging, a gamestreamer would thanks every single donate he get, he would not game anymore. Pick some good questions, name the biggest donators and thank everyone at the end of the stream or sometimes in between and thats it. Please fokos a bit more on the topic, prepaire some footage from the last day(s) and talk about that and you get the stream filled. Pick some news from other space companys maybe, whatever. But stop filling the gaps with hunderts of thanks to near every single one donated and stop be so proud of yourself. Feels more and more like a latenight show instead of a spacenerd news stream.
Kale LeMaster
Kale LeMaster - 10 timer siden
That one looked and sounded good.
Chuck Learn
Chuck Learn - 10 timer siden
Hopefully SpaceX nail the flip manouver landing this time.
Chuck Learn
Chuck Learn - 10 timer siden
looked like a very clean Static Fire.
John Veld
John Veld - 10 timer siden
Is that sleeve 3mm, or 4mm?
betushkah - 10 timer siden
Fix earth dont waste time in mars .... bets are 1000 to one it will crash and explode or explode and crash again ! ( we have the variables they missed ) design is no good !
TimeToSpace - 11 timer siden
okedoke1234 - 11 timer siden
Just finished Elon's bio....amazing guy......just incredible.
TraditionalAnglican - 11 timer siden
Regarding prospective fares for Starship Point to Point - Elon has said he wants to charge fares that would be comparable to Business or First Class on the same routes. So, tickets from Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia would cost ~$10,000, and New York to London would cost ~$2,500.
marxman00 - 11 timer siden
This is a bit like hanging around at an oil refinery waiting for an accident
Mr nebula 6000
Mr nebula 6000 - 11 timer siden
R.I.P in the chat fore SN9
arnold smith
arnold smith - 11 timer siden
swapping engines is getting faster by design
marxman00 - 11 timer siden
Where are they going keep the sandwiches and camping gear?
Billynom8 - 11 timer siden
That sounded like 2 clear start and 2 shut off to me.
Robert Loten
Robert Loten - 11 timer siden
no date
VOEURN Thavudh
VOEURN Thavudh - 11 timer siden
to feed animals in Mars
VOEURN Thavudh
VOEURN Thavudh - 11 timer siden
i hope that, SN10 will successful and it will be the human history to live in Mars. i want to live in Mars
VOEURN Thavudh
VOEURN Thavudh - 11 timer siden
I am from Cambodia, fan of SpaceX
Starhopper - 12 timer siden
Man I wish there was a NET time for the launch, because as an Aussie, I have to pull an all nighter to watch a launch, and when there's a scrub it is really annoying
Peter Barratt
Peter Barratt - 12 timer siden
Beautyfulllll !!
Starhopper - 12 timer siden
Seemed like it was a header tank SF because of the condensation
Casterfo - 12 timer siden
Are static fires supposed to be this short?
T T - 12 timer siden
Also I am sure everybody saw and can concur but that dust cover after static it shows 3 different dust plums that in my inexperienced opinion would concluded all 3 engine fired.
Gohta Shiraishi
Gohta Shiraishi - 12 timer siden
It looks like 3x dust plumes from the wide angle replay? Being kicked out in 3x directions from each Raptor :-O
King jellyjam
King jellyjam - 12 timer siden
Third times the charm
Good Citizen
Good Citizen - 12 timer siden
wen hop?
Death By Waffles Says
Death By Waffles Says - 12 timer siden
Can't wait to see her fly tomorrow or over the weekend. Awesome coverage as usual. Many thanks to Mary and you guys.
sixbrokeneggs - 12 timer siden
It sounded like it will land
Dum Spiro Spero
Dum Spiro Spero - 12 timer siden
That was pretty handy the way it was overcast/foggy, but cleared right up just in time for the static fire and then, socked right back in again, afterward.
Balaji Kartha
Balaji Kartha - 12 timer siden
amazing seeing that robot dog there helping humans build the ship that will take us out of this planet!
Brien Dunphy
Brien Dunphy - 12 timer siden
come on i mist it
Seth Jansson
Seth Jansson - 12 timer siden
We should name it 'Aylan' if it returns this time.
scotty moondog jakubin
scotty moondog jakubin - 12 timer siden
The trivent is prob the point of no return - but when they work out the bugs there will be no more static fires !
Marcel Gerber
Marcel Gerber - 13 timer siden
great,,,,,,,beers opened.....
I have a name
I have a name - 13 timer siden
Dang, not often do I manage to miss one of these streams.
scotty moondog jakubin
scotty moondog jakubin - 13 timer siden
The rapid pace of spacex is truly outstanding ! Just when you thought it couldn't get any more rapid - it just gets rapider !
Top Secret
Top Secret - 13 timer siden
It would be fantastic to see this fly within a month of SN9’s flight. Also to note: notice how there are three distinguishable dust plumes after it fires its engines. That’s how to solidify the fact that there were three engines in this SF.
Donald Butler
Donald Butler - 13 timer siden
That zeus thing freaks me out....
your channel
your channel - 13 timer siden
So when is it flying? Tomorrow?
TimePro - 13 timer siden
It sounded pretty good, REALLY hoping to see the words "LIVE: Starship SN10 10km flight test" tomorrow
John Doepker
John Doepker - 13 timer siden
Jamie Counsell
Jamie Counsell - 13 timer siden
Punch it Bishop
Mark Knister
Mark Knister - 13 timer siden
Let’s go !!!
B N - 13 timer siden
26:22 Starship SN10 Static Fire.#2
NoneOfYour Beeswax
NoneOfYour Beeswax - 13 timer siden
You know back in the day, they transported space rocket engines along special thoroughfares to a high security national facility; it would have been an event that warranted national and even international media presence as a rare and spectacular event to tell your grandkids about one day. Now they just drive a rocket engine into a building site on the back of a pickup trailer and it doesn't warrant a second glance from builders on site.
Viktor Artemiev
Viktor Artemiev - 14 timer siden
Before the preburners, the feeding is supplied in liquid. Then in the gaseous state. And everything works perfectly in a vertical position relative to gravity. But after “belly flops” or after being in zero gravity, which will provide preburners with a flow of liquid. What will prevent you from getting into the trunk and at the inlet of pre-börner gas phase, vapour bubbles, which can cause interruptions. It's unclear!
Mike Burnett
Mike Burnett - 15 timer siden
Why didn't they build the orbital launch table at the launch site ?
Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom - 15 timer siden
Are we having Static fire tommorow/Friday?
Monte da Estrada
Monte da Estrada - 15 timer siden
I have to admit that I am in awe of SpaceX's productivity and work rate.
Monte da Estrada
Monte da Estrada - 15 timer siden
Question. Is the nearby village Ive seen mentioned on launch days a workers village for the construction crews or a 'proper' village?
Leewhiz Hulbert
Leewhiz Hulbert - 15 timer siden
Interesting seeing the robot "dog" walking around, I bet there are employees who don't like seeing that
Karrie Ann
Karrie Ann - 15 timer siden
When does Mary come on?
Eagles_Eye - 15 timer siden
the raptor engine looks huge... and small at the same time, its... confusing
Monte da Estrada
Monte da Estrada - 15 timer siden
So much is going on. They are creating and launching launch test vessels from a building site. I think its fabulous. I wonder how many individual projects are being worked on at any one time?
Renato Losito
Renato Losito - 15 timer siden
6:58 Ehi, are you authorized to enter?
Karrie Ann
Karrie Ann - 15 timer siden
Is Mary doing this coverage?
infinitesunrise - 16 timer siden
The 'raptor on a flatbed' shot was pretty cool. Raptor world tour!
nasragiel - 16 timer siden
All this engine swapping and the trouble with them in the last few flights begins to worry me. :(
__ - 16 timer siden
#occupytheMoonFIRSTandmarswillfollow 🚀 🌙
Karrie Ann
Karrie Ann - 16 timer siden
Thanks Mary. You work very hard.
scotty moondog jakubin
scotty moondog jakubin - 16 timer siden
I thought sn 10 had #27- 39 and 51 already installed and #54 is the replacement ? what raptor was removed ? i must of missed something
PA Nilsson SM3TTZ
PA Nilsson SM3TTZ - 17 timer siden
9:17 very flexy, is that 3mm ?
Jorge Velasquez
Jorge Velasquez - 17 timer siden
Nice to see Zeus is taking care the launch pad...
Cliff P
Cliff P - 17 timer siden
Lots of problems on those raptors it seems.
steevoka - 17 timer siden
This must be the steamiest rocket of all times.
Dököll Solutions
Dököll Solutions - 17 timer siden
Very nice footage @NASASpaceflight... I hope someone agrees, scan the vid to 7:12 mins, not sure if they should carry such a delicate engine on such a small flatbed- they need something smoother to limit vibrations in the pipes on that engine- Maybe the wiring is quite capable- it just seems kind of weird that such an expensive product is carried like that.. just sayin'?!?
Nickolas Davies
Nickolas Davies - 17 timer siden
one day some one will turn up at a quarter mile with a used raptor in a civic, however it goes it will be epic.
Veldaren - 17 timer siden
that is one expensive lunch table
Bobinevid - 18 timer siden
Beautiful video as always, Mary! Someday I'd like to see a close-up of the Site Safety Notice. The workers appear to take safety quite seriously.
John Sidwell
John Sidwell - 18 timer siden
First thing I do in the morning is get up and watch the latest video. A great way to start the day.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 18 timer siden
1 Starship could bring an entire GPS constellation to Mars?
Pictobloxer - 18 timer siden
Green raptor!!!
Wolzhanin - 18 timer siden
Рогозин, полюбуйся на американские батуты! 😂😂😂
NOC TVlog - 18 timer siden
at 13:35 is SN18 not SN10
Miguel M
Miguel M - 18 timer siden
Not sure Ive ever seen the stack section wobble that much. Surprised there wasnt some safety guy there that put an end to the sleeving operation. You could see the high wind on the little flap things on the straps connecting the stack to the jig.
Jose Angel
Jose Angel - 19 timer siden
What is the orbital launch table?
Jody January
Jody January - 19 timer siden
going to space: steampunk edition
Adrian Trenerry
Adrian Trenerry - 19 timer siden
dome work is barely continuing :-)
J.F. Almeida
J.F. Almeida - 19 timer siden
Anyone knows why nasa haven't sent an Boston Dynamics robots like Zeus to mars yet? looks to me very useful.