Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest
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tomioka giyuu
tomioka giyuu - 17 timer siden
Geldik yine buralara bismillah
Aiden Abuvie
Aiden Abuvie - 17 timer siden
Bu şey deilmiydi ?Hercai😂😂😂
Настя Біляк
Настя Біляк - 17 timer siden
georgina from gossip girl what r u doing here?
Екатерина Ro
Екатерина Ro - 17 timer siden
Batuhan Onan
Batuhan Onan - 17 timer siden
mAnga nasıl lena'ya yenildi bari buna yenilseydi
DILAZIER - 17 timer siden
It’s horrible
Srhop - 17 timer siden
Better than Justin Bieber
Γιάννης Κατσιγιαννόπουλος
Γιάννης Κατσιγιαννόπουλος - 17 timer siden
For me it's the same.
Ergest -
Ergest - - 17 timer siden
This song hit so different during quarantine 😅❤️🎉 but i still love it 😍
Shane Sapir
Shane Sapir - 17 timer siden
12 points from Israel. Great song!
Gusti Budja
Gusti Budja - 17 timer siden
krasna pesem, odlicen vokal, Ana! super!
Shrimp - 17 timer siden
Why am i weirdly attracted to both the guy in pink and the lady in silver...
Iolanda Pinheiro
Iolanda Pinheiro - 17 timer siden
2021 still a great song :D
J LS - 17 timer siden
Que verguenza. !!! De esta no nos recuperamos hasta dentro de 100 años.
MarsMeLow - 17 timer siden
Wow!! This is mesmerising!! This revamp makes the music shine much better. And the video has quite a few amazing elements. If Anxella was a little bit more moderate with her sex-apeal ( she is a flame, a really charming woman but at some bits she looks borderline cheap/vulgar. ) and if the video was a little bit more focused on a certain atmosphere, this would be perfection! Still a very impressive improvement! Well done!! If they keep the best parts of this for the live presentation, we 'll have one more amazing Albanian entry to add in the long list! Good luck!
Denis Zadravec
Denis Zadravec - 17 timer siden
Masterpiece of song, potential winners? Hope so!
J LS - 17 timer siden
Lo primero que hay que hacer para representar a España es ESTAR ORGULLOSO DE SER ESPAÑOL. Los renegados no pueden representar a España que hasta que llegó el comunismo fue un gran país.
Layla Mia
Layla Mia - 17 timer siden
This for some reason reminds me of Fireflies by Owl City
ibrahim tonguc
ibrahim tonguc - 17 timer siden
Hadise daha ne yapsın 1. Olmak için
Катя Волкова
Катя Волкова - 17 timer siden
Это уникально и очень красиво
Salougkas Art
Salougkas Art - 17 timer siden
2021 anyone?
mia uen
mia uen - 17 timer siden
так на душе хорошо 🥰
Norma - 17 timer siden
Nothing special, not bad but not exceptionally good either
J LS - 17 timer siden
Les falló que son independentistas. ¿ Como se puede representar a un País cuando se reniega de él ? ¿ Y como lo podemos permitir ?
Layla Mia
Layla Mia - 17 timer siden
The original one was 20-10 material but this revamp is so good it could get them their first win!
Esmanur GÜNEŞ
Esmanur GÜNEŞ - 17 timer siden
Şaka maka harbi manga nasıl kazanamadı ya
Boş Boş
Boş Boş - 17 timer siden
maNga 'dan sonra bunu dinleyip sövmek için geldim de kulaklarım kanıyor şu an
Typical YouTube
Typical YouTube - 17 timer siden
KHJ vs AR - 17 timer siden
Adore this masterpiece so much.
ibrahim tonguc
ibrahim tonguc - 17 timer siden
Mor ve ötesi nasıl 1. Olamaz aq.
Антон Абрамов
Антон Абрамов - 17 timer siden
я влюбился в эту песню)
Ἀρχαῖος Τιμωρός
Ἀρχαῖος Τιμωρός - 17 timer siden
Atromitos FC approves this song! 🇬🇷
Mr Fun
Mr Fun - 17 timer siden
Anyone in 2021?
Nazlıcan İlhan
Nazlıcan İlhan - 17 timer siden
Kız sokak sanatçısı hazırlığıyla çıkmış emeksizlik akıyor lanet olası dislike ı atıp gidiyorum Allah belanızı vermesin
Mr Fun
Mr Fun - 17 timer siden
Amazing song! Greetings a from Greece! 🇬🇷
YOUTUBER Talha - 17 timer siden
The real winner are Manga
Layla Mia
Layla Mia - 17 timer siden
Not trying to be Kpop Junkee but those pants look so good
Ovidiu Moraru
Ovidiu Moraru - 17 timer siden
Italy should have won..
Lyna - 17 timer siden
ich glaube das soll comedy sein?
DIONI MILONA - 17 timer siden
She Kalomira very cute . . . .. very😀
Fréderic Dupont
Fréderic Dupont - 17 timer siden
Great song ! Ana's voice makes me think of Conchita Wurst... :)
Renzo Molina
Renzo Molina - 17 timer siden
I love it! <3 Good luck at the *FINAL* , Anxhela!
hrrr - 17 timer siden
Shut up y'all, this song is super catchy and I also love the flow. And her accent is so unique and cute! I love listening to this.
Ovidiu Moraru
Ovidiu Moraru - 17 timer siden
This is how happiness sounds like when a country finally wins after so long! One of the best winning songs of this century so far!
IceAgent 7
IceAgent 7 - 18 timer siden
Die Kommentare bei Tik Tok sind deutlich negativer als hier 😅😂😂
D Man
D Man - 18 timer siden
A beautiful song and woman as well!! From the US and looking forward to the contest.
Hilde Kor
Hilde Kor - 18 timer siden
So cool tix so cool
utku - 18 timer siden
Dinlediğim her saniye içimden Lena'yı vurmak geçiyor.
DIONI MILONA - 18 timer siden
Πολύ καλός😍 . .. .. .
Raimondo123456 - 18 timer siden
Ale to jest dobre :D
Ahmet Sarıyaprak
Ahmet Sarıyaprak - 18 timer siden
Adamlar sahnede robot adamlara kaynak yaptırdı bu olduğu yerde durdu kazandı.
DIONI MILONA - 18 timer siden
🤩 . .. . . . .
oli4ka leimakh
oli4ka leimakh - 18 timer siden
2021 ❤️❤️❤️
Benross Victor Ilano
Benross Victor Ilano - 18 timer siden
Give me any song you want hone and i will give you crazy hair -eleni foureira I reacted=🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😃😍😍😍🥰🥰🤭🤭🤗🤗🤗🤑🤑🤑👑👑💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
DIONI MILONA - 18 timer siden
Κρίμα. . . ..
Kirlangic Kirlangic
Kirlangic Kirlangic - 18 timer siden
Why is he singing the song angry?
DIONI MILONA - 18 timer siden
Πολύ καλοί αλλά τώρα με τον Covid δεν μπορούν να πάνε. . . . .
Jeffy Spleffy
Jeffy Spleffy - 18 timer siden
Амалия Асанова
Амалия Асанова - 18 timer siden
Русские топ
D Man
D Man - 18 timer siden
I love her and the song and can't wait for the competition. I'm from the USA and wish we could compete.
Elvana Gjata
Elvana Gjata - 18 timer siden
3 years of this mf SONG F U E G O
Дмитрий Чугин
Дмитрий Чугин - 18 timer siden
Россияне любят такие песни по радио .Всем слвшно.
apostolos ziogas
apostolos ziogas - 18 timer siden
Like οποίος είναι Έλληνας και το ακούει το 2021
sombyen - 18 timer siden
Now we will finally find out the truth: Did Lordi win because the played metal or did they win because ESC audience has loved their costumes?
Ari Kasa
Ari Kasa - 18 timer siden
Eirini M.
Eirini M. - 18 timer siden
Finland is back to what they do best and what we love. I belong to the metalheads that will vote for them!
Benross Victor Ilano
Benross Victor Ilano - 18 timer siden
Nothing stops them from borrowing arnolds catchphrase but between all of that wow but hasta la vista my eyes are burning
Andrej Jurleta
Andrej Jurleta - 18 timer siden
Idemo finale jako lakoo💪💪💪🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷
santanico 222
santanico 222 - 18 timer siden
1:18 ah.. olmayan epilepsim
Ethan Polley
Ethan Polley - 18 timer siden
Eleni NEEDS to do a collab with BLACKPINK NOW!!!
Benross Victor Ilano
Benross Victor Ilano - 18 timer siden
Sing it My own ears my owan ears are ringing icant here a single thing cause the is a clasical peace of chit i cant here my own words cause her voice is so much high
DashingNights x HypedKey
DashingNights x HypedKey - 18 timer siden
The description lol
Nuša Eurovision Slovenia
Nuša Eurovision Slovenia - 18 timer siden
He's sooooo cuuuute! 😍
Özlem Doğan
Özlem Doğan - 18 timer siden
Mark Dekker
Mark Dekker - 18 timer siden
6 points from the netherlands go tho karma