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Fun custom projects, crafts, \u0026 art!

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Jore Jacinaite
Jore Jacinaite - 16 timer siden
jake likes naruto
Kye en We
Kye en We - 16 timer siden
I love mayonnaise a lot, when I mean a lot it’s ALOT
Yushin Playz
Yushin Playz - 16 timer siden
Philippines is involved in this vid wow.i mean i am a filipino im a big fan
Ruby Flemming
Ruby Flemming - 16 timer siden
“I aM sQuAtInG oN tHiS tHiNg” One second later : gets found
ZORPS YT - 16 timer siden
2:05 Philippines❤
Greta Badino
Greta Badino - 16 timer siden
I love you Michelle♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎
Palem Duasatuaka
Palem Duasatuaka - 16 timer siden
can you customize random objects next
Azaria Tewodros
Azaria Tewodros - 16 timer siden
johnny sins
johnny sins - 16 timer siden
It's me johnny sins Give me your money
Lillymay Hughes
Lillymay Hughes - 16 timer siden
Why does Jaz l luckes like Charlie of tik tok
its Gacha_squad
its Gacha_squad - 16 timer siden
I subscribed to all your channels and I really wanted to win the big IPhone but I have a question How can you give someone a prize if they are not in the same country as you and how do you even get their address in the first place because I really wanted to win the big IPhone But I have barely any chances of winning if you have never won a giveaway you're free to like and reply on this commen5
Kim Long
Kim Long - 16 timer siden
Heee if I were there I would draw a sword
How Li Henry Ng
How Li Henry Ng - 16 timer siden
Sam Lee
Sam Lee - 17 timer siden
Mr beast 2.0 .-.
Allan Ferrer
Allan Ferrer - 17 timer siden
I like this video🤤💖💖💖😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Please nappoooo
Allan Ferrer
Allan Ferrer - 17 timer siden
Ok i subscribe💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
5D30 Ching Kiu YU
5D30 Ching Kiu YU - 17 timer siden
1:31 ok i did pls no
Darcy In da house
Darcy In da house - 17 timer siden
I want a gingerbread house soooooo bad rn
Jayla Sutton
Jayla Sutton - 17 timer siden
I'm subbed! 🙂
Brianna Asbery
Brianna Asbery - 17 timer siden
What Ben won vivi should off won
Preetila Seeam
Preetila Seeam - 17 timer siden
Do you have a dog in your house?
Dave Wall
Dave Wall - 17 timer siden
My kid loves your videos so if she was in one she will be really really happy
KenziePlayzRBLX - 17 timer siden
My names Kenzie and im a boy
Gauge Flores
Gauge Flores - 17 timer siden
The square porcupine coronally stamp because beet consequently applaud excluding a married radio. depressed, one wish
deepthi suresh
deepthi suresh - 17 timer siden
Pls give me anything i subscribed to your all channel 😭 😭😭😭
deepthi suresh
deepthi suresh - 17 timer siden
Pls give me anything i subscribed to your all channel 😭 😭😭😭😭
deepthi suresh
deepthi suresh - 17 timer siden
Pls give me anything i subscribed to your all channel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Muktar Tiyumba
Muktar Tiyumba - 18 timer siden
i,m also an artis and i am 7 years
simi chandra
simi chandra - 18 timer siden
I'm your biggest fan. Can you send me your 1 drawing please
Muktar Tiyumba
Muktar Tiyumba - 18 timer siden
zhc i am a kid but i orded i plea give me for free
Mohammed Ayman
Mohammed Ayman - 18 timer siden
BG.yeet46 - 18 timer siden
You guys should customize masks
Joseph Ogatis
Joseph Ogatis - 18 timer siden
Hey I use my left hand
Michelle Longden
Michelle Longden - 18 timer siden
the fact that he didnt show the before lol -_- how are we supposed to remember what it looks like but anyways you are amazing!!!!!!!!! i subscribed and my notifs on all ( that was ages ago lollzz )
Epic gamer
Epic gamer - 18 timer siden
He's legit the best drawer in the wrld
Arti Bushaj
Arti Bushaj - 18 timer siden
I Love your videos Your videos are awsome 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
lalremsiami 21
lalremsiami 21 - 18 timer siden
Love it! :)
Sakthi Lingam
Sakthi Lingam - 18 timer siden
Zach Zach okay okay okay okay
Zandro Playz and vlogs
Zandro Playz and vlogs - 18 timer siden
2:05 finally a fellow filipino subscriber!
cyborg short
cyborg short - 18 timer siden
Jodie Mawer
Jodie Mawer - 18 timer siden
That looks epic
Fatime Rrustolli
Fatime Rrustolli - 18 timer siden
Devarati Bala
Devarati Bala - 18 timer siden
And me 4
Devarati Bala
Devarati Bala - 18 timer siden
You give india
jarel91 - 19 timer siden
where Viv
xx_destiny_xx - 19 timer siden
No one: Filipinos who watch this video; Our beautiful country the Philippines has been noticed by ZHC.
Tehno Music
Tehno Music - 19 timer siden
So cute
Vyankatesh Misal
Vyankatesh Misal - 19 timer siden
Love you zhc
zNes - 19 timer siden
He picked that but still at 2mil lollll
lalremsiami 21
lalremsiami 21 - 19 timer siden
Yeah you pick ka right winner😍 it is so nice😍💗
night rider
night rider - 19 timer siden
How do u get a second channel zhc crafts
vaikaieswary - 19 timer siden
Can u do in a SHIRT
Omar Abdul Haseeb
Omar Abdul Haseeb - 19 timer siden
India 🇮🇳🇮🇳💪💪
Sin Joshua
Sin Joshua - 20 timer siden
G-02 Rhianne Angela Aldea
G-02 Rhianne Angela Aldea - 20 timer siden
I love how this guy respect the Anime culture
Madhur Agarwal
Madhur Agarwal - 20 timer siden
The hammer would have been most effective against Parker...but coincidentally.. HE HIMSELF GOT IT!! they are making art with macaroni and here i am....can't even make mac 'n cheese!