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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

vantete - 10 timer siden
literally this could be over if he just apologized. The fact he won’t just shows how shitty he is
ehpkrp 9896
ehpkrp 9896 - 10 timer siden
Maybe an unpopular opinion but who cares if he did post Erin naked she said the n word imagine how that affects fans of colour, imagine what they say in private... Its not revenge p it's a racist idiot of a girl who got caught...
Smoke Malone
Smoke Malone - 10 timer siden
It sucks Post and Ethan Aren't boys anymore. Post, TEXT Ethan back!
Ursula Uzn
Ursula Uzn - 10 timer siden
so tired of them talking about the vlog squad, james charles and any other youtube drama...
Rihanna Eater
Rihanna Eater - 10 timer siden
I don’t know if it’s a very bad thing to say, and please correct me if I’m absolutely wrong? But I can’t see the comparisons of SA between men and women. As a man, I can’t understand the third time Seth went back to David asking for a part 3 of the kissing prank. Not denying he was in fact sexually assaulted.
Jadie Evans
Jadie Evans - 10 timer siden
anyone that wants H3 to shut up about the david SA situation has never been SA'd before. the police and the judges don't care and they won't do anything so there's no point in spending a lot of money on trying to get legal justice. the only justice that seth might get is if people keep talking about this and put pressure on David and Jason to take responsiblity
Plotergeist King
Plotergeist King - 10 timer siden
Scott's video was aimed towards 5-15 years old children which is their whole demographic. So, I say good stuff!
Maria Armijo
Maria Armijo - 10 timer siden
Why do I feel like the person who texted Ethan was Nikito Avacado?
Chloe Wickham
Chloe Wickham - 10 timer siden
Ehtan should check out that image of the different body type of oplympic athletes :) Theyre all considered peak health while ranging from all sizes of weights and muscle masses
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 10 timer siden
If he just wanted to give money to his fans, why not just do what Mr. Beast does and go to their house and give them money. That's the right way to do it.
lauren - 10 timer siden
I feel bad for AB, awkward atmosphere lately
powerslide - 10 timer siden
You guys are vary onesided. Been subscribed for years, but this is stupid.. Trisha changed this podcast in a toxic way.
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin - 10 timer siden
Hila makes the best expressions.
Maka Damik
Maka Damik - 10 timer siden
Omg u r such a dork dood
Susan Weaver
Susan Weaver - 10 timer siden
Never end these pod casts please!!! You guys are the best together
Kelli LaRose
Kelli LaRose - 10 timer siden
Thank you Hila and Ethan for continuing to not let up on David , as a victim myself this is so amazing to see support for Seth
Soul Bubble
Soul Bubble - 10 timer siden
Hila’s hair is adorable
ehpkrp 9896
ehpkrp 9896 - 10 timer siden
It took me nearly 10 years to realise my abuse and how I felt about it and how it affected me... So is scotty saying that me as a child because I said yes to that older man for validation that I can't now say that I feel abused? Because that's the logic he is dishing out really and it's so hurtful to victims
jamie ratchford
jamie ratchford - 10 timer siden
Here’s the thing: people can change their minds about how they feel about things. Seth reached out to David, hoping to share his feelings about this situation and David IGNORED HIM. He’s 100% valid in a) changing his mind, b) reaching out to David in hopes of receiving at least a conversation and c) sharing his story.
Viktor Parvanov
Viktor Parvanov - 10 timer siden
Can you upload these videos for members so we don't have ads
Stephen P.
Stephen P. - 10 timer siden
Favorite clip every time it’s played: “SOmEthInG iS aBouT tO bUsT!”
John Fisher
John Fisher - 10 timer siden
PLEASE end every episode like this god damn it was good
Sharazad Hussen
Sharazad Hussen - 10 timer siden
The only problem I have with this is Ethan saying that if it was a woman she would be taken seriously because it's not true that women have this privilege of being taken seriously when they come out about being assaulted..
Yvette - 10 timer siden
Andrew Shearin
Andrew Shearin - 10 timer siden
AB gives Ted Mosby vibes
Maya Mahdi
Maya Mahdi - 10 timer siden
@1:58:28 Tik Tok blocks people over 18 from privately DMing people 16 and younger on Tik Tok...
catfurryboy - 10 timer siden
I’m so curious who Trish called fat! Who is it?
Sharlie Tapia
Sharlie Tapia - 10 timer siden
Seth asking for a “3rd time” is CLEARLY Stockholm Syndrome from vlog squads abuse.
Meghan Dvorak
Meghan Dvorak - 10 timer siden
Scott must believe the audience he is speaking to is SO EASILY MANIPULATED. 🙄
Robin Siedel
Robin Siedel - 10 timer siden
Love the hair styles! Missed Hila!
Megan Bee
Megan Bee - 10 timer siden
Hila just casually sporting the heart of the ocean
Gggg Gggg
Gggg Gggg - 10 timer siden
Titus Wright
Titus Wright - 10 timer siden
How is there not a video edit of the guy jumping up and down crushing goombas from super mario
almadelaluna - 10 timer siden
Schizophrenia can onset later in life. I worked with a lot of patients who developed symptoms starting around 40-50. But a lot of people with schizophrenia are high functioning ☺️ also please try your best to not refer to people as schizophrenics. In the mental health field, we try not to stigmatize so we don’t use any -ics.
Harmony Quinn
Harmony Quinn - 10 timer siden
I feel like if Seth posted someone fully naked, there would have been many, many articles written about it you’d still be able to find.
Marwan Chabili
Marwan Chabili - 10 timer siden
it's funny to me that this comment section think ethan did this for seth
B C - 10 timer siden
2:05:00 let’s pray for Trish 😦
Brooke Kleinholz
Brooke Kleinholz - 10 timer siden
David not speaking out is making him look worse and worse as time goes on. I wish he would just apologize so Seth can have closure and move on with his life. I feel so bad for him that he’s having to go through this. Sending lots of love his way. ❤️
unfortunary - 10 timer siden
Does anyone know the name of the mormon documentary they were talking about?
Jasmin Birley
Jasmin Birley - 10 timer siden
Honestly Hila is so inspiring. I'm an introverted, quieter woman too, and seeing how far she has come along with speaking and being a boss babe, I just have to stan.
catfurryboy - 10 timer siden
Not Ethan being daddy about “Not outspending my in court” ughS
Lloyd - 10 timer siden
Get ya words straight jack
E-Z 1995
E-Z 1995 - 10 timer siden
Ive been apart of the GERD for 5 years
Y Dorsner
Y Dorsner - 10 timer siden
They have gotten themeselves in such a mess, its so sad to see these half a threat videos
Bella P
Bella P - 10 timer siden
Hila is so mature and well spoken
gin - 10 timer siden
I respect what you guys are doing but I miss the days when you guys would make crude jokes too and not be so sensitive. Why a social justice podcast? 🥺 where’s the memes
Veronika Frajo-Apor
Veronika Frajo-Apor - 10 timer siden
Please watch Emily d bakers video about the legal aspects about all that and bring her on the podcast as a guest 😍
sawen khoshnaw
sawen khoshnaw - 10 timer siden
Omg hila looks so pretty
Rickard Johansson
Rickard Johansson - 10 timer siden
Michaela - 10 timer siden
Hearing Jason say "it gets him some air time" gives me casting couch vibes
Mandy Butler
Mandy Butler - 10 timer siden
Zach is so on point with the soundbites lately
Filthy Kool
Filthy Kool - 10 timer siden
As a S/A survivor I feel so bad for Seth and wish people could tell him that these sort of things get worse before they get better he’s so strong
elleemariex lawrence
elleemariex lawrence - 10 timer siden
After watching every episode in quarantine I say whole heartedly, the new set is 1000x better
89lisaw - 10 timer siden
The series of events dont change regardless if you call it a prank, or s a, it still happened. Just because you disagree with how its titled doesnt make it a lie. Even if he agreed, you admit you purposely put him in a vulnerable position based on his class and race. You can be a 99.9 a good person and do 1 thing that is 100% a terrible. Good people do bad things, bad people do good things. They are trying to brainwash people into thinking what they did is a lie if you think its bad, and if you think its good its a prank. Sending the message to others that tricking people into s a is okay, and should be monetized, so did youtube knowingly pay abusers for s a content? Now generations will grow thinking s a is okay as long as its called a prank, and how to victim shame. Each time they try to redirect the attention onto the victim is a clear admission of guilt. You think what we did was bad well look at him... its a deflection. Maybe you could do a dr.drew episode with seth, and scott. Or have a college profession have a class debate about s a pranks and publish this as a tangible evidence. Or an episode with lawyers and have a mock court hearing using clips as testimonies. You should have a go fund me for male victims. Create a law about s a pranks making it illegal to post them and name it the antidorbrik law. Have social platforms update their policies. There needs to be alternative ways to hold abusers accountable without suing them, like having the videos pulled when asked, free counselling. Accountability from their abuser(s). You should make an urban dictionary for victim shaming statements and phrases...translating ignorant sentences by abusers to say what they really mean using scott as examples. Scott is suffering from A-B-ism where you play devils advocate to the victim lacking perspective and evidence making yourself look like an 🍑 when youd otherwise be a victim supporter, not shame-er. Scotty doesnt know 🎵
Beth MacDonald
Beth MacDonald - 10 timer siden
Bruuuuuuh the red coats are coming for dan be ready dawg we rising up
ETERNAL KING WOLF - 10 timer siden
Palm93 - 10 timer siden
HILA the hair!! Stunning 😍
Daniel Pellham
Daniel Pellham - 10 timer siden
Ethan if you want more sponsors you gotta put more work into your ads like you use to on the podcast no offense but all you do when you promo is that fakey weird accent and it’s just kinda bland.
Heidy Miami
Heidy Miami - 10 timer siden
Scott is literally an idiot! Fuck all those creeps especially David Epstein -i mean Dobrik haha Scott go back to doing lines with Todd while Jason's kids are in the house!
Alain Williams
Alain Williams - 10 timer siden
let me teach you my ways
Monse Mares Tapia
Monse Mares Tapia - 10 timer siden
Hila looks Fab
Don Lemon
Don Lemon - 10 timer siden
With peace and love, this is turning into a drama channel. Not even After Dark is safe anymore.
Samuel German
Samuel German - 10 timer siden
Elon Musk is overrated as an intellectual.
K L - 10 timer siden
Ethan giving me Jonah Hill vibes with his hair.
GrUnT SHizNo509
GrUnT SHizNo509 - 10 timer siden
Yo why am I watching this faded 🤷🏽‍♂️ lmao got me heated Edit: upon listening to the podcast further 38:00 Why are David or Jason not the ones to respond for the conversation? Why does it have to be a "member" of the "vlog squad" to respond to the conversation?
NvrStpGaming - 10 timer siden
I love how everyone thinks Seth is out for money or fame or something. He just wants an apology and to have the videos removed altogether
lu cius
lu cius - 10 timer siden
david’s garbage
Jasmin Birley
Jasmin Birley - 11 timer siden
I can't even count how many people have been nasty to me or treated me less than, but the people they are friends with would say they are a nice person. Just because David was nice to you Scotty Sire, doesn't mean he is nice to everyone. That defense is the most whack thing I have heard.
Sophia Estrella
Sophia Estrella - 11 timer siden
So essentially the quartering is just a horrible human being
Bla Bla
Bla Bla - 11 timer siden
“Do you have your passport, did you get your shots” lol straight up Big Ed energy
Nah bro
Nah bro - 11 timer siden
David is a bully
gootvansquid - 11 timer siden
Actual show starts at 1:29:55 yw
Taryn McGrath
Taryn McGrath - 11 timer siden
Someone needs to start a gofundme for Seth, so he can sue those a$$holes
E YO - 11 timer siden
1:44:19 J Lo doesn’t sing her songs either
My Keys
My Keys - 11 timer siden
I respect Mila so much. Ethan too often times but Hila is just always on point.
amatöör - 11 timer siden
i actually from the bottom of my heart love the outro today
KingJar Murphey
KingJar Murphey - 11 timer siden
Scotty does the same thing I do. I look away when I’m trying to think of the next line in my speech. I think he’s restating a speech David wrote
No3ll3 Mayb3rry
No3ll3 Mayb3rry - 11 timer siden
Why do I like the blonde hair....that low key hurts to say
lucy - 11 timer siden
Theodore is such a lucky kid, he has such amazing parents and the way they handle situations is so responsible AND truthful 🤎 they are such amazing parents ✨☁️
David Lauren
David Lauren - 11 timer siden
Arent you a grown man with a child,get more purpose in to your life than trying to cancel a 20 year old