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9 måneder siden
Cayden Deleon
Cayden Deleon - 2 timer siden
1:06 That face X makes tho
veronica karen jaimes bautista
veronica karen jaimes bautista - 2 timer siden
At minute 3:47 there is an Ugandan Knuckles spirit
Shadow Storm 7
Shadow Storm 7 - 2 timer siden
Shaggy vs Speedrun Mario when?
Anigames Brasil
Anigames Brasil - 2 timer siden
Amazing !!
biza - 2 timer siden
think i just saw sans
Ahmed Al-Nuaimi
Ahmed Al-Nuaimi - 2 timer siden
Why...Sonic noo
Daegan Exists
Daegan Exists - 2 timer siden
12:56 music?
Roberto García lopez
Roberto García lopez - 2 timer siden
Rotag065 - 2 timer siden
So this is Black Yoshi's origin story for the Yoshi Story ending. Guess I forgot. Explains everything though.
ThatHat - 2 timer siden
9:32 most epic anime reunions
Kain Wikked
Kain Wikked - 2 timer siden
chili dogs
J. T. Lacey
J. T. Lacey - 2 timer siden
Burger King foot lettuce.
Mari Zims
Mari Zims - 2 timer siden
Mario vs sonic to good
smol iq
smol iq - 2 timer siden
Chili dogs
Za Hando
Za Hando - 2 timer siden
if only he was hyper chilli dogs
Hetrior Plays
Hetrior Plays - 2 timer siden
12:35 gives off ssb project m vibes
Raposinha Onírica
Raposinha Onírica - 2 timer siden
"C H I L I D O G S"
Son Kakarot
Son Kakarot - 2 timer siden
0:10 Ahh the classic Minecraft Console edition sound effect
Daegan Exists
Daegan Exists - 2 timer siden
Music? 0:57
Branimir Jakovljevic
Branimir Jakovljevic - 2 timer siden
2:19 Did you made Frogs Heart Look like Lucario from Adventure Time? Beacuse he looks like it.
That1Dude - 2 timer siden
I know this video is meant to be sort of a "going on strike" against the restrictions, and is meant to be serious, but I can't stop laughing! "Oh, what is that?" "This is my pe-" *COPPA* "Nothing..."
Dicaru 007
Dicaru 007 - 2 timer siden
I like how sonic just just came by just to fight mario...
first to comment.
first to comment. - 2 timer siden
1:45 Bonnie why are you here?
Eliezer Gomes
Eliezer Gomes - 2 timer siden
Eu mão gostei . Mão pode mostrar o rosto de Jesus So na ora di ir para o céu 😡😡😡😡
Eliezer Gomes
Eliezer Gomes - 2 timer siden
Eu mão gostei . Mão pode mostrar o rosto de Jesus So na ora di ir para o céu 😡😡😡😡
Don - 2 timer siden
Missed opportunity to have Sonic punch Mario into Minecrcaft
OrionJG - 2 timer siden
Chili dogs: there can only be speedster
Aa. Rom Mclendon
Aa. Rom Mclendon - 2 timer siden
I think you should do a Mario Kart one
Luis Chairez
Luis Chairez - 2 timer siden
Adult swim be like 1:20
Buelerus 99
Buelerus 99 - 2 timer siden
Omelette du fromage
turtle - 2 timer siden
This had probably the most unexpected something vs
Pogify - 2 timer siden
Forget animation rewind it’s about something versus
iuytgh sdft5e
iuytgh sdft5e - 2 timer siden
4:44 Ive already won is the window name
webbs - 2 timer siden
When speedrunner Mario fight super chill dog everyone is like oh god
Lukeigi Buelow
Lukeigi Buelow - 2 timer siden
31:08 what are those screams from
DiscoCow 77
DiscoCow 77 - 2 timer siden
Epic anime moment tho
Adrian Juega Mario y otras cosas
Adrian Juega Mario y otras cosas - 2 timer siden
Final bueno: Kirbo acepto a Cristo Rey en su corazón
The spy from France from Team Fortress the second
The spy from France from Team Fortress the second - 2 timer siden
One used their speed for good, the other one for um... beating a game really fast
DolphinGaming8XS _
DolphinGaming8XS _ - 2 timer siden
Mythical Entity
Mythical Entity - 2 timer siden
Sr.Pelo for smash
Beckett Noel
Beckett Noel - 2 timer siden
“Chilly dogs”
Verick - 2 timer siden
"U R D SUBSCRIBER NOW" Me: *clicks subscribe*
Darth Garath
Darth Garath - 2 timer siden
This is peak entertainment. I wish you’d have stuck with the coppa -compliant videos and not gone in the other direction :(
Asef Erfan
Asef Erfan - 2 timer siden
Legend says that Terminal still hearts the rewatchers who comment.
Benjamin Broniak
Benjamin Broniak - 2 timer siden
This is what happens when speedrunner mario uses 1% of his power
Diego D
Diego D - 2 timer siden
Omg the Kung fu panda reference lol
God is Dead and Anime killed him
God is Dead and Anime killed him - 2 timer siden
"Chilidogs" - Sun Tzu, the Art of War
Pillagerslay3r 64
Pillagerslay3r 64 - 2 timer siden
9:35 13:38
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu - 2 timer siden
90% of the video: WaaAAaAHHhhHHHhhh
Verick - 2 timer siden
frost 1591
frost 1591 - 2 timer siden
1:29 when did mario have a gun?
plzburpnow - 2 timer siden
1:34 pause here
crack 1698
crack 1698 - 2 timer siden
Yes finally
Josh Maxim Manulat
Josh Maxim Manulat - 2 timer siden
Mario broke the game
puy _guy360
puy _guy360 - 3 timer siden
This scene is so epic
misolou fout
misolou fout - 3 timer siden
Is mario still capeable of reaching speed like that cause he probably remember the way how to be fast . Wasnt the speed demon just driving him to do this ??
Cynthia B
Cynthia B - 3 timer siden
fight chilly with chilli
David Guillermo Hernández jimenez
David Guillermo Hernández jimenez - 3 timer siden
Super chili dogs time 0:08
Daniel Dzyubenko
Daniel Dzyubenko - 3 timer siden
Kirbo VS Mario! Now!
Yamin Althinayyan
Yamin Althinayyan - 3 timer siden
0:44 what did that poyo do?
theSRF988 - 3 timer siden
Bruh speedruner Mario it's also a jojoreference
MagnoBoy69 - 3 timer siden
0:28 lmao
Hot Blade
Hot Blade - 3 timer siden
Mario and Super Sonic: [Are literally battling each other to death.] Meanwhile, Kirbo: [Poops out star.] *_P O Y O !_*
The Skipper
The Skipper - 3 timer siden
Can someone make an edit where Link's scream is his OoT falling Scream all the way to the shop and his dialogue is his trademark "HA HU HYAH" Dialect?
Chunky Frijole
Chunky Frijole - 3 timer siden
0:43 .net sounded banana in henry stickmin
FissleDissle - 3 timer siden
“Hallo” -Joe Beijing
VennRune - 3 timer siden
Just imagine this but every "Something About" video as an anime
ricardo machado
ricardo machado - 3 timer siden
jajajajajaja XD
NeoMT - 3 timer siden
mario got lucky sonic didnt use speedrun strats as well, like "level wrap"
Envyshawtyy - 3 timer siden
Andre_601 - 3 timer siden
So...... "Super Sonic vs Starfox" next?
Captain-Refried - 3 timer siden
Riolu joins the battle!
Emil Hulgreen
Emil Hulgreen - 3 timer siden
Tianyi Guo
Tianyi Guo - 3 timer siden
It's good but Kirbo and Christian jokes don't go together
April Truscott
April Truscott - 3 timer siden
Mario laughs like eggman. OWO
Lyonheart501st - 3 timer siden
This is cannon right?
April Truscott
April Truscott - 3 timer siden
Wait, mario's italian... but he speaks japanese, somethings wrong I can fell it.
Familia Valero Moreno
Familia Valero Moreno - 3 timer siden
the yoshi stori : undertale song
Vapor Wave
Vapor Wave - 3 timer siden
0:03 every google meet ever
Slice - 3 timer siden