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An element of truth - videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.

RanMind YT
RanMind YT - 7 timer siden
Pranav Sairaman
Pranav Sairaman - 7 timer siden
Rajamouli's new weapon prototype
Just FUN!!
Just FUN!! - 7 timer siden
mythbursters are not hurt during this video
toufeeq quadri
toufeeq quadri - 7 timer siden
Things which are equal to same thing means they are equal too So, order=information =entropy then Order=entropy,does it make sense
Robert Segerson
Robert Segerson - 7 timer siden
Derek has mastered the art of finishing a scene with a fun phrase and then walking out of the frame 😂
Ezekel Wilson
Ezekel Wilson - 7 timer siden
Cool guy
Franklin Trevor
Franklin Trevor - 7 timer siden
RED REBEL - 7 timer siden
He's aussie? His hotness level just went waaaay up!
surlysmiles - 7 timer siden
So young looking
XPNDBLhero - 7 timer siden
I wish I could pee in laminar flow... And I'm sure every guy (that stands when they pee) would too, turbulent pee goes everywhere. 🤣🤣
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen - 7 timer siden
How about creating aerogel spray so we don’t have to use umbrellas anymore, fire firefighters don’t need their protection suits and lover don’t need condom?
[DATA EXPUNGED] - 7 timer siden
If it doesn't work why is it glowing?
Aledner_LW - 7 timer siden
An octahedral sausage link soft robot. Nice.
Milan Arybeth Windictive
Milan Arybeth Windictive - 7 timer siden
thats why poor people give so much and rich people keep their money to themselves... except ELON. We love you !
abdullah jaeran
abdullah jaeran - 7 timer siden
Thank u so much , make me love it
cory calloway
cory calloway - 7 timer siden
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Aditya Mathur
Aditya Mathur - 7 timer siden
scientists are fkn geniuses
cory calloway
cory calloway - 7 timer siden
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Teerafate Municipalities
Teerafate Municipalities - 7 timer siden
This comment section is one crisis of its own
cory calloway
cory calloway - 8 timer siden
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016- Mrunalini
016- Mrunalini - 8 timer siden
Why am I feeling the burning smell?? 🙄
BHAJAHARI GHOSH - 8 timer siden
See his eyes
Témoin Du Bal
Témoin Du Bal - 8 timer siden
This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name
Jess Kurian
Jess Kurian - 8 timer siden
Speed of light can only be measure in two way because light has a different property or nature all together.. The main nature of light is that it constantly travels.. let's say if it travels through hypothecially nothing, then it cannot be detected or observed it has to reflect by hitting an object or particle. That is why Einstein states speed of light to be C.
shadow gamer
shadow gamer - 8 timer siden
you could send a pulse from one clock to the other and measure the difference between the clocks and then send the light and remove the difference
Allybat !
Allybat ! - 8 timer siden
Sports people!! Yes all those amazing sports people
Harith - 8 timer siden
Brain.exe not working
XPNDBLhero - 8 timer siden
Even if you look back at this 10 yrs in the future (it's been 7 yrs, so far), it's sad that so many people have no idea what most things in space are called or what we designate them..... Seriously, "what's an exo-planet" or "what's a galaxy" and nobody knew, it literally hurt my brain to realize how little information every day people have in there heads. 😣
PCB - 8 timer siden
You sure that tip of chain didnt add more general weight (kg) to weight so made it faster to fall cuz its weight more
abdalkaader jaber
abdalkaader jaber - 8 timer siden
Most Passive-aggressive intellectual anti-social media video I've seen.
Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin - 8 timer siden
15:27 Know that feeling
Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin - 8 timer siden
15:27 Know that feeling
INFINITY RUSH - 8 timer siden
'ohhh the irony'
Cece J
Cece J - 8 timer siden
Very cool
Gursimran Singh
Gursimran Singh - 8 timer siden
same time😂😂😂😂😂
Batman - 8 timer siden
I suppose it's safer, but still looks like it can pinch your fingers in the roller things
04rit - 8 timer siden
Girl : I am so beautiful, my skin is spotless. Me : Lemme bring my UV lamp ;)
Brian Stone
Brian Stone - 8 timer siden
3000559th let’s goo
Aranga Nathan
Aranga Nathan - 8 timer siden
The rate of acceleration is the speed that we experience is the rate of which the spacetime converges towards large masses. And the large masses expands opposite to converging spacetime so that they stay in the same size and the small negligible masses like us are experiencing the converging spacetime called gravity.
Abhinav Bhardwaj
Abhinav Bhardwaj - 8 timer siden
Can't it be that in morning we are between sun and earth so sun's gravity pull ut up and decrease weight while in in night both sun and earth are pullin us in same direction so we weigh more
Pinkie Pinkster
Pinkie Pinkster - 8 timer siden
Bill has always been obsessed with vaccines. Why?
Neelu Gupta
Neelu Gupta - 8 timer siden
Ofcourse no one has searched for it 😂 Recommend...right?
Noah Lani
Noah Lani - 8 timer siden
Imagine if a mosquito got into that room
Aranga Nathan
Aranga Nathan - 8 timer siden
Hey, someone can tell me what is the minimum threshold mass or density an object to have to bend spacetime? Have the scientists did not figure that yet??????
John Clapshoe
John Clapshoe - 8 timer siden
Micheal (Vsauce) should know that the most ubiquitous answer isn't the correct one.😁
Gustaw Knitter
Gustaw Knitter - 8 timer siden
1:48 That is diffraction of light. Light is a wave. If the whole in the card is little, it diffracts on it. It is not reflection. It is diffraction. And since diffraction is in a way alot like lensing, there is a picture of a sun.
certified saiico
certified saiico - 8 timer siden
hi idota
Aranga Nathan
Aranga Nathan - 8 timer siden
First, I did not understand the video. But when I watched many videos of gravity is not a force. Then I re watched this video and then felt wow.
steelfabric - 8 timer siden
If I'm not mistaken, these blue ponds were featured in the movie Koyaanisqatsi, shot in the early to mid '70s.
Mohammad Asgar
Mohammad Asgar - 9 timer siden
Dislikers are those mice who are getting old
Fred 1975
Fred 1975 - 9 timer siden
Say it with me, Plandemic
Swastik Mahapatra
Swastik Mahapatra - 9 timer siden
Now I see why I feel like HULK reason : exposed to lots and lots of bananas
Julian April
Julian April - 9 timer siden
Thank you very much for your interview for the channel Vert Dider.
Trope aDope
Trope aDope - 9 timer siden
Mmm flaccid machinery
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne - 9 timer siden
Is there pain?
Aspen Bridge
Aspen Bridge - 9 timer siden
Schools are factories producing wage slaves.
Gravy068 - 9 timer siden
I'm not good at physics, but sometimes I like to read about it. Here is my proposal to answer that question: How to measure the speed of light in one way: Supposing we can master quantum entanglement (Quantum physics) And place two particles: 1 at the exit of the light beam and 2 at point B, the final impact of the light. If we look only at the first particle, we can record the time of the first change when the light passes through it. And, as quantum physics explains, we must be able to see the same change at the exact moment when the light hits the second particle, through the instantaneous change observed in particle 1. Will all be measured by the same "Clock" at the same place. I may be wrong, but I think that maybe this is a possible way.
Михаил Заворин
Михаил Заворин - 9 timer siden
Please make a video about solar sail and the principle of light pressure.
matt waldman
matt waldman - 9 timer siden
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Roger Juma
Roger Juma - 9 timer siden
Is it only food crops or are there any other plants
prime roter
prime roter - 9 timer siden
1 light year,, 10 light year,, 100 light year... How they measure this in the first place?? Im no engineer,, just curious...
Keith Araneo-Yowell
Keith Araneo-Yowell - 9 timer siden
Such good content
Wren - 9 timer siden
I wonder, what kind of sweet smell? I sometimes get this in my bedroom even though I don't wear perfume and use very little fabric softener on my laundry. Perhaps it is just residual🤔
Haydn Gill
Haydn Gill - 9 timer siden
What is the point?
Kaushik Malepati
Kaushik Malepati - 9 timer siden
Damn he is hot in shades 🔥 Well if the nutrition is truly decreasing due to CO2, may be verify that with wild animals who have been consuming plants in the wild.
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia - 9 timer siden
So basically your shilling for internet likes and a smattering of Patreons after earning a PhD in Physics. How's that paying off? How many donuts can you buy with 20 thousand likes. You were searching for a useful life when right now you could be talking to a Rover on Mars that you built. And this right here (your point being what?) is helping no one but you and your less the healthy self esteem. Back in my day this was known as a light under a bushel basket
Mohammad Asgar
Mohammad Asgar - 9 timer siden
Last pass is your regular patrion 😂
michelle rajah
michelle rajah - 9 timer siden
Plastic? I thought we were using less Plastic to save the earth.
Silke Eberle
Silke Eberle - 9 timer siden
Cool visuals. Another proof that this gender switching is superficial.
Terry Sadlier
Terry Sadlier - 9 timer siden
Lol if all the ice melts, temperature are going down not up that why they moved the goal post to climate change🤣 because you would be mad to deny climate change? The earth's climate is in a permanent cycle of change😂😂😂
Maria D.
Maria D. - 9 timer siden
matt waldman
matt waldman - 9 timer siden
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ABHIKALP SHEKHAR - 9 timer siden
You can’t see 96 million of anything People in India: Are you challenging us?
Shehab White
Shehab White - 9 timer siden
Va neela
Va neela - 9 timer siden
Hmmm, maybe i'll gove google a try, haven't heard of that product before.
matt waldman
matt waldman - 9 timer siden
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Young Harp
Young Harp - 9 timer siden
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Zakamooza - 9 timer siden
get me that explosion proof bucket!!
Young Harp
Young Harp - 9 timer siden
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Mark - 9 timer siden
I see they got some water from Flint Michigan..