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The Story of How We Met
The Story of How We Met
2 måneder siden
Trying to Predict 2021!
Trying to Predict 2021!
2 måneder siden
5 måneder siden
Commit Kitty
Commit Kitty - 8 timer siden
"We're here we're queer and the rest of it " 😂
Petra Ramos
Petra Ramos - 8 timer siden
Phil: "if I had a quiff" *laughs in 2021*
larhonda41 - 8 timer siden
You guys are hilarious. The world definitely needs your content.
MacNeil 11
MacNeil 11 - 9 timer siden
This is the man we've all chosen to idolise
Free Hugs
Free Hugs - 9 timer siden
we were robbed from the plane video 💔💔
liten fråga
liten fråga - 9 timer siden
Okay you compLETELY got me when you were counting in German haha lovvve the video btw
Niamh Scott
Niamh Scott - 10 timer siden
Did anyone else realise that their phone cases match the text bubbles
JustNate - 11 timer siden
The Phanfics are writing themselves at this point
AudreyInTheUniverse - 11 timer siden
I first started watching Dan and Phil when my social anxiety was worst and now I’ve grown so much as a person and it was so nice to have grown alongside you guys.
just another capricorn
just another capricorn - 12 timer siden
the way my soul left my body when phil pulled the "hamster in a hat" card
Lovely Tanya
Lovely Tanya - 12 timer siden
This is my comfort, thank you
Lucy Thomas
Lucy Thomas - 12 timer siden
i came back just for the yuri on ice reference
AudreyInTheUniverse - 12 timer siden
I love pears. I got cherries as my fruit and I was not a fan
Grace Walker
Grace Walker - 12 timer siden
how did the word "babuse" become a phandom term on multiple totally unrelated occasions
Little Loser
Little Loser - 12 timer siden
i've never clicked a video so fast
marin carey
marin carey - 13 timer siden
so much................ c r e a t i v i t y
confused_hobbit - 13 timer siden
so i feel like i need to ask the question we’re all thinking, but nobody actually wants to say. is this where the skin fic came from because... like.... i mean the face mask.....
Azra Aydın
Azra Aydın - 14 timer siden
pizza fiesta
Frr - 14 timer siden
My brain literally everytime they're about to say stereo: s t e r o i d s
Niamh Scott
Niamh Scott - 14 timer siden
Names for the outfits 3:16- to me he looks like a Ryan 10:10- he looks like a Harold and without the jacket he looks like a David 11:59- he looks like a Patrick FYI these are my opinions
JL B - 14 timer siden
3:20 how about: Cardbuds
Robyn Dwyer
Robyn Dwyer - 14 timer siden
they have the same face shape that's what makes you look similar
Nicole Bookish
Nicole Bookish - 14 timer siden
Ahhhhhh Dan! So happy to see you both 🤗
Anastacia Pedersen
Anastacia Pedersen - 15 timer siden
is this 2014? i'm literally screaming. My sense of reality is gone.
Niko Ahl
Niko Ahl - 15 timer siden
Tyler becomes more and more like Dan the more Phil talks to him
Niamh Scott
Niamh Scott - 15 timer siden
I actually punched the screen
ella curtis
ella curtis - 16 timer siden
4:34 this is hilarious
themonsterfrombird box
themonsterfrombird box - 16 timer siden
any other lesbians try and convince themselves that they had a crush on dan or phil so they seemed straight mlm and wlw solidarity
Minnie internationalpopksensationsunshinerainbow
Minnie internationalpopksensationsunshinerainbow - 16 timer siden
Not to be shallow or anything but Dan still hot in 2021
Laugh Out Loud Jar Of Jam
Laugh Out Loud Jar Of Jam - 17 timer siden
no pressure _nose pressure_ *insert goose sounds*
Laugh Out Loud Jar Of Jam
Laugh Out Loud Jar Of Jam - 17 timer siden
the pinof 79 bit actually made me cry i cANT LIVE WITHOUT PINOF IT HURTS
KashmirKreations :P
KashmirKreations :P - 17 timer siden
“This is for you sugar freak” gonna start saying that unironically
TheCandyLover14 - 18 timer siden
My CHILDHOOD??? In 2021?? I'm so glad I'm alive
Int4 wizard
Int4 wizard - 18 timer siden
The nostalgia is through the roof
underscorellie - 18 timer siden
they saw when the world needed them and gave us life
Nivi Chhiber
Nivi Chhiber - 18 timer siden
13:15 They’re weapons It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a death wish
Crytal Lynn
Crytal Lynn - 19 timer siden
yes this is the content we want
Tigrezz Artz
Tigrezz Artz - 19 timer siden
"Sorry I've got a lot of stress to get out" .... same
Breeane Lee
Breeane Lee - 19 timer siden
this video brought me an Incredible Amount of Joy
Tessisnotablueberry - 20 timer siden
this is such a wholesome video. the vibe is perfectly encapsulated by the seal with wheels, and now I'm thinking to myself that I want merch of it :')
Ben Carpenter
Ben Carpenter - 20 timer siden
Ahhh I missed Dans laugh 😊♥️
Varada Agarwal
Varada Agarwal - 20 timer siden
My name is Noah. One night I was sleeping on my sofa when I heard a bang. It was coming from my Kitchen I opened the door and saw Ryan Higa was dead on the floor and covered in venom! I felt anger. I tried to escape but then I saw the ghost of Ryan Higa blocking the door and making the sound of a Platypus. I threw a book at it but it bounced off the wall and hit me in the Penis and I died. In my new life as a ghost I possess a shoe and haunt Freddie Mercury!
Javier Navarrete
Javier Navarrete - 21 time siden
Fucky duzz
Radka Bérová
Radka Bérová - 21 time siden
I want the grass flip-flops
Emmett Kasey
Emmett Kasey - 21 time siden
i’m sorry but you crafted something without filming a dan and phil crafts? disgraceful
Javier Navarrete
Javier Navarrete - 21 time siden
attem - 21 time siden
Imagine Dan and Phil at 70 still living together in a posh apartment in London..
bubble tea
bubble tea - 21 time siden
phil i love u so much omfg this made my night
Mozie Jinx
Mozie Jinx - 22 timer siden
rene dawn
rene dawn - 22 timer siden
I missed this so muchhh
Alli - 22 timer siden
“Would my son be ok”
alext-rex - 22 timer siden
Phil: I like MEN Me: *cries in girl*
KatherineDunn - 23 timer siden
"This is for you, sugar freak" <3
Beth Forde
Beth Forde - 23 timer siden
my goodnesss i’m getting such a throwback to rushing to see Dan’s streams on YouNow on Tuesdays and reserving my Sundays for the radio show. it’s been too long since i’ve watched these two 🥺 nostalgia is assaulting me
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas - Dag siden
i forgot how much i loved these videos
Kayleigh Farragut
Kayleigh Farragut - Dag siden
dan clearly hasn’t seen the “will it sodastream” people on tiktok
tims_adventures - Dag siden
9:35 - 9:42 9:56
Amanda Bargeman
Amanda Bargeman - Dag siden
I haven't watched a recent video of y'all in so long but hearing dan's laugh again made my soul warm
a. - Dag siden
this video made my day
Vaishnavi Gandikota
Vaishnavi Gandikota - Dag siden
The 'oi' at 13:08 is what im living for
tims_adventures - Dag siden
4:06 - 4:12 4:12 - 4:18
just me
just me - Dag siden
I was so obsessed w these guys when I was 12 that I cried at their tour. Two days ago I turned 18 and for some reason today I felt the urge to look them up and now I’m watching this and this is a weird feeling
Kaley Rosa
Kaley Rosa - Dag siden
Cat. Get a cat
Little Bunny lover
Little Bunny lover - Dag siden
I laughed so hard
AudreyInTheUniverse - Dag siden
I can’t. This is reminding me of my middle school years when I wrote fanfics about them 😭😭 of course I was like 12 so the only thing I wrote about was pastel Dan and punk phil
Courtney Ramirez
Courtney Ramirez - Dag siden
hey guys i’m currently procrastinating from doing my english work by watching dan and phil videos
jessica warble
jessica warble - Dag siden
this gave me so much COMFORT and a sense of home 🥺🥺🥺 missed you guys
kiara wentzloff
kiara wentzloff - Dag siden
The back of dan head made me think of Matty Healy 💀
Gay Frog
Gay Frog - Dag siden
My (sort of) outing myself story: I'm on my computer, browsing through lesbian shirts, I close my chromebook, _still on the tab_, and the next day my mum's standing over my shoulder because I'm showing her that yes, I've completed yesterday's work, AND IT OPENS ON THE TAB OF LESBIAN SHIRTS I KID YOU NOT
Gay Frog
Gay Frog - Dag siden
Literally nobody's talking about Phil's _american accent with the car insurance am I the only shocked one_
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L - Dag siden
the bassline sound effect is so funky omg
MultiLogan - Dag siden
Pine Tree
Pine Tree - Dag siden
That tree looks like pot leaves 😭
Marthe Tanghe
Marthe Tanghe - Dag siden
To think that I was a fan in high school and now I'm getting my master's degree... damn time goes fast lol
Olivia Schiebler
Olivia Schiebler - Dag siden
Those black heel boots look fire on him
Olivia Schiebler
Olivia Schiebler - Dag siden
Okay but honestly.... that brown outfit looked AMAZING on him
Bellasumney - Dag siden
God have I missed you guys.....I literally grew up watching you and boy did I miss it. I hope you guys are living your best lives!!! Much love:) insta: @bellasumney
Gay Frog
Gay Frog - Dag siden
Dan: Depression, bullying, suicide attempts Phil: oH a SiDe BoOb
Dayn Williams
Dayn Williams - Dag siden
I miss this so fucking much
Hannah Turton
Hannah Turton - Dag siden
I’m guessing in part 2 Dan gives birth to Liam Payne 🙄