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Soplox - 9 timer siden
Recomended today....8 years later
Maxio Gaming
Maxio Gaming - 9 timer siden
Terrako - 9 timer siden
Still looking into the game files, where the scrapped monestary parts went
Tuna bey Oyunda
Tuna bey Oyunda - 9 timer siden
Mariokart8 in 2017-2021 is mariokart8 deluxe hi from turkey 🇹🇷
Bubbaducky - 9 timer siden
All we wanted was donkey kong
Terrako - 9 timer siden
Happy 4th bday Burn Everything I mean Breath Of The Wild
диджей орбуз
диджей орбуз - 9 timer siden
Русские есть?
Venugopala Bommana
Venugopala Bommana - 9 timer siden
I am so exited!!!
Retro-Spect - 9 timer siden
See you legends in 30fps lmao
caitlin richardson
caitlin richardson - 9 timer siden
without cock and balls this is just torture
Julio L
Julio L - 9 timer siden
I don't like the effect on the edges, it's very distracting and too repetitive. I think the brightness is too much too, I prefer something closer to the sobriety of the 2017 trailer.
Freedom For Weedom
Freedom For Weedom - 9 timer siden
Bro are we not talking about how this man wrote every single reveal by himself until now just cause he loves his game and wanted it to be good for us 🥺
Fascination Land
Fascination Land - 9 timer siden
Jade Hodge
Jade Hodge - 9 timer siden
"Her hoovering highness" Me: *WHAT XD*
Riz Rachman
Riz Rachman - 9 timer siden
aaahhhh!!! finally this game comes to Nintendo Switch! so excited to play this game later!
Rebirth GH
Rebirth GH - 9 timer siden
Please remaster more Star Wars Games Please♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
DHMusic - 9 timer siden
The worst nightmares I've had in regards to playing this on the Nintendo switch are the loading times.
issaciams - 9 timer siden
Why do the graphics on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in the beginning of this video look better than the actual game? Is he playing on a Switch Pro?? 😨
hantu fn
hantu fn - 9 timer siden
Nintendo should make that if you have nintendo online, you get a cool skin like ps4, I just feel left out when they use it but I cant
?? - 9 timer siden
Wow the new starters look amazing
Hypercosm - 9 timer siden
is the music in the video from apex? actually sounds sick ngl
Wolfgaming - 9 timer siden
Pls just remove mythra and pyra its now just pay to win and theyre way to op
SlowForest - 9 timer siden
Why did NOburn recommend this to me lol
Comrade Bred has found the horny
Comrade Bred has found the horny - 9 timer siden
Go ahead Pick this character
Chest Man
Chest Man - 9 timer siden
Ooooh, sure you add not one, but TWO big tiddy anime girls, but you still neglect to add Waluigi
María Isabel Zuluaga alzate
María Isabel Zuluaga alzate - 9 timer siden
Wiu por siempre la mejor consola
서경현 - 9 timer siden
35:50 Masahiro Sakurai's figure collection (the 2 remaining fighters hide in a locked drawer from his office, I should mention Hatsune Miku from VOCALOID and Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise were in a locked drawer.)
MintyCoolness - 10 timer siden
More trailers need to be like this, I s2g XD
Haxorus Smith
Haxorus Smith - 10 timer siden
Nirutivan 98
Nirutivan 98 - 10 timer siden
It‘s funny. I still view Pokemon XY as one of the „new“pokemon games and now youtube recommends me this eight year old video where XY are presented (I had a break where I didn‘t care about Pokemon for 2 or three years and then started playing again with XY. So all the games before the break are the old games for me, everything after are the new games and everything in between are the games I don‘t really know)
Alvi - 10 timer siden
when will you ever release a donkey kong game again?
Edward White
Edward White - 10 timer siden
Last look
M M - 10 timer siden
Thank you all for this game. I been aching for a new updated shooter. Warface is fun but they dont support the player enough. Plus Call of Duty wont ever get back on Nintendo
zgames bros
zgames bros - 10 timer siden
Me and my little brother sitting on the train/bus be like:1:22
Mami Nanami
Mami Nanami - 10 timer siden
why did i get this recommended
Mia - 10 timer siden
I don’t know if my comment will be seen, but could there be another storage increase in the next game update? Not too big, but maybe increase it from 2,400 to 3,000? And I would like to suggest allowing the ability to write on bulletin boards during dreams. I know that these are dreams and you can’t take items back with you, but I think it would be cool to know that your island is getting visitors during dreams. And I mean, if someone writes an inappropriate message they can be reported anyway.
M M - 10 timer siden
I hope the use more AXIS angle to control the camera with the Pro controller. If Panic button ported Doom, I'm worried for the controls atleast because dooms Docked motion controls were iffy. But docked mode allowed more AXIS angles like YAW movement. Please allow YAW movement for motion controls.
Redooz[FR] - 10 timer siden
Goodbye Nintendo 3DS😥
Moon月の愛 - 10 timer siden
Czaros the Moogle
Czaros the Moogle - 10 timer siden
you know... at least Byleth had a unique moveset. This is just recycled sword character moves
Nootmare Umbreon
Nootmare Umbreon - 10 timer siden
I used to play this game all the time on my 3ds
Ktoś i Nikt
Ktoś i Nikt - 10 timer siden
Nintendo: Pack comes to the US Me in Europe: F**K
NoMeme NoLife
NoMeme NoLife - 10 timer siden
Lifeline in smash I am calling it now
LaZy Bo1
LaZy Bo1 - 10 timer siden
I want this to come out on pc sooo bad, I want to play this game
Safina Batool Ali
Safina Batool Ali - 10 timer siden
Wuy can't it Come now 😭
Shiny Lucario1302
Shiny Lucario1302 - 10 timer siden
Ah yes kids now have a new way to break vases
Ole Fassam gamez
Ole Fassam gamez - 10 timer siden
How come I’ve never heard of this until now
Pasta Kazoo
Pasta Kazoo - 10 timer siden
The role hero roller looked so cool.
outnoobcake - 10 timer siden
i want music, voice chat, chat, more better free games, downloads to be fixed, and custome themes. OH AND a system passcode.
Samantha Olvd
Samantha Olvd - 10 timer siden
Woow ?pvz3¿ X Nintendo
d1m0nstr - 10 timer siden
Прекрасно, прекрасно!
Lyle 84'
Lyle 84' - 10 timer siden
Nice with Swedish lyrics :)
nintendogamer FR
nintendogamer FR - 10 timer siden
Back when everyone cared about 3DS...
BangersGaming - 10 timer siden
The jealous bus intraspecifically pat because beard formerly chop apropos a elfin shirt. delicious, madly hen
KaizoKazooi3 - 10 timer siden
we get sans then cuphead what did we get here we got Arthur whats next D.W.
Carson Moody
Carson Moody - 10 timer siden
Honestly I'm surprised they where even in stock
Lucia Tedino
Lucia Tedino - 10 timer siden
Kebm - 10 timer siden
I read that title as "ft. Chad Gamer" and I was like "oh my god I can't believe they actually got him Chad Gamer is guest starring in a nintendo minute" now imagine my disappointment when I click on the video and it's not Chad Gamer
BangersGaming - 10 timer siden
The jaded liquid medicinally promise because farmer startlingly wander apud a loud shrine. abashed, mean organization
Shadowchan The hedgehog
Shadowchan The hedgehog - 10 timer siden
Sorry to my friends from the other miitopia but since I’m leader I’ll own the horse
John Blake
John Blake - 10 timer siden
I only have 999mb left on my sd card
Ghost Deoxys
Ghost Deoxys - 10 timer siden
Mr sakurai is good at this game
Star Freak
Star Freak - 10 timer siden
2013 is 8 years now? I remember a lot form that year
Elmar live
Elmar live - 10 timer siden
Who's still watching in 2021?
Milos Mihajlovic
Milos Mihajlovic - 10 timer siden
No handheld gameplay included... :(
JackWaterKing - 10 timer siden
Where’s are galaxy two
Matt Jasa
Matt Jasa - 10 timer siden
Who will be the last fighter revealed? I put my money on ... Master Hand!
John Rei
John Rei - 10 timer siden
W-why is it recommended to me now?
CST - 10 timer siden
B I G, b o u n c y b o d y of mario
drazen miskovic
drazen miskovic - 10 timer siden
Looks terrible, mix of all those garbage trendy online games in last 10 years, pubg, fortnite etc. And now not 1 or 2 classes are enough, you can swap 18 on the GO! How desperate :/
Oreo-brawl stars
Oreo-brawl stars - 10 timer siden
Will it be 1080p 30fps?
Joep Rossiau
Joep Rossiau - 10 timer siden
Sakurai: now there is no one to laugh at my jokes me: i will laugh for u
Janno Meeuwessen
Janno Meeuwessen - 11 timer siden
Wow I actually got this in my recommended Pretty cool
CertifiedGiey - 11 timer siden
Big Sand Planet vibes
hairy playz
hairy playz - 11 timer siden
Friday Night Funkin For SMASH = FNFFS
Zabasu - 11 timer siden
Beginner guid for apex on switch: Step 1: intall apex Srep 2: throw your switch away because you installed trash