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Matt Libenson
Matt Libenson - 9 timer siden
Good morning nfl. How the week going.
Aztec Eagle
Aztec Eagle - 9 timer siden
I am the Aztec 🦅 They have already conquered, colonized, enslaved, invaded, displaced us, as they forced us to practice Roman Catholicism
พรพิขเนตร บรรถะ
พรพิขเนตร บรรถะ - 9 timer siden
Awesome Dylan
Awesome Dylan - 9 timer siden
Imagine running 104 yards and it not being a score. Worst thing would be if they didn't score after that play🤣
GetPaidWithKyle - 9 timer siden
That’s the jets for ya
Ahmed Guillouli
Ahmed Guillouli - 9 timer siden
This vid was short
Beats By Tai Jackson
Beats By Tai Jackson - 9 timer siden
GOATBISKY owns the record of not throwing a pick 6 for a certain amount of starts. Lets goooo ***Bears Super Bowl Champs from now until Jesus returns
Leeedy 1
Leeedy 1 - 9 timer siden
As a Steelers fan, I enjoyed every nano second of this game 😂😂😂
William Kotel
William Kotel - 9 timer siden
I don't think people are noticing how Daniel Jones massively improved on the back half of the season. He was a turnover machine the first 6 games. But the back half of the season when he played and won 4 of his last 6 starts and even the losses he had a combined 3 turnovers in 6 games. I think he knows it was an issue but I think he'll be much better next year. Maybe not explosive but a definite Solid B+ QB
Louis - 9 timer siden
Why am I top Comment?
jonjon - 9 timer siden
Bills gonna be a problem
Hill - 9 timer siden
oh so 3 of them so far are Denver, how lovely.
ice-man 1009
ice-man 1009 - 9 timer siden
Oss0 - 9 timer siden
I thought patty mahomes sack was the longest ever
Max weber Game reviews
Max weber Game reviews - 9 timer siden
Oss0 - 9 timer siden
third somehow lol
Brish Productions
Brish Productions - 9 timer siden
Jack MacNeil
Jack MacNeil - 9 timer siden
1 view but 2 likes. NOburn did it again
JayDaKeeh - 9 timer siden
Evermore Folklore
Evermore Folklore - 9 timer siden
I hope that TAYLOR SWIFT took that stage in 2022
Elijah Felion
Elijah Felion - 9 timer siden
I used to love Calais Campbell. Now I Fu##ing hate him.
Niecee Pooh
Niecee Pooh - 9 timer siden
I dont care how old this is it gives me chills every time. This man was so special I don't think this world really knew how special he truly was to this experience we call life. ❤❤
Nothing Especial
Nothing Especial - 10 timer siden
Me a dumb f*ck :- Samina mina Eh eh Waka waka eh eh
Emmanuel Romero
Emmanuel Romero - 10 timer siden
This was better than the super bowl 52 halftime show
James Irvin
James Irvin - 10 timer siden
Lions need Pitts.
John Zuba
John Zuba - 10 timer siden
Makes me sad to see my football team lose. We honestly could have one that game if our defense had shown up like they usually do
Sweetieyonce - 10 timer siden
BFG JoJo - 10 timer siden
This randomly popped up for yall too?
Space Monkii
Space Monkii - 10 timer siden
If Russ stays in Seattle, he’ll retire a champion. If Russ goes to Chicago and wins a SB, he’ll retire a legend.
Leon Laird
Leon Laird - 10 timer siden
It’s disgusting hosting an event like this during a global pandemic while most of us are being forced to stay alone in our homes
Philippe Merlhe
Philippe Merlhe - 10 timer siden
Tom Brady again showed the World (incl. his Haters) that actions are better than words. He is the Greatest QB of all time! And that's a fact!! Not a fantasy!!!! And to all the punters (you'll recognise yourself) who've been disrespectful to Tom Brady (most probably having a negative psychological impact on his family and friends listening to all your dull/unfair comments which proved to be from the start to the end lots of non-sense) during the whole season with a new team, new structure, new psychology behind the Buccaneers than the one behind his ex team (for 20 seasons), the Patriots. This man achieved the impossible just by being who he is and as always been and for ever will be 'til the end of what will have been, a formidable career. He is a Believer! and his humble full-hearted charisma made the whole team believe too; in him but most importantly in themselves!!!! And they (the Buccaneers as a Team) made it happen against all odds!!! This is a really inspirational story in the whole History of the National Football League. What a way to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the birth of this great World Championship by one of the greatest coach of all time (Mr Lombardi). Fairness is a concept not really understood by some!! What a pity!!! Thanks for reading my comment!. P
King Rebastian
King Rebastian - 10 timer siden
Bruh I wanted Tom Brady to get a rushing touchdown it would be lol
WOAHCENTRAL - 10 timer siden
imagine brady with mike vicks speed
Cole Burner
Cole Burner - 10 timer siden
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Vanessa Argueta
Vanessa Argueta - 10 timer siden
the falcons should trade julio jones to the panthers so have more cap space
The Humble Halfrican
The Humble Halfrican - 10 timer siden
They were replaying this game in my gym yesterday. Great game
micah - 10 timer siden
this was the ravens coming out game.
Francinete Silva
Francinete Silva - 10 timer siden
#Legacy #TheKingOfPop
Michael W Dagle
Michael W Dagle - 10 timer siden
Roger should be in the top 25 IMO.
chase evans
chase evans - 10 timer siden
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Windy Chavez
Windy Chavez - 10 timer siden
0:52 LOL
Paul Kowalski
Paul Kowalski - 10 timer siden
2021....and what we(the awake) know Satanic Ritual followed by fixed result
Katherine Robbins
Katherine Robbins - 10 timer siden
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David Amuka
David Amuka - 11 timer siden
Repent turn to God
Flesh Weasel
Flesh Weasel - 11 timer siden
Kareem Hunt can punt as well
David Amuka
David Amuka - 11 timer siden
Repent turn to God
Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - 11 timer siden
Not even a ravens Fan but why throw Lamars name in here
Basil Masood
Basil Masood - 11 timer siden
This stadium looks like Camp Nou.
mshuntas - 11 timer siden
Yeah but who are the dudes
Sajjad Mridul
Sajjad Mridul - 11 timer siden
Its not your first time
Spryfol II
Spryfol II - 11 timer siden
You know what? The more I think about it and watch this version of the Vikings, I come up with this observation. The Vikings had absolutely no business in this Super Bowl, and it shows how the Rams really choked. I hate using that word, but it applies. The Rams were better than the Vikings all the way around except for QB, and Special Teams which was how the Rams lost that Championship Game to get here. 3 plays lost the game for the Rams. The FG block for a TD. (First, The Rams did score the play prior) but with that said, I would’ve gone for the TD on 4th down. If you get stopped, the Vikings are pinned extra deep and you know how Francis loves to run around. Anything could’ve happened. That block though, gave them points and momentum.Special Team points are so hard to make up, especially when you’re behind. The Foreman long run after halftime. Wow! The Rams were just coming out of the warmth of the locker room and got caught unprepared. Both corners way off the receivers and we didn’t even see a safety until Forman was finally tackled inside the 5. Another cheap, easy score. That’s 14 extremely important plays not made for the Rams. Then, after all of that, The Rams fought and as soon as they climbed back into striking distance, the Rams “rookie”, QB would throw that “Oh NOooo” INT because he was late with the ball. After the lead got to 17-0, the Rams picked their game up and made it a game. LA fans should be proud, but they had chances and you gotta get home field.
Titan Segundera 2.0
Titan Segundera 2.0 - 11 timer siden
Fight Mahomes Fight!
Docter Khumalo
Docter Khumalo - 11 timer siden
They even got Prime Time 😂😂😂
Titan Segundera 2.0
Titan Segundera 2.0 - 11 timer siden
Texas Ag
Texas Ag - 11 timer siden
Lamar gotta be a quarterback too...your not. Mike Vick can sling...and run. Can't defend him...but I can defend you...DARE you to beat me with your arm. Promise you won't...not like #7.
Richard Oracin
Richard Oracin - 11 timer siden
1. Lawrence 2. Chase 3. Sewell 4. Pitts 5. Parsons 6. Wilson 7. Farley 8. Darrisaw 9. Slater 10. Russo
Jimmy Corleone
Jimmy Corleone - 11 timer siden
Lets be honest guys, bruno Mars and his fellas are just coolest guys on earth 😎😀
GamingNoob441 - 11 timer siden
so Justin Fields and Dak Prescott are both Thicc bois apparently
Donavin Randolph
Donavin Randolph - 11 timer siden
Bears beat SB champs😎
swag weegee
swag weegee - 11 timer siden
Jarred Goff is interesting I think though, next year is the make or break year
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks - 11 timer siden
Chiefs need to learn to stop holding WRs and Mahommes needs to up his ability to read defenses plus the coaches have to make adjustments during the game.
Kirtan Mehta
Kirtan Mehta - 11 timer siden
Damn Nixon and Lamar Jackson are so underrated
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks - 11 timer siden
Mahommes to his legs "alright boys be ready to run for our lives".
Brian O'Regan
Brian O'Regan - 11 timer siden
Unfortunately there's a hour of Gronkowski's footage of the best blocking in the NFL, but your short video, is the 1st I have seen. The guy is a beast against the best defensemen in the league!
Kevin Beattie
Kevin Beattie - 11 timer siden
Dr. Herbert got the medicine. I been asking for his exact archetype since Culpepper. With the westcoast upbringing and Oregon spread instilled strong.
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks - 12 timer siden
That was revenge for when Brady was in NE and Detroit whooped them.
アリン - ありんAline
アリン - ありんAline - 12 timer siden
I love to see this every day ♥ ️
เตียบ่อกี้ - 12 timer siden
Larry what a Man!!!
Istrea Guest
Istrea Guest - 12 timer siden
Greatest Superbowl Halftime ever. EVER! PRINCE will always be in my heart and his music in my soul. Thank God we have video to watch him. RIP PRINCE.♡
Jarred Tolete
Jarred Tolete - 12 timer siden
เตียบ่อกี้ - 12 timer siden
Larry is Nice person
Cole Marullo
Cole Marullo - 12 timer siden
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D A34
D A34 - 12 timer siden
Sending love all the way from Saudi Arabia💙💙💙💙
Big Blue-Nation
Big Blue-Nation - 12 timer siden
TB12 was 💰 in 2nd half & ovrtime!
Derrick luv
Derrick luv - 12 timer siden
I luved watching the Bucs defense just run all over the Kansas City Chiefs o line therefore crushing Mahomes punk ass almost each and every play 😂 , luved it.
onlymccc - 12 timer siden
If you’re saying Kyler Murray you have an agenda. Plain and simple
nightmare dressed like daydream
nightmare dressed like daydream - 12 timer siden
I think girls Superbowl is always better than males one 😭
היכל המוסיקה העיראקית
היכל המוסיקה העיראקית - 12 timer siden