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I'm a fat, white NOburn rapper and damn proud of it. Welcome to the Crypt show.

Chase Powers
Chase Powers - 2 minutter siden
Crypt is not diverse. He has trash music. I try to listen but it is just so ugly. Joyner Lucas, eminem, logic, tech n9ne, token, Joey bada$$, and drake are the only actual rappers in this game.
Justin Tsimbidis
Justin Tsimbidis - 4 minutter siden
“BRO, if he eats my ass he’s a bottom feeder” lol crypt
Kevin Kyle
Kevin Kyle - 6 minutter siden
I need in the studio help. Poppin time
Alex M
Alex M - 8 minutter siden
Wcked Wxrlock
Wcked Wxrlock - 8 minutter siden
the melodicniss when samad says "blow me" has me dead everytime I play it back
Chase Powers
Chase Powers - 8 minutter siden
I'll watch this dude's videos. But he can not rap. He tries to rap too fast for his own actual flow. He has lyricism for sure. But crypt can not rap. All he does is spit fast verses. No good hooks. No good cadences. No actual quality material
Spikedaddy - 12 minutter siden
Ok Crypt, now you gotta watch #100Kufis remix of this it's awesomesauce! Pop a Dew and listen!
JustinTime - 14 minutter siden
anyone upset Leo got left out of samad's speal of shoutouts??
David Gueho
David Gueho - 19 minutter siden
Man I knew u was gonna take off but damn u took off. Like u turned me onto scru and I feel he will as well but damn 1 mil for u props 👏 u have so much skill and been slept on to damn long. Keep it up
Zoomatt1738 Spitzfire
Zoomatt1738 Spitzfire - 19 minutter siden
Crypt is the only channel that I don't skip the sponsor segment
Charlie Is Toasty
Charlie Is Toasty - 21 minutt siden
Why do good rappers and good people always die first.
David Gueho
David Gueho - 22 minutter siden
Wow never seen u like this. Keep it up great work u just keep getting better and better 💪. I remember when u only had 90k ppl now 1mil knew u would get it
Travis W
Travis W - 26 minutter siden
The sped up version was better than the actual song
David Gueho
David Gueho - 29 minutter siden bro got to show u the love u got from someone else on youtube that never seen anything from u. Watch this on ur free time he ranked u higher than dax 🤣 ik yall cool now. But still glad to see u get more than him. He said dax had kid bars 🤣👏👏 but anyway keep ur shit up bro
Deekay - 38 minutter siden
WAP stands for wet a** p***y
JakeMusic - 43 minutter siden
Atlus: The only singer who can do country, rap, pop and sound amazing and natural when doing all of them
sudheshan vasanthan
sudheshan vasanthan - 47 minutter siden
Crypt: "one of the k people" Me:"the KKK?"
Drew D
Drew D - 50 minutter siden
Wowwww I'm not surprised blood thirsty corporations
A Ramos
A Ramos - 54 minutter siden
Congrats on 1 million
J Z - 56 minutter siden
Fucking finally... now give us a pop a dew podcast bruh
Ivan Y
Ivan Y - Time siden
3:09 if you wanna skip the ads
Jake - Time siden
didnt know you did alvin and the chipmunk reviews
MGC Wayz
MGC Wayz - Time siden
CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 MILLLLIONNNNN🎊🎉🎈🎉🎂🎉🤣 been here since 200k great to see you finally get to were you are at right now man keep it up and I'll be here for 10 mill💯💯💯💯
Ricky Hits
Ricky Hits - Time siden
Garbage, this is not hiphop
ultimate MLG sage Moore
ultimate MLG sage Moore - Time siden
1M I'm new btw
DOOMSLAYER - Time siden
Alvin and the chipmunks Feat. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion
Spy-VS-Spy-Gaming - Time siden
It's your boy Chum Lee! LOL
Clayton Watkins
Clayton Watkins - Time siden
hahah bro i cried with laughter with you the whole reaction man
100 Subs With Bad Content Challenge
100 Subs With Bad Content Challenge - Time siden
Respect to crypt for ignoring all of the nudity it takes a real man to do that
Robo Gamer
Robo Gamer - Time siden
I think youtube secretly hates you by letting anyone use it's copyright system on you really easily (if they have fake or made up proof, or straight up weak backing). I hope you stay strong, and also try calling youtube out on twitter for "human" help. (AI on this website is broken)
xrrako - Time siden
My favorite rapper is Juice WRLD so Kufis saying he isnt a goat is retarded and super disrespectful. Like how could u not think that ppl have fav rappers that are dead like imagime being that low idk otherwise it was alright
Mobile Gamer
Mobile Gamer - Time siden
Newsboys, GODS NOT DEAD that's what I'm talking about
Migantii / Kataclyzm
Migantii / Kataclyzm - Time siden
Theres bars because megan aint all trash
B Detweiler
B Detweiler - Time siden
Whats up with chipmunk mode
Nathan Nathan_g2007
Nathan Nathan_g2007 - Time siden
Eminem won 💯
Joshua Stone
Joshua Stone - 2 timer siden
I laughed this whole video
manuel varela
manuel varela - 2 timer siden
So is video funny LoL 😂 😂😂
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg - 2 timer siden
RiddLz BTK
RiddLz BTK - 2 timer siden
6:29... If you want drama.. you don't google maps you know exactly where to find us...
TheBestMovieAlive - 2 timer siden
KSI is one of the worst "youtube rappers" there is. KSI said he was better than NF. How delusional is that guy??
Benjamin Wallace
Benjamin Wallace - 2 timer siden
“One of the K people” - Crypt
Benjamin Wallace
Benjamin Wallace - 2 timer siden
Hey the Supertroopers shoutout, I love it🤣
JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji - 2 timer siden
Tip put speed to 0.75 so you can hear the lyrics better
JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji - 2 timer siden
4:05 I can't listen to this. Sounds like a child rapping
Irxm -
Irxm - - 2 timer siden
Crypt got that kinda funny that got you laughing with him 😂😂😂
Smackaboo International
Smackaboo International - 2 timer siden
adnan ea
adnan ea - 2 timer siden
Colton Robb
Colton Robb - 2 timer siden
Sped up version would be better if it wasnt for the chipmunk voice
Dylan Morrisd
Dylan Morrisd - 2 timer siden
Nah what is this “listening” section I wanna hear the song I like you content a lot man but that kills to for me
Christoff Stephens
Christoff Stephens - 3 timer siden
React to world wide cypher Bay scru face jean
Alex Huerta
Alex Huerta - 3 timer siden
Y is it that everytime he moans about a sentence his face goes flat
Michael Ware
Michael Ware - 3 timer siden
This song is shit, no way around it. It's Less about the lyrics and more about their body's. I don't listen to music for porn,there's porn for that!
__ĞĞ__ŁØŔĎ__MÍŃHĂŽ __ÂHMÊĐ__ - 3 timer siden
I did dat ALL! 5x faster
phângmyan ngugengantan vlogs
phângmyan ngugengantan vlogs - 3 timer siden