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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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It’s pronounced GIF.
It’s pronounced GIF.
4 måneder siden
nate levinson
nate levinson - 9 timer siden
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Jānis - 9 timer siden
FYI in several countries in EU this has been adressed and now in TV series and movies at the moment where product placement happens need to showe specialized message ("product placement" etc.).
Marjorie Donnelly
Marjorie Donnelly - 9 timer siden
I spent two days in Morgantown once waiting for a car repair (on my way to see the total eclipse in Kentucky). I wish I had known about this. It would have been fun to see
Patfat - 9 timer siden
Why does this guy look so old and so young at the same time?
Drops2cents - 9 timer siden
4:12 "How the CIA plotted to kill Castro with explosive C-shells: the strange story of the leader of the Cuban revolution becoming an avid UNIX hacker." :-)
Joshua Tartar
Joshua Tartar - 9 timer siden
This is older than me
Silails - 9 timer siden
Paris is the worst city in France tbh
John Steggles
John Steggles - 9 timer siden
Seems very relevant now.
Francis Joshua Robedillo
Francis Joshua Robedillo - 9 timer siden
If you love Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain, this video's for you
Vanzuid - 9 timer siden
I’am 99% sure i got ballcancer ya’ll killing me i’am trying to save someone trust me!
Vanzuid - 9 timer siden
Sprechchor - 9 timer siden
Now we know why sea park can have fire
oli - 9 timer siden
Its still dead on
The Exotic
The Exotic - 9 timer siden
inb4 “all seconds in my life is an onosecond”
Ayesha Aslam
Ayesha Aslam - 9 timer siden
Beerus would love it
damnnits - 9 timer siden
my big javascript functions which cause garbage collection to occur also stop all rendering of the screen when anything's happening, prevent me from having a progress bar. that's a bit annoying.
AnotherGuy - 9 timer siden
Boi, the creator himself calles it jif. Its like saying "nah I call it giff peanut butter not jiff".
Sora Kuzunoha
Sora Kuzunoha - 9 timer siden
0:44 My favorite part
Artjoms Pugacovs
Artjoms Pugacovs - 9 timer siden
Helium or hydrogen?
Iivari Oikarinen
Iivari Oikarinen - 9 timer siden
39:55 Damn it really was another video
Mercury-Star - 9 timer siden
Me at 1am: " Interesting "
MxGauge - 9 timer siden
list of 10 stuffs, done irl and the video is only 2 minutes and 2 seconds. This is why I love this channel. Standards.
RandomCrap - 9 timer siden
Thats when on win all of the loading bars goes smooth to 99% and then gets stuck for the remaining 3h
De-M-oN - 9 timer siden
Why some games cant load faster no matter how much more powerful your computer is (even NVMe compared to HDD back then) NFS HP2 or NFS 4 High Stakes are good examples. You can have whatever hardware, they refuse to load faster. Despite NVMe, despite huge CPU Instructions per core etc. I dont understand that.
MxGauge - 9 timer siden
why is a teapot more famous than me?
Mike Roberti
Mike Roberti - 9 timer siden
Must have been designed by Gibson
Luke Home
Luke Home - 9 timer siden
League of legends load bar is the wooooorst
Maria Cargaleiro
Maria Cargaleiro - 9 timer siden
"Welcombe to life, do you wish to continue?" Nope, if I'm dead let me at least rest in peace and not have to go through that uncreative hell you are trying to impinge me.
Der_ Fynne_62
Der_ Fynne_62 - 9 timer siden
The ending was god tier
OOD2021 - 9 timer siden
In some countries tv series have to declare there is product placement for example
SᑭᗩᑕᕮᗯᕮIᖇᗪO - 9 timer siden
still works for me :D
Konstantin Bode
Konstantin Bode - 9 timer siden
More DODIE!!!!!!
MikeRosoftJH - 9 timer siden
And the key problem is that you *don't* have an infinite amount of time. You can only spend a finite amount of time, if arbitrarily large. (If you should allow taking an infinite amount of time, then the following would have been a valid solution: 1) Simulate the execution of the original machine. 2) If that machine halts, output 'yes'. 3) If the machine doesn't halt after any finite number of steps, output 'no'. Alas, a machine which takes an infinite number of steps to halt is precisely the same thing as a machine which doesn't halt.)
Andrea Uberti
Andrea Uberti - 9 timer siden
In my page this video has 27,742,793 views
Lee T
Lee T - 9 timer siden
I let short stories play to help me fall asleep. Somehow woke up to this
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 9 timer siden
Did Tom just Rickrolled me?
Kirito Dos
Kirito Dos - 10 timer siden
imagine the Ai asked you to make a video about asking AI for videos ideas , META AF
Insane Cuckooman
Insane Cuckooman - 10 timer siden
this guy's age can be anywhere between 10 and 70
oduvijekPlavi - 10 timer siden
"Torpenhow Hill" - brought to you by the authors of ATM machine, HTML language, and many others
Volker Marz
Volker Marz - 10 timer siden
I wanna hear the ps2 start up sound in there
pootis dissepencer here
pootis dissepencer here - 10 timer siden
it is exaclty right now
Andrea Strutz
Andrea Strutz - 10 timer siden
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Lars Sundell
Lars Sundell - 10 timer siden
I heard Matt in that laughter!
Hell Den Gaming
Hell Den Gaming - 10 timer siden
Almost 1 year still spot on
Supermatic さかもと196
Supermatic さかもと196 - 10 timer siden
1:48 Gante Street, City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico April 22 1992
Andrea Strutz
Andrea Strutz - 10 timer siden
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Narakarr arr
Narakarr arr - 10 timer siden
I unsubscribed when you said you didn't like Tea 😁 Leave Britain. (Joking)
DudeOnTheInternet - 10 timer siden
What if we had a seperate series where it just consisted of fictional stories? I know someone else suggested this already, but we need this to happen
Gem Tadu
Gem Tadu - 10 timer siden
I thought it was gonna be an edit, 'red all over' then the symbol cuts him in half or something.. 2021 vs 2010 internet I guess 😂
DrewIsSharing - 10 timer siden
At least once a week i wake up and this video is playing
Andrea Strutz
Andrea Strutz - 10 timer siden
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Nickyecen - 10 timer siden
If my teacher says 10% of my grade is just gonna be following the minimum and maximum word count, can I just handle her 1000 emojis?
onecallaway420 - 10 timer siden
Still on point
Charl Julio Jon Nemek
Charl Julio Jon Nemek - 10 timer siden
no wonder booba is round
Jeffrey ten thije
Jeffrey ten thije - 10 timer siden
Can't wait for formula A(utomatic
JayJoJonny - 10 timer siden
Can you say: golf cart envy?
Light House
Light House - 10 timer siden
Wow, I 100% see Rick and Morty writers using that AI.
Boney Patel
Boney Patel - 10 timer siden
Me thinking about all the times when I just copy and pasted code from Stack Overflow without understanding how it works. 🙂😅
j g
j g - 10 timer siden
Another case of lawyers destroying society.
seafourty - 10 timer siden
This video is sponsored by Dashlane.
Stupid Humanity Deserves To Die
Stupid Humanity Deserves To Die - 10 timer siden
Computers are the worst thing ever invented.
Camas - 10 timer siden
Thank you very much for making sense of our daily world and worries.
Big Tricky
Big Tricky - 10 timer siden
nice video, cleared up a lot of what i thought on this
DageLV - 10 timer siden
if the videos make the game fun, ill get it, if its an interractable video clip, i wont buy it. Make your game a game, not a video.
madmanwithaplan - 10 timer siden
if you do have trouble telling if a site has legitimately had a login attempt to your account or not that wasnt you. never trust the email and go to the site itself and go through their process of resetting your password from the home site
Speed Shot
Speed Shot - 10 timer siden
0:06 that’s the url for Rick roll, I know because I memorized it
Piotrek5s - 10 timer siden
ah yes, my favorite vpn rectangle VPN
God - 10 timer siden
Sad, there's nothing "open" about "open"AI
sora albraiki
sora albraiki - 10 timer siden
Plot Twist: Earth is flat bro..
unbreakable footage
unbreakable footage - 10 timer siden
"most important is to reassure the user that something is happening" meanwhile windows loading bars stuck at 99%
Mpho Netshimbupfe
Mpho Netshimbupfe - 10 timer siden
I love his accent and I did see some dithering in the video
Beano N Daddy
Beano N Daddy - 10 timer siden
shriya vanapalli
shriya vanapalli - 10 timer siden
next they will make this as a new restaurant dish
samsam21amb - 10 timer siden
I just use all my messages in full sentances.
Bisken - 10 timer siden
*then the video ends with the last 5 notes of the blinding lights melody*
Bobbeh Mcstuffinshire
Bobbeh Mcstuffinshire - 10 timer siden
I think the Australian type is better. All crossings have visual and audio cues, but there's a little, raised arrow on the face of the crossing box that points towards the crossing and part of the actual arrow vibrates so you know when to cross rather than sticking your fingers where people have probably stuck gum
RioNation_2020 - 10 timer siden
the aliens ate it
Defalt30 - 10 timer siden
*Hollywood Sign*
Radat - 10 timer siden
3DG - 10 timer siden
**opens /̶̳̈́̆|̷̩̳̃͐?̴̼̃́|̴̳͎̺̂?̵̧̫͛̀|̸̢̦̂ͅ/̴̗̿͊̉\̷͚̎̑͆?̷̮̗̀͆|̷̛͈̖͐ and listens to some music** **hears literally nothing**