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Anon - 11 timer siden
I see it's one of those Willian special match where he turns up
Jav - 11 timer siden
Literally the most delusional fan base in the world. Average team and you idiots still think you’re a big club 😂
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams - 11 timer siden
That goon in the background 😂
Straight Outta Eire
Straight Outta Eire - 11 timer siden
Thank got dt is still not there
Ry Rilo
Ry Rilo - 11 timer siden
4-1 Arsenal
ximm xin
ximm xin - 11 timer siden
And he's SELLING defenders!
Vishal Bali
Vishal Bali - 11 timer siden
Everybody at social gatherings: Me at social gatherings: Lee judges 15:51 - 16:17
Ry Rilo
Ry Rilo - 11 timer siden
Is DT in the room next door?
kalid kader
kalid kader - 11 timer siden
Arteta don’t like Martinelli on a personal level.
Brandon Aldred
Brandon Aldred - 11 timer siden
Lee judges such a negative bold angry man
Anim Venus
Anim Venus - 11 timer siden
Q: What is the new rule, should Lee kick off by disturbing the peace again?
Brandon Aldred
Brandon Aldred - 11 timer siden
Hellens actually peng 😍
Ian Lee Hibbert
Ian Lee Hibbert - 11 timer siden
What Lee judges said 😃😄😁😆
Raunak Das
Raunak Das - 12 timer siden
Helen is thirsty for Judges
Anim Venus
Anim Venus - 12 timer siden
Hi Robbie I am ready to go head to head with you, providing you are willing to observe this simple rule. You ask the questions without speaking and I will answer the questions using the same method.
kalid kader
kalid kader - 12 timer siden
I see Kelechi I don’t watch
Global - 12 timer siden
Look I know Willian played good but there’s just no way he starts over Pepe it’s just ridiculous pepe’s 25 with huge potential and Willian has no future with this club it’s ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Temp Step
Temp Step - 12 timer siden
Burnley 0 - 3 Arsenal
Floating Peaks
Floating Peaks - 12 timer siden
Father interviews his son
Sherv - 12 timer siden
Those who act hard, take note. Nothing wrong with showing a little love to your bros, friends, comrades and in general everyone.
Mario Soldo
Mario Soldo - 12 timer siden
Willian is old, I would start Martenelli he is young and talented where willian has had is chances failed and I would prepare risking young upcoming talent then old failed miserable Willian thank you but i would be happy to see him go
Zak Zaky
Zak Zaky - 12 timer siden
Why did he drop Pepe and lacazette but willian still gets a run 😡
Vishal Bali
Vishal Bali - 12 timer siden
Lee with the straight face is SAVAGE 😂😂
Nathanael Lawrence
Nathanael Lawrence - 12 timer siden
these guys love off pepe
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya - 12 timer siden
Surprised Chambers starts tbh
Glenroy Bagot
Glenroy Bagot - 12 timer siden
Glenroy 👍👍😜😯
churchill Bufo
churchill Bufo - 12 timer siden
Kelechi!!! Always Representing
Brian - 12 timer siden
Lee Judges always hilarious
Dan Burfitt
Dan Burfitt - 12 timer siden
Only 3 points behind liverpool as they are on the worst run in years nothing to boast about
D D - 12 timer siden
Cumon lads!! Chambers playing today.... for the attitude he has and the professionalism I think he deserves a big big chance. Fantastic attitude. Good on you chambers, hope saliba and his big mouth will learn from u.
sassy thesasquatch
sassy thesasquatch - 12 timer siden
Bullshit lineup. Why have we dropped pepe everytime he finds a bit of form. And why start aubameyang when we play dogshit with him on the pitch
akajshhsh bob
akajshhsh bob - 12 timer siden
10:28 Lineups
Joe Brown
Joe Brown - 12 timer siden
1 like =1 goal against Burnley
Shaqueal Young
Shaqueal Young - 12 timer siden
🔥🇳🇬Adesanya 🇳🇬🔥
Chandru Xabi
Chandru Xabi - 12 timer siden
Pavel Kukin
Pavel Kukin - 12 timer siden
I guess DT really hates Lacazette
Bruno Bruno
Bruno Bruno - 12 timer siden
05:36 the ivory Coast flag 🤦‍♂️😂
Joel-arsenalfcSAKA - 12 timer siden
Even on his date he still has his 🎧 on
Jaysen B
Jaysen B - 12 timer siden
Willian to score in the game with his first goal for the gunners
Michael H
Michael H - 12 timer siden
Mount is better than saka
Mark Locke
Mark Locke - 12 timer siden
your late , teams announced
mohdivan iqromsangaji
mohdivan iqromsangaji - 12 timer siden
makan minum live streaming 10 3 2021 # llive streaming
Gn11 Hd
Gn11 Hd - 12 timer siden
It’s gonna be 0-2 Saka and Pepe
Twenny Eights
Twenny Eights - 12 timer siden
NoRestTV - 12 timer siden
Neither James nor Ceceil got to finish their starting 11 ... a bit of consistency and completion needed.
Wajahat Moledina
Wajahat Moledina - 13 timer siden
Troopz and deeney danger duo
MrHolo - 13 timer siden
Production levels Robbie, top stuff king
AZ GAMING - 13 timer siden
3:00 look at the mistake bunrley instead of Burnley
Maisha Sam
Maisha Sam - 13 timer siden
It's funny how you guys always mention resting players but never rest Xhaka
Charlie George'71
Charlie George'71 - 13 timer siden
its spelt BURNLEY
INNO INNO - 13 timer siden
Aftv just keeps on getting better !!! Big up yourself’s !!! COYG
Red army Realist
Red army Realist - 13 timer siden
Recommended anyone? The algorithms are with us 😌
achern141 - 13 timer siden
No one: Cecil: “That’s very interesting”
Martino Arioli
Martino Arioli - 13 timer siden
Such an idiot
Crispytears Tz
Crispytears Tz - 13 timer siden
Arteta: I had breakfast Cecil: Interesting comments from him
Martino Arioli
Martino Arioli - 13 timer siden
Pathetic idiots
Terry Rafferty
Terry Rafferty - 14 timer siden
Lol Don Robbie telling Noel to keep up the good work
godihateyoupeople - 14 timer siden
new show same as the old show same as the new show wob with the slight of hand
Ashton Oliver
Ashton Oliver - 14 timer siden
Is one good game in 25 qualify as a player in-form?
Red army Realist
Red army Realist - 14 timer siden
"I see a different arsenal now" yh right...until we lose 4 out of the next 5 in the league and crash out of the EL
Perry M
Perry M - 14 timer siden
Aiden - 14 timer siden
bunrley fan? 3:00
imran khan
imran khan - 14 timer siden
A Rob...a....bomba....claat.....deh
Kiyle Mcgovern
Kiyle Mcgovern - 14 timer siden
The camera man pissed or sumit 😂
Jordan Stanters
Jordan Stanters - 14 timer siden
Can’t believe Robbie got Cedric on the show
MXA COMPS - 14 timer siden
Mordecai K
Mordecai K - 14 timer siden
So Arsenal can “rest” players in the league now? 10th on the table, but let’s “rest” players? Ok. Willian good enough now? Really? Ok.
coco ggg
coco ggg - 14 timer siden
Absolutely love these two lads, a nice mix between a bit of banter and true facts! Love the dynamic!
Paul Mccullough
Paul Mccullough - 15 timer siden
Robbie let the guys pick their team and you pick yours lol. I would have thought the whole idea was to get 3 opinions without one opinion overriding the other 2.
Omar Raidan
Omar Raidan - 15 timer siden
it feels like someone is presenting a project infront of the class
Gow Mitch
Gow Mitch - 15 timer siden
Is Bellerin starting, need to know for Fpl
LufcHarrison - 16 timer siden
2:18 Robbie knew exactly what he was doing here, wind him up and let him go 😂 🎣
AintWorried BoutNothing
AintWorried BoutNothing - 16 timer siden
Papa Smurf
abdi siraj
abdi siraj - 16 timer siden
Only people who know football from the surface hate Bellerin. Only people who know football from the surface love Saka.
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright - 16 timer siden
Danny Welbeck?? Calum Chambers? Rob Holding? There's plenty that have been shameful!!
Hemang Bhogayata
Hemang Bhogayata - 16 timer siden
It needs to be more casual, this seems like they are reading out a script
YouTube Seby
YouTube Seby - 16 timer siden
If you like the players and you think arteta is a great you explain 10th position? You have a big problem....your brain
Carribo Ramos
Carribo Ramos - 16 timer siden
Messi has 26 goals against prem clubs even though he hasn't played in the prem🐐🐐
Carribo Ramos
Carribo Ramos - 16 timer siden
Messi is the best alien footballer in the world...ronaldo is the best human footballer in there world
N1gg3rS3npa1 - 16 timer siden
No1 gonna talk about robbies shoe game....