Best of The Voice
Best of The Voice
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The best Blind Auditions, Battles and Live performances of The Voice, all together on one platform.
Watch how these talented singers made the coaches turn their red chairs ✌️

Granny Juices
Granny Juices - 2 timer siden
The Voice Italy truly is a joke. No matter what they do I cringe every time!
Ex Deus
Ex Deus - 2 timer siden
I don't understand the fascination they're showing for these two... Scripted?
Santosh Devi
Santosh Devi - 2 timer siden
6:00 really👌❤️
Sharon Graham
Sharon Graham - 2 timer siden
She is absolutely amazing. Love her powerful voice.
mohammed amaan
mohammed amaan - 2 timer siden
I got jealous listening his effortless Jealousy
jigar trivedi
jigar trivedi - 2 timer siden
John legend he is the true legend without doubts
Sara Colglazier
Sara Colglazier - 2 timer siden
First time watching this and I rewatched Robins performance immediately 👀✨AND can I mention Craig’s performance as well!! 🙌🏼🔥
pi noy
pi noy - 2 timer siden
Ilove this guys
# MoBurg26
# MoBurg26 - 2 timer siden
Project Platinum
Project Platinum - 2 timer siden
Gz_ M
Gz_ M - 3 timer siden
Those who are here for only bts... Bts is at 24:00
Matthew Reynolds
Matthew Reynolds - 3 timer siden
Sister act 3, awesome!
Guida Fialho
Guida Fialho - 3 timer siden
Luis, The Voice Portugal
Brenda Lindsay
Brenda Lindsay - 3 timer siden
Gerhard Josef
Gerhard Josef - 3 timer siden
Jordan Smith is the unicorn. What he performed after his outstanding audition, was unbelievable. His cover of Queen's Somebody to love, is my Highlight of all the Voice Shows around the World, until today!
maninthebox0 - 3 timer siden
It’s crazy how Bob Dylan’s songs are the only ones where the cover is better than the original the majority of the time 😂😂
Pyae Phyo Aung
Pyae Phyo Aung - 3 timer siden
Very very impressive !
Anita Goswami
Anita Goswami - 3 timer siden
Who else didn't expect BTS to come
Jomarson Delacruz
Jomarson Delacruz - 3 timer siden
The second clip was totally look a like of one of my classmates and sang the same song.
Fontoura PT
Fontoura PT - 3 timer siden
Muhammad Jadid
Muhammad Jadid - 3 timer siden
Pyae Phyo Aung
Pyae Phyo Aung - 4 timer siden
Very very impressive !
Ivy Boyore
Ivy Boyore - 4 timer siden
Sakshya Kant
Sakshya Kant - 4 timer siden
Better than shawn bcoz he use auto tune and these guys dont
DK Huge
DK Huge - 4 timer siden
✨The first boy✨
Omar Munoz
Omar Munoz - 4 timer siden
80 more years of Tom Jones!
Scorpio SunRising
Scorpio SunRising - 4 timer siden
The third girl singing knocking om heaven's door have med goosebumps. Beautiful voice.
Sammyaraj Parai
Sammyaraj Parai - 4 timer siden
I like the girls voice
Rizal Ramdani
Rizal Ramdani - 4 timer siden
Alexander Eder is THE BEAST !!!!!!
Aditya Putra
Aditya Putra - 4 timer siden
10:10 ya iyaaalahbkn voice Korea ITuuu 😭🔪
Zach Sheffee
Zach Sheffee - 5 timer siden
She sounds like a man!
Myra Singh The Great
Myra Singh The Great - 5 timer siden
Than Zaw
Than Zaw - 5 timer siden
Myanmar 😍😍😍
Tammy Bodenheimer
Tammy Bodenheimer - 5 timer siden
Elizabeth - 5 timer siden
11:43 THAT FLAT PERFECT NOTE!!! PERFECT CHANGE UP. AND WOW WOW WOW... 11:50 and 12:04!!! Geeeeezzzz following those off notes is so so so get that off pitch!🌩️👑🌟✨🔥🔥🔥⚡😲🤯💥🔥🔥🔥 and she did it perfectly! One of the best voices on the voice for sure!!!!
Elizabeth - 5 timer siden
Olga Melnik...9:00 Tons of emotions. She def. Listens and feels her music. Her gestures are telling of a tough soul- heart on her sleeve-tell it like it is- type of performance. 👍🙏
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 5 timer siden
How long has he been on this show voice kids react?! Lol?! Like 3 or 4 times lol?! He’s so good!! Lol?!
Sentinal Demus
Sentinal Demus - 5 timer siden
Jennifer brought the love out that girl. Amen
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 5 timer siden
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 5 timer siden
The what do u mean one was soooo talented omg!!
Khiara M
Khiara M - 5 timer siden
Why do they yell and sit on their hands etc 🤣 just push the damn button if you like it!
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 6 timer siden
Why she look up and down haha black ppl always can sing good and Mexicans haha!!
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 6 timer siden
I hate picky judges lol like u k ow it’s so good but don’t turn !! Haha!!
Guilherme Torres
Guilherme Torres - 6 timer siden
Julia Phillips
Julia Phillips - 6 timer siden
Music is so very healing. Thank you musicians.
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 6 timer siden
They like to hit the button on the beat haha!!
Gabbie Taylor
Gabbie Taylor - 6 timer siden
Who loves when jennifer sings with the people that perform😁😁😁😁😁😁😀💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
killuahub 7
killuahub 7 - 6 timer siden
•Mrs.Trash• - 6 timer siden
fark etmeden bts konserine girdiler emi xd
Micaela Hernandez
Micaela Hernandez - 6 timer siden
Her voice reminds of joss stone
Justin Marden
Justin Marden - 6 timer siden
How Sandy Redd's performance of River is not on here baffles me.
goldishcurl - 6 timer siden
An amazing voice ❤️
Maria Lambell
Maria Lambell - 6 timer siden
Are you kidding me ? First note that Tennessee whiskey would turn around ! Wow 😮
Sayed El Sherif
Sayed El Sherif - 6 timer siden
The First one of the video was pretty decent.
Jay /Jasminne Rivera
Jay /Jasminne Rivera - 6 timer siden
the last one was the best performance on here fuck that shit was awesome
love cat?
love cat? - 6 timer siden
I got scared 😂 4:08
Lacy jarvis
Lacy jarvis - 6 timer siden
Geoffrey I think is the best out of them
Julissa Guadamuz
Julissa Guadamuz - 6 timer siden
Es Bella, voice and Physical ❤️ y si Tom turned, qué importa que nadie más se volteara? Tom is the BEST!!! ❤️
Azis DR
Azis DR - 6 timer siden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭AUDI 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zulenir Barbosa
Zulenir Barbosa - 6 timer siden
Por favor quando ele volta este ano mi avisem
Aaron Austin
Aaron Austin - 6 timer siden
I really felt bad for that girl he was battling against she didn’t stand the slightest chance
Faith Wicklund-Rundles
Faith Wicklund-Rundles - 6 timer siden
Anyone else think the beauty who sang rise up looked like Ashley Johnson a bit? Or just me?
Vineet Tiwari
Vineet Tiwari - 6 timer siden
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KLips BaBy
KLips BaBy - 7 timer siden
last guy had to be the best, it’s so hard to play piano and do falsetto like that AND be blind AND be singing lose yourself by eminem
Sue - 7 timer siden
Valentin Stuff est incroyable.
Ernand Lachica
Ernand Lachica - 7 timer siden
my "favorite things" song sounds like "7 rings" of Arianna
Japhya Senorta
Japhya Senorta - 7 timer siden
Manuel was ROBBED
Ace Xvon
Ace Xvon - 7 timer siden
That guy who sang toxic.. deymn bruh..
byron wheeler
byron wheeler - 7 timer siden
Sophia has a wonderful, young, voice, but the fact that she prevailed over Patricia Van Haastrecht (I watched all of their performances) tells me that European Voice competitions are starting to morph into what the Voice USA has, sadly, become -popularity contests. Still, I wish them both great success!
Explodingtraps - 7 timer siden
The first guy sang that song like he wrote it and went through it that day! incredible
Karim Jimenez
Karim Jimenez - 7 timer siden
NOburn dale papá..aca estoy ..pato Jiménez del celu de mi hijo.
Patrick B. Carter II
Patrick B. Carter II - 7 timer siden
Someone, please tell me Matthias Nebel won his season. That cover was EVERYTHING
Natalie Lomeda
Natalie Lomeda - 7 timer siden
So nc i really always listening to this yt i mean to this video😘😘😘😍😍😍😋😋😋😋and i really love it😛😛😜😜😜😝
Jesús Jiménez
Jesús Jiménez - 7 timer siden
Min 1:11? Whait is? Pleaseeeee
Heather Dayton
Heather Dayton - 7 timer siden
I’m struggling with the first one. I have to be missing something...
Olivier Jules
Olivier Jules - 7 timer siden
That thumbnail tho
Violina - 8 timer siden
We need actual opera singers to be judges here!!!! I love this type of music . I actually can sing opera myself. It's a wonderful form of music.
JOHN Navarro
JOHN Navarro - 8 timer siden
Jessie j😍