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Leo Moracchioli runs a studio in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. This channel contains music covers, gear review, studio updates and other shenanigans.

New Album Release!
New Album Release!
7 dager siden
Federico Sonvico
Federico Sonvico - 9 timer siden
simplemente gracias!, me alegraste la noche!!!, saludos desde Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.
Federico Sonvico
Federico Sonvico - 9 timer siden
tremendo!!!!! crack de crackers!
Lothar of the Hill People
Lothar of the Hill People - 9 timer siden
Just glad he didn’t do “Where the Hood At”😬
bryan ortiz
bryan ortiz - 9 timer siden
Oh. Wow.
HookPunchHala - 9 timer siden
I want to hear Leo's version of Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band!
lewis quinlivan
lewis quinlivan - 9 timer siden
She would be proud of you brother
charles Lockmiller
charles Lockmiller - 9 timer siden
Beautiful voice! Stunningly gorgeous! Captivating eyes! ... Violet is pretty good looking as well! 😂😉
Marcelo Fernandez
Marcelo Fernandez - 10 timer siden
how about needles and pins, you need to give more love to The Ramones...
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips - 10 timer siden
I've heard the song before, but never heard the lyrics till now.
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez - 10 timer siden
Yo this slaps hard
Dustin Ouellette
Dustin Ouellette - 10 timer siden
More Hannah!
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald - 10 timer siden
I thought I already subscribbed
Frank - 10 timer siden
Freaking awesomeness ! Luv your content!!! The neighborhood luvs it to !!
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald - 10 timer siden
More volume needed
Kristy Haayer
Kristy Haayer - 10 timer siden
Try Break Me, Shake Me by Savage Garden!!!
Lanstrac Gaming
Lanstrac Gaming - 10 timer siden
heuuuuuu pourquoi Korn - Word up en chorus lol ?? tu as craqué ???
jolmpasti ei muuta
jolmpasti ei muuta - 10 timer siden
Who else think this is better than original
Bean Ster
Bean Ster - 10 timer siden
Fuck yeah Leo!!!!
nCfernandesKpm - 11 timer siden
... U trashed the music yo
Keelan Giesinger
Keelan Giesinger - 11 timer siden
So bloody talented.
mnnblck - 11 timer siden
you guys fcking amazing... so happy to see you collab
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips - 11 timer siden
Mary is right to roll her eyes, but now that I've watched this a few times, I get it. Well done Leo!
James Rea
James Rea - 11 timer siden
Incredible man I remember when your channel was small and now over 4 mil congratulations on all of your success bro always has been always will be top quality content
Paweł Kowalik
Paweł Kowalik - 11 timer siden
creepy... and magnificent....
Christopher Landsman
Christopher Landsman - 11 timer siden
Slob on my knob. 3 six mafia
Nick - 11 timer siden
2021 shows on my main youtube, lets listen again for the 100x yes please!
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer - 11 timer siden
I was waiting for this
Shawn Stoudt
Shawn Stoudt - 12 timer siden
Horrible version
Marco Ferrao
Marco Ferrao - 12 timer siden
In a different time and age this would have been the original...
WarlordAlpha - 12 timer siden
Leo + Vio = Awesome :) made my day Edit: This is coming from a huge Roxette fan, maybe She's Got the Look next?
Tek Services
Tek Services - 12 timer siden
Bill Baker
Bill Baker - 12 timer siden
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my two favorite people on earth!!!!!!! Had goosebumps on the opening riff! Amazing job guys!
Joshua Stafford
Joshua Stafford - 12 timer siden
Such a great cover it brought Tears to my Eyes.
tattooedcutie07 - 12 timer siden
chills... that's all I can say really. THANK YOU!
Aron Sandor
Aron Sandor - 12 timer siden
Best metal cover of them all mate !! 🤟🏻🤟🏻
Robert Burke
Robert Burke - 12 timer siden
Mary Spender a great job and all of his songs and videos
zorrow - 12 timer siden
This song was played a lot in my childhood but this version is gonna be played a lot in my adulthood
RionaSL - 12 timer siden
From chill to metal, genius !
Dariusz Majewski
Dariusz Majewski - 12 timer siden
You guys are fantastic
Sylwia •
Sylwia • - 13 timer siden
Just love it 😍
Randy Loyd
Randy Loyd - 13 timer siden
Nope can't do it!
CUB3D Ltd - 13 timer siden
Leo, I love your stuff, been listening to you for years. Got a song I reckon you could make into a class metal cover. 'Hints' by Hose your magic!
Anton Mared
Anton Mared - 13 timer siden
this is so cute hahaha
Jay Hayes
Jay Hayes - 13 timer siden
Should have been this version at the end of devils rejects.
MindSolution - Visão e Gestão
MindSolution - Visão e Gestão - 13 timer siden
Awesome, a very different version, but extremely talented executioned!
Cloys Cameron
Cloys Cameron - 13 timer siden
Beast mode. And yes im 47. New fav
Otergutt94 - 13 timer siden
Awesome, next some Halocene colab would be insanely cool :D
Magnus Samuelsson
Magnus Samuelsson - 13 timer siden
Awesome work!
tybo gillihan
tybo gillihan - 13 timer siden
Leo you need to doo digiemon you did pokiemon
B. M
B. M - 13 timer siden
Parenting 11/10
Annet Wolters
Annet Wolters - 13 timer siden
This is so catchy. Needs more views 🤘
Andreas Koch
Andreas Koch - 13 timer siden
In memory on Marie Fredriksson. RIP
Nadia Habib
Nadia Habib - 13 timer siden
How does this not have millions of likes what the fuck
DAKING SENPAI - 14 timer siden
i Love it
Theodoros Papadopoulos
Theodoros Papadopoulos - 14 timer siden
This is whats happening after you take something very very good and make it... EPIC!!!! Congrats!
Christian - 14 timer siden
This is so fuckin awesome!!
Jonatan Quijada
Jonatan Quijada - 14 timer siden
It’s the best i heard
Iri dmm
Iri dmm - 14 timer siden
Mart P.
Mart P. - 14 timer siden
More of Violet and Leo, please - ingenious combinations!!!
David Switaj
David Switaj - 14 timer siden
Quelle évasion ! J'adore ce morceau dans sa version originale, mais j'avoue, cette version m'a fait énormément rire ! Bravo !!
Elias Cavalcante Junior
Elias Cavalcante Junior - 14 timer siden
Uau, Brasil...
GamesMan - 14 timer siden
Nice work
korosi - 14 timer siden
Why is this so cringy
Indigo Breeze
Indigo Breeze - 14 timer siden
This video!!! 💀
Andrea dxx
Andrea dxx - 15 timer siden
Leo and violet in a team!! I love that!! Wow beatiful make up and cover guys! I like the BI-colkr of your hair violet 👍 great! I hope you do other covers together😊 broken of seether and Amy Lee please 🙏
Thiago Martins
Thiago Martins - 15 timer siden
Awesome! Leo must be in the next Grammys to perform!
Huda Wijisson
Huda Wijisson - 15 timer siden
One man band 🔥🔥
hau druf
hau druf - 15 timer siden
Wwuuuuaaaaaaaaa!!! Genial ;)
MiBREM1 - 15 timer siden
А есть инструментальная версия? Is there an instrumental version?
Steve Lamb
Steve Lamb - 15 timer siden
Leo is the best!
Profesor Major
Profesor Major - 15 timer siden
I remember when this video used to have like 10k views only :D
K - 15 timer siden
Man i love that puppy monkey...
Didier Van Den Aakster
Didier Van Den Aakster - 15 timer siden
Pokemon brought me here lol . Freaking awesome!
DmitriyA - 15 timer siden
Это збс
Tibi Kiss
Tibi Kiss - 15 timer siden
Евгений Исаев
Евгений Исаев - 15 timer siden
Leo, hello to Russia. It's a great pleasure to listen to your covers. Well done man, keep it that way. 👍👍👍👍👍
Zelker Songs of myself
Zelker Songs of myself - 15 timer siden
Nem acredito que essa linda é daqui do brasil S2
Felix Schubert
Felix Schubert - 15 timer siden
Pendrym - 16 timer siden
Joker Kane
Joker Kane - 16 timer siden
I remember watching DuckTales when I was about 7 or 8 back in the 80's. Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears would be cool to hear a metal cover