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This is McLaren
This is McLaren
7 dager siden
Satz Tsung
Satz Tsung - 11 timer siden
McLaren has gone so much more public and friendly recently. It's great to see. The team was too dark under Ron Dennis.
Satz Tsung
Satz Tsung - 11 timer siden
I am gonna miss Sainz so much!
CGIPadawan - 11 timer siden
You know, here's an idea for Non-Tobacco "A Better Tomorrow" livery: Lando's car on the side pod says "Better than Danny" and Danny's car on the sidepod says "Better than Lando". Who else thinks these two will be worst enemies if and when McLaren are fighting for top honors? :P
Satz Tsung
Satz Tsung - 11 timer siden
McLaren are the best! Who's Ferrari?
Calador - 12 timer siden
Name me a better driver line up?
J024 - 12 timer siden
McL will beat RBR.
Joc 6890
Joc 6890 - 12 timer siden
I love mclaren but now with Daniel i love more because the last to years i think Carlos are not a guy to mclaren
Rosay - 13 timer siden
they are look a like
Shaun Shar-lev
Shaun Shar-lev - 14 timer siden
Big thumbs up to who ever did the sound for this video! The car sounds incredible!
Mister Soup
Mister Soup - 14 timer siden
Anyone know what brand his black jacket is at 00:15??
P H - 14 timer siden
Cant wait to see this lineup on the grid :D
First Prototype
First Prototype - 14 timer siden
Do you know? You make the best videos in F1? No need to wait for drive to survive, Netflix show, this is better!
Chris Wright
Chris Wright - 14 timer siden
Is it me, or is Lando more serious these days?
John Glynn
John Glynn - 14 timer siden
Nothing says F1 access all areas like UNBOXED 👍🏻
hazdahunter - 15 timer siden
Monday 10:00am Landos phone shows 11:12 :'D
Antonio CGonzález
Antonio CGonzález - 16 timer siden
tell that to checo looool
duke - 16 timer siden
This reminds me of the tooned episodes they did 10 years ago
Cassia - 16 timer siden
love these but wish I could hear what they're saying better
danguee1 - 17 timer siden
All that lame waving - like everyone is starring in their own Anime film with them as the cute but quirky heroine/star. What has happened to the world...... But, I suppose McLaren are targetting more women supporters. And it's clearly working - so if it works commercially, fair play to them.
Deus Cartel
Deus Cartel - 17 timer siden
Ricciardo’s smile is contagious, just caught myself in the mirror watching him with a stupid smile on my face 😃
Sebastian - 17 timer siden
Uff that engine sounds amazing.
Mikaela Anderson
Mikaela Anderson - 17 timer siden
Dany Cesc
Dany Cesc - 18 timer siden
I'm Mclaren gave Ricky Ricardo a chance, he's a great driver and a better human being. Aside from my favorite team, I will be cheering and supporting Mclaren from here on! make this year count boys! Greetings from CA
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli - 18 timer siden
The Mercedes engine sounds really cool!!! All the best, lads!!
Schalke M
Schalke M - 18 timer siden
D V - 18 timer siden
Please explain what is the long rod used in the rear for? Is it to start the car? And why?
The Fastest Brick
The Fastest Brick - 18 timer siden
looks like Daniel is settling in well at Mclaren
mynameis63 - 19 timer siden
Kinda femmi.
Pafsanias Bakolias
Pafsanias Bakolias - 19 timer siden
The uniforms with the "Gulf" logo on the back looks lit bro! And the car too! Beautiful and looks fast. I will be cheering up for you guys too this year hoping you can get near the top. By a F1 and a Ferrari fan who hopes his team can get too much closer to the top. 🤟👊💪
Max Müller
Max Müller - 19 timer siden
@17:44 oii thats the netflix team :D
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry - 19 timer siden
17:31 there was a really short cut
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry - 19 timer siden
12:55 And his helmet is pastel
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry - 19 timer siden
10:55 why did the guy move out of the way? It's not like he was gonna get hit or anything.
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry - 19 timer siden
7:43 why didn't he roll up the crease?!?!!?
Karina Nieto
Karina Nieto - 20 timer siden
Thank you McLaren! This makes me really happy 🤩
WeDisappearWhenWeDie - 20 timer siden
I feel like Lando is doing formula to pursue his streamer career
Bruc Bad
Bruc Bad - 20 timer siden
Can’t wait for this car, let us hear the mercs roar and power Danny Ric to victory
Stephan Krueger
Stephan Krueger - 20 timer siden
Better stick to F1....there you are clearly an exception
fusserrostell - 21 time siden
podiums please
Gabriele Meškūnaitė
Gabriele Meškūnaitė - 21 time siden
and here it goes again... so exiting!
Royalé - 21 time siden
@14:14 just listen.... if you know you know
Dave Marshall
Dave Marshall - 21 time siden
This team is special. Car looks amazing.
rinus202 - 21 time siden
mask on in the car, weird?
Parag Naik
Parag Naik - 21 time siden
F1 action starts here 7:27
gcm747 - 21 time siden
Danny Ric couldn’t rock a better number plate - DR3-MCL.
Jordan Stanhope Dean
Jordan Stanhope Dean - 22 timer siden
Feels so strange to hear the Mercedes engine, but it feels so right.
JP Klein
JP Klein - 22 timer siden
yo danny sounded american for a bit...?
LolZ Yolo
LolZ Yolo - 22 timer siden
Boxbox unbox I’m excited to see these throughout the year
AZI TWAW - 22 timer siden
I’m getting used to watching without Carlos🥲
Victor Hasiholan
Victor Hasiholan - 22 timer siden
Even on steering wheel, there are no Mercedes logo 😀 people will thinking: now McLaren used their own engine.
J4Y_M1N3R - 22 timer siden
this is gonna be the funniest team
SuSmallville - 23 timer siden
M C L A R E N - M E R C E D E S P O W E R
Shaneey - 23 timer siden
was waiting for Hi Wave at the Drone part why didn't you guys included this
Reece Gordon
Reece Gordon - 23 timer siden
I wasn’t a fan of Daniels helmet but it’s grown on me
Caffers - 23 timer siden
Dear McLaren. I *will* download your app. But only if you keep uploading Unboxed on NOburn.
Murat Şanal
Murat Şanal - 23 timer siden
I guess I forgot about Daniel has come mclaren because I thought he is sainz who is in the video pic(sorry about eng)
Pichi Pingu
Pichi Pingu - Dag siden
Kalyan M
Kalyan M - Dag siden
The camera job is fucking horrendous.
dragon fly
dragon fly - Dag siden
I just noticed that Daniel is wearing a watch now.
Uncle BOB
Uncle BOB - Dag siden
They look like if they could be F1 drivers😄😄
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry - Dag siden
4:48 I'm pretty sure that isn't parallel parking?
Graham Serle
Graham Serle - Dag siden
Who needs an energy drink to give you wings when you have the uplifting energy of Daniel and Lando. Good luck for 2021 boys.
Thomas Kirby
Thomas Kirby - Dag siden
No images of the car's floor, keeping cards close, I like it
Twan Wilting
Twan Wilting - Dag siden
When they say Monday 10.00h (@1:15) whilst Landos' phone says 11.12h
Dodgy Old Mate
Dodgy Old Mate - Dag siden
Yeah Danny Ric and Lando wont be close
John Enright
John Enright - Dag siden
Its a pity those full length zip tops aren't available to buy! they are quite lovely.... this years softshell on the website is the exact same as last years minus the renault badge!
Kat Faherty
Kat Faherty - Dag siden
Cool Daniel is in town
Ianis Nistor
Ianis Nistor - Dag siden
where is lando's live streams
Aminur Anuar
Aminur Anuar - Dag siden
Lando looks shy. Maybe because of their age difference is 10 years...
TheDragonGamer 6
TheDragonGamer 6 - Dag siden
that drone footage of the MCL35M at the end was a sick
tinaalwayswins - Dag siden
Take your masks off!!
Ayman Lyoubi
Ayman Lyoubi - Dag siden
its crazy to think how the mclaren's team changed from authority and hierarchy back in Button days to friends working together now. hats off
Disgusting Milky Water.
Disgusting Milky Water. - Dag siden
12:56, Stornoway Gray or maybe Gunmetal Grey come to mind when Daniel says Pastel Gray, I could be wrong but that’s what I think...
Tobias F-S
Tobias F-S - Dag siden
Thank you for this:)
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle - Dag siden
I'd love to see McLaren up the pointy end again, not least because of Daniel and Lando. If I'm being honest, the dream is for every team in the mix, every weekend.
Flynn WiniPlexX
Flynn WiniPlexX - Dag siden
14:21 that downshift tho
Konrad Ksionek
Konrad Ksionek - Dag siden
But sun hasn't died
Rohan - Dag siden
Those angles look so cool with a cinematic lens
14k_Lxst - Dag siden
Best car
Evans Septiano
Evans Septiano - Dag siden