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Blue Chip
Blue Chip - 13 timer siden
Maybe that second season could be The Visions from 2016 Tom King
ytutyutuyt tyutyutuytyut
ytutyutuyt tyutyutuytyut - 13 timer siden
ytutyutuyt tyutyutuytyut
ytutyutuyt tyutyutuytyut - 13 timer siden
Ninjhetto NLK3
Ninjhetto NLK3 - 13 timer siden
Carbon rings... biology... hexagon... the Hex... Scarlet Witch... MUTANTS!!!
gururaven - 13 timer siden
You lost me at the Gina Carano attack...
Livster Love
Livster Love - 13 timer siden
I am here for that X-men wedding 😂😂
adela paz
adela paz - 13 timer siden
Teyonah Parris 😍
Leo Lyin
Leo Lyin - 13 timer siden
Magneto is coming 🧲
JaeNice13 - 13 timer siden
Blue. Marvel. Will. Smith.
Steven Close
Steven Close - 13 timer siden
I feel like wandavision overall, and acting is getting worse as it moves along.
Ty Shhmoney
Ty Shhmoney - 13 timer siden
Maybe the snap and the blip activated an X gene
Joey Hernz
Joey Hernz - 13 timer siden
9 more hours guys!
JOHN : - 13 timer siden
All hail mcu just not dc 🗑️
Evie Z
Evie Z - 13 timer siden
Yes Dorian’s idea of Agent Wu and Darcy! They are my favorite characters 🥰
Jamie Pape
Jamie Pape - 13 timer siden
Electra... Psylock!
podcastbard - 13 timer siden
Nicolas Cage as Ghostrider.
Christopher Selby
Christopher Selby - 13 timer siden
Muh-fest-o! LOL!
Iron Mat
Iron Mat - 13 timer siden
How Eric's description of Bang energy is very very unsettling.
anthony cerrato
anthony cerrato - 13 timer siden
I think mifisto can’t be quicksilver because if the boys are shards of mifisto that’s a little to much incest lmao
Fidel Pablo
Fidel Pablo - 13 timer siden
Yes.. before westview
Ollie Jallad
Ollie Jallad - 13 timer siden
I definitely think fortnite has something to do with this fortune has a marvel based season and you said that something might have interfered with the travel 2 minutes in but in fortnite when you go into the zero point with something you lose it and sometimes you body changes it duplicates and changes into a different stile so do you recon that that has something to do with Wanda vision and Loki the name of the season is nexus war too if you wanted to know
Bronson Hoani
Bronson Hoani - 13 timer siden
Erik love your work mate, do you think there’s a possibility that DOTTI is a witch . Arcanna Jones ?
N Y - 13 timer siden
World is flat people. Don’t let the sheep’s deceive you.
Alexpickups - 13 timer siden
Please don’t connect Disney+ to the mcu.
Maurice Davison
Maurice Davison - 13 timer siden
I think we will get the all white vision at the end!
podcastbard - 13 timer siden
So the multiverse will be Sliders.
Ty Shhmoney
Ty Shhmoney - 13 timer siden
Peep how Monica can see the same energy waves on the power lines coming from the stars in space 👀👀👀
Brock Ormond
Brock Ormond - 13 timer siden
4:05. Well if we REALLY going for the 6 route, Sinister Six. Also this the MCU universe had 6 Infinity Stones and those are said to have made the universe...
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson - 13 timer siden
Vision: The MCU's version of Krillin.
22mx - 13 timer siden
The infinity stones couldn't have been destroyed, they likely were just turned into small atoms or particles, as they're just energy.
Ghost of my Soul
Ghost of my Soul - 13 timer siden
also the twins age themselves up after agnes (agatha) sprays the "lavender" on them ... interesting.
Wilson Ruleman
Wilson Ruleman - 13 timer siden
Harry Potter went there after getting killed by voldemort. He had a huddle with family when he used the resurrection stone
BSP Drawings & Designs
BSP Drawings & Designs - 13 timer siden
@newrockstars did you notice the bloody tarp in the basement
Paul Halpin
Paul Halpin - 14 timer siden
Eric.. has Paul Bettany worked with Hugh Jackman? Could wolverine make an appearance?
Ethan Lehmann
Ethan Lehmann - 14 timer siden
Did no one hear the rabbit purring?
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada - 14 timer siden
Pee Wee Herman as Galactus
Ghost of my Soul
Ghost of my Soul - 14 timer siden
in this episode, wanda tells agnes she's a "life saver" ... a hint about the dark magic making vision appear alive?
MrKMilano - 14 timer siden
A round of applause for Patrick Stewart's as Professor X's cameo.
Edward Rodriguez
Edward Rodriguez - 14 timer siden
Agatha killed Sparky....she's 100% bad
the Misfit JAX
the Misfit JAX - 14 timer siden
Also it was a masters of the universe lunchbox not xmen
Jeff - 14 timer siden
Here is a rogue theory.. ant-man's business partner Louis was not snapped and in the 5 years he turned ex-con into a multimillion-dollar business .
Bray Burton
Bray Burton - 14 timer siden
Hey Erick you make my day better with these videos!
PH1Johan - 14 timer siden
Erik is like the wong when talks all marvel
the Misfit JAX
the Misfit JAX - 14 timer siden
This movie had my adhd go wild thank you for this I can watch this movie a little more calmer now knowing this.
ARandomPerson - 14 timer siden
I just want a Jimmy and Darcy spin-off. Would be cool if Monica was in it too.
Niles Rodriguez
Niles Rodriguez - 14 timer siden
I think Pietro is Señor Scratchy because in episode 6 Pietro buggin out like a rabbit in the very beginning of the episode!
Sparky Santos
Sparky Santos - 14 timer siden
I think Vision makes it out via the hex replacing the Mind Stone, and that the Luke Skywalker moment cameo needs Mark Hamill as “Nightmare” devolving into Chthon as the result of the above. As Darcy says - the love is real. And as it creates chaos - Chthon is going to support our duo over Agatha & Ralph.
Andrew Manzani
Andrew Manzani - 14 timer siden
Professor Xavier’s school is pretty dang close to WestView, i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what triggers X-men intervention.
Binoy Kapadia
Binoy Kapadia - 14 timer siden
has anyone figured out the exact chemical compounds., rusty on my organic chemistry..... but might be worth it to determine the exact chemical compound
Hiccup Hufflepuff
Hiccup Hufflepuff - 14 timer siden
If Sony could barely get the details of Endgame out of Marvel for Far From Home, what do you think are the odds they actually knew what they were doing when they had the teacher calling "witches?"
Daniel Paquet
Daniel Paquet - 14 timer siden
we've seen that Asgard is flat in the MCU. but we've also seen most other planets are round in shape in the MCU
Youtube Shadow banned
Youtube Shadow banned - 14 timer siden
Winter soldier is by far and away the best film The worst is either captain spastic(marvel) or lion king (black panther)
Tyler Welch
Tyler Welch - 14 timer siden
Is there 8 of 9 episodes?
Cold Weekend Podcast
Cold Weekend Podcast - 14 timer siden
I think vision was used to make the hex
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris - 14 timer siden
Bit random but iv just noticed that Agnes house is 2802....and thats the house that dottie comes out of and hosts the get together thing in episode 2....🤔🤔🤔
Nathan George Duffy
Nathan George Duffy - 14 timer siden
remember when magneto said "I betrayed them" they need to do that with wanda that would make my year
Felix Castro
Felix Castro - 14 timer siden
And the glitching was from the movie with Miles Morales the spider verse
Sergio Diaz
Sergio Diaz - 14 timer siden
I just wish they can hire real martial artists for martial artists roles.
Adrian Manning
Adrian Manning - 14 timer siden
Wasn’t Agatha petting Senior Scratchy at the end, so if the post credit scene was “right after” how could Evan Peters be the rabbit?
John Wick
John Wick - 14 timer siden
Bruh poor Vision, 3 deaths in a row.
[ _ ]
[ _ ] - 14 timer siden
I'm surprised you don't like to the trailer in the description to help guide eyes to the work your commenting on, or am I missing it?
Steven Page
Steven Page - 14 timer siden
Vision cannot be the MCU version of Kenny from Southpark!
Rebk_TineoG - 14 timer siden
Yes, yes! Jimmy and Darcy spin-off!
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - 14 timer siden
Did no one look at Tom Holland shirt? It says find X, and then it’s circled and says “found it”. It could just be a nerd joke shirt, but I think it’s a reference that the X-Men are definitely joining the MCU. Am I the only one that saw this?
Michael Clark
Michael Clark - 14 timer siden
JohnnyMartini - 14 timer siden
Wait if the whole world becomes engulfed by the hex, then that would mean that Vision would technically be alive again
adrian beltran
adrian beltran - 14 timer siden
Why are you gae
Fanatic Gaming
Fanatic Gaming - 14 timer siden
I'm really sus about Bang's marketing strategy. Caffeine is an addictive chemical and they have the drinks named littleraly rainbow unicorn.
Facebook User
Facebook User - 14 timer siden
The thing with the cameo is that Paul Bettany says its an actor hes wanted to work with, "his entire life."
cheesy beans
cheesy beans - 14 timer siden
hi i am a literal tin of beans
Tad Simmons
Tad Simmons - 14 timer siden
Marvel's X-FIles, featuring Jimmy and Darcy
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar - 14 timer siden
Lego Marvel superheroes 2 That’s all I have to say
Claude Oliver
Claude Oliver - 14 timer siden
Who's here sad because WandaVision is ending next week? Cause I am. I need tissue right now, I'm crying. 😭
Lord Binks
Lord Binks - 14 timer siden
Hears a theory agatha took the evan peters quicksilver from the fox universe and mind controlled him
Paul Halpin
Paul Halpin - 14 timer siden
Danielle reminds me of Alison Brie.
Tom Owl
Tom Owl - 14 timer siden
Mark Hamil as Nightmare would be dope.
From Pluto
From Pluto - 14 timer siden
Aga-therapist, I LIKE IT! 😂
bovver bovril
bovver bovril - 14 timer siden
Cameo at the end, mark hamill as nightmare. after that is a luke skywalker sized cameo 😂
fatsun8 - 14 timer siden
Blackout Freddy
Blackout Freddy - 14 timer siden
Lil' Timmy and the dick brigade