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Santanu Sk
Santanu Sk - 10 timer siden
" yeah they're out of the champion's league, yeah they're not what they used to be". Sums up Manchester United under a happy to be here manager. How many times would you fail in life with that mentality?
Tyrone berl Powell
Tyrone berl Powell - 10 timer siden
Thank you Craig somebody needs to say it ed Woodward and the glazers dont have a clue about football
Alan Delo
Alan Delo - 10 timer siden
I agree with Craig all day
Bar Durh
Bar Durh - 10 timer siden
I’ve watched 3 videos of burley speaking about united past couple of days and this is the most spot on he’s been. He alright?🤣
JayB Producer
JayB Producer - 10 timer siden
I like Craig for speaking facts....makes me laugh these ole sexuals think ole will come good....our fans have to be the most delusional in football
ZINAN - 10 timer siden
We’ve missed a United rant from Burley, Thanks ESPN
mark andrews
mark andrews - 10 timer siden
It isn't Woodward's fault it is that guy who runs the Chelsea website he is the cause of all Utd's problems apparently. 🤣
Stanley Enemuo
Stanley Enemuo - 10 timer siden
The only people on espn without the pogba agenda bias.
Santanu Sk
Santanu Sk - 10 timer siden
If Woodward's saying these positive words then a sack is enroute.
The Shepherd
The Shepherd - 10 timer siden
People been saying this for years tbh
Sports Fervour
Sports Fervour - 10 timer siden
Best title yet!!
OB1 TV - 10 timer siden
This isn’t anything new we’ve known this for years
Aryan Awasthi
Aryan Awasthi - 10 timer siden
I agree with Craig Our investment in terms of money spent on transfers has been similar to City since Sir Alex retired. The difference is that they have a director of football and actually spend money smartly. We don't. Hence, we never seem to be competitive.
manU pastor
manU pastor - 10 timer siden
Man United has had 2 pandemics, corona virus and the Glazers.
The Barca Central - News & Match Reactions
The Barca Central - News & Match Reactions - 10 timer siden
Bankers managing a football club. It was never gonna make United better a football club.
Xavi - 10 timer siden
Understatement of the century
Harshit Kapoor
Harshit Kapoor - 10 timer siden
Almost first I am always first idc anyways
Scratch The Surface
Scratch The Surface - 10 timer siden
Pundits, people in the media and individuals in comment sections all give grief to either Messi or Ronaldo in these types of scenarios. Yet, they have never even achieved 1% of what both of them have. Barcelona is a shambles right now. Ronaldo does turn up in big games, stats don't lie and the goals he has scored aren't simple tap ins or penalties either. Yes some, but it's by no coincidence it's always him. Dont be ignorant. Go and look for yourself at some of the amazing goals he has scored. Heck! It was only a season or two ago Ronaldo buried a hat-trick against Athletico Madrid, and I dont see anybody criticising Messi's track record of penalty taking in the process either. Nor do I see any 'Ronaldo fans' actually having the humility to admit that Messi is in an awful team right now, and despite Messi being one of, if not, the best dribbler and passer of all time, far better than Ronaldo at least, still can't score or assist against opponents, so it definitely isn't his fault either. Appreciate greatness.
ras power
ras power - 11 timer siden
Which team dont depend on its best players?????
Gabriel Chin
Gabriel Chin - 11 timer siden
Good teams tie up the title with a few games to spare. This team depended on goal difference.
Inderjit Singh
Inderjit Singh - 11 timer siden
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 - 11 timer siden
Well Craig if a guy is literally trying to break your legs wouldn't you complain to the ref, instead you sitting there blaming Fernandes like that's his fault !!!
New ERA - 11 timer siden
As they play today, Barça play around Messi, he shifts their rhythm, connects Midfield and attack and finds attack solutions. The others do too but they depend on him to create space and shift the rythm (because he can do it like nobody else). They need, 2 heavy Midfielders (Full Grown Dragons) a top 9 who can score blindfolded and may be Messi can rest.
Yousvel Lormeus
Yousvel Lormeus - 11 timer siden
Barca is in financial difficulty because of wasting money on other players. Not because of Messi.
David Gallegos
David Gallegos - 11 timer siden
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Country Roads
Country Roads - 11 timer siden
Sid the professor
Kaneki uWu
Kaneki uWu - 12 timer siden
I think people should stop getting to hyped up about this performance, yes the team played amazing, koemans tactics were spot on and it was a great comeback.. However throughout the season, alba, pique, busquets, lenglet etc havent been amazing for the majority of the season.. The other day they were perfect for the most part.. 1 great game shouldn't cloud people's judgement imo
Senninha mcl
Senninha mcl - 12 timer siden
Without Fernandes, Ole would have been sacked long ago. Fernandes keep saving his job. very simple.
Tonio O'Neill
Tonio O'Neill - 12 timer siden
Klopp out!
Roon Tarorn
Roon Tarorn - 12 timer siden
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Needham Southerland
Needham Southerland - 12 timer siden
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H.S - 12 timer siden
Griezmann not performing in champions ligue and la Kiga...not a good fit for Barcelona.. must sell him
MTC MCMXCI - 12 timer siden
Atleticooooo vamos 💪🏼
CVM Gaming
CVM Gaming - 12 timer siden
Utd play too defensive.
Needham Southerland
Needham Southerland - 12 timer siden
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Octavian - 12 timer siden
Liverpool crumbling. I love to see it.
pk_1 - 12 timer siden
Dodi Aguswandi
Dodi Aguswandi - 12 timer siden
As neutral fans I just wishing to see both team attack each other doesn’t really matter who’s winning it.
Demba Guite
Demba Guite - 12 timer siden
In my opinion he’s really turn back to the community
Voider Kid
Voider Kid - 13 timer siden
What bout van persie?
Gaming Subway
Gaming Subway - 13 timer siden
Liverpool is missing a lot of players and they've been worse than Juve. It happens when you are missing your key players.
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington - 13 timer siden
Spurs are going to win Europa league and maybe Liverpool or more likely Man City will Champions League. If Man City wins the Champions League he’ll be off to Barça!
Kdoe 1994
Kdoe 1994 - 13 timer siden
Worst commentators in US smh
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic - 13 timer siden
Ohh yeah she is glowing
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington - 13 timer siden
Top 10 will be: 1) Man City 2) Leicester 3) Chelsea 4) Man Utd 5) Spurs 6) Everton 7) Liverpool 8) Arsenal 9) Southampton 10) Aston Villa
Dwayne Rodney
Dwayne Rodney - 13 timer siden
Still get goosebumps everytime I watch it!!!! Its a Blue Moon!!
Baraka Mandi
Baraka Mandi - 13 timer siden
Gundogan 2 goals tomorrow
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington - 13 timer siden
Poor defence simple! They have no defence depth and they need that! Hey another 2 CBS that are semi- world class and that’s it! Thiago has been class and the fall isn’t his point. They need a new DM, 2x CBs and that’s it! And if Salah goes then they’ll get someone else in! As for Tuchel- he’s not special. He’ll win the league next year and then get fired like Sarri, Conte and that’s it! Tuchel only wants one job- BVB!
Jonathan Tjitro
Jonathan Tjitro - 14 timer siden
he has been unreliable this season
JP Slayermayor
JP Slayermayor - 14 timer siden
Mustafa should be ashamed leaving young Simba poorly defended in the African pridelands league. And just to play clearly average football with Mainz?
I НАТЁ AИIМЕ АИD БОТS - 14 timer siden
He should stay, we still need him
Kakli sarangi
Kakli sarangi - 14 timer siden
As a Barca fan, I hope Real wins this one.
jack10 -
jack10 - - 14 timer siden
Shakas agenda against Messi actually stinks lmao, so embarrassed for him
Nirjal Shrestha
Nirjal Shrestha - 14 timer siden
4:53 you’re welcome
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du - 14 timer siden
190th comment
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du - 14 timer siden
913th comment
abcfitness - 14 timer siden
I'm surprised she didn't ask him.. Usain bolt or freddy Mercury.. 🤦‍♂️
Pooya - 14 timer siden
Forca barca ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du - 14 timer siden
207th comment Manchester United win game 5 2
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du - 14 timer siden
166th comment
Tarim Ulhaq
Tarim Ulhaq - 14 timer siden
Are we gonna skip over the “you’d take 1 goal a game right now”
Nathaniel Abbate
Nathaniel Abbate - 14 timer siden
This host isn't good. Bring back Dan
John Stone
John Stone - 15 timer siden
Put it on a plater for Alexis
Alex Gillan
Alex Gillan - 15 timer siden
Craig Burley’s pundit ability matches his football ability “useless”
Sam - 15 timer siden
The league has already slipped away. In the player's mind is like what is left to play for now, top four? No thanks
Dean Hannah
Dean Hannah - 15 timer siden
Hey I play better with good players around me. Everyone shines when surrounded by great players! That ain't rocket science to figure out. Its the truly great players that shine when no one else around them does and they do it week in and week out consistently. The only thing pogba is consistent about is his inconsistent form. Oh and his griping and whining like an 8 year old girl! Surround me with a whole team of super stars and I will shine right along with them. Get rid of that cancer already and let him become someone else's problem. Sell him on the cheap to Palermo or Birmingham a 2nd tier team in Bulgaria! See how much the lazy cancer cell SHINES in those places!
john doe
john doe - 15 timer siden
Klopp done the same at Dortmund. Stubborn to retain the league.
prasanna kumar
prasanna kumar - 15 timer siden
Did they watch whole match or is it just highlights ??
Jordan Leiva
Jordan Leiva - 15 timer siden
Michael Jordan doesnt have any rivals when it come to impact and fame ... he surpassed Mohamned Ali at somes points ! i'm a football fan (a huge one) but 1st of all Messi and Cr7 are not the best ever they are just 2 of the best ever but surely not "THE BESTS" and didnt import football abroad, football was already a worldwild sport before them when Michael exported NBA abroad, his impact was beyond sport ! Hollywood literally made movie about him (and it made billions of dollars) i consider MJ as the most famous athlete of all time alongside Ali and i'm not even american (i'm european) Jordan played during the best and thoughest NBA era, nothing to do with the NBA you see today today, comparing NBA today is soft comparing to the NBA era in the 90's !
OLUWASEYI YUSSUF - 15 timer siden
somebodyelseuk - 15 timer siden
I said back in January, once the window shuts, United will regress, because Pogba didn't get a move. Wait around a couple of weeks and there'll be the usual stuff about Pogba sulking, wanting out etc, etc.
Alibobs Marland
Alibobs Marland - 16 timer siden
Bruno turning up for a match against a top six team? Right oh.
bill kevin
bill kevin - 16 timer siden
Yes lol. He is Lionel Messi.
M rashed
M rashed - 16 timer siden
They keep talking about injuries 😂
SOK TAU BOLA TV - 16 timer siden
That's belgian for you
M H - 16 timer siden
Let's keep it real: Messi sucks without Iniesta and Xavi.
jes wes
jes wes - 16 timer siden
As a city fan the only bad thing with new owners was seeing players like micha and onuoha dident get to play... thats why its wonderfull seeing young players like Foden doyle harwood belis delap
Adnan Hasan
Adnan Hasan - 16 timer siden
Saka is absoulutely right. Klopp doesn't want to change the system. By withdrwing Fab and Hendo from the midfield, Klopp has lost control in the midfield. I guess Klopp has issue of accepting the fact he made a mistake regarding Fab and Hendo. I do understand their centre backs are absent, but pls allow Nat, kabak, Davies to play at the defence. If you have a good midfield, it will eventually take some of the pressure off from the defence.
David Gallegos
David Gallegos - 16 timer siden
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sai shashank
sai shashank - 16 timer siden
Every game between big6 disappointed except 6-1 manu-tot.