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I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, please subscribe if you feel like I earned it.

Contact: I currently get lots of correspondence so please forgive me if I'm unable to reply. I mean well, but want to focus on being a better Dad.

MelodynRime - 10 timer siden
They should have cut off the barb, secured it in place and rushed him to the hospital. He never should have pulled it out. Very sad.
Muhammad Faiz Khawarizmi
Muhammad Faiz Khawarizmi - 10 timer siden
Shane Sloan
Shane Sloan - 10 timer siden
at 35:06 that was a loud noise and I have headphones on!
Yololo - 10 timer siden
Y3arZer0 - 10 timer siden
That sandbox is insane.. also it's declassified. Imagine what they actually use.
MrMrMrMrMrT - 11 timer siden
Dustin met Batman
Personal Account
Personal Account - 11 timer siden
thats cool. BUT, why then does it happen in nature? where is the frequency to deflect and catch come from?
Curt Beloy
Curt Beloy - 11 timer siden
this guy is awesome. thanks so much for the great tour!
Dani Walmsley
Dani Walmsley - 11 timer siden
I remember getting of the plane at Huntsville, I was chatting with this really nice american guy (duh sorry I'm british) and he's driving and I look out the window and its night and I see the rocket park lit and it was beautiful. Seeing the Saturn V at night all lit uo is a memory I'll never forget. I was like 14 nothing could top thatfor a space nerd
Anak Gabut
Anak Gabut - 12 timer siden
The loudest submarine?
wabs05 - 12 timer siden
So interesting thank you! Will discuss this electrolysis method in my science class
lance1283 - 12 timer siden
Are those sliding surfaces lining the chamber UHMW?
Emil P
Emil P - 12 timer siden
1:44 amogus
Soljuk - 12 timer siden
Love how 99% of Australia is whipper snipper
B Person
B Person - 12 timer siden
Do they sing "happy birthday" when they light the candles?
The Dominator
The Dominator - 12 timer siden
What is this language where you call it a bloody ‘weed eater’
lance1283 - 12 timer siden
Funny. My dad is a CA transplant from Michigan. He’s always called it a weed whacker. And I always have because of him.
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray - 12 timer siden
All you need is a bit of greenery - plants produce oxygen and consume CO2 although....a bit hard without sunlight.
Hey Ho
Hey Ho - 12 timer siden
3:33 Who else thought they had a massage area
Roke Studios
Roke Studios - 12 timer siden
como es que no entiendo nada de lo que dice pero logro entender todo lo que explica xdxd
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua - 13 timer siden
Noflik - 13 timer siden
Why did I watch this, omg lmao
Apple Snake
Apple Snake - 13 timer siden
Bharat Kumar Bellamkonda
Bharat Kumar Bellamkonda - 13 timer siden
class Delta fire. I like the sound of it.
Bharat Kumar Bellamkonda
Bharat Kumar Bellamkonda - 13 timer siden
this video is appearing in my recommendations for than a month. I finally clicked it and liked it. NOburn never fails to amaze.
TheLastCrankers - 13 timer siden
as an automation student, the graph at 8:17 is just amazing as an example of an impulse and an inertial object with integrating (or whatever its called in english) I could look at this all day
Conal Fawcett
Conal Fawcett - 13 timer siden
That's amazing. I really did learn something.
Curtin Parsons
Curtin Parsons - 14 timer siden
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TheFurryDoc - 14 timer siden
Paul Foran
Paul Foran - 14 timer siden
I have girls aged 7,9 and 12. my two youngest were watching this video and were amazed with how rockets are made. one asked me could you open the large entrance door. LOL
Australia Made since 1981
Australia Made since 1981 - 14 timer siden
Im 39 and this is still wow to me
Lau Da
Lau Da - 14 timer siden
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Alpha Deze
Alpha Deze - 14 timer siden
Wow good job ghost buster!
Sheik S
Sheik S - 14 timer siden
I learn more information about your tips
Myungsunn Ryu
Myungsunn Ryu - 14 timer siden
Taking Coriolis effect into consideration could have win you the debate, but you have earned greater wisdom. Wisdom for me, too.
Naveen Paraparan
Naveen Paraparan - 15 timer siden
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ramakrishna pilligundla
ramakrishna pilligundla - 15 timer siden
Animal lovers be life it's CATastrophic.
Hespian Yeahboy
Hespian Yeahboy - 15 timer siden
Every day we learn things. This is a new day!
only pain
only pain - 15 timer siden
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mike jones
mike jones - 15 timer siden
I want to work for this man
only pain
only pain - 15 timer siden
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lanuk - 16 timer siden
will it make any difference if the pulleys are of different diameter?
only pain
only pain - 16 timer siden
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Joe D
Joe D - 16 timer siden
This was an amazing video
Cameron Parrett
Cameron Parrett - 16 timer siden
Most of the comments are by nerds trying to be funny, eg. i said this......someone else said fing boring
Tyler Levy
Tyler Levy - 16 timer siden
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Tyler Levy
Tyler Levy - 16 timer siden
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MC Oz - 16 timer siden
💯💪🏼‼️ LOVE your reference of TRUTH at the end, bro‼️ ☝🏼 🙌🏼 🙏🏼 LUKE 14:11
Fenrir Nobody
Fenrir Nobody - 16 timer siden
When he said it was "self oxidizing", I realized it was a form of thermite reaction, where O2 was an output of the reaction, released into the atmosphere. Amazing.
The1stMagnum Emir Terra Menkure El-LeNoir
The1stMagnum Emir Terra Menkure El-LeNoir - 16 timer siden
47:45 - Look look look! Finally saw a black man that's not an entertainer or an athlete. Thank God!
Sniperbuddy Dex
Sniperbuddy Dex - 16 timer siden
i dont understand to it... so they are making oxy-hydrogen gas and separating hydrogen and breathable oxygen? because otherwise they could die due to poisoning from "browns gas" and i thought that this process of electrolysis is able to use only in welding technique or cars and not even thinked about it can be used as oxygen generator to submarines. nice video
dsfgh zxc
dsfgh zxc - 16 timer siden
so... the mea doesn't scrub the carbon off of the co2... it actually takes the co2 out of the air
rollonbc - 16 timer siden
What happens to the co with the lithium hydroxide method?
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - 16 timer siden
starts out like a cheesy open world game
emma - 17 timer siden
Fun fact 6 years later: while people at first think that when you tattoo someone you are pushing ink into the skin but you are not. You are pushing the needle into skin and leaving a hole then the ink flows into the hole and stays there
edgar tovar
edgar tovar - 17 timer siden
My dearest, why are you sucking his ping pully systems are acting as a “hand” to pick up or pull something. Another ex. Would be as if a person where to dangle on a tree and his legs would freely hang. And his friend just so hanpsly also dangles but holding off to his friends leg,
GIBS Horse Training
GIBS Horse Training - 17 timer siden
God bless you bro. Stay humble and kind. 7.2G, the Lord Jesus will lift you up.
Silvia Fox
Silvia Fox - 18 timer siden
Fun Fact: We are capable of scrubbing the CO2 out of this planet's atmosphere similarly to the way described in this video in amounts equal to or greater than what we produce. We have already built and used facilities to do such, with the largest currently being built in Texas. It is a 1 Megaton atmospheric CO2 plant, which is the equivalent of 14,000,000 trees in that one CO2 plant. It works great and we would only need 40,000 of those facilities across the world to capture all of the CO2 produced on Earth. Sadly all our anti-CO2 funding is going into monetarily inefficient "green ideas" hyped by the mainstream environmentalists funded by certain institutions focused on selfish goals which are not going to help the majority of our people prosper while keeping our environment healthy.
Who Cares
Who Cares - 18 timer siden
Dude, you only needed to do it once to explain. What is actually wrong with you?
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam - 18 timer siden
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Dalton Cloninger
Dalton Cloninger - 18 timer siden
The Clinkers are named after an old blacksmithing term. When a blacksmith burns coal, some of the coal's impurities cant burn and are left behind, so you end up with a chunk of hard rock like materials in your forge. But when those chunks fall in your forge blowing fan they will "clink" around until settling or falling out.
Hind Bezzayer
Hind Bezzayer - 18 timer siden
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Corbin Beaupre
Corbin Beaupre - 18 timer siden
bro u can see the energy on it like something from naruto lol
Connor Matthews
Connor Matthews - 18 timer siden
ASMRter everyday
GrayFish - 18 timer siden
Should use this to throw the first pitch at a baseball game
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone - 19 timer siden
You will end up a female if you go down that tube too many times.
goatflieg - 19 timer siden
Adam Savage sent me. Watched a few leading up to this and subscribed. I wish I could be a Patreon supporter (I already support Flight Chops, The Finer Points and Mike Olbinsky) but I'm building an airplane that is shredding my budget right now. Maybe someday... meanwhile I'll keep watching and liking. Thanks for some great content.
Jeffstan F
Jeffstan F - 19 timer siden
Oxygen not included. Both way applied.
Leo - 19 timer siden
8:50 - Looks like you caught him with a tobacco dip in his mouth. Would explain why they were both acting funny, lol.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez - 19 timer siden
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Leo - 19 timer siden
YOU, SmarterEveryDay, NEED TO GO TO THE MOON W/SPACEX in 2023. Go Register ASAP.
EMIERE COGSWELL - 19 timer siden
put glass next song
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer - 19 timer siden
7:40 gravity doesnt pull us down.... it pushes us down 👍
Open your eyes
Open your eyes - 19 timer siden
4:40 the dude in the back lol
Greg Zapp
Greg Zapp - 19 timer siden
The safety protocols in place to keep that nail head from lightly brushing up against the candle tho..
ֆɨʀ ʐɮɛǟʀ ȶɦɛ ǟաɛֆօʍɛ ֆքǟƈɛ ɛӼքʟօʀɛʀ
ֆɨʀ ʐɮɛǟʀ ȶɦɛ ǟաɛֆօʍɛ ֆքǟƈɛ ɛӼքʟօʀɛʀ - 20 timer siden
5:38 ball be like, "Hey Destin guess what, I'm molting!" while rolling happily towards him
srly09 - 20 timer siden
This is bloody fascinating!
Meme Review
Meme Review - 20 timer siden
You wont believe this but cats can actually survive falling from 20 floor building
MrKlassic - 20 timer siden
For reasons I'm sure some cultured people will know, I really wish he named the dummy Leon instead of Bob.
Bryan Overton
Bryan Overton - 20 timer siden
"We own practically 90% of the boat" I'm sure that TM div and M div totally agree with that statement.