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manny s
manny s - 6 minutter siden
Glad you didn't hop off that cliff bro! don't feel bad about shedding a tear.... heck I've stubbed my toe and bawled like a lil baby lol! Thanks brotha... we all deserve to be happy!!!
Aurora Palmer
Aurora Palmer - 6 minutter siden
"i do do that all the time" "do you?" "no."
Ellie Fletcher
Ellie Fletcher - 7 minutter siden
The boris one was spot on, the hand gestures, the speech, the accent😂👌🏻
Allen Nasty3cw
Allen Nasty3cw - 8 minutter siden
This guy is a baddass, Superman , he's not dieing, he gave death the finger, and said Fuck you death, not today. He's a gangster.
Patrick Russell
Patrick Russell - 14 minutter siden
If the earth was really flat, do you know how many people would have to be part of that "cult" you speak of. Every person who works at any job that has to do with space or gravity or anyone who has been around the world. anyone who works in a government job. schools. Millions on millions of people would have to be lying everyday. If this was actually true, someone at some point would slip up and tell someone. This guy sounds like a child. GET HELP
Simple JACK
Simple JACK - 39 minutter siden
The real hero's! The unnamed ones! Thank you! We forget how fortunate we are until we here their stories!
Jay Izzett
Jay Izzett - 39 minutter siden
lord lucan
lord lucan - 45 minutter siden
True fact...Snipers enjoy killing, but the world remains unchanged.
Heinrich - 53 minutter siden
Thats Our representation of christianity?? No Front We are fricked
Neil Goss
Neil Goss - Time siden
If you want to know more about Noel ‘razor’ smith, I would highly recommend his autobiography ‘a few kind words and a loaded gun’ a very interesting and complicated character, and a really good read.
Zared Xytes
Zared Xytes - Time siden
I may apply for a question of mine(did that sound cool?no ok)anyways, what believing that the Earth is flat proves anyways ahmmmmmmmmm
mannik5 - Time siden
Craig, the sacrifices you have made to suppress tyranny and promote freedom is a hero's work. A job that most people could not ever physically or mentally accomplish. As a Navy Corpsman, having been deployed to the sandbox and seeing the devastation caused by war first hand, and knowing the actions soldiers take to protect their own along with innocent civilians, understand the sentiment that you are "just doing your job." A soldier would never claim the hero's title, but take comfort in knowing that most of the free world considers you to be just that. A Hero! Your story is amazing and thank you for sharing because I know reliving those memories are a difficulty most will never understand. Lastly, I think it appropriate to recognize the sacrifices that your wife and family has made. The group of individuals that truly understand the impact from the support of family and loved ones is the deployed soldier. It is that unity which connects us to normalcy and some sense of reality when faced with such adversity and trauma. Those at home waiting and worrying for our safe return are heroes of epic proportions. Without them we are nothing. Thank you again for sharing. BRAVO ZULU to you and your family.
Heaven Dragon Clan - HDC
Heaven Dragon Clan - HDC - Time siden
If other woman are scared that you as a porn star take away their men, it says more about themselves than about you.
Heaven Dragon Clan - HDC
Heaven Dragon Clan - HDC - Time siden
Congratulations on 1m subs 🎊🎉🎉
Andrew Boundy
Andrew Boundy - Time siden
Smart, well-spoken, educated and experienced lady right there. A pleasure to listen.
Daniel Filja
Daniel Filja - Time siden
Im so sory but is just me or his one of his eyes is a bit in the side
w reillies
w reillies - Time siden
War never changes
Cassius Crassus
Cassius Crassus - Time siden
Rural China seems like just as much of a shithole as North Korea
Lord Papi Darkwing
Lord Papi Darkwing - Time siden
You can tell, as much as he may have seen and done, the younger fella is humbled to be talking to a world war survivor. I think any modern soldier would be
Mollie Mccaffery pedder
Mollie Mccaffery pedder - Time siden
My comfort video
James Field
James Field - Time siden
Austin Powers with a scream WTF!!! They so nice together ha ha
Nikki London
Nikki London - Time siden
Wow 😳
Joshua Nutland
Joshua Nutland - Time siden
Seeing some of these comments is just sickening. This man has open up about something that troubles a lot of ex soldiers and unfortunately they aren’t as lucky to have something or someone to save them. They do what’s required of them for their country and as soon as they aren’t required they are cast aside like they were nothing. These men and women need more in getting the help they need. It can’t of been easy at all as shown to open up about past memories that most likely haunt him everyday.
mattia M.
mattia M. - Time siden
USA: invading countries for resources with the excuse of peace and freedom Us citizens: we need money to live USA: well well, I think I've work for you to do... Poor people, brainwashed soldiers who thinks they are killing for freedom...instead they are doing that for oil and resources...
David Wootton
David Wootton - Time siden
I can understand her pain. My cousin has Tourettes, and he shakes so much that I don't think he drives any more. But he has a brilliant brain, and works as a Banker. Don't let the BS Troll's wear you down.
Bird - Time siden
She is smart af.
Deadly Vomby
Deadly Vomby - Time siden
They were the same as us.
Wendy To
Wendy To - Time siden
He gained all my respect.
The change I’m seeking
The change I’m seeking - Time siden
It has actually been known that the Earth was round since the time of the ancient Greeks. I believe that it was Pythagoras who first proposed that the Earth was round sometime around 500 B.C. As I recall, he based his idea on the fact that he showed the Moon must be round by observing the shape of the terminator (the line between the part of the Moon in light and the part of the Moon in the dark) as it moved through its orbital cycle. Pythagoras reasoned that if the Moon was round, then the Earth must be round as well. After that, sometime between 500 B.C. and 430 B.C., a fellow called Anaxagoras determined the true cause of solar and lunar eclipses - and then the shape of the Earth's shadow on the Moon during a lunar eclipse was also used as evidence that the Earth was round. Around 350 BC, the great Aristotle declared that the Earth was a sphere (based on observations he made about which constellations you could see in the sky as you travelled further and further away from the equator) and during the next hundred years or so, Aristarchus and Eratosthenes actually measured the size of the Earth!
If the earth is flat how do we have a core and how do we get warmer? Also if the earth was flat the ocean would drain into space also if we don't know what space is what are stars.
Edwin Dude
Edwin Dude - Time siden
The spirit level is for VBA not to keep the rifle flat. Targets can be at a different altitude. He’s a pongo so he’s not that shit hot.
TboneSaMa - Time siden
She is beautiful from in and outside. Bless her
Zulisian - 2 timer siden
What a story, what a strong woman, amazing and inspirational. No matter how bad it can be, you can make it.
Suheel Qaderi
Suheel Qaderi - 2 timer siden
search up dr joe dispenza. He can help
Dirk Theodale
Dirk Theodale - 2 timer siden
1000 downvotes..... I find that bizarre.
Cory Koski
Cory Koski - 2 timer siden
Anita is awesome. She's so flippin' smart, such a heroic crusader, and a great role model.
Chad Frankhouser
Chad Frankhouser - 2 timer siden
Oh boy, he discredits himself simply by wearing a Yankees hat and a Bulls shirt. Is he wearing Cowboy sweats, and Norte Dame undies?
Nicole Savill
Nicole Savill - 2 timer siden
tom the people who got killed by pythons are never gonna know you said that
Nigel D
Nigel D - 2 timer siden
totally decent people 101
Moe - 2 timer siden
im ballin too bro :_)
Cataclysm BTD6
Cataclysm BTD6 - 2 timer siden
"You've been through quite a lot haven't you" Few sentences in the english will ever match the raw impact this has
Gintare D
Gintare D - 2 timer siden
Who can dislike this video 🙈🙈🙈🙈 amazing man all the best to him
NoobGrandpa - 2 timer siden
4:07 "If i go to west......" *starts drifting to the right* Someone teach him how to use a ruler please
Flyzone H&H
Flyzone H&H - 2 timer siden
It’s very encouraging to see people like her struggle and turn their life around. Gives me hope that I can do the same
Darkmoon Witch
Darkmoon Witch - 2 timer siden
I appreciate people like her. I don't have Tourettes but I have absence seizures and they are a mental strain on my quality of life. Most people don't understand how absence seizures work (because they aren't like a typical/stereotypical seizure with the shaking/convulsing that most people are used to) and most of the time, you'd never even know I was having a seizure. I just remember being a 7-year-old kid and I'd have them in school. My teacher would call on me and I'd have a seizure and this specific teacher thought I was just daydreaming all the time and not paying attention in class. Not only did she call me out in front of the class and yell at me to "Stop daydreaming and pay attention!" but when it happened again, she gave me a "yellow light" (You have green lights for good behavior, yellow as a warning and red light means a call/note home and time out in the back room which was just a dark room with a table and a chair) I was so afraid of that yellow light because I've always been the "green light" kid. This added stress made me "blackout" harder and when she noticed I was "daydreaming" again, she gave me the red light, put me in the backroom, made me write an apology to her for disruptive behavior and to my family, then made me call my mom to tell her why I was in time out. It was all a very embarrassing experience that I think brought on this absolute hatred for school in my later years. I remember later on in life around 12 or 13, I secretly asked the doctor why this was happening because everyone would laugh at me when it happened and it was really just an annoying and frustrating experience. I had almost the same response from my doctor that Anita had for her diagnosis, "You're most likely lacking attention and just looking for that attention. Lots of kids your age do things like that and lots of kids your age daydream in school because they'd rather be somewhere else than school!" So I just shrugged it off for the longest time and assumed I was just daydreaming. If any doctors are reading this, please...please... if you have a child (or heck even an adult!) come in asking you for a diagnosis, please don't tell them they're crazy. Please don't tell them they're imagining things. Involuntary movements and speech such as Anita's experience (or in my case, lack of) are not normal. If you give the diagnosis that a person is just imagining things, just seeking attention, or just daydreaming, you do not deserve to be a doctor and you should have your license revoked. If you care that little about a person's quality of life, don't enter a field where your main priority is the life of the patients'. Anita, I don't know you and I'm sure you probably won't see my comment but I just want to say thank you for putting your story out there. I've seen your videos pop up on occasion and I've watched a few and I am truly happy to see that you're not letting Tourettes run your life. It gives me hope that one day I can get past my anxiety caused by my absence seizures and put myself out there and interact with people a little more, so, thank you for this.
Alexx Baudwhyn
Alexx Baudwhyn - 2 timer siden
Mitch Mcconnell sends his warmest thanks for helping his brethren
Gary Jefferson
Gary Jefferson - 2 timer siden
Incredible man👍❤️❤️
Fierce - 2 timer siden
i hate everyone whos my gender
Justin West
Justin West - 2 timer siden
A world of vanity and superficiality makes for such a shitty existence. The dude grew up with the bully type people which there are A LOT out there. Bless your strength brother! 💪
x1xToasterx1x - 2 timer siden
Amen brother
MrMase - 2 timer siden
I have done 30 hours of my PPL and the instructor that said fly the damn plane was absolutely spot on. You only get one chance in a situation like that
DaRoachDogg Jr
DaRoachDogg Jr - 2 timer siden
the WWII vet seems like a very kind man
Jonathan waugh
Jonathan waugh - 2 timer siden
Sounds like royal marine
Chayanin Tanphiphat
Chayanin Tanphiphat - 2 timer siden
Oh my god the heart that this man has...
MrMase - 2 timer siden
Love it how he did the american accent 😂 Its amazing how humans can perform under pressure and against the clock. Well played sir 👏🏻
FxdeGalaxy // Gaming
FxdeGalaxy // Gaming - 2 timer siden
TimTams and penguins look so similar (im british)
Nox - 2 timer siden
what a legend. like every one who fights for there land/loved ones. Respect
StarMichaelAOZGW nothing
StarMichaelAOZGW nothing - 3 timer siden
Blooper would be nice for this video
Just a human •_•
Just a human •_• - 3 timer siden
My teacher told me about the 9/11 because I wasn't born when it happened, she said her mom or dad was in the 9/11, her mom or dad luckily survived... I feel so bad for all the people that perished And I also feel bad for the survivor's because I can't imagine how traumatized they are... I can't believe they had to go through that, I feel so bad for all of them...
André Loos
André Loos - 3 timer siden
I love you!
aad ithya
aad ithya - 3 timer siden
I hope whoever did this suffers a fate worse than death cuz that’s what they deserve for doing something like this. More power to this woman.
FxdeGalaxy // Gaming
FxdeGalaxy // Gaming - 3 timer siden
its funny how i just watched Chris Pratt and Wll arnett and chris did a impression Hemsworth lol and they both did a dolphin
Zoo Renard
Zoo Renard - 3 timer siden
Am I dead? Because that's what heaven looks like 😍
Arjun Chickering
Arjun Chickering - 3 timer siden
how was live footage photoshoped in the 1960s LOL
Sunny Kang
Sunny Kang - 3 timer siden
Best thing on NOburn.
Arjun Chickering
Arjun Chickering - 3 timer siden
dis dude is using words he dosent understand
Arjun Chickering
Arjun Chickering - 3 timer siden
well if the earth was flat...... couldnt we see africa from the coast of florida?
Engr. - 3 timer siden
What would the scientists get from lying about the shape of the earth?
Arjun Chickering
Arjun Chickering - 3 timer siden
he seems so convinced
Magnus Grande
Magnus Grande - 3 timer siden
These two diserve put deepest respect. Thank you. Both.
FitChik Alina
FitChik Alina - 3 timer siden
Why cant I have a neighbour like you?
Yiiyat Schan
Yiiyat Schan - 3 timer siden
She has a beautiful voice.
Jamie Labbe
Jamie Labbe - 3 timer siden
How can people be so ignorant and stupid
FitChik Alina
FitChik Alina - 3 timer siden
And then suddenly I realized she had the money to support me. It was love at first sight when she opened her .... Purse.
davey M
davey M - 3 timer siden
Steven Martin
Steven Martin - 3 timer siden
Do you think the imposing threat of religion did this to this poor man?
FitChik Alina
FitChik Alina - 3 timer siden
One hell of a MAN, one hell of a true BRIT. The man is legend, I wish I could meet him. All the best in the future Jamie, a true hero and inspiration to us all.
Dick Owner
Dick Owner - 3 timer siden
Who the fuck told, your face looks bad ?? You are just fucking different... Different is good... Bonus.. look at your dressing sense.. you are fucking great
Emily Garside
Emily Garside - 3 timer siden
My nan doesn't offer me Jaffa cakes but that's because I don't like them 😂
D2S - 3 timer siden
Arron Paul: dies Crew: HAHAHAHA