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raj luffy
raj luffy - 8 timer siden
sorry pep but Barcelona gonna win cl this year i have 100% faith in my team
Xia Pete
Xia Pete - 8 timer siden
He’s become a lot more relaxed and likeable since he went to Spurs ,A good run till the end of the season ,now Bales back .
Azhar Gafoor
Azhar Gafoor - 8 timer siden
Top Top man tuchel, Underrated! Hiring Tuchel was a step in the right direction.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams - 8 timer siden
How’s the first Liverpool player that comes to his mind Milan Baros haha
Nico LHR Htwn
Nico LHR Htwn - 9 timer siden
I don't watch cricket but this was good to see ... well done 👏
James - 9 timer siden
Anyone else notice curtis Jones at 00:42???
Anju Kumar
Anju Kumar - 9 timer siden
Very good to see Cruz sad. His commentary in Stipe DC 3 fight was so biased against Stipe.
Irwan Sopian Ramdani
Irwan Sopian Ramdani - 9 timer siden
Smoe ellot
Smoe ellot - 9 timer siden
Erm.... I was expecting a proper burst of laughter but All I got was giggling like school boys, lol
BuckfastConsumer - 9 timer siden
Wow man one of the most exciting fights ever it had everything
Kevin P
Kevin P - 9 timer siden
Why are they not wearing safety gear??
Real OG
Real OG - 9 timer siden
Guys Score A Goal . Had Me Crackin tbh
Damion Fullerton
Damion Fullerton - 9 timer siden
Why is he itching so much 🤣😂
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow - 9 timer siden
Now he's fist in prelims???
Everton Bego
Everton Bego - 9 timer siden
Cada um mereceu o que levou.
Lock Bresnar
Lock Bresnar - 9 timer siden
I just hate the excuses the Conor casuals come up with why he lost. - he had ring rust - his stance wasn’t the same - There wasn’t enough people in the crowd - he didn’t spar with the right gloves - he wasn’t motivated - his fighting style lost him the fight - he will win a rematch - he won the fight, just leg kicks got him (These are all legitimate excuses I’ve seen with my own eyes) The better fighter won, that’s it. No excuses.
lifty swifty
lifty swifty - 9 timer siden
This hurts to watch now
S Mill
S Mill - 9 timer siden
Would like to see this masvidal vs wonderboy
EnkPlayz - 9 timer siden
They missed out Fernando Torress' goal?
Alfred Bici
Alfred Bici - 9 timer siden
Ti aspecto.
Jewbro Afrodude
Jewbro Afrodude - 9 timer siden
Beckham had a nothing career 😂
Elena Ballerini
Elena Ballerini - 9 timer siden
Sorry but red card to Casemiro ? SHAME
John David Beckett
John David Beckett - 9 timer siden
First Premier League i didn't watch because the away team kept on winning & i got sick of it & i got sick of the commentator's saying that the player's can't play without the fan's & it broke my heart not watching this game as normally i would watch this fixture & that has carried on into now as i am still refusing to watch the Premier League game's because of Wednesday 03rd February 2021 when all the away team's won that game even Brighton went to Liverpool & won & that with West Ham winning at Aston Villa & Everton winning at Leeds made me stop watching the Premier League
Toby Templar
Toby Templar - 9 timer siden
3-1 to 3 and ready 3374uehx7u champions Liverpool win the win against Chelsea and son 💙 👏 💪 🙌 😎 👍 💙 👏 💪 🙌 😎 👍 💙 👏 💪 🙌 😎 👍 💙 👏 💪 🙌 😎 👍 💙 👏 9th 9-0 has not seen a series yet and is called
lifty swifty
lifty swifty - 9 timer siden
This is hard to watch now
JGM Editing
JGM Editing - 9 timer siden
Two drug cheats together. No wonder city get away with what they’re doing. Most demanding season in history, yet city look fresh as daises.
MN A - 9 timer siden
let usain bolt be in ufc hahaha
Electro Gem
Electro Gem - 9 timer siden
He could have been talking about what would happen in the future or warning us from something, but with his own language 😂
Goat Head
Goat Head - 9 timer siden
"this game could be 5-0" about that...
Asma Saqib
Asma Saqib - 9 timer siden
If "life flashed before his eyes" had a face.
Tyrannosavage Rekt
Tyrannosavage Rekt - 9 timer siden
No disrespect to Spurs, but this Ajax team really deserved to feature in a Champions League final. I wish that just once, the talent that comes through in that team would stand by their club for a season before departing for pastures new and the promise of higher wages. Ajax constantly feel on the cusp of lifting the big trophy, and then their players jump ship.
glyn hayes
glyn hayes - 9 timer siden
He wasn't playing with Joelinton, Emile Kraft and Having Manquillo under Steve Bruce.. it was Shearer, Laurent Robert, Patrick Kluivert, Nobby Solano, Craig Bellamy and Kieron Dyer (who incidentally was a England regular) under Ex Barcelona manager and serial winner Sir Bobby Robson. Just excuses.
Emiliano Facchin
Emiliano Facchin - 9 timer siden
So underrated...
Ashish Dayal
Ashish Dayal - 9 timer siden
So stiverne strategy was to walk towards him in straight line
Tyrannosavage Rekt
Tyrannosavage Rekt - 9 timer siden
This will probably go down as the biggest game of Lucas Moura's career. What a performance!
Skittles - 9 timer siden
those who thinks Slavia Prague is a small club, for their information, I want to say they even have potential to reach semi final of UCL. Borussia Dortmund managed to beat them but goal post saved BVB from Slavia's attack.
Zack McLolly
Zack McLolly - 9 timer siden
1:30 I see that crowd seemed annoying to The Rock
El Mejor
El Mejor - 9 timer siden
Any potential future managers should watch this
MN A - 10 timer siden
wakanda forever!
Lawrence Debes
Lawrence Debes - 10 timer siden
Am Unite Fan but Pep is a master class.
John Charlton
John Charlton - 10 timer siden
5:27 Journey to the centre of the Octagon, find anything interesting? ... other than Jon Jones...
Kareno Harut
Kareno Harut - 10 timer siden
🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 Mkhitaryan best Player in Anatolia ever
natu otemusu
natu otemusu - 10 timer siden
Why i'm laughing too?? 😂😂
J F - 10 timer siden
Referee worries about Petr's fingers but not his fists!
Rankoz 97
Rankoz 97 - 10 timer siden
Little man
MN A - 10 timer siden
that old man with microphone still alive now?
buttwhthappened - 10 timer siden
before watching this I knew Aljamain was good fighter but after watching this I realise how much of a nice, down to earth guy he is definitely a fan now
Fenixz Filip
Fenixz Filip - 10 timer siden
did Cruz have a heartstroke, his left side is dead
King Manticore
King Manticore - 10 timer siden
they don't deserve
melloman999 - 10 timer siden
What a great interview from Rio 🙏🙏🙏. As a city fan we are so blessed to have Pep and it sounds that pep will stay with city for a long time
Waqavelli S
Waqavelli S - 10 timer siden
Arsenal fans: but we beat harder teams than Chelsea en route to the final and deserved to win it 😢🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Max - 10 timer siden
3 of the 4 goals were either assisted, scored or both assisted and scored by someone born in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Pepe Vega
Pepe Vega - 10 timer siden
Colby "With a fkn broken neck" Covington
K .98
K .98 - 10 timer siden
1:26 jenas’ pointing as if any of his points are valid😂
Waqavelli S
Waqavelli S - 10 timer siden
Rip to all the arsenal fans in the comment saying they deserve to win because they got harder teams than Chelsea on the way to the final. Imagine losing 4-1 in a European final 😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Saltcheese - 10 timer siden
F for them
Helio Santos Sousa
Helio Santos Sousa - 10 timer siden
Olhokkk ainda levou um filho
raycorey - 10 timer siden
If the ref stopped this fight no one would have complained about it, but credit to the ref for not stopping it. But the damage Kevin took in those last 30 secs doesn’t help any career. This was the fight that made me a MMA fan.
OguzABO - 10 timer siden
Leicester liked this