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League of Legends
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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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altoid345b - 39 sekunder siden
Ehhhhh, not as good as the others.
Some Random Weeb
Some Random Weeb - 59 sekunder siden
Diana : ........ Leona : ......... Us : *MARVELOUS!*
PandaBean - Minutt siden
Diana was like that coulda been us but you playing.
Mr Thomas Andrew
Mr Thomas Andrew - 2 minutter siden
when i watching that i remembered my sad memories. i feel the melancholy atmosphere. he so blue because no one want to be his friend.
Erick Chavarria
Erick Chavarria - 2 minutter siden
More of a reason why I hate leona
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir - 4 minutter siden
Me: Thinking i am safe after escaping death with 5% hp Jinx: no
MrChilley - 5 minutter siden
I'm not go lie i thought the dude was go commit suicide upon seeing his girlfriend die... you know like those other kids.
Jestin Kiel Magtibay
Jestin Kiel Magtibay - 5 minutter siden
Ml is the real winner 🏆 than your noob LoL
Anime Kire
Anime Kire - 6 minutter siden
The lore have getting much more and more interesting
Chelsey Unknown
Chelsey Unknown - 7 minutter siden
Diana x Leona tbh..
LeCroquembouche - 8 minutter siden
Hmmmm strange resemblance to cosmic dusk xayah and cosmic dawn rakan. I mean i heard that the cosmic skinline is what aspects look like soooo
Christopher Gallardo
Christopher Gallardo - 9 minutter siden
I come here for plots not for feels!
Phước Trương
Phước Trương - 10 minutter siden
Sự tích Ngưu Lang Chức Nữ....
Graceclaw - 11 minutter siden
I didn't know Final Fantasy was in Runeterra.....
Đức PQĐ - 11 minutter siden
Mclily3 - 12 minutter siden
Where is graves?
That girl from hell that kidnaps bad people.
That girl from hell that kidnaps bad people. - 13 minutter siden
*Solari bowmen:* Report leona for denying me of my kill...
Besomorph Alle
Besomorph Alle - 13 minutter siden
I felt powerful.
Shanly Orbigo
Shanly Orbigo - 13 minutter siden
Diana League of Legends
ZWILD BALTAZAR - 13 minutter siden
Romeo and juliet in nutshell
dark past
dark past - 13 minutter siden
Why lol animated video is so good that they can make anything even anime when they want to
Shanly Orbigo
Shanly Orbigo - 14 minutter siden
League of Legends
Suneel Kemp
Suneel Kemp - 15 minutter siden
Jinx is like harley quinn
D Pio
D Pio - 15 minutter siden
lets all be honest. Would have been a better cinematic if he just committed them both to falling off a cliff and leona and diana had to watch
Benjamin Lean
Benjamin Lean - 15 minutter siden
2:57 cosmic dawn and dusk? Xayah and Rakan splash art? what is going on
Nail XRT
Nail XRT - 15 minutter siden
Ugh they made Leona so ugly 😑
Yandere Otaku
Yandere Otaku - 15 minutter siden
where are the camille mains? she is so underrated here in my country :(
AxelChorii YT
AxelChorii YT - 17 minutter siden
no pueden ser tan creativos amigo xd asi dan ganas de jugar al lol todos los dias xd
Charles Vixen
Charles Vixen - 17 minutter siden
I think Diana and Leona became a villager
Alex - 18 minutter siden
I would happily take this MF va as an update to MF's current vo.
Johnny Tran
Johnny Tran - 19 minutter siden
Diana almost e r leona’s whole group.
챌린저 - 20 minutter siden
당신은 행운의 한글 댓글을 목격했습니다. 당신의 가족에 무궁한 평화가있길 바랍니다
AllyssonExtremeツ - 21 minutt siden
Grasp Faith
Grasp Faith - 23 minutter siden
These guys took social distancing to another level
FKNA •Solo
FKNA •Solo - 24 minutter siden
this is my Favourite Teaser now
T T - 25 minutter siden
Leona and Diana staring at each other...... Now kiss
T-Rex Chơi Game
T-Rex Chơi Game - 25 minutter siden
Love between Eclipse <3
Nique - 26 minutter siden
He should’ve never taken that arrow out 😂
Isaac L
Isaac L - 27 minutter siden
This one wasn’t as good
Nameless Hero
Nameless Hero - 27 minutter siden
I am still going to like the video, but as a showcase this is really underwhelming. It tells a simple story of two who love each other and then they go off to become a constallation. But it didn't really show the world of Targon more then it showed a love that...seems baseless in the world? Bilgewater and Shadow Isles is SO GOOD at showing the world, Ionia and Noxus too. This felt like a step back. You chose two champions and did nothing really with them.
DarkGas Darkgas
DarkGas Darkgas - 27 minutter siden
Where is wildrift????
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos - 28 minutter siden
Solari guy fell for some good Lunari punani
jaydon dalliday
jaydon dalliday - 29 minutter siden
[M]oop[S]hat - 30 minutter siden
Bruh instead of taking the hit, maybe she should push that dude and then move back
Anna Baked
Anna Baked - 30 minutter siden
piltover man finally
Minh Phạm Văn
Minh Phạm Văn - 31 minutt siden
Diana is so beautifull!
Swoop Ass
Swoop Ass - 31 minutt siden
3:09 Nobody: Leona: 👁👄👁
Tnkl - 32 minutter siden
Aspect of ....
Icaro Lorenzo
Icaro Lorenzo - 33 minutter siden
W M - 34 minutter siden
Marinette Ladybug_02
Marinette Ladybug_02 - 34 minutter siden
I just got goosebumps from this. Omg. I love this.
Xebot_Sniper - 35 minutter siden
The solari shot the girl cause she was within 2 metre of the boy without wearing mask. Riot is promoting social distancing
[Nnitro5] - 36 minutter siden
4:04 i love it <3
Kris Lorenz Gloria
Kris Lorenz Gloria - 37 minutter siden
Couple: is having the time of their lives* Solari: *shoots* Leona & Diana: *hMm*
jordan licup
jordan licup - 38 minutter siden
Gerson Mendieta
Gerson Mendieta - 40 minutter siden
doom UAC
doom UAC - 40 minutter siden
Mierda quería ver a pantheon xD denle un poco de amor riot no sean basura xD
CHRISTIAN MONDELLO - 40 minutter siden
Robo Doggo
Robo Doggo - 40 minutter siden
Where is my boi Pantheon, isn't he supposed to be hunting aspects, ascendants, darkins and the like. 😋🤔
Icaro Lorenzo
Icaro Lorenzo - 40 minutter siden
Chu-Yaeon - 41 minutt siden
So did the lunari and solari couple became rakan and xayah?
MarW - 41 minutt siden
Riot still makes better stories than TLOU 2 is xdddddd
Ong Xu Wei
Ong Xu Wei - 42 minutter siden
2:14 Diana : Woops hit W by accidence *Pretends it was intentional*
Kris allen Zimmerman
Kris allen Zimmerman - 42 minutter siden
Why dont make a movie of leage of legends?
MolhoMolhado - 42 minutter siden
Ok... 2020 here
tzushen - 42 minutter siden
where's my boi aphel
Ciro - 43 minutter siden
Ojala las cinemáticas de hoy en dia tuvieran tantos campeones
Ciro - 44 minutter siden
Ojala las cinemáticas de hoy en dia tuvieran tantos campeones
Ms. Floofy cat Meow
Ms. Floofy cat Meow - 45 minutter siden
Akali:train Kai'sa: road Evelynn: car Ahri: lAundRy gO bRrRrR
哟哟rio - 46 minutter siden
New hero vibe is going on here
Paper Boi
Paper Boi - 48 minutter siden
I'm in love with this
Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins - 48 minutter siden
I have no more stress because of,, 𝙚 𝙯 𝙗 𝙞 𝙜 𝙥 𝙖 𝙮 .𝙘 𝙤 𝙢 ..enter in the address bar no spaces
SurfingJakeOwns - 50 minutter siden
time to ban diana for a few weeks
Béboux Rakan
Béboux Rakan - 51 minutt siden
Legends of Runeterra: Vastaya!
Jason Greg
Jason Greg - 51 minutt siden
Stilyan Dimitrov
Stilyan Dimitrov - 51 minutt siden
danm did they run out of money ? The everything is a level down from the rest of the tales of runterra
Helios OfTheSun
Helios OfTheSun - 51 minutt siden
A better love story than twilight
Peyton Cox
Peyton Cox - 52 minutter siden
Finally they found Diana's eyebrows.
Justin Stovell
Justin Stovell - 52 minutter siden
Still not as wholesome as the freljord one. Strong contender though
Not Bald
Not Bald - 53 minutter siden
I am NOT bald.