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A horror movie channel celebrating everything great and awful about the genre. Home of the Kill Count series by James A. Janisse, tallying up the body count in all your favorite horror movies, as well as the Dead Meat Podcast by Chelsea Rebecca, a weekly in-depth look at a variety of horror topics.

Sammy Markoe
Sammy Markoe - 7 timer siden
The most valuable thing that came out of this movie is the fact that you CAN NOT keep Ron Ron from a party
Sean TDS
Sean TDS - 7 timer siden
"At least it's better than a lady raping a brain dead dude.." James, come on. That's not a very high bar to clear
CaWolfie - 7 timer siden
I remember watching one of those movies by accident when I was like 6, I changed the channel and all I saw was a guy get shot with a bow and arrow trying to get to the others and then he fell and that's when I saw that creepy I never ran away from the tv so fast, my mom was like, "sweetheart what's going on??" So I kept screaming and pointed at the tv and she quickly changed it to the Sprout Channel lol. I'm 16 about to be 17 and I keep laughing at myself thinking about it 😂😂
ShinyHunter2020 - 7 timer siden
I liked this movie
Doge Happy
Doge Happy - 7 timer siden
24:31 "dammmm po in teletubbies is hella hot" never imagining myself saying that
Daniel Holguin
Daniel Holguin - 7 timer siden
James: I hope they don’t make a Scream 5 Directors: Hello, I like money!
Mushroom Dance
Mushroom Dance - 7 timer siden
8:04 danganronpa executions
Jynxxiga - 7 timer siden
You should do a kill count on the ritual 🔥🔥❤️
Gamer fishy
Gamer fishy - 7 timer siden
Alejandro Blanco
Alejandro Blanco - 7 timer siden
SkyKrasher - 7 timer siden
23:58 “Father, Son, and Holy Shiv” A+ writing that’s hysterical
J e n n i e M u s e
J e n n i e M u s e - 7 timer siden
I kin Pam
American Communism
American Communism - 7 timer siden
The dude bear trapped him and pulled him into a hole then gets tied up and taken away thing self defense was a good choice there
Vin Jams
Vin Jams - 7 timer siden
They made a reboot
_feara - 7 timer siden
Whenever I have a stomach ache or know I'm gonna throw up, I always listen to Dead Meat. No clue why.
Sean TDS
Sean TDS - 7 timer siden
I mean, this could be like Halloween. It was meant to be an anthology
Colin Barrett
Colin Barrett - 7 timer siden
Izaiah Bell
Izaiah Bell - 7 timer siden
Is it me or does Judy have a lazy eye?
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia - 7 timer siden
TRUESK1lZ - 7 timer siden
Women : did you get kill him for no reason Me : he just got kidnapped what do yo mean
Brad Hutchison
Brad Hutchison - 7 timer siden
I hated this one it is poopey dookes
Yorcaef Lopez
Yorcaef Lopez - 7 timer siden
Man he must be the only person to looks at the begining credits
Texas Who rides
Texas Who rides - 7 timer siden
Oh I get the lion king reference long live the CEO Bc scar killed him
The Mortician's Son
The Mortician's Son - 7 timer siden
This doesn't feel like a wrong turn movie. It's like the original script had nothing to do with the movie, but they just decided to slap the wrong turn name on there and say it is a reboot just to make more people watch it.
Ruairi OConnor
Ruairi OConnor - 7 timer siden
I don’t really like how they humanized the woods people. I wish they kept their masks on and didn’t talk as much. I also wish the characters deaths were more drawn out.
Irmuun Chinzorig
Irmuun Chinzorig - 7 timer siden
wonder wut happened to darias
Samuel Gomes
Samuel Gomes - 7 timer siden
Sorry but this movie sucks!!! From the trailer, u actually think they gonna have cannibals but nahh it’s a totally different movie
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith - 7 timer siden
This movie had my name and my best friends name
Joshua Cruz
Joshua Cruz - 7 timer siden
His voice kinda changed... but it could be his mic..
Brandon Veltre
Brandon Veltre - 7 timer siden
4:45 I wasn't ready for that excellent Star Wars reference.
ijustwantsushi - 7 timer siden
for some reason i love james’ voice
Jay Wall
Jay Wall - 7 timer siden
please do jeepers creepers
Jay Wall
Jay Wall - 7 timer siden
jeepers creepers bro please
Katar Hall
Katar Hall - 7 timer siden
One of the better reboots to have been done honestly, but the fake out endings were a bit off-putting.
Big Country
Big Country - 7 timer siden
You should do the kill count to kong skill islind
Logan Crawford
Logan Crawford - 7 timer siden
Always found it annoying when a leader of a hidden town says they are so much better than the rest of the world.
Colhoun Clan
Colhoun Clan - 7 timer siden
It's not a remake it's absolute trash... I saw it the other day... The Original is the best... didn't even stay til the end I walked out of the new one the other day... so shiiiitttt
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara - 7 timer siden
16:33 that looks like dean winters
mark williams
mark williams - 7 timer siden
I think this was the best of the Series
Golden Zen
Golden Zen - 7 timer siden
YACINE D - 7 timer siden
The worst wrong turn movie after 5 and 6
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara - 7 timer siden
15:31 CATHERINE O'HARA!!!!!! David, do you have to go see a spooky cult?
Gacha Miguel official
Gacha Miguel official - 7 timer siden
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara - 7 timer siden
15:11 that's right ladies! young veneable here is single and looking for action! he's the leader of a cult and a buff man! go get him before he's taken!
Deangelo Mendez Martinez
Deangelo Mendez Martinez - 7 timer siden
Yo I had forgot about dead meat mane 😭😭😭😭😭😭.
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara - 7 timer siden
I love the way this movie looks at heavy topics like judgement by appearance, it's really beautiful and I think we can all learn something
Kian Leslie
Kian Leslie - 7 timer siden
lmao james couldnt get a word in 😂😂😂😂love it
Kpopzodiacboy _
Kpopzodiacboy _ - 7 timer siden
I feel like the heart attack death could kind of be a reference to the Carrie book and on the way Margaret died
buddered egg
buddered egg - 7 timer siden
scene 1: tan scene 2: c o f f i n me: *h a h a g e t r e k t n o o b s*
Shy_boi 69
Shy_boi 69 - 7 timer siden
I watched this movie before and I fucking love it
colton moore
colton moore - 8 timer siden
Damn, Snoop went Sweeney Todd on these fools!
I Dont Know What To Name My Channel
I Dont Know What To Name My Channel - 8 timer siden
You Forgot That The Zombies Sight Is Worsened While Other Senses (Like Hearing And Taste) Are Enhanced
Austin Hughes
Austin Hughes - 8 timer siden
This is the complete opposite of what I was expecting.From a Wrong Turn movie.
Dustin mac donald videos
Dustin mac donald videos - 8 timer siden
I live in canada
Kevin & Helen Rodger
Kevin & Helen Rodger - 8 timer siden
Two guys capture Adam probably to punish him for trespassing Adam kills one of them The other dude: we were just trying to help
Gamer123 - 8 timer siden
Ik heb kanker
Statingimpala96 - 8 timer siden
I’m sorry but this movie had NOTHING to do with wrong turn
Natalie Woodruff
Natalie Woodruff - 8 timer siden
happy birthday
Jaris Parker
Jaris Parker - 8 timer siden
Dude im 4 years old and I read these now. Brings back good mems
Just_A_Nobody - 8 timer siden
Me : *accidentally clicks dislike* Also Me : I know what has to be done *clicks like*
呃呃呃呃呃呃 - 8 timer siden
At this point im watching the promo to see how many times he can sponsor raycon in a different way
Don Fixico
Don Fixico - 8 timer siden
Can you do willy wonder land plz
The Mysterious Minecraft Walker
The Mysterious Minecraft Walker - 8 timer siden
Reminds me of outlast 🤔
Osbaldo Hernandez
Osbaldo Hernandez - 8 timer siden
Jesus I would be scared shit less if was in the asylum when all those crazies got out
Timmy - 8 timer siden
Most of the comments was "Did you just kill this man for no reason"
Futplays 6
Futplays 6 - 8 timer siden
Please James some time can you make time for a jeepers creepers kills count
Achilles Martinez
Achilles Martinez - 8 timer siden
Dead meat should do the hills has eyes
Barrie Boi
Barrie Boi - 8 timer siden
4:20 What’s up I’m Jared,19 and I never Fukin learnt how to read
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 8 timer siden
Joker may not be a horror movie, but it is TERRIFYING
S H - 8 timer siden
Your videos are cool!
Gabriel Galindo
Gabriel Galindo - 8 timer siden
Do Will wondland
DIEGO MARTINEZ - 8 timer siden
this makes me wonder somethings about fd 1,3,4 were the companies that owned the plane,the roller coaster, the car race ever sued by the family's of the victims
A Child
A Child - 8 timer siden
I have an idea When WE think someone died, count it anyways but when we see them come back then minus one Just an idea but I LOVE your videos how they are!
Billious - 8 timer siden
The language barrier could’ve been that they were offended that these teens trespassed on their home and then ask to speak a language they only use for each other and on business. Or Samuel didn’t speak English and his bro was trying to translate and talk to Sam.
VampireXD_77 - 8 timer siden
Xeno be like "i like ur cut g" 17:01
EmilyAndLizzyTv - 8 timer siden
Please do I care a lot!
jubba buds
jubba buds - 8 timer siden
Bro he burned the mouth and ears not just the eyes
Monokuma - 8 timer siden
Me back when I was 9: what's this movie Me a teenager: ooohhh it's that movie I totally forgot I watched all the movies by accident..heh
brody napier
brody napier - 8 timer siden
Seeing the foundation in real life would be cool, if they aren't that creepy