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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Alright I was a little fired up in this video but I hope I don’t come across like a complete asshole. Just because I disagree with some creators on this doesn’t mean I don’t like them or their content (OR DOES IT!?) No, I’m just kidding. Most of them seem great (OR DO THEY!?). No, they do. Matt, stop confusing people.
I’m really interested in what you have to say on this topic. What are your thoughts on clickbait, advertising & consumerism as it relates to the message of this video?
Btw if you’re struggling to get your voice heard I think you should spend more time on your message… not your volume.
Caryn Davies
Caryn Davies - 3 måneder siden
I love your message in this video. Click bait pisses me off; it's an insult to my intelligence, and I stop trusting the source. This kind of video is why I trust you.
Josiah McCarthy
Josiah McCarthy - 10 måneder siden
I did get an ad in front of this video. Has something changed? It was a short unskippable ad for Seamless.
Mary Williams
Mary Williams - 11 måneder siden
The best part are the two ads after the vid- couldn’t take them seriously lol But a total yes to everything you said :)
Nelson Nunes
Nelson Nunes - 11 måneder siden
Ok, Matt, heres the thing about Web advertising in my perspective, people really got the habit of short caps text focus,its readed fast, and the brain is already "automated" to process that kind of information and react with action (yes or no) (click it or skip it). the years of advertising has made people make a choice(with only 2 option, there is no 3rd most cases), or the advertisement do it for you. Brainwash is out there and real.(care to notice the growing repeatable commercial on TV in less than 3 minutes, again and again ?) Even NOburn, is a brainwash system, people don't filter what they want to see most of the times. and because of that, we have some content creators that in reality they just make a more like full lenght Advertisement or at least more than those 10 secs we can click to skip button. Vast majory of the people think that NOburn and other social media are Filtered contents, Packed information ready to consume regardless of the quality and the underlying brainwash that comes with it. Don't get me wrong there is really good information out there, great works, really valueable information that people can and should consume.( yes, consume, because nowdays people for somehow stopped from thinking with the brain, and started to think with the eyes..or should I say mouth..ears ?!) This is the cause of the "free" stuff available at any screen, click, a system that moved to fast to soon before people can even learn how to use it, honestly, some people need clarity about internet use. In the end, some creators are byproducts of the systems, the ThumbsUP monetize, NOburn wont be responsible for misinformation, or Advertisement disguised has "content". no consequences. Thank you for you content! amazing work, amazing packed information. something that to be honest not easy to find in the ocean of self-development. There are more content alike creators out there, that tried so hard to pass the message, and you made it simple!( Iam I beeing brainwashed ?! :) ) Sorry for my english, I'm from Portugal.
Joel_ magic
Joel_ magic - År siden
@Jason Now What I totally missed that! Lmfao
Chippy Chandradas
Chippy Chandradas - 6 dager siden
The Chosen One
The Chosen One - 18 dager siden
That's why I love his videos, he is honest and truthful.. characterstic that many influencer and YouTubers lacks.
jabirmalabari - 25 dager siden
i have seen ads from youtube channel ; if you are not monetised; why pop up youtube ads ? #freeFromAds ?
The Chosen One
The Chosen One - 18 dager siden
Free from ads means no interruptions in between videos, and I don't see the yellow thing in any of his videos. He probably doesn't make money of his yt videos also.. and that starting pop up ad might be mandatory for every video it seems.. I might be wrong. But I don't think he's lying
Cameron Wells
Cameron Wells - 2 måneder siden
How am I supposed to create a channel and compete with this legendary quality!!! Noooooooo! 😂
Bram Giraffe
Bram Giraffe - 2 måneder siden
You have just marketed me a glass of red though I'm not even mad about it.
3 3
3 3 - 2 måneder siden
Какова хуя, здесь что нет русских?
Apple Waffles
Apple Waffles - 2 måneder siden
the same goes with bass and guitar players, maybe even every with every self-do(?) job, like i just said xd
Ariel Vargas
Ariel Vargas - 3 måneder siden
compare this to the last videos
Armi - 3 måneder siden
Damn, I am happy that someone talks about this, that is maybe... the first time I see that? I totally hate people who use things just because they work, and they don't mind looking like cheap idiots, they have no self-worth. People seriously need to get smarter and stop going after such obvious and lying baits.
David Molina
David Molina - 3 måneder siden
I've been watching your videos every day. It's starting to change my life and perspective on things. And these videos are teaching me to be wise about everything i do, especially on money.
Jed C
Jed C - 3 måneder siden
Liked this video in the first sentence you said!
María Casas
María Casas - 4 måneder siden
Subtítulos por favor 🙏💔
Saddam Memon
Saddam Memon - 6 måneder siden
Thinking to unsubscribe all channels except yours b/c I was looking for a channel which is being more truthful and give real price of my time
simba mouti
simba mouti - 6 måneder siden
You are literally the best on YouTube right now . No joke . 🔥
P tree
P tree - 6 måneder siden
I NEED THIS VIDEO!!! I mean...I DON'T!..I mean.....God damn it😰
Pam Sadino
Pam Sadino - 6 måneder siden
Awakening hehe
Blake Smith
Blake Smith - 7 måneder siden
Matt, the problem isn’t with Creators or Advertisers, the problem is with those that consume their products. Manipulation hs no effect when you have the ability to spot it.
E - 7 måneder siden
Agreed. Words of wisdom. Great advice. Thanks
김재헌 - 8 måneder siden
I need you
Shima Noroozi
Shima Noroozi - 9 måneder siden
I really hate when they want to hype sth doesn't worth at all esp in beauty and cosmetics.. ugh
Siddhartha Ghosh
Siddhartha Ghosh - 9 måneder siden
Loved this video! If only more people could think like this, wouldn't the world be a better place for all of us? Thanks a ton Matt!
3rdi Atlanta
3rdi Atlanta - 9 måneder siden
Some of the best content on YT
Julia Lis
Julia Lis - 10 måneder siden
Attention Matt: You should do a contest or video featuring people who've created videos with crappy phone cameras. For example I used my Motorola g4 to create many of my travel inspo videos (such as the Hawaii and Iceland ones). Snippy cuts and music that fits the mood is everything
SuperSecretTechMTG - 10 måneder siden
Great Vidoe! I was recently debating on getting the Go Pro 8, but I just recently picked up the Go Pro Hero 7 Black.. Thank you.
Ibraimo Hagy
Ibraimo Hagy - 10 måneder siden
I always use your vision and my dad's vision to break my teachers DUM morals.
Dixie H
Dixie H - 10 måneder siden
I totally agree
Juliano Allgayer
Juliano Allgayer - 10 måneder siden
You are different and amazing, thanks for your videos
JayvynStudios FTW
JayvynStudios FTW - 10 måneder siden
I just cap the first letters on my video titles. 😅
José Façanha
José Façanha - 10 måneder siden
Clickbait titles are so common right now that I almost feel angry about creators that use them and I don't even click them anymore because I know I will be disappointed with the content. Great video btw, glad you shared a different perspective from the market.
Dima S
Dima S - 11 måneder siden
Levi G-man
Levi G-man - 11 måneder siden
Sometimes I feel completely isolating myself in Matt’s Content.
Sometimes more often
DEUStroyer - 11 måneder siden
This is gold
Unknown Being
Unknown Being - 11 måneder siden
You lost your damn mind, but ads have been quite the thing to put down.
aasou - 11 måneder siden
Fuck views. i get none..who cares.
LaGalletaLibrosyCafe - 11 måneder siden
Matt, more videos like this one please!
HangingMike - 11 måneder siden
lol love this message. I've seen amazing camera work done with cheap 100-200 dollar cameras and utter trash shot with 4000 dollar cameras. I consider the sign of a skilled craftsman is being able to do amazing work with less than perfect gear. Though I truly hate the sensational click bait swarming around you tube though even a lot of the people i watch use it i would still watch them without that.
Drbladerunner - 11 måneder siden
The candles & wine were nothing short of BRILLIANT! Fantastic vid. Keep up the AMAZING work 👍
Ps. If I may...What light did you use? Thank you in advance.
platanoenalmivar - 11 måneder siden
Titulo en español? No entiendo
Kerel Finn Villahermosa
Kerel Finn Villahermosa - 11 måneder siden
Hi Matt. Love your videos. Really cool. Well, I owned a blog and would love to do an interview with you. Is this something that interest you?
amantalis1 - 11 måneder siden
It's so wonderful that a youtuber/filmaker respect his audience and talks like that about click bites and advertising. Well done Matt
mohammed omer Alamry
mohammed omer Alamry - 11 måneder siden
I don’t click the skip ad for u, the only one. I can c the effort u putting
Amanda - 11 måneder siden
LOVE love, totally agree! (Caps caps haha)
New Record Day
New Record Day - 11 måneder siden
Subscribed, great video!
FatheredPuma81 - 11 måneder siden
*Shows picture of a crapbook in thumbnail*
"Yes I 1000% agree. You don't need garbage in your life."
SuperSaiyan Peg
SuperSaiyan Peg - 11 måneder siden
I'm literally obsessed watching this channel. Appreciate the knowledge you have given me Matt. Love you man. Continue your journey which leads to success, as I finally found my own
Rodrigo - 11 måneder siden
dammm this video was amazing! I agree with you 101%
Aakash Pandita
Aakash Pandita - 11 måneder siden
Boring video
Srishti Agnihotri
Srishti Agnihotri - 11 måneder siden
I got an ad before this video. Sjskslsjsksksks
I need answers matt.
Sam HansenTV
Sam HansenTV - 11 måneder siden
Srishti Agnihotri i think hes gone back and monetized some of his older stuff haha
Creating Julie Silversmyth
Creating Julie Silversmyth - 11 måneder siden
I’m happy with 1000 views... usually get 50-100
Kennedy Gamet
Kennedy Gamet - 11 måneder siden
I love this video, advertisement is a shammm
sL deV
sL deV - 11 måneder siden
This a beautiful message.
zula921 - År siden
I'm surprised I don't see a "That's a lot of candles for a minimalist" comment XD
Shanique Little
Shanique Little - År siden
Love your videos so much, I really do pray that you become extremely successful because it's rare to find meaningful content on youTube nowadays and even to find a YouTuber who has morals and doesn't necessarily do it only for the money 🙏 keep up the great work cause there are people out here who do admire the stance you've taken on this platform.
Memento Mori
Memento Mori - År siden
I was clickbaited
Jennifer Arabie
Jennifer Arabie - År siden
okay great but your videos do have ads... love your content, but there’s no reason not to be transparent
Caden Scharpf
Caden Scharpf - År siden
You’re like a hot version of my dad
Thirteen Wolfies
Thirteen Wolfies - 11 måneder siden
Caden Scharpf hHahahahaahahahaha
Jenny Herzog
Jenny Herzog - År siden
This topic is so true. I used to follow a lot of you tubers but they always tried to sell clothes, cosmetics and the adds were everywhere. Now I'm trying to find other types of channels. New subscriber!
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel - År siden
"GET THIS lens or your FAMILY will go MISSING!!!!" Lmao that was too perfect
Cups Edits
Cups Edits - År siden
Ad free video and YouTube puts an ad, you deserve a better Platform Matt :'(