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My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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colinfurze - 9 dager siden
Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick https://www.colinfurzeshop.com
Steven Hehe
Steven Hehe - 2 timer siden
colinfurze Recently rewatched the hydroforming video from several years ago and had an idea. If you programmed your CNC plasma table to cut shapes out of 4-6mm steel with bolt hole around the perimeter you could sandwich two pieces of metal between them and add pressure between them, then you should be able to create consistent shapes that you could produce quickly over and over. Let me know what you think.
Doge in a Corners
Doge in a Corners - Dag siden
Bro what about the engineers in India who make cars run of of wood
vipi bibi
vipi bibi - Dag siden
🌷🗺🌷By every way From divinely powers all the prosperity💎 &wealth abundance💎 in everyday life to all who are reading this comment🌹🍷🍹💐🌏🌄🌻💜💎.Thanks a lot🙏
Conroy channel
Conroy channel - Dag siden
Nice gasifier colin
Dryeet2704 - 2 dager siden
Man, your stuff is great. Looking forward to seeing the test drive of the completed screw tank too! PS: the P.O.C burner looked like a bioethanol burner. Try adapting it for bioethanol! Challenge for you furze.
Matt Weger
Matt Weger - 15 minutter siden
I thought about using woodgas but I think stealing radioactive waste and building a backyard reactor would be both more practical and viable. 😆
Billy Wintergreen
Billy Wintergreen - 50 minutter siden
Make a wood powered chainsaw
? - 57 minutter siden
Instead of wood you could use grass as fuel as you mow it
Gaming Duos GamerPlaysRoblox
AHHHHHH I love your British accent.
Random Stranger
Random Stranger - 3 timer siden
Doesn't that 2-stroke engine need some oil?
tegf4 - 3 timer siden
Go with electric lawn mower, and wood Gasifier electric genarator.
The Really Cool Names Were All Taken
Spoiler warning. It works!
It works? Holy shit!
M Rey
M Rey - 4 timer siden
Wood *fries*
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 5 timer siden
🌷🗺🌷By every way From divinely powers all the prosperity💎 &wealth abundance💎 in everyday life to all who are reading this comment🌹🍷🍹💐🌏🌄🌻💜💎.Thanks a lot🙏.
Tom Nicholson
Tom Nicholson - 5 timer siden
Let’s stick him and Ellon in the same room were on mars next year
brotkannschimmeln waskannstdu?
My grandfather told me always about The Times when he did his drving license on a woodgas powered car in 1932.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 5 timer siden
Can it b canned like propane then used?
Jones Le Roy
Jones Le Roy - 6 timer siden
Now add a turbo
Jack Breslin
Jack Breslin - 6 timer siden
The company I work for makes huge gasification plants. This is really cool.
caylansburgesss - 6 timer siden
Now a grass powered lawn mower
doeko merbis
doeko merbis - 7 timer siden
Make a (jet) powered spinning desk chair
leeblackharry - 7 timer siden
You could use a liquid filter. Pump the smoke through a container with water. Smoke would bubble through the liquid, leaving the solids behind in the water.
HentaizerZ - 8 timer siden
Представляю сколько топлива можно было купить, на потраченные здесь деньги. Возможно у этой газонокосилки ресурса бы не хватило, чтобы его сжечь...
Josh G
Josh G - 8 timer siden
Please make a siren
callum hardy
callum hardy - 8 timer siden
Next!: steam powered Lawnmower!
aendu berger
aendu berger - 9 timer siden
Ts 3dPrints
Ts 3dPrints - 11 timer siden
You should run it off of junk mail!
Viceit - 12 timer siden
Was muss man sein um sowas zu können bzw was für ein beruf man in dem bereich machen kann
Viceit - 8 timer siden
@Laugenbrezel haha danke
Laugenbrezel - 9 timer siden
Vermutlich Ingenieur und komplett Verrückt.
Pål Roland
Pål Roland - 13 timer siden
Now this is the neighbour you want when the zombie acpocalypse hits.
KevinM King
KevinM King - 13 timer siden
Your messed up brah.
Using plants to attack plants....
Carnivore ! Omnivore !
Sjors - 13 timer siden
That's one *ABSOLUTE UNIT*
Matthew Dillon
Matthew Dillon - 14 timer siden
Can it b canned like propane then used?
MARCOSRV01 - 15 timer siden
Why aint you working at Area 51 or in a NASA space station?
Oh let me guess, they will claim its American Made..
Spekulatius - 17 timer siden
Just found this channel and binged quite a lot of its videos. Good stuff.
Colin is not going to run (stand?) for office in Germany with his last name anytime soon, though.
Mike O'Barr
Mike O'Barr - 17 timer siden
Perhaps you should contact NighthawkInLight. He's done a lot with wood gas on his 1.5mil sub YouTube channel.
aha aha
aha aha - 17 timer siden
Can you plz make a cross bugy
Cancun771 - 18 timer siden
Tell me about it.
Wood was one of the only fuels my ancestors had left after WWII so all manner of cars were converted like this in Germany in the immediate post-war period until the Wirtschaftswunder started kicking in. As demonstrated, any plumber worth his salt can knock up one of these in short order.
It is worse for the environment than using petrol but only about three times worse, mainly because of the fine particulate dust from the wood burning. Because what people tend to repress is the fact that petrol is made in much the same way, by burning more crude oil to heat up _other_ crude oil and distill the petrol out of it.
Skate7board - 18 timer siden
You should make a bike trailer
Michal Ciesielski
Michal Ciesielski - 18 timer siden
Bro I don't like 2020 I'm going back to 2017 cya
BoZzKiNgG56 - 18 timer siden
If the Zombie Epidemic Is Out, You Will Stay A Long Time
Crowbar’s channel
Crowbar’s channel - 20 timer siden
Do a grass powered lawn mower
Bruce Bakker
Bruce Bakker - 21 time siden
The title should be "Gordon Ramsey builds a Dalek wood-gas lawn mower"
산ᄂ - 21 time siden
한국 사람 댓글
DON CHURCH - 21 time siden
He should make a bullet proof tie
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 22 timer siden
Colin Furze: at 0:51 "we don't need any fuel station or electricity" Also Colin: at 7:17 "the battery is on there"
Ryan Jan
Ryan Jan - 23 timer siden
Can you make Homer Simpson's electric hammer from The Simpsons?
Jason DeCristoforo
Jason DeCristoforo - 23 timer siden
How about a steam engine mower
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 22 timer siden
today?? He who know's and can ,Does...
Taco Cat
Taco Cat - 23 timer siden
Make the tank wood gas powered and also make a flame throwing toilet for the bunker
Trent Hinkle
Trent Hinkle - 23 timer siden
You should upgrade the hover bike
Kk Dreads
Kk Dreads - Dag siden
Can you please do a one day build with Adam Savage! 😍😬
DWC Plumbing & Heating
Syngas is your friend 👍🏻
Tony H
Tony H - Dag siden
#teamtress this guy harms trees 😢
Joanildes Golub
Joanildes Golub - Dag siden
send it to Brazil
Joanildes Golub
Joanildes Golub - Dag siden
put taducao in portuguese brazil
Jennings Connell
Jennings Connell - Dag siden
Make an engine run on salt water. Been done before
Jennings Connell
Jennings Connell - Dag siden
Do Tesla’s experiment’s
dylan chong
dylan chong - Dag siden
now make a grass powered one lmao infinite energy
Martin Houlton
Martin Houlton - Dag siden
Gasifiers don't just run on wood; dry grass, old rags can all go in.
「CELLO KID」 - Dag siden
Well, this is pretty fucking epic
joseph harris
joseph harris - Dag siden
Hey I love your videos and just wanted to ask a question I don't want this to come across rude and if it's to personal don't bother but how do you earn money from what you do because I would like to do the same thing I'm just scared of finances
Yes Collin I’m sick of moving my kids swings when I mow! What is the solution? Hoverswings?
RoBB W - Dag siden
A whole society of steam punk play actors are crying right now."Our stuff is just props"..You can do a truck too..Check out the Harley Davidson vid. Then, the reality of the world today?? He who know's and can ,Does...
Kolomi HD
Kolomi HD - Dag siden
I would love to buy your merch Colin, but in German , „Furze“ means FARTS and that would be embarassing😂 but greeeaaaat Video! Greeting from Switzerland 🇨🇭
{DavidDoesn'tKnowWhatToDo} - 12 timer siden
I mean I would merch that said colinfarts
The real Wonkydog
The real Wonkydog - Dag siden
Furze, the Dyson to save us all.
Steve Hodges
Steve Hodges - Dag siden
I wonder if this type conversion - pertoleum to wood combustion - would reduce the huge carbon footprint of the crude-burnng cargo ships?