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Rodney Stice
Rodney Stice - 2 måneder siden
Have you thought about making a Damascus steel Serbian knife?
Petter Broberg
Petter Broberg - 2 måneder siden
Dangit Will! Has alecs airy hairstyle rubbed of on you i wonder😁👍! Great video and stay safe🌞
hapysap - 3 måneder siden
What's that powder that he puts on the Damascus hammering the v cut
Mr Grantham
Mr Grantham - 3 måneder siden
How difficult is it to add carbon to steel to increase the hardness.
SamS Noop
SamS Noop - 3 måneder siden
Make keris sword from indonesia
rob - 3 måneder siden
Do an American flag Damascus pattern.
James Runyon
James Runyon - 3 måneder siden
so many wasteful offcuts in Damascus. what is the practicality of collecting all of them and doing a completely random offcut Damascus? wouldnt it be greener? less waste? i feels like it would.
my inner hippie would be proud.
Daniel Biddix
Daniel Biddix - 3 måneder siden
Does Curtis offer blacksmithing lessons?
lars honeytoast
lars honeytoast - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or was alec super enthused about the whole fish mouth thing lol
Aaron Clement
Aaron Clement - 3 måneder siden
Glad to see you back on the anvil Will!
And can I just say, Alec is slowly getting that "boss" pose and voice more and more. Very professional.
Roger Gadley
Roger Gadley - 3 måneder siden
I’ve been thinking you should forge together a bunch of cut-offs and make something. It would be a “grandma’s crazy quilt Damascus. You could make a knife, a hatchet, a spoon, a ladle or any number of other Damascus items.
Zane Jerkins
Zane Jerkins - 3 måneder siden
9:28 (watch alec) CUT he says. Hmmmm
Zane Jerkins
Zane Jerkins - 3 måneder siden
6:57 what is this glowing thing called Damascus ? I LOVE IT
VTRAddict - 3 måneder siden
Have to love the "Strap-on" surface grinder. Got one on my long term shopping list for the workshop...
Smokin' Toes
Smokin' Toes - 3 måneder siden
?? where the hell is Alec?!!?
The Car Studio
The Car Studio - 3 måneder siden
make a super fancy pizza cutter that has a damascus cutting wheel with a nice wood handle.
Taylor Petty
Taylor Petty - 3 måneder siden
Hey, so question: what does the powdered flux actually do to the metal when you pour it on there and smack it? Do you put it on 2 pieces of metal that aren't fully set together?
Phil Burns
Phil Burns - 3 måneder siden
Without Alec, it was a WICKED video, just watching 📺 episode 2 now, is alec doing the handles (scales) 🤔 let's see
Nate'n Rey
Nate'n Rey - 3 måneder siden
"It will kill"
~Doug Marcaida
Zachary Thurman
Zachary Thurman - 3 måneder siden
9:40 Alec seems so intrigued as he's "learning" how the fish cut works.
45 North
45 North - 3 måneder siden
A little squisheree squisheroo
Shawn - 3 måneder siden
Will - "... Fish cut...V out of the top..."
Alec - "Very nice" as he looks away disinterested... lol.
I just thought it was so funny cause it's so out of character. And most likey not what it was meant to look like.
Plane Old Iron
Plane Old Iron - 3 måneder siden
Does alec have corona?
thorsmith59 - 3 måneder siden
Zweihander part 14?
levi tomlinson
levi tomlinson - 3 måneder siden
You mean bevel buddies
Slothy - 3 måneder siden
Your editor is a bloody genius.
eclipse - 3 måneder siden
Great job ! But the sound of the music is way too loud compare to the voices, IMO
Peter Pensi
Peter Pensi - 3 måneder siden
This is an excellent edited video. Sound good, light so so, camera good (not in freehand) almost the quality we’ve seen in the old world. The content is an excellent format. I think that Alec as a Moderator and shop owner would be a classic format which is working. Keep the trail and error theme also for the business side. It would be really interesting.. anyways great vid!
J Thing
J Thing - 3 måneder siden
Curious, what do you do with all the small offcuts from the ends that you chop off?
Matt Casey
Matt Casey - 3 måneder siden
You guys should make a tactical throwing shovel
Hazizviltsu - 3 måneder siden
dudes really made 13 parts worth stuff in one part. that scared of the corona? :D
Ruqiya Hire
Ruqiya Hire - 3 måneder siden
Make the hunger games wepon🔪
Unconcerned Citizen
Unconcerned Citizen - 3 måneder siden
Does anyone else know who JFred from Team Edge is? Am I crazy in thinking Curtis looks like he could be related to him?
jemichan 77
jemichan 77 - 3 måneder siden
you guys should try to get a tour of paragons factory and maybe a custom forge made cause i gotta say paragon seems legit
jemichan 77
jemichan 77 - 3 måneder siden
im all for diy but id love to see a custom built forge professionally done
tony robertson
tony robertson - 3 måneder siden
Do you ever do armor?
Mohamed Alnabhani
Mohamed Alnabhani - 3 måneder siden
Can you cast all metals together (aluminum, bronze, brass, steel , copper, iron, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, and more been melted together to form the ultimate metal)?
Jake Allen
Jake Allen - 3 måneder siden
Excellent music selection for this vid guys! Tell your editor to keep up the good work!
jonathan fabri
jonathan fabri - 3 måneder siden
Whats the song at 4 minutes?!!
Tec CowMan
Tec CowMan - 3 måneder siden
Make a Viking dagger out of Damascus steel balls
Adam Trusty
Adam Trusty - 3 måneder siden
Love your videos, but have you ever thought about doing a completely Damascus butterfly knife?
uriah anderson
uriah anderson - 3 måneder siden
Forge a ladle. For soup...

scooter rube
scooter rube - 3 måneder siden
I bet you cant forge a weapon the old fashion way no machines just a nonpowered fire a anvil hammer and tongs
Hannes Zietsman
Hannes Zietsman - 3 måneder siden
its funny seeing someone impersonating Alec but with a Texas accident
John Pacheco
John Pacheco - 3 måneder siden
you guy's should make the sword from the Dark Crystal!
reddragon stacking
reddragon stacking - 3 måneder siden
Hi Alec and Will i was just hoping that you could do some raindrop Damascus please
Oliver Nope
Oliver Nope - 3 måneder siden
Serious question for will or Alec: why do you only clean up 3 sides? rather than 1 vs 5?
Oliver Nope
Oliver Nope - 3 måneder siden
errr, *4*. I assume you don't have my level of skill (e.g. making an arbitrarily varying number of sides)
Oliver Nope
Oliver Nope - 3 måneder siden
Wow, the sword shrunk in the wash?
LLueve - 3 måneder siden
Part 1? Dude, cmon...this should be a 10 minute video and move on. Love the old channel. But yeah, I get it...it’s your channel and all that...blah
Gehrig Bock
Gehrig Bock - 3 måneder siden
You guys should do the sith dagger from star wars rise of Skywalker.
UltraMonkeySapien - 3 måneder siden
I always wonder why y'all choose to sand the billets when you have a mill
Doug Brown
Doug Brown - 3 måneder siden
Sometimes will spend so much time hand sanding he visibly ages. Good to see he still knows the rest of the shop exists 😂
TopPerfect1on - 3 måneder siden
Does the cameraman not know how to turn down the aperture bc that camera fuckery is horrible when he is welding
MrBAMAREDNECK - 3 måneder siden
Why don’t you go on Forged in Fire??
Patrick McGuire
Patrick McGuire - 3 måneder siden
Have you guys thought of taking those little pieces of drop-off Damascus and making coins or something out of them? I would bet some of your more rabid fans would gladly buy them.
LikeApro 54
LikeApro 54 - 3 måneder siden
Hey! Johnson City, TN!!! Me too. I’ll have to look him up
Tenacious21 - 3 måneder siden
Who's the gabby cameraman that won't let will talk? 😂😂😂
Sam O'Brien
Sam O'Brien - 3 måneder siden
so were back to the will stelter channel
Beck's Armory
Beck's Armory - 3 måneder siden
the benchawhat? ROFL!
Dale Kidd
Dale Kidd - 3 måneder siden
Bladesmiths NEVER make mistakes... we just make shorter blades!
Richard Hatt
Richard Hatt - 3 måneder siden
So, how do I get the fighter that will be made?
Decide - 3 måneder siden
there's been two random videos in a row, we all know what that means. something happened to the Zweihander and they're trying to figure it out and or get back to the same place before they broke it...
Fl1ppSl1pp - 3 måneder siden
Alec's hair higher than senators socks! 5:32
Patryk Kowalczyk
Patryk Kowalczyk - 3 måneder siden
make some Skyrim weapons! :)
Mo-Fi - 3 måneder siden
Will is a literal legend.
Z G - 3 måneder siden
Right on. Its pretty cool that Kevin Love is also a blacksmith.
O Husky
O Husky - 3 måneder siden
10:55 dang saltbae has nothing on that
Felipe Lavratti
Felipe Lavratti - 3 måneder siden
Alec with a monster face: “very nice”
Ugadawgs 113
Ugadawgs 113 - 3 måneder siden
Love the Alan Jackson reference😂😂. “Way down wonder on the chatahoochee
Monte Crysto
Monte Crysto - 3 måneder siden
Normal people have friends... These guys have the best, "blacksmithing friends" ^^'
Julian Lustig
Julian Lustig - 3 måneder siden
9:40 😂😂😂. Verry nice
POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL - 3 måneder siden
Do you guys collect and recycle/sell the scrap steel shavings? You can make a lot of money when you create this much doise!
dude55man - 3 måneder siden
Now how are they going to spin this into a 12 series?
Dominik Buchar
Dominik Buchar - 3 måneder siden
And I am still here, waiting till you do a katana........
Still waiting..
M J - 3 måneder siden
Paul Rohracher
Paul Rohracher - 3 måneder siden
could you do another low budget/hand tools only video pls
Texas Tater Bug
Texas Tater Bug - 3 måneder siden
Curt Haaland's work is incredible. Excited to see this build!
McGyver9 - 3 måneder siden
It's a 'professional' term....most wouldn't understand....
John Morgan
John Morgan - 3 måneder siden
Would love to see an off cut mashup blade. Just for kicks, I'm sure with planning you could make it look great
Paulius Jančiukas
Paulius Jančiukas - 3 måneder siden
This channel needs less Alec and more Will!
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell - 3 måneder siden
So I take it you have covid19 Alec?