Will Ferrell's Secret to Staying Invisible In Sweden

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James Corden connects with Will Ferrell who talks to James about life in quarantine with his three sons, who have invented a soccer game called Sexy Tim. After, James and Will recall the time Ron Burgundy stopped by The Late Late Show to do stand-up, the two talk about the return of baseball and soccer. And the 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga' star tells James how he keeps a low profile in Sweden.
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Runtime: 13:14


Candace Googoo
Candace Googoo - 8 timer siden
i see you love recycling william
Viktor Sköld
Viktor Sköld - 11 timer siden
This is one of the reasons I’m proud of being swedish 💛💙🇸🇪
Armando Montoya
Armando Montoya - 11 timer siden
james corden is such a moron! worst late night host ever! (and keep in mind jimmy fallon is out there too)
Urethra Cactus
Urethra Cactus - 13 timer siden
Sexy tim = mål står in swedish, goddamn antisocial kids
Queen Janeway
Queen Janeway - 14 timer siden
He really knows the Swedish culture lol. You can hear an American from a mile away 😂 You guys always gotta be YELLIN!
Neil Pearce
Neil Pearce - 21 time siden
I bet he's staying private, as his name is on the flight logs of Jeffrey Epsteins island. Good luck with that Will!!
Pixii Dah
Pixii Dah - 23 timer siden
Wait also.. he talks about being recognized in Sweden... and it is by Americans xD lol the Swedes just won't intrude on you. 😄 unless they are themselves celebrities...
Aaaand. Even then it might be restrained xD
Pixii Dah
Pixii Dah - 23 timer siden
Hahhahaha wait, stay secret?? You don't have to try we don't really care... celebrities in Sweden are alowed to walk the streets without being stalked. ;-) you're welcome.
Ever wondered why there are so few photographs of celebrities out and about in Sweden?
1. It's easy to disappear into the wild and enjoy nature.
2. Swedes are the most respectful and just accepting of others privacy.
Once you make friends with a Swede, you are friends for life. But... it is hard to befriend a Swede... 😁😆
T ERRY - Dag siden
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis - Dag siden
Sexy Tim gonna be a thing now?
aprillou - Dag siden
Will is naturally looking like Mugatu while staying at home.
Dr Katt
Dr Katt - Dag siden
The one responsible for the subtitles need to be shot
antonio bradiano
antonio bradiano - Dag siden
Just wanted too say your my best comedian. Your the funniest. My bucket list is to meet you.
Just got through watching Erouvision. You need to make a repeat of the tank.
The unison music vidio sux. Learn from a teacher.
Isaac smith
Isaac smith - Dag siden
When did will get such grey hair
Jake Harvey
Jake Harvey - Dag siden
Anyone else forget the US had a men's football team???😆
Juha Seppänen
Juha Seppänen - Dag siden
Will's last film sucks. It also amuses idiots in America like D. Drumpf.
Kristofer Carlsson
Kristofer Carlsson - Dag siden
I an from Sweden! Me and my friends LOVE Will Ferrell! He is asome!!! The best Movie is daddys home, step brothers, anchorman, the house, the Other guys and many more!!!
doliio volay
doliio volay - Dag siden
James: i really enjoyed the movie. please tell anyone who doesn't know about the movie' including myself. he was so fake about P.Brosnen too..cleary James didn't watch it.
Andrea Retzloff
Andrea Retzloff - Dag siden
I’m American and I met a celebrity and was too shy or respectful to say anything. It was at the Hoover dam, in a small tour group, so I didn’t want to say anything and have everyone in the tour group know.
Keith Hooper
Keith Hooper - Dag siden
If only I didn't see this interview
doliio volay
doliio volay - Dag siden
Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell !!!
La Croix
La Croix - Dag siden
I never found Will even remotely funny. My Faves: KATT WILLIAMS, Dave Chappelle and Robin Williams. Will is NOT funny...but I AM.
Zeb McGrath
Zeb McGrath - Dag siden
He's aged terribly.. maybe he hasn't had his adrenochrome and is hiding in Sweden hoping to avoid extradition
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - 16 timer siden
I know right! Why aren’t there more people saying this? It’s all gonna come out!
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore - 2 dager siden
Breaking News.. Isaac Kappy lives
LeNa - 2 dager siden
Erm..... A Trump Mask in Will Ferrell's bedroom??
I think my high flawless picture of Will got a serious dent ... :P XD XD XD
Warhawk77777 - 2 dager siden
Play ja ja ding dong!
Dogmatic Chains
Dogmatic Chains - 2 dager siden
Is that knotty pine?
Holly Grix
Holly Grix - 2 dager siden
People in England just call James, Smithy
lilcrazyeyes - 2 dager siden
Well now he’s not invisible anymore is he duh
RdW Joe
RdW Joe - 2 dager siden
det är lugnt, vi bryr oss inte!
Avve N
Avve N - 2 dager siden
Ja ja Kyckling jättebra
oXe2 - 2 dager siden
The Eurovision Movie sucks. Dont watch it. Its not funny, and its not a good movie. So like something in between..
Abdullah Habib
Abdullah Habib - 2 dager siden
Sweden? I think it’s spelled Swedenistan
ugu lugu
ugu lugu - 2 dager siden
Ana Banana
Ana Banana - 2 dager siden
a 13 minutes long video and only at minute 9 he is asking about the movie - the reason why Ferrell is on the show. good job James
Olmiketx - 2 dager siden
Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell !!!
Chester’s Mom
Chester’s Mom - 2 dager siden
Nice to see Will Ferrell actually being himself. So many of his interviews are in character.
I’m Michael
I’m Michael - 2 dager siden
We live in a world where there’s a guy named Will Ferrell and another guy named Pharrel Williams.
Wayne Carr
Wayne Carr - 2 dager siden
Hi I’m a white girl, any tips to avoid being rap/ed in Stockholm?
frankfish89 - 2 dager siden
Bryron Hews
Bryron Hews - 2 dager siden
He spirit cooks.. Duh
Katherine Annabella
Katherine Annabella - 2 dager siden
SO love you talented Will “Jdubs” Ferrell. You are not only a triple threat, you are a quadruple threat, and you also seem to be humble, which I super value. Bless you and your family and stay well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eurovision musical, I will watch it again and I just finished watching it. AHHHH-DORABLE
Jon Jonson
Jon Jonson - 2 dager siden
Damn ferrell, check into some plastic surgery son!!!
oc - 2 dager siden
he looks ashed out
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 2 dager siden
As a Swede I can tell his Swedish has really improved over the years. That pronunciation of the word "kyckling" (chicken) is not the easiest thing for an American. Good work!
MrKexarn - 2 dager siden
The thing is about sweden even if we see a celeberity we are to scared of saying Hi
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma - 2 dager siden
J Co
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 2 dager siden
killed like the 30+ other people that "suicided" that had dirt on the Clinton's which is were everything leads up to. Game over #pizzagate #ClintonBodycount
ragnaice - 2 dager siden
I feel like the fact of his wife being Swedish has been publicized quite a lot for the Eurovision movie so probably he's sabotaged his trick for being left alone :'D
I Dont Even Know
I Dont Even Know - 2 dager siden
Imagine the guy Will tricked now sees this and realizes that it was in fact him
Balin Saleh
Balin Saleh - 2 dager siden
Will ferrel is probably my favourite comedic character/actor/personality.
Two sicilian sisters
Two sicilian sisters - 2 dager siden
He doesn’t want to see his fans kind of sad
Kurt Beyer Hansen
Kurt Beyer Hansen - 3 dager siden
Cause nobody likes him
Windhelm Guard
Windhelm Guard - 3 dager siden
Hxrryy - 3 dager siden
We call sexy tim Wembley
The Turquoise Alien
The Turquoise Alien - 3 dager siden
James is looking huge
J Dubz
J Dubz - 3 dager siden
Will Ferrell trying to steal my swag.
nick kliropoulos
nick kliropoulos - 3 dager siden
Finally Americans will get to know Eurovision
G59 - 3 dager siden
This dude aged a lot
Isaac Kappy 777
Isaac Kappy 777 - 3 dager siden
https://youtu.be/dqeAxMw7Ahk Will Ferrell child trafficking skit .. Expose
G59 - 3 dager siden
That was fucking disturbing
Isaac Kappy 777
Isaac Kappy 777 - 3 dager siden
Expose Will Ferrell. Look at his child trafficking skit on Adult Swim this is absolutely disgusting it's time to expose these monsters who harm and hurt and torture and kill innocent children. https://youtu.be/dqeAxMw7Ahk
Teressa G
Teressa G - 3 dager siden
I'd move to Malmö in a heartbeat. I like the Mugatu afro.
Secret: be rich.
Egochkr SS
Egochkr SS - 3 dager siden
How's the House Arrest like Oprah, Ellen and Tom Hanks? Yall all were on Epstein flight list...Their shows have been canceled for the rest of 2020. Epsteins pimp maxwell just got arrested by the fbi the whole case opens hope she get to name all the corrupt Hollywood and democrat politicians and end this once and for all before the Clinton's have her killed like the 30+ other people that "suicided" that had dirt on the Clinton's which is were everything leads up to. Game over #pizzagate
trumpeterTralala - 3 dager siden
Är det smidigt? Mitt husdjur tarantula Yfloop gillar att bada i inlagd äggjuice (vinäger, till lekmannen). I sverige gillar vi dimmiga filtar som är doused i butan bara för att lukta bra för antagandet av spindlar i våra hem. Håll den inlagda äggjuicen nära dig! Yfloop blir uttråkad!
P05TPWN3D - 3 dager siden
Will Ferrell is 52 years old and looks 100
ツGryphon - 3 dager siden
Im froahasghdjdjadfffd thats my real name
Chris - 3 dager siden
damn he looks old for 52 years of age, brilliant actor though, possibly one of the best.
soilgrasswaterair - Dag siden
Chris not really,many people past 50 will have more grey hair than color. His skin is peachy. You just seem to be under the impression that either people have a look of a 20-30 year old or they’re old. On top of that only a blood test will tell how someone is doing so not really sure why you feel the need to go after someone’s physical appearance. Says lots about you that that’s the thing you comment on! When you get older, is this how you’d like people to address you, to speak down on your physical appearance, Chris?!
Rebecka thorup
Rebecka thorup - 3 dager siden
I cant be the only one that thinks it weird that America makes a movie about eurovision song contest, which have fucking nothing to do with America!!!
Miguelo - 3 dager siden
The next will movie J DUBS! Sexiest man alive... it's an instant classic!
Nova Gille
Nova Gille - 3 dager siden
Alexander skarsgård did explain really good about jentelagen on the jimmie fallon show and how he hides his oscars and all because he dont wanna show off or anything
SUBIE4estr XT - 3 dager siden
J Dubz is getting old and it’s making me feel old
iAm528hz - 3 dager siden
The #Adrenochrome itch? Is he in front of a green screen?? Something feels off about all of this.
Jave Jave
Jave Jave - 3 dager siden
Step brothers 2?
Eric Young
Eric Young - 3 dager siden
House arrest must be so boring
B Clark
B Clark - 3 dager siden
Will said he was in LA. I find it hard to believe that is his LA office.
Deborah Krasniqi
Deborah Krasniqi - 3 dager siden
Let me guess I know this one! He dress as a woman.
Ben Coley
Ben Coley - 3 dager siden
my mans becoming Bob Ross
Emma Nordgren
Emma Nordgren - 3 dager siden
Impressed by his Swedish!
Sam M
Sam M - 3 dager siden
That last question was so fukin dumb! Im suing yall 😒😂😂
Sweety Bell
Sweety Bell - 3 dager siden
"a Trump mask to scare off intruders" XD haha
Jörgen Eriksson
Jörgen Eriksson - 3 dager siden
Mycket bra svenska !
Genya Arikado
Genya Arikado - 3 dager siden
he has good pronounciation! I am a swedish guy