Why You Never Have Enough Time

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Italo Cornejo
Italo Cornejo - 3 måneder siden
Hey Matt. I chose this video of yours to share with my English class students. I really hope they enjoy it as much as I did. Greetings all the way from Chile :)
Living Simplyy
Living Simplyy - 3 måneder siden
That opening cracked me up haha
LuciaTepperBeauty - 4 måneder siden
In this video I learned I am an asshole lol
amberislazy - 4 måneder siden
I was going to tell a clock joke
But i dont have enough time
nic_von - 4 måneder siden
No you don't get it. I am an asshole. I am always rushing because I get frustrated when I procrastinate. The reason I like getting myself frustrated is because I am an asshole😂😂
Tara Wagner Coaching
Tara Wagner Coaching - 4 måneder siden
Yes! I love this. I just went over this on my channel too, because we tend to always plan for our ideal day, but how often is that how the day goes? 😏 It's so important to dedicate time to plan our time, which sound counterproductive, but really... Another great tip I always share with my clients is to utilize that mindless time you have (commuting, doing hair, washing dishes) - what can you fill it with? (learning, mindset, inspiration...OR family time). We can control our time a lot better when we're really proactive with it. Great video. Thanks for sharing!
Angelina Pecoraro
Angelina Pecoraro - 5 måneder siden
Oh man! This video and that book are truth 💯
Shashwat Agrawal
Shashwat Agrawal - 5 måneder siden
I wouldn't mind if you put ads on your channel
Robert Mitcham
Robert Mitcham - 5 måneder siden
I'm an asshole-eoo-eoeoooo
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen - 6 måneder siden
1:04 Plan for the unplannable.
1:44 Buffer is key.
4:20 Don't say yes to everything. Make room for buffer.
4:58 Be careful what you say yes to.

Think twice before saying yes. Your time can't be bought back with money.
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss - 6 måneder siden
Have a set bedtime schedule
Wake up early
Stop procrastinating
Stop wasting time on your ass
Shanna Robertson
Shanna Robertson - 6 måneder siden
When he called me an asshole I was like... what the FUCK
Ronel Aaron
Ronel Aaron - 6 måneder siden
Loving your videos Matt
D C - 6 måneder siden
How dare you judging the Japanese
L E - 7 måneder siden
Türkce bilen biri? 😂
Mercedes Williams
Mercedes Williams - 8 måneder siden
This was a very helpful video 💕 I'm going to show my mom this video cuz she is always late for everything 😂
Adam Persons
Adam Persons - 8 måneder siden
I wonder how many people were late to something because they watched this video
kamilia rimes
kamilia rimes - 8 måneder siden
U look tired . I liked this video
Katie Kustron
Katie Kustron - 8 måneder siden
It takes me 5 minutes to get to work from my apartment. I am always in my car 20 minutes before my shift ends, I'd always rather have time to relax than stress getting to work on time.
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 8 måneder siden
I love you. You just changed my life!!
angela baaiy
angela baaiy - 8 måneder siden
PETITION , to stop matt on the street and tell him that his cold shower vidoes changed our lives
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
What do you do when you just say to write a journal and suddenly after you've sat for an hour and wrote few things down and after while while you are at work you suddenly remember that you have to enter something in your journal!!!! What would you do ??? Wait for the next day or go get the journal and again distract from your work and make sometime out to write the journal again !!!
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
Maybe youll have to answer this
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
Unexpected things come up.. that's not how you say that....
MATCHITOCH - 9 måneder siden
I just want to say that I'm inspired by your vidoes and I kinda want to do the same thing thank you soo much!
Jorge Freire
Jorge Freire - 9 måneder siden
Nice video, greetings from Brazil! Your videos help me a lot to learn English!
Roeland Fernández Roos
Roeland Fernández Roos - 9 måneder siden
What an intro😍😂
Lydia McKane
Lydia McKane - 9 måneder siden
Great video also u remind me of Bj Novak (Ryan from the US Office)
DepressionMan - 10 måneder siden
Dimitri Abu Jamra
Dimitri Abu Jamra - 10 måneder siden
I really like the high-quality content and all but I found this topic a little bit confusing. I didn't understand it much. I don't mean anything bad by that .
Deevin - 10 måneder siden
*I am not one of the Assoles that were mentioned in the beginning*
Ulises R
Ulises R - 10 måneder siden
Would be great if Matt started a video with just “ it’s because you’re an asshole, thanks for watching 🙂” **cut to Patron plug**
Europe Pranks
Europe Pranks - 10 måneder siden
This is so true
Deanne Ekstrand
Deanne Ekstrand - 10 måneder siden
Why I never have enough time: because I'm watching way too many Matt D'avella videos
Al Galav
Al Galav - 10 måneder siden
Slowly yours became the only youtube Chanel I watch because your videos aren't eternally long to make more money.
Tony Luangrath
Tony Luangrath - 10 måneder siden
I waste my time watching your video Matt. Supported!
Dean London Swift
Dean London Swift - 10 måneder siden
Who said it never happened?? Cold showers video was the BOMB
Ahmed Al Tamimi
Ahmed Al Tamimi - 10 måneder siden
I wonder what did u do with the client to end the streching of the four min video 😅
Mister did Gg
Mister did Gg - 10 måneder siden
Сделай субтитры на русском пожалуйста 😩
Samantha Rosario
Samantha Rosario - 10 måneder siden
love his videos ... is he know not doing the free podcast anymore? only if you are a patron member?
Nikbawker - 10 måneder siden
Since when is dumbass replaced with asshole.
Mete - 10 måneder siden
Please put Turkish language caption. Bu
Mete - 10 måneder siden
Please put Turkish language caption.
Christian Coquet
Christian Coquet - 11 måneder siden
I'm always distracted and wasting my time... ergo... i'm an asshole :|
5 Minutos De Fotografia
5 Minutos De Fotografia - 11 måneder siden
557 assholes and counting
Feyza - 11 måneder siden
I get late to school every day even though my home’s 15 mins walk away... Help
Dayah DM
Dayah DM - 11 måneder siden
Matt: You’re an *ASSHOLE*
damn sir. sorry :’(
Rushikesh Ware
Rushikesh Ware - 11 måneder siden
Amazing work!
Ghyath Bouzid
Ghyath Bouzid - 11 måneder siden
Nope ..I am an asshole ..
Six - 11 måneder siden
Adam Gopnik's essay titled "Bumping Into Mr.Ravioli" really helps put the concept of "busyness" into perspective. A good read,
Ranyodh Singh
Ranyodh Singh - 11 måneder siden
I have the exact same watch at 1:28 with exact same theme
ScreamReJeX - 11 måneder siden
Healing ADD The Breakthrough Program that Allows You to See and Heal the 7 Types of ADD
By: Daniel G. Amen

That is all.. Have a good day :)
Carlos Aranda
Carlos Aranda - 11 måneder siden
Your video of cold showers change my life
Amazingdragon 27
Amazingdragon 27 - 11 måneder siden
Your cold showers video has changed my life.
Unknown Being
Unknown Being - 11 måneder siden
I don’t have enough time because school starts in an hour. I’m ready, but I’m not.
Marty D
Marty D - 11 måneder siden
I wish I could control time!
Leeioh - 11 måneder siden
Yep...I am asshole...no doubt. I am changing that.
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez - 11 måneder siden
I’m 13 and your videos actually really interests me like what 😮
Serg Sh
Serg Sh - 11 måneder siden
Вступление великолепное 😂👍
Juan Manuel Gallegos Banda
Juan Manuel Gallegos Banda - 11 måneder siden
I laugh so fucking hard hearing that in an asshole
Zizou. - 11 måneder siden
Love the vidéo, but what happened to « taking risks »?