Why Planes Don't Fly Faster

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“Prelude No. 7” and “Prelude No. 14” by Chris Zabriskie
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24 Learning English
24 Learning English - 10 dager siden
Eron Lahu
Eron Lahu - 12 dager siden
that’s another reason why humans can’t fly we would have to eat atleast 7 big macs to fly for 10 minutes cause we would be exasted after 10 minutes
amundamund - 12 dager siden
So drag doesnt increase before 0,8 Mach??? For everything else its totally different. I dont get it....
Pilot E
Pilot E - 13 dager siden
What is your favorite type of aircarft engine

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Yama - 16 dager siden
Very informative thank you
USA USA! - 17 dager siden
I wished I flew on the Concorde
Joel Crocker
Joel Crocker - 18 dager siden
the last plan I was on was only going about 275 miles per hr, and the stewardess was mad when I was able to figure out the math in my head based on how long the flight was and how many miles it was, Sacramento to San Diego about 504 miles. 500 miles per hour is equivalent to 223.52 meters per second. Conversion in the opposite direction The inverse of the conversion factor is that 1 meter per second is equal to 0.0044738725841088 times 500 miles per hour. But is was a 2 hr flight
Munzir Arshin
Munzir Arshin - 19 dager siden
Well said :_)
Samuel Myers
Samuel Myers - 20 dager siden
Because it's not economical. There, saved you 11 minutes.
Alchemy - 21 dag siden
Surprised to not see many flat-earthers having fun in the threads!
josh sidhu
josh sidhu - 23 dager siden
Thanks for this fantastic informative video !!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Pee jay
Pee jay - 23 dager siden
To suppress the public by hoarding technology for the military. Duhhhhh
bowlweevil - 25 dager siden
whoever wrote this stuff doesn't know much about airplanes, just spreading false info to those who don't know the difference
Master Robotnik
Master Robotnik - 25 dager siden
............SO FUTURE IS FOR LOWCOSTERS=????????
.............THEN SCREW THAT FUTURE,DAMNIT=......................
John Persson
John Persson - 26 dager siden
disliked because of mph instead of km/h. You only want muurrrican viewers?
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya - 26 dager siden
*I come from the future and a flight from L.A. to London will be 3 hours long*
David Santos
David Santos - 26 dager siden
Very good video and very interesting! 😃👍👋✈🚀💺
Pontius Pilatus
Pontius Pilatus - 27 dager siden
stopped watching 'cause I don't feel like converting Imperial to Metric
Lee Jones
Lee Jones - 28 dager siden
Two months ago, my wife and I flew from Chicago to New Orleans for $197.00 gRound trip. Cheaper than driving and nobody in the airport.
Horst Christoph Schreiber
Horst Christoph Schreiber - 28 dager siden
6:50 With the Concorde I could go to New York, have a business meeting and go back to London AT THE SAME DAY. THAT matters
Horst Christoph Schreiber
Horst Christoph Schreiber - 28 dager siden
5:50 - You compare a supersonic airplane with a regular airline. Do you compare the fuel consumption of a family car with a super sport wagon? So, this comparison means NOTHING. The Concorde was more than double speed, so it could take more than 4 times fuel. That would be normal at that speed.
Uf Cosar
Uf Cosar - 29 dager siden
i noticed i founded weird but your right . deu covid 19 my flight was half hour early
Paul Haslam
Paul Haslam - 29 dager siden
We invented the jet engine - u fuckin morons UK
Steve MetalHammer
Steve MetalHammer - 29 dager siden
Google Frank Wittle, you prick.
Douglas Buck
Douglas Buck - 29 dager siden
Serves this state of liberals right, let it burn, baby, burn!
Kuribo Kutsu
Kuribo Kutsu - 29 dager siden
Well, you will see how long it will be when all passengers anuses will need to be checked by guards.
Brian Murray Wellbelove
Brian Murray Wellbelove - 29 dager siden
Very interesting 👍
Jan Pospisil
Jan Pospisil - Måned siden
Nicely said!
WilfChadwick - Måned siden
Jocelyn Joseph
Jocelyn Joseph - Måned siden
Sensible. Either stay slow or go beyond the sound barrier, since staying at this point is unstable.
P G Srinivas
P G Srinivas - Måned siden
Wonderfully informative.to the point.
Bon's Studio
Bon's Studio - Måned siden
Short Answer: Sonic Booms
Mei Coronado
Mei Coronado - Måned siden
answer without tech.. at 9:55 yw
Gordon west
Gordon west - Måned siden
Poor animations! Have a look to Veritassium and swap !
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher - Måned siden
All the hidden, Black shelved technology is the real reason kids...evil Fkers!!!!..gnz..//p.s ...we all know it..come on..?
sayan deep
sayan deep - Måned siden
what is mile ??
nutzeeer - Måned siden
I wonder if these lobbyists can say other htings than "this will lead to job losses"
xc0rd - Måned siden
Awesome Video BTW (read my name)
Ignacio Oneto
Ignacio Oneto - Måned siden
Welcome to the real life lore wannabe
MagicalBread - Måned siden
Oh wow. Your channel has changed so much since then!
saladdogger - Måned siden
Rolls Royce were never known for economy transportation .
JAlly Farms
JAlly Farms - Måned siden
It wasn't that they could not afford it. A few things came into play here
1. It took 2 tons of fuel just to taxi to the run way.
2. It was very loud for passengers and people on the ground, yes that's the sonic boom.
3 It was very high in maintenance costs.
4 The FAA banned supersonic pax planes from flying over the USA. Meaning it could only fly at high speeds over the Atlantic and pacific oceans.
5 The ticket costs were so high $4000 when it first came out that only a select group of people could actually were able to fly on it.
6. The had to have 2 of these planes on the ground in case of a breakdown or other maint issue
(this happened a few times when some one pays for a concord ticket they do not want to have to fly on a 747, if the concord could not be fixed in time.)
7 the famous concord crash grounded the concord for upgrades and then on yes the same day 9/11 happened the concord was grounded instead of making its comeback flight from london to NY. so they just desided to ground/scrap more flights and plans the plane all together.
* A note on this topic the same plane used in the movie Airport 80, Concord was the same plane that had crashed
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin - Måned siden
Barry Stein
Barry Stein - Måned siden
two reasons; (1) panes designed in the 1960 were designed with a higher cruise speed. Modern airplanes have less wing sweep and are ECONOMICALLY OPTIMIZED to fly at slower speeds. (2) Airlines have to report late arrivals (which includes time to circle & land). They don't want to cut it close because it looks bad. Also since it's more crowded, more time getting up & down.
Fabio Suave
Fabio Suave - Måned siden
I have no idea why i watched this but thank you
Chris McGuire
Chris McGuire - Måned siden
my aunt works for pratt whitney
Maximilian Musterhans
Maximilian Musterhans - Måned siden
5:15 That's an unfair comparison. The concorde was built in the 1960s while the Boeing 787 was designed in the 2000s. Over 40 years of technological progress are between them. Although I agree mostly with the points presented here, it nonetheless is a bit disappointing that we haven't really progressed in air or space travel since the last decades. People in the 60s thought we would have colonies all over mars and maybe beyond our solar system by now. Yet our vehicles pretty much still use the same technology as over 50 years ago.
Mike Walton
Mike Walton - Måned siden
wind drag
Jay Cool
Jay Cool - Måned siden
Thats not entirely why concorde got discontinued.
1 cos of an incident whereby a concorde crashed and burned (only time in service), which was due to debris on run way in France. Debris came from an American airline plane. Thus caused fear in people so not as many wanted to fly by it.
Around the same time cost in fuel went up.
Additional protection under the wings protecting fuel tanks and change of rubber material coated heaps.
All in all ended up being discontinued due to cost.
Still holds the speed for public travel.
Btw Nasa and concorde are working on a plane in many ways us the same as the concorde.
Cannot say speed is not an important factor to be honest.
iffdelta - Måned siden
@1:40 False.
Raymond Chenon
Raymond Chenon - Måned siden
"Time is the enemy of the privileged few. Cost is the enemy of the masses" 10:05
J Calhoun
J Calhoun - Måned siden
In virtually all means of transportation, costs go up exponentially with speed. Look at how much it cost to get Voyager 1 up to 38,000 mph.
jack fenn
jack fenn - Måned siden
Well, if the planes flew faster, then there would not be enough time for you to get drunk on those tiny bottles of booze! So the slower the planes fly, (and the higher), the drunker you get, and the more you spend on cheap airline booze! And we know, from the 9-11 disaster what happens when our pilots get drunk, and smash into buildings! (And Denzel Washington proved this theory correct!) But he only wiped out a church steeple and a few ears of corn, so now he will have to destroy the Chrysler building in his next movie!
Keith Chamberlain
Keith Chamberlain - Måned siden
With a bit of effort, that could have been made much more boring to listen to...
Ed Dante
Ed Dante - Måned siden
Metric system dude. Miles per gallon? Seriously.
project9701 - Måned siden
There's one issue that you didn't cover, and I'm not sure how easy it is to explain. Plane noise.
Not supersonic planes, but you've got people in the areas that are the big plane routes that claim (one way or another) that flights over a certain speed causes (insert pseudo-scientific BS here) that gives them headaches, causes cows to give bad milk, etc, etc, etc.
They organize, protest, cause problems, and the airlines have to decide if they want to fight these cases or do things to lower the speed and such to cause these (insert pseudo-scientific BS here) issues to go away. Slowing the planes down is cheaper from a cost/liability POV.
Beng Per
Beng Per - Måned siden
bad milk 😭 😭
Ash Ahmed
Ash Ahmed - Måned siden
What about adding a supercharger and a spoiler :)
Unknown Variable
Unknown Variable - Måned siden
"Why Planes Don't Fly Faster"
and next up: "Why People Don't Always Sprint"
and then: "Why Cars Don't Drive Faster"
and then: "Why Space Ships Don't Go Faster"
we can just cover all the stupid questions in one go that way.
Richard Wesley Kirkland
Richard Wesley Kirkland - Måned siden
Well your Airliner fly at around 500 M.P.H do you really want to any fly faster going on holiday or business.
Prentis Hancock
Prentis Hancock - Måned siden
Profound concepts in this video. Very well put together.
Gritty Chops
Gritty Chops - Måned siden
Can you do: why traffic lights take so long to change, why spaghetti always slips off your fork, why paper burns when you burn it, why the madagascar dung beetle does the gangnam, why the speed of light always takes economy seating and why we have to be ruled by idiots next?
Lion of Judea
Lion of Judea - Måned siden
this is bullshit. planes fly at LESS THAN the RESONANT of the structure... this guy is an idiot..
Kernica1 - Måned siden
This was very well done for the average traveller.
The Napalm Drinker
The Napalm Drinker - Måned siden
1:29 "There are three main types of aircraft engine-turboprop, turbojet and turbofan"

All of those are jet engines. Most prop aircraft have piston engines, which are split into radials and inlines, with separate types of each.

Also, turbofans can be fast as well. Most modern militaries use turbofan fighters now as they have greater range than turbojets.
Jeffrey Walsh
Jeffrey Walsh - Måned siden
Solvalou - Måned siden
_"Why don't we fly faster?"_
Because time is money, but not _that_ much money, apparently.
Solvalou - Måned siden
@Douglas Hamilton _Woosh_
Douglas Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton - Måned siden
Time is money, shorter time = more money LOL
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet - Måned siden
Because they drag their air masses.
hangmd11 - Måned siden
The turboprop example you put on the video is a normally aspirated piston powered airplane.
Rory Goodman
Rory Goodman - Måned siden
next video:Why professional runners dont just run faster
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson - Måned siden
Because trump wont let them
Bob Parker
Bob Parker - Måned siden
Most propeller aircraft in the United Sates are piston engine. The aircraft at 1:39 is not a turboprop.
lavergnee - Måned siden
Not cost effective…
Isa Bilal
Isa Bilal - Måned siden
Mick Etn
Mick Etn - Måned siden
Is this info re the 3 types of Jet engines still relevant in late 2020?
Mick Etn
Mick Etn - Måned siden
Is this info re the 3 types of Jet engines still relevant in late 2020?
Adrian Guerrero
Adrian Guerrero - Måned siden
Just add a spoiler. Or drop the tailgate.
Ronnie Bickers Jr
Ronnie Bickers Jr - Måned siden
Is there a variable one, you know one that could close off the bypass or open it up through mechanical means?
justin knoepker
justin knoepker - Måned siden
Sorry man, but the first couple minutes had me screaming. Turboprops make up a rather small portion of propeller aircraft. Most are piston aircraft. Furthermore, thrust to thrust and weight to weight, turboprops are a fair bit more expensive to maintain and operate than a soley turbo fan type engine. They also take more ratings. Another thing you didnt take into account is the altitude efficiencies. Turboprops are highly efficient at most altitudes while turbine engines don't become very fuel efficient until they hit the thin air at 20,000 ft and above. My information might be rough and a touch out of date so take it with a grain of salt and have a lovely day please.
Luis de Rivas
Luis de Rivas - Måned siden
Because fuel is expensive. Because friction is a bitch and a drag. Because turbulence at 500mph is bad and much worse at 2000mph, unless you fly in thinner atmosphere at 80,000 ft.
mike hunt
mike hunt - Måned siden
I wish I could get to Croatia in 3 or 4 hours and back. It would be so much more convenient. Bring back the concord and fly it to more places. Speed matters!
Nathan Doherty
Nathan Doherty - Måned siden
great video.
Nathan Doherty
Nathan Doherty - Måned siden
we didn’t land on the moon with that technology
Gerry Nightingale
Gerry Nightingale - Måned siden
*What's an 'Airline?'*
taiversen - Måned siden
"An airline that is actually making a profit"
*Shows a Norwegian-plane*
Cat VonDee
Cat VonDee - Måned siden
2020: Corona Virus is the enemy of the masses
jon dough
jon dough - Måned siden
No. The world leaders that scare the masses with this mild flu, are the enemies of the masses. wake up
Jmvars - Måned siden
I pay $180 for a 40 minute flight.
PAUL REED - Måned siden
See you havent researched properly concord stopped flying not because of cost. It was due to the air france Concorde wheels catching fire and was deemed unsafe.
SuperSniffman - Måned siden
1:20 Because y’all be packing your bags to heavy
John Phillips
John Phillips - Måned siden
Great info and well presented.
GG Fuego
GG Fuego - Måned siden
Dying in a plane crash is still worse than dying of covid.
xSheepz - Måned siden
awesome vid
Wounded Lion
Wounded Lion - Måned siden
Wider weels, bigger exhaust and a go faster stripe, welcome to Air Chav !
tylsimys67 - Måned siden
Area 51 would help us this minute but hey... there are still many oil companies, coal miners and atomic energy executives to compensate - let alone the fact that about mile long sun panel in the upper atmosphere would take care with all consumption we meet.. er, like forever... but who cares! STAY HOME!
I shit myself卐
I shit myself卐 - Måned siden
Paint it black, they will go faster
Sabin Iofcea
Sabin Iofcea - Måned siden
You are deeply wrong...
maku gx
maku gx - Måned siden
The reason is airline companies want to save millions on fuel by going slower
Stephen Magi-Sorge
Stephen Magi-Sorge - Måned siden
What a bunch of US propaganda. I noticed that you didn't mention the 7 Concordes flown by the French and British air corporations, were the original production runs. How many flights is that over 35 years.
Further, the pricing model on Concorde was based entirely on the expectation of the customers using it, aside from what they called matinee flights where cheap tickets were sold to fly people across the Atlantic and then back in the same day. Though this was before the internet got big, Concorde was also the fastest way to deliver mail across the pond which it did.
The reason Concorde became uneconomical is based in the history of it. A US based publicity campaign that had the world in hysterics over the sonic boom which cut off 99% of the market. Why,
because US aerospatial engineers found you could not solve a problem by throwing money at it and were unable to produce anything like the Concorde. So kill the program rather than develop it.
If you think of US military aircraft as aircraft that could compete think again. They required their pilots to wear specialised kit to fly at the speeds and altitude that the Concorde carried champagne sipping passengers in business suits at.
Finally, I note you were particularly circumspect in not mentioning the fuel cost of the Concorde v the other aircraft in an Atlantic crossing. A three hour cruise at Mach two v a 7.5 hour haul at 635 mph not counting head winds. Suss
Aircraft don't fly faster because the US aviation industry can't do it.
Im Cumin
Im Cumin - Måned siden
Concorde cost £1.3 billion to produce 20 aircraft ! it took 7 years from the first flight to the first commercial flight ! At the same time the British government were trying to develop tilting trains (APT) which they later gave up on & sold the patents to an Italian company ,Fiat Ferroviaria, do you know how much they spent on this project ? Just £50 million over 15 years ! Concorde was a gimmick paid for by the British & French taxpayers for the privileged few !
TheRedc0met - Måned siden
It’s not profitable to fly fast. It’s more profitable to save fuel and cram as much passengers in a sausage.
Paul Beades
Paul Beades - Måned siden
Very insightful. Cheers
Toni Stoned
Toni Stoned - Måned siden
We ain't flying nowhere anymore 2020.