Why NO Aquarium In The WORLD Has A Great White Shark!

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Why NO Aquarium In The WORLD Has A Great White Shark!
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Why Great White Sharks Are
Not Kept In Aquariums
If you've ever been to an Aquarium, you would notice one thing immediately. Well, not immediately, but
you would notice it eventually.
And it's the fact that the Aquarium has no great white shark. And that's not only true for the Aquarium
in your state alone. It's true for Aquariums all over the world.
But why is this so? Why can't we capture Great White Sharks and get them in Aquariums? Are they
impossible to capture, or have we not just thought of it?
Well, there are ten good reasons why you've never seen a Great White Shark in an Aquarium, and you
only need to continue watching to learn these ten reasons.
Reason one will definitely make you mushy.
#10 They Are Difficult To Capture
First off, let's get a few things straight. A lot of Aquariums have tried to capture Great White Sharks. It
has just proven to be impossible.
This is because a Great White Shark is one of the hardest sharks to capture. This is not only because it is
large, but because it is also quite aggressive. For example, man could only even capture one as recently
as 1955.
While, you might say that 1955 isn't that recent, and that's true. But we don't even know when man
learned to capture wild animals like lions and tigers. Our ancestors have been doing that for so long that
many kings had tamed wild animals in their palaces.
However, our first attempt at taming a Great White Shark came just about 70 years ago. To make things
worse, that first attempt was a failure. The first great white shark to be held in captivity was just held for
less than a day.
So yeah, before you can even think of having a great white shark in an Aquarium, you have to capture it
first- and we can tell you that that's not easy.
At all
#9 They Are Difficult To Transport
Great White Sharks are large animals. Some reach up to twenty feet and they can weigh up to 1,100
kilograms. That's a lot.
And one thing that we've learnt over the years is that transporting an animal of that size from one side
of the ocean to another isn't the easiest thing in the world.
For some Aquariums, the trouble just isn't worth it. Given that Great Whites are difficult to capture, the
fact that Aquariums have to go through so much hassle to transport them again just makes the whole
venture unrealistic.
We know what you must be thinking- well, aren't orcs and dolphins in Aquariums? Well, none of them
is quite as large and as aggressive as Great White Sharks. That's why they are called Great White Sharks.
#8 Lack Of Resources
How rich do you think your regular Aquarium is? Do you think they are rolling in wads of cash, or do you
think they are struggling to get by?
Don't worry, your answer literally doesn't matter. The fact is that it's way too expensive to catch a Great
White Shark, and many Aquariums don't just see it as being worth it.
Scientists say that to catch a Great White Shark, you'd have to provide a few things. The first thing you'd
need to provide is a tank and an open water pen. This is because you can't just tag a Great White Shark,
drug it, put it in ice, load it in a plane, and then fly it over to wherever the Aquarium is.
It just doesn't work that way.
To transport even a small Great White Shark, you'd have to have an open water pen that can hold at
least 3.78 million litres of water with a depth of at least 10.6 meters. In addition to that, the Aquarium
has to keep the Great White in an open water pen that can take 15 million litres of water before even
transferring it to the Aquarium's facilities.
As you can see, all this will cost a lot of money, and only a few Aquariums can actually afford to pay this
much to have a Great White Shark.
But what of those who can pay? Why don't they have a Great White Shark?

#5 They Are A Danger To Others And
If a Great White Shark is kept with any other shark, the likelihood that the Great White kills it and eats it
within a day or two is very high. So, not only is catching a Great White Shark as a chore on its own, it can
even be expensive in other ways.
Imagine buying a pet and finding out that that pet killed the other pet that you had before. That's
exactly how it is like.
And as you may know, the other marine animals that the Great White may kill are actually pretty
expensive to get. It's not an easy task getting them, and most Aquariums can't deal with sharks killing
each other in their facilities.
To make things worse, Great White Sharks rarely allow even human beings to feed them. This
sometimes leads them to die of starvation.
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