Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? - Who Needs To Fix It?

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This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.
Also a special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
Sources & further reading:
Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019 we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago. And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping out growing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.
And emissions keep rising - but they need to get down to 0!
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - 24 dager siden
Check out the Sources here: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesclimateresponsibility/
Also, since this seems to be relevant in the current climate here is a medium post on how Kurzgesagt handles sponsorships:
Ram - 12 dager siden
at 4:08 the indian flag is wrongly presented , please correct it .
vedant mhatre
vedant mhatre - 15 dager siden
@gonzostwin1 everyone needs to
Zargolien Zog
Zargolien Zog - 22 dager siden
wrong Indian map at 4:12
The Generalist
The Generalist - 22 dager siden
@Noel Joseph If you are not a true believer no money for you. If you don't get the results he wants no money for you.
John Stevens
John Stevens - 22 dager siden
@Ryan Ziolkowski if you don't believe me ask other experts and research it more, i don't like people having misinformation :)
CiliosX - Time siden
So we are doomed basically
Adit Bishnoi
Adit Bishnoi - 2 timer siden
India's flag is wrong at 4 min and 8 sec
Halima Umar
Halima Umar - 2 timer siden
are we just going to ignore the fact that the Nigerian flag and location on the map were gotten completely wrong at 7:14 ??
Vigneswara Prabhu
Vigneswara Prabhu - 3 timer siden
Reasons for the world's problems?
9/10 times the answer is china
joxval De vazs
joxval De vazs - 42 minutter siden
10/10 is all of us
ejayerik - 3 timer siden
Blame culture. Mother nature is laughing at your anthropocentric climate change theories.
Peter Doyle
Peter Doyle - 3 timer siden
Everyone is responsible.
Mohammad M
Mohammad M - 3 timer siden
That idiot who doesn't see all the forests disappearing and animals dying: "CLIMATE CHANGE DOESN'T EXIST"
Rahand K
Rahand K - 3 timer siden
8:20 wieso denn wir 🤣🤣🤣
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 3 timer siden
“Who’s responsible for climate change?” Everyone “Who needs to fix this?” EVERYONE
Killumination - 4 timer siden
No-one, it's all made up. There, I just saved you 10.5 minutes.
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 3 timer siden
Erik Jönsson
Erik Jönsson - 4 timer siden
Or you know, we CAN BUILD MORE NUCLEAR POWER and with literally EVERY need satisfied focus more money into fusion and finally be done with it. I'm so TIRED of people neglecting nuclear power saying it will be Mad Max if we do. By that logic, will it even matter when your polar caps melt?
Erik Jönsson
Erik Jönsson - 4 timer siden
@UCEuZD-r3xQ4eMlnq-9TnaRw The EIA's projected outlook even back in 2015 for the year 2020 stated that advanced nuclear, already back in 2015 and now, in 2020, would win in cost efficiency by a landslide. Just look at the numbers, you'd have to sell offshore wind power for $122/MWh on AVERAGE to just break even for the cost to put it there, and that is not even guaranteed because of the nature of wind power with it's low efficiency. Advanced nuclear, even with the tremendous building costs can clear on average $81/MWh to break even. I'm not even accounting for the jobs generated here, as this channel say themselves, we need more jobs worldwide to keep up with the population growth. Furthermore, you NEED a energy base load, in god's honest truth, we probably need both renewable and nuclear to make the cut.
Five Minute Focal Point
Five Minute Focal Point - 5 timer siden
This is a really important point, it's too easy to point the finger elsewhere. If you're interested, we looked at the psychology of this and the impacts of climate change in more detail in our latest video
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 2 timer siden
China is to blame
anson cards
anson cards - 5 timer siden
What I learned: all pollution is the same. CO2 pollutes our environment just as much as anything else.
GForce1337 - 5 timer siden
But There Is Nuclear Power thats green energy right?
Yunus Emre Şahin
Yunus Emre Şahin - 5 timer siden
All of us.
MAD STUDENT - 5 timer siden
4:05 INDIA was ruled by British at that time
Bluecheesedragon !!!
Bluecheesedragon !!! - 6 timer siden
Australians need a lot because we are upside down and some of us can’t walk upside down so we get machines to move them
Samuel Vaňka
Samuel Vaňka - 6 timer siden
tip:plant trees
눈송이 - 6 timer siden
한국 댓이 안 보여서 내가 직접 쓴다..... -0-;;

한국 댓을 보신 분들! 복 받으세용 ~~^_^
❤️❤️ 우리 모두 코로나 조심하자구여😷❤️
One Captain Garry
One Captain Garry - 7 timer siden
지구 온난화를 일으키는 이산화탄소!
이미 오래전부터 대부분의 국가들이 입으로는 이산화탄소를 줄이자고 외쳐왔지만, 실제로는 말뿐이였다. 인류의 국가들에게는 산업의 힘이 필요하다. 산업을 위해서는 이산화탄소를 배출시킬 필요가 있다. 마음같아서는 이산화탄소를 줄이고 싶겠지만, 여러가지 사정때문에 줄이고 싶어도 절대로 못줄인다!
그나마 코로나 바이러스 때문에 인류 대부분의 산업계가 침체되었기 때문에 이산화탄소 배출량이 전보다 조금은 줄어들었으리라...
역시 이 지구는 인류 전체를 만족시키기에는 유리공처럼 너무 취약한 행성이다. 호킹 박사의 유언대로 새로운 행성을 찾아야 한다.
Sarma Madhavan
Sarma Madhavan - 7 timer siden
4:07 that's not indian flag
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson - 7 timer siden
It was me. Sorry guys
benito toppolini
benito toppolini - 7 timer siden
the european union is not a state
OOFERplayz - 7 timer siden
how anout philippines 🇵🇭?
guang yang
guang yang - 8 timer siden
Teesen Tan
Teesen Tan - 8 timer siden
Mohtashim Chowdhury
Mohtashim Chowdhury - 8 timer siden
Dislikes are from americans and chinese
Logan Wolv
Logan Wolv - 8 timer siden
Yup,long term plans and delayed gradification is a real challange for us nowadays.Let's be unbiased and do all we can.
Vikkstar626 - 9 timer siden
"india's contribution shrinks to 3%"
Shows the flag of Iran
CruelSunLight - 10 timer siden
Covid 19 be like: ay mate lemme help you
Adrian Savaidis
Adrian Savaidis - 10 timer siden
Climate change is a hoax made up by the radical left so just keep calm people
Væringjar - 10 timer siden
Climate change as a consequence of anthropogenic ghg emissions has been described in the scientific literature for over 100 years.
Kyle Bolton
Kyle Bolton - 10 timer siden
This video needs to be spread! We all need to do more!!!
Kyle Bolton
Kyle Bolton - 10 timer siden
We can make a change! Everyone on this Earth RIGHT NOW has a duty to do their best to stop climate change. Reduce your waste and vote for environmentally responsible political figures. We can stop this issue from destroying us if we really work together and recognize that it is NOT a political issue. This is not a problem just for liberals or something to blame on conservatives. We have all let this happen and we need to ALL work together to stop it.
Борис Азаров
Борис Азаров - 11 timer siden
I think that it is more efficient and more useful not to reduce emissions, but to learn how to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
İsmetOngun İNCE
İsmetOngun İNCE - 11 timer siden
oil companies: quickly remove this video Kurzgesagt
Kurzgesagt: wash yourself first
Ankit Ranga
Ankit Ranga - 11 timer siden
Kurzgesagt---- who is responsible for climate change?
Me--- everybody
Ashton Earley
Ashton Earley - 12 timer siden
Experiment 1124
Experiment 1124 - 12 timer siden
Let’s stop climate change,

Selfish Pricks in the government:
I don’t think so..
raianmr - 12 timer siden
lmao 8k karens and kens disliked this video
The Kansas Cat
The Kansas Cat - 12 timer siden
4:07 they said India but showed some other flag lol
Daniel S
Daniel S - 12 timer siden
india's emissions are way higher
Apollyon - 13 timer siden
you know if we could destroy all the carbon released without disturbing the planet's greenhouse everything would be easier
Discuss your science fiction ideas about how to improve the planet!
Karlos Eduardo
Karlos Eduardo - 13 timer siden
I want the planet to explode, I won't even be alive to see it!
Ismael Henríquez
Ismael Henríquez - 14 timer siden
Hagan uno de El Salvador
Dave Tait
Dave Tait - 15 timer siden
short answer:
victor pina
victor pina - 15 timer siden
Another great video. I wish you guys would have tackled solutions not related to technology based solutions. You mentioned it slightly but cooperation and solidarity is in my opinion the correct way to fix the ecological crisis. Again thank you for taking the time to do this.
santy anavaya
santy anavaya - 17 timer siden
We are responsible, stop blaming other’s and do whatever you can, no matter how small it’s.
Nuclear Fusion Gaming
Nuclear Fusion Gaming - 17 timer siden
Solar Panels: reflect light and heat
Wind turbines: loud and need repairs often
Geothermal: few perfect places on earth
Looks like we’re screwed
Matthew Fry
Matthew Fry - 17 timer siden
This video works well in tandem with the egoistic altruism video.
Muggins The Jinx
Muggins The Jinx - 18 timer siden
Did you ever stop to think that earth is trying to rid itself of humans? And that's why all these new viruses are emerging? Humans are nothing but a liability at this point.
Akeda Laevateinn
Akeda Laevateinn - 18 timer siden
Where's Question #4? The amount of carbon dioxide converted into oxygen by photosynthesis?
I guess people are too busy rioting and trying to think of new ways to feel like special snowflakes that they don't learn anything in school anymore.
Væringjar - 11 timer siden
Carbon used in photosynthesis is part of the natural carbon flux, it cannot possibly remove all the co2 we emit to the atmosphere.
Vinny Neutron
Vinny Neutron - 19 timer siden
7:13. "The average Nigerian in a year", inserts wrong flag ..**sigh**
MAMA J - 19 timer siden
Praying for all and hope you will help share this very important Truth from Almighty God's Word:
"Time Has An End"
Time has an end, with much of God's word, the Bible, to comprehend, but most won't contend, and climate change won't mend; Global warming is God's final warning, as He is always in control, and He is our Weatherman (Isaiah 45, Nahum 1, Jeremiah 23....)Because of too much rebellion and sin, and wicked hearts within. (Jeremiah 7, Psalm 48, Romans 1-3...) God gave us His written word, originally in Hebrew and Greek, and called this book the Bible, to show us how to live and be; The Bible was written by holy men of old, many years ago, as God moved them through the Holy Ghost (2 Peter 1:21); And all scripture was written by inspiration of God, for us to be corrected, and reproved, by walking in His truth (2 Timothy 3:16,17); We have a most loving, and merciful God, to be praised and obeyed, from the moment we arise, til we go to sleep at night, yet much of the world won’t take heed, and go their own way; (Psalm 113:3, Ezekiel 39, Jeremiah 12, Ephesians 5, Titus 3, 2 Timothy 3..... ) He is the King of kings, LORD of lords, He is our Savior, Creator of all, but most won't even acknowledge Him, and mock Him with much gall; We’re in the “Great Tribulation” now of Matthew 24, the LORD has opened up the seals (Revelation 5-22), so we can see truth more; In Daniel chapter 12 vs 9, God told Daniel the seals were closed til the end of time; If you study from Isaiah to the book of Malachi, hopefully you will see that this is all about the end times; Too many false gospels, signs and wonders, none have the truth, since God has allowed Satan to take his seat in the temple, and now rules, according to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 (2 Corinthians 11, Revelation 2,3, 17-22)Judgment has begun on the house of God, in 1 Peter chapter 4, God is starting with the churches, and then to many more; (Ezekiel 9, Jeremiah 25...) God is our Faith, our Baptism, our LORD, and Father of all, and only He can save, not the pope, priest, you, or me, and none can come to Him, unless He draws, and only by His mercy; (John 6:44, 10:30, Ezekiel 36, Romans 1-9, 1 Timothy 2:5, Titus 3, Ephesians 1-5...)So as the days of Noah, because of too much sin, when the floods came, and took most everyone/thing away, except for the animals on ark, and Noah's family of eight, So shall our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ (both the same), come and destroy this earth with fire on the dreadful Judgment Day, with only a remnant saved (Isaiah 1, 10, 11, Jeremiah 23, 31, Ezekiel 6, Joel 2, Malachi 4, Romans 9, 11, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9, Revelation  11, 12, 18-22….), and He alone is the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2);Please come soon LORD Jesus, please come soon, let Satan and sin no longer rule, for many are suffering, more and more each day, especially the children, LORD we pray; Please come soon dear LORD, please come save (Revelation 18-22)
Caleb Tidwell
Caleb Tidwell - 19 timer siden
To all the folks who fear the worst: I've been where you are and I know how you feel, but you need to know that now, when you can't see the way ahead and you feel like giving up, these are the times when you need to hold on the most. Reach out for help, disengage where you must, forgive yourself and keep pushing ahead. Despite the despair of a moment, climate change IS a problem that can be addressed and resolved, and we need everyone we can get to help make it happen - including you.
Caleb Tidwell
Caleb Tidwell - 19 timer siden
And if you're still unsure because you can't see the way the world can change on a dime, then keep watching. I'm not connected to the Kurzgesagt team, but if they're talking about the fossil fuel industry soon, then I'll bet they'll turn to policy and actionable, real-world answers to climate change in the next video. If I had to guess, this will take the form of carbon pricing, a tax on the carbon dioxide emissions associated with fossil fuels which translates the harm caused by greenhouse gases into economic fallout. It's a good plan in any case (raising the cost of fossil fuels makes the switch to carbon-free energy easier) but especially relevant to discussing the fossil fuel industry because it places blame at the source and hits business where it really hurts - in the wallet.
Caleb Tidwell
Caleb Tidwell - 19 timer siden
If you can't see the way forward, then don't worry. That's why you're watching Kurzgesagt, right? To learn about the problem and what can be done about it? You may worry that you yourself can't do enough, but remember that it's enough for you to do what you can, and however scared you might feel, you are not alone; you're not the only one trying to make things better. And despite the noise of dismissals and deniers, there are more of us then there are of them.
Speedy González
Speedy González - 19 timer siden
The progresss.....liying again....
Censored - 19 timer siden
Don’t put the UK in the EU again, that ship has sailed.
discostu - 20 timer siden
You shouldn’t contemplate historical emissions bc the technology is not the same, not even when compare tweenty years ago. Tech makes more viable renewable sources so only matters present emissions
Dark 074
Dark 074 - 17 timer siden
But those emissions still exist. Just because they are in the past doesn't change anything
Martin Ljubic
Martin Ljubic - 21 time siden
The first thing to examine is the bullshit thing called 'Climate Change.'
It stands for the package deal euphemism that climate is man-made.
Who is responsible for 'Climate Change': the bullshit peddlers.
Actual Climate: has been doing this in cycles, and all of it recorded in
ice-core data. And human history going back a thousand years .. just
for starters. Bullshit peddlers with their horse blinkers notwithstanding.
Steven Proktor
Steven Proktor - 21 time siden
Y'know that vacuum from Space Balls?
We need one of them that traps and seperates the not-air and releases good air back into the... air.
Zero Waste India
Zero Waste India - 21 time siden
As an individual we can start by reducing our waste and planting more and more plants.
Killerspieler0815 - 22 timer siden
Who is to blame ? The Sun !
Væringjar - 11 timer siden
We can measure the total solar irradiance very precisely, and if TSI is going down and temperatures go up it can’t be the sun driving temperatures at the moment.
Zinc Zinc
Zinc Zinc - 23 timer siden
Start can change followers unity.
Government Should do laws at this.
Metehan Başpınar
Metehan Başpınar - 23 timer siden
America should help other countries instead of bombing them.
Gaurav - 23 timer siden
4:06 that’s not India’s flag
Ser Snuggles
Ser Snuggles - 23 timer siden
This video: *exists*
fossil fuel companies: *sweating intensifies*
Josh Daniel
Josh Daniel - 23 timer siden
At least Mr beast did his thing
Onion Rings Are Just Vegetable Donuts
This video made me depressed, then shocked, then hopeful, then sad that the video ended.
Asterra2 - Dag siden
Yeah, China is catching up, thanks to decades of IP theft. But ask anyone who's lived there for a while and they'd be the first to tell you that the peak was about a decade ago, and the country is fast-tracking to a gigantic crash.
Onion Rings Are Just Vegetable Donuts
If we want to slow down climate change, we need to do it together. We are all responsible. It doesn’t where your from, you can help.
monika laosi
monika laosi - Dag siden
“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” -Native American proverb
daneuok - Dag siden
eat the rich
monika laosi
monika laosi - Dag siden
The India's flag in the second part of comparison is wrongly presented kindly take care of such things in future as it is a source of disrespect to a country. Thankyou
Moni Singh
Moni Singh - Dag siden
Umm actually the Indian flag shown at that timestamp is wrong ;-; India's flag is 🇮🇳
조수아 - Dag siden
3:13 It is marked in North Korea, not South Korea.
Sheernam Rishikesh
Sheernam Rishikesh - Dag siden
4:09 That is not Indian flag
Article 69
Article 69 - Dag siden
”we are gonna talk about nation states”

”At number three is the EU”
Bk Lkshy
Bk Lkshy - Dag siden
Ok, so that's why we are producing 7 times more food than the whole population of this planet needs by ripping the mother earth from its resources and even after that 1/3rd of the population sleeps with empty stomachs
Edit: Btw, Bharat (India) is already producing its 40% of its electricity needs from renewable sources (without any outside financial help and contributions) even after that whole western world including china-aus😆 etc were pressurizing Bharat to reach 50% without actually giving any contribution
Dark 074
Dark 074 - 17 timer siden
Because of live stock animals. Sorry but they aren't solar powered they need food too
从不挂机送人头 - Dag siden
Federico Jimbo Smithson
what should have been included in this video: what will happen to the offspring if things doesn't change for better today
mixio hili
mixio hili - Dag siden
4:06 Its very disgrace of you to show that flag as India...
Federico Jimbo Smithson
nice take away message... keep this up,, help the planet in this way
mixio hili
mixio hili - Dag siden