When minimalism goes too far...

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 07:16


Kayla Yuresko
Kayla Yuresko - 9 dager siden
"Less is more, until less becomes less."
Also the introduction was fantastic.
Appreciate the humor in all of your videos! Thank you!
Julia Marlin
Julia Marlin - 14 dager siden
I used to think I would prefer minimalism but I honestly think I'm happier when my room is full of stuff that makes me happy.
Old Wes
Old Wes - 28 dager siden
not gonna lie dude, your girl is a consumer-minded piece of shit.
Neuro.b - Måned siden
I love you guys ❤️🌈
Live, Learn and Teach
Live, Learn and Teach - Måned siden
I do love your humour.
Brian Walker
Brian Walker - Måned siden
If you take on a wife, then try to change your lifestyle after you're married, then your choices of how you want to live are dictated by your wife (unless you're ok with being miserable & starved for affection).
Kartik Thukral
Kartik Thukral - 2 måneder siden
I don’t know exactly why but the idea of cult really appeals to me, and I I like that visual you gave 😂
Maya Grace
Maya Grace - 2 måneder siden
"minimalism isn't the opposite of hoarding" is the best and most simple way i've ever heard it described :)
Zuzanna U.
Zuzanna U. - 4 måneder siden
You can't take minimalism too far.

Not being rude, I'm just a minimalist))
Garth Kingbird
Garth Kingbird - 4 måneder siden
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Matt: *hanging a frame on the wall with no nails*
Charlie Lemon
Charlie Lemon - 4 måneder siden
can that bitchioto please stop flashing her gums
Emily Jowers
Emily Jowers - 5 måneder siden
"Less is more until it starts to become less." I love that.
Deven Alexander
Deven Alexander - 5 måneder siden
Please place your right hand on nothing
Bogdan Grecu
Bogdan Grecu - 5 måneder siden
Empire Entertainment
Empire Entertainment - 5 måneder siden
I try to be minimalist, but clutter always seems to develop.
sweatheart61 - 5 måneder siden
This isn't a cult said every cult ever. 😋🤣
Mariano Paniagua
Mariano Paniagua - 5 måneder siden
Man! I simply love this! I'm so glad I've found this channel. You are an amazing minimalist with an awesome girlfriend and a great sense of humour!
RJ Nuzzi
RJ Nuzzi - 5 måneder siden
You're adorable & smart... love your balanced perspectives but try not to find the middle ground so fast... sometimes it's good to stretch so far into the abyss, find what's there, then the band stretches back to someplace in the middle...
Ibrahim Algosair
Ibrahim Algosair - 5 måneder siden
I know its not related to the video. But your gf have a great smile. Lucky you
Sorry for my English
Justin Crane
Justin Crane - 5 måneder siden
So no one’s going to notice Dwayne the rock Johnson in the background in a photo?
Tonika - 5 måneder siden
4.51 it's Aileen's room from Lavendaire.💖
IJK Doodling
IJK Doodling - 5 måneder siden
Minimalism: enough you
Luis - 6 måneder siden
How can you live in a van and not get mugged and beat up every week? lol
Matthijs Bekaert
Matthijs Bekaert - 6 måneder siden
for some reason I feel like you "'interview" natalie a lot while she's in the kitchen... I know you don't do it on purpose but once you see it , it cannot be unseen :)
mynameisblaine - 6 måneder siden
5:04 is someone tapping morse code in the bottom left corner?
Advay :
Advay : - 6 måneder siden
If Matt is legend, Nat is ultra-legend 😃 Both inspirational.
. - 6 måneder siden
you built your whole channel around a misnomer
Aikaterini-Maria Gkouzi
Aikaterini-Maria Gkouzi - 6 måneder siden
Well said!
Carmen Laura
Carmen Laura - 6 måneder siden
Poor people..they are crazy😒
Ghastly Ghandi
Ghastly Ghandi - 7 måneder siden
“Minimalism taken too far”
“How poor can I be while still living in a house”
Sem Rosenkamp
Sem Rosenkamp - 7 måneder siden
“Less is more until less becomes less” ~Matt D’Avella, July 2019
Frank Korsel
Frank Korsel - 7 måneder siden
Not every MacBook owner is a minimalist but every minimalist has a macbook
Kyle Lawrence
Kyle Lawrence - 7 måneder siden
I just want a clean house. How does one get their messy roommates to join the “cult”? 😂
X MAIN ACCT. - 7 måneder siden
This dude one of the best content creators.
Ronni Travels
Ronni Travels - 7 måneder siden
I’m learning to be minimalist for college being in a small dorm and no money 😅 I love the idea tho but not to the extreme like with the bracelet 😂
Kara Osborne
Kara Osborne - 7 måneder siden
I’m late to the game on this video (and channel, truthfully!), but that living room at 4:51!! I had to pause it and take a photo!
Carl Hopf
Carl Hopf - 7 måneder siden
sleeping with socks on? ANIMAL!
Carl Hopf
Carl Hopf - 7 måneder siden
I have a theory about this. Call me, Matt. this is CONVERSATION, not OBSERVATION.
Max Phythian
Max Phythian - 7 måneder siden
I just bought the latest toaster. It toasts twice as fast as last years model
Minus Melanin
Minus Melanin - 8 måneder siden
Love this video!!
maidden - 8 måneder siden
Matt: Aspirational!

Millennials: We're broke.
Armir in Germania
Armir in Germania - 8 måneder siden
No, you can never take it too far, but you can also never reach full minimalism. It's always there, on the horizon, no matter how much closer you get to it, it retreats back the same distance.
xXBrightxX - 8 måneder siden
Thats how my sims4 buildings look
Atharva Kulkarni
Atharva Kulkarni - 8 måneder siden
"please place your right hand on NOTHING" omg😂😂😂
Vera Ter Braak
Vera Ter Braak - 9 måneder siden
Lovely message
roberto ascanio
roberto ascanio - 9 måneder siden
I have the same Archie's Press maps in my house. They're amazing.
Abhishek M
Abhishek M - 9 måneder siden
You didn't give the playbutton🤔
DeQarol - 9 måneder siden
The Rock photo on the shelf?
x Pistol
x Pistol - 9 måneder siden
what’s that lamp in the background
*insert Username*
*insert Username* - 9 måneder siden
This reminds me of Diogenes, the Greek philosopher lol
Kenny Vapes
Kenny Vapes - 9 måneder siden
May I ask why you have framed photo of The Rock
Alexander Grün
Alexander Grün - 9 måneder siden
You need more sleep m8! Look at your eyes.
Heather Spencer
Heather Spencer - 9 måneder siden
Toaster weekly digest!?! Where have you been all my life?
N - 9 måneder siden
Watching this after I started sleeping on the floor lol
Caroline Ashworth
Caroline Ashworth - 9 måneder siden
Matt and Natalie, I would love to see an apartment tour!! Your new place is super cute!!
elsa. - 9 måneder siden
I'm the opposite of minimalistic, if I see someone's wall with nothing on it I want to put something on it so bad, I just can't see empty space I want to fill it with art.
holycrow! - 10 måneder siden
There are a few studies and surveys pointing that living in an empty, sterile space creates just as much, if not more, stress as living in a messy, busy place.
Fox Dylan
Fox Dylan - 10 måneder siden
Oh man, I love my van near the river...
Carter P
Carter P - 10 måneder siden
Ok Natalie won’t let me live in a van. (Well said my friend, well said)
Syd - 10 måneder siden
I bought myself a pair of Air Jordan’s when I was twelve, the most expensive thing I had ever paid for by myself, I’ve had them for almost two years and their still shiny and white and make me happy every time I put them on. I think investing in those types of things can be much more fulfilling then only buying the minimum. I have one other pair of sneakers, a pair of sandals, and a pair of boots. If your thinking minimal you might think 4 pairs of shoes are a lot but if they make you happy or are better quality I think you shouldn’t get rid of it just to get rid of it.
Achia - 20 dager siden
wait so your foot hasn't grown since you were 12? Impressive
I_AM_HYDRA - 5 måneder siden
Most people have like 20 pairs so only a few pairs of shoes is good
Presbian116 Tier1
Presbian116 Tier1 - 7 måneder siden
if anyone evr thinks 4 pairs of shoes is too much that is just radical thinking if not irrational.