WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A GIRL || Relatable Girly Situations And Fails by 123 GO!

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Alright ladies, how many of these scenarios could you relate to? Being a girl can sure be challenging, huh? Are there any hilarious yet frustrating girl problems we forgot in this video?
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Hilda Ortiz
Hilda Ortiz - 29 minutter siden
I liked the lassy one
MsSilver Mua
MsSilver Mua - Time siden
when lana left the party she went to sleep with makeup on
Dania Wright
Dania Wright - Time siden
I watch you all the time when ever you posted any video
Pretzels DeBest
Pretzels DeBest - Time siden
IPHONE 11!!!
Melissa Del Rio-Valdes
Melissa Del Rio-Valdes - 2 timer siden
Was it only me or was the iPhone different when she pulled it out of the couch?
Edanie Marcelus
Edanie Marcelus - 2 timer siden
And they don't work
Edanie Marcelus
Edanie Marcelus - 2 timer siden
I try to do them
Hon Lam Woo
Hon Lam Woo - 4 timer siden
Betty is so stupid
Parushi & Yashraj Beniwal
Parushi & Yashraj Beniwal - 4 timer siden
Haha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
tasha sloly
tasha sloly - 4 timer siden
llalal - 5 timer siden
Hailey Blanset
Hailey Blanset - 5 timer siden
Lana:* drops phone in the couch cushion*
me: call 911 she dropped her phone in the couch cushion void!!!!
Alexander Malave
Alexander Malave - 5 timer siden
What am I going to say what do you think of why I I subscribe to you because I like it and I also want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you for letting me watch your videos in YouTube
Roslyn Markham
Roslyn Markham - 5 timer siden
This is when you forgot when you think your periods are over but they aren't
AKASH DEY - 5 timer siden
I love all of your videos
Sparkle123 - 6 timer siden
Forgot B & of all
Noemi Morales
Noemi Morales - 6 timer siden
We related to only one LOL
nicky 100
nicky 100 - 7 timer siden
🥳 on 8million!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
rowana tarkio
rowana tarkio - 7 timer siden
Lexie Richardson
Lexie Richardson - 7 timer siden
Maelie Wimbish
Maelie Wimbish - 7 timer siden
Maelie Wimbish
Maelie Wimbish - 7 timer siden
Little Lion
Little Lion - 8 timer siden
I am a girl so I don’t need to watch this:/
Lily Kusnic
Lily Kusnic - 8 timer siden
Oh my God Oh my God 😱😱😱😱😱
charlison 53
charlison 53 - 8 timer siden
Mary Louis Quinn
Mary Louis Quinn - 8 timer siden
Mary Louis Quinn
Mary Louis Quinn - 8 timer siden
Yoselyn Valentin
Yoselyn Valentin - 8 timer siden
Gahcajewelkitty Anne
Gahcajewelkitty Anne - 8 timer siden
1:00 you could just use a paper towel or paper 😐
laura jane
laura jane - 9 timer siden
pull up the cuchons
Lubna Daud
Lubna Daud - 9 timer siden
Maddie Adventures
Maddie Adventures - 9 timer siden
Maddie Adventures
Maddie Adventures - 9 timer siden
Emma Washington
Emma Washington - 10 timer siden
User know
Sairan Ibrahiem
Sairan Ibrahiem - 10 timer siden
I'm sorry but can u not stick Ur toung out⛔ I'm a little grossed out😵🤢
Fernanda xavier da silva paula
Badie looks just like Madi from TikTok
Fernanda xavier da silva paula
Leah 2k17
Leah 2k17 - 10 timer siden
4:59 is she really okay
Shima Susan George
Shima Susan George - 10 timer siden
leave a like if ur a fan of 123 go!!
Ulve Euesn
Ulve Euesn - 10 timer siden
R&M SISTERS Channel - 11 timer siden
Wow this is so cringing nearly made me burst into laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
criceyra - 11 timer siden
warsame creative
warsame creative - 11 timer siden
She has Three cameras On her. Phone
Bella Cook
Bella Cook - 11 timer siden
dont we all turn pink sometimes? 😫
Manga Veliseti
Manga Veliseti - 11 timer siden
This is funny 123 go
minnus art
minnus art - 11 timer siden
The funniest part i like 3:37😂😂
Audrey Tap-Keo
Audrey Tap-Keo - 11 timer siden
FUN WORLD - 11 timer siden
FUN WORLD - 11 timer siden
👍👍👍 IshaRIYA
Rachel Barrick
Rachel Barrick - 12 timer siden
Unicorns Girl
Unicorns Girl - 12 timer siden
the phone Is changed who noticed
Penelope Greer
Penelope Greer - 12 timer siden
Carolina Patton
Carolina Patton - 12 timer siden
bxby. l3l3
bxby. l3l3 - 12 timer siden
the thumbnail really scared me...
ali Elkady
ali Elkady - 12 timer siden
Katie LaCount
Katie LaCount - 12 timer siden
0pp012 7
Hameeda Rafiq
Hameeda Rafiq - 13 timer siden
Kully Bains
Kully Bains - 13 timer siden
That thumbnail is hilarious🤣🤣🤣
Mami Renthlei
Mami Renthlei - 13 timer siden
Please bring back Amy,we love her
Amira McGlone
Amira McGlone - 3 timer siden
Plz bing her beck
Amira McGlone
Amira McGlone - 3 timer siden
Maevic Rainforest
Maevic Rainforest - 14 timer siden
I want to hear their real voices
Miranda's Playhouse
Miranda's Playhouse - 15 timer siden