What I Learned by Journaling for 30 Days

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redcinos - Dag siden
diary is a book to record events as they happen. A journal is a book used to explore ideas that take shape.
Rosie Ochoa
Rosie Ochoa - 2 dager siden
I do the same I have good journals and sketch books but that doesn’t help bc I don’t want to waste them w nonsense. I started buying composition books and I can get rid of them if I want to.
Krishna Raikar
Krishna Raikar - 2 dager siden
Can you please tell me the exact size or send me the link of pocket journal which you have used in the video, that is very cute
Thrive - Meditation and Relaxation Music.
Journaling does help a lot in finding out about ourselves. In our team we like to take our time, get comfortable and have some background music and then get to write.
Shweta Thangri
Shweta Thangri - 4 dager siden
I've been journaling since 2012 and it's undoubtedly works great... I feel very clear and it's dump go out from brain itself... If you guys are beginners, I've also shared some tips for journaling for beginners.. Check this out https://psychicstrong.in/tips-for-journal-writing-inspirational-article-on-life/
katrin klara
katrin klara - 6 dager siden
i been Journaling for the past two and half years, and in my experience you dont have to do it everyday or every week, just when you want to, and it doesnt have to be about the bad things, i usually write about a trip i had, about something Im thankful for, about people(seeing what someone made you feel a couple of months ago helps you make decisions) and every year on my bd I write something I learnt in the past year
Kit Hiniku
Kit Hiniku - 7 dager siden
Had been journaling for some years, though with breaks.
What I have learned from journaling:
1.Helped in recognizing those who were gaslighting
2. Solidified thoughts on something that felt vague prior
3. Realize why something had really bothered me
4. Emotional and mental word vomiting helped get whatever was on my mind off my chest
5. If the journal itself isn't one you want to hold or care to write in you won't write in it. (A recent, hard learned lesson. A journal should feel comfortable to write in. Not like you're wearing clothes cut oddly and don't fit right.)
BadShah - 8 dager siden
I just want to say that your video ispired me to write journal. But after few days of journalling , i started writing poetry!
Giona Grace
Giona Grace - 8 dager siden
Love love love to journal! FREE YOUR MIND & the rest will follow 💕
Simple Life in Japan! Carmela
And also to keep me writing , if my pens are good to write! I think anyone can relate?
sambit parida
sambit parida - 11 dager siden
Exercise 4 is the only exercise we care about.
Anagha Varma
Anagha Varma - 11 dager siden
Why am I even watching this I've been journalling for almost 6 yrs now 😂
Vicky H
Vicky H - 11 dager siden
I journal, but I don't do it every day because some days you have nothing interesting to write about. But it still an habit for me and it helped me in a lot of dark moments. I really enjoyed your video btw
MsJacquese99 - 12 dager siden
I follow The 5am Club method...the 20/20/20 rule. I move for way more then twenty minutes while listening to an audiobook. When I get back home from my walk, I usually just sit down breathe and start to journal. It is very helpful especially when reading self-improvement books. It helps to put things in perspective. It allows me to get my frustrations out instead of keeping it all in.
Being a nurse during COVID-19 doesn’t help with the anxiety and depression.
Most Interesting Troll
Most Interesting Troll - 13 dager siden
your hand writing is horrible bro 😂
Euiyang Kim
Euiyang Kim - 13 dager siden
"Bicep Curls"
Nina Gonzales
Nina Gonzales - 17 dager siden
Love this! Will incorporate this into my self care routine :)
Charlotte Gottfried
Charlotte Gottfried - 22 dager siden
I journal when I feel like I need it. It helps my anxiety a ton. It helps me see my life clearer. But I let myself skip days when I don’t feel like I need it.
Faiza Fatema Alam
Faiza Fatema Alam - 23 dager siden
I took out my old journals.Read them and had the best laugh at my past self.
IronWeeman BB
IronWeeman BB - 24 dager siden
So are you meant to journal if you’re out or just when you’re home?
katha babae
katha babae - 24 dager siden
I've been keeping a journal (diary) since I was a kid! I stopped writing often 2 years ago when I started having symptoms of clinical depression. Until then, I became less aware of what's happening in my life, I lose track of things and important details of my life, I started becoming forgetful that my memory only lasts for hours, the longest would be 4 days. I wanted to go back to journaling, to my old self, but the void seem to keep on pulling me away from touching my pen and notebook. No words would cave in in my head. It's just blank and blue.
Right now, I am happy to share to everyone who'd read this that I discovered a new way of journaling, that is doing my daily devotions. I was healed from depression and I can say that it really put order and helped me discover the real purpose of my life since then. I've never experienced this kind of freedom, bravery, confidence, and tranquility my entire life until I've come to know Him.
Right now, I'm not only doing my daily devotions, but I'm also back on journaling. Both perform miracle in my mental health :)
Prashanth Vaidya
Prashanth Vaidya - 24 dager siden
After failing to keep up with journaling, I have tried to build an app for myself to make it seem less like a chore. It's a work in progress.
Those of you interested, please check it out and let me know your feedback.
Mr Anthony
Mr Anthony - 24 dager siden
I have a everything book to put down Ideas / research etc
Mike Varga
Mike Varga - 25 dager siden
I journal while in the bathroom taking a shit
Naincy Jain - Self Development
Due to pandemic covid 19, I am here back with family, Living with parents forced me to write journal every day.
Whatever I read in self development, I am practicing now 👀
PS: waiting this pandemic to end soon, waiting to see my office again.
여자예쁘다 - 27 dager siden
I do whatever the fuck I want with my journal. I write about:
- My day
-My korean learning process
-Theories about society and existence
-Things I want to happen in the future
-I draw
-I write to-do lists
-I free write
-I write stories
-I write my goals down
-I do creative writing prompts
-Skincare/hair routines
And a shit ton of other things. Don't stick to rules about journaling or you'll get bored of it quickly 🤷🏽‍♀️
しずか ともこDemonic Angel
how do you guys journal on a diary.. i mean, am i too paranoid about someone reading my thoughts and feelings? i prefer a digital journal due to this reason. can anyone else relate?
Dicker Kim
Dicker Kim - 28 dager siden
As a teacher a have to say your pen posture hurts my eyes!
Legend Of Chelda
Legend Of Chelda - 28 dager siden
that plant behind you!!! is it ok
Trace Pfister
Trace Pfister - 28 dager siden
I used to keep a tiny journal like one of those free notebooks at a office but all I did I would write what I did that day.
Mohammad Sheeb
Mohammad Sheeb - 28 dager siden
Want to try this experiens
Sarah Tellier
Sarah Tellier - 29 dager siden
Journaling has been an incredibly healing way to reconnect with myself, to my emotions and my desires and dreams. To build confidence, understand my past and rewrite my beliefs to create the future I want. I adore journaling. I didn't do it consistently for a while, but it's always been there, like an old friend to reconnect with whenever I need it. Now I think I'll be journaling pretty regularly for the rest of my life
Flying Red Tail Hawk
Flying Red Tail Hawk - 29 dager siden
Maybe you felt that it was a chore because it was constantly on your mind. Try making it less of a chore and more fun and write when you want to write.
Farisa Box
Farisa Box - 29 dager siden
where can i get this notepad and pen
Higor - Måned siden
I use it as a brain dump. I write the date and whatever is on my mind. I don't do it every day because I don't NEED to empty my brain every day. I've been journaling since 2016.
simran parmar
simran parmar - Måned siden
Yes recently from past 6 months, I started putting down my thoughts on paper. This actually helped me to understand what i wanted to talk and understand about both to my therapist and people around me.
explorer the fedora
explorer the fedora - Måned siden
Finally, someone who once felt they HAD to journal, HAD to fill pages instead of say they fell in love and naturally started doing it everyday.
Not that he’s the first person, but the first person I found.
Poorvi - Måned siden
I have been journalliing since 9th grade if thats what it is called now coz back then it was writing in your diary, it was always of and on process, I only wrote when I felt like. My 3 years of memories are in my mobile memos and then 2 other journals in which I write my feelings because sometimes writing feels more therapeutic than typing. It's really just all over, but everythings saved and backed up and I really like keeping my memories saved. I am now trying to daily journal on an app in my mobile, let's see how that goes. :)
ashley leyva
ashley leyva - Måned siden
I love journaling. I too was in the same boat when starting. I wasn't constant. I only wrote when hard times hit but when I wrote it always gave me some kind of relief. it didn't fix anything but it did put things back into perspective and helped me get back on track. When covid hit i left my job, decided that I would move back in with my parents, and felt like crap. It took me about three months to finally get working on bettering myself and creating a new track on life. Creating new habits and working towards new goals. Journaling had been a huge help with tracking my progress. I tried making a habit tracker in my planner but wasn't a fan of it so I decided to use my journals to track it. It first started out with my feelings. I journaled how I felt about each day. Then I started writing about what I did each day. and then finally I started new daily habits and wrote in my journal to make sure that I was doing things daily. I personally have really enjoyed journaling for even just getting some thoughts out of your head. Overthinking kills but to be able to place some of those thoughts outside of your head space will help immensely. thank you for these 30 day videos, truly great content.
novruz. novruzov
novruz. novruzov - Måned siden
Julia Cameron calls this morning pages and it is definitely helpful.
Kerfy Drezli
Kerfy Drezli - Måned siden
Try Journaling like this-- you don't have to set time to write and try to recall whatever you did since the morning until you start Journaling. It doesn't have to be one or several pages long. It can just be whatever and how much ever you would like to write.
Sheeda78 - Måned siden
Thank you for being honest about your experience:)
Hec Salgado
Hec Salgado - Måned siden
I do journal and have done so for years, BUT not every day.. I journal at the end of every month and try to take a bird's eye view of my life, challenges and wins. I will also journal when i feel i need to put my thoughts down and in that way acknowledge what I'm going through, an aha moment or where I think there is clarity. I have developed many useful and supporting habits over the years and journaling is one of them; I would recommend this practice to anyone, particularly if you want to grow and be mindful of you development.
Headless Music
Headless Music - Måned siden
I just finished my first Journal which I've been writing in daily (with a few exceptions) for 8 months. I started October 1st. I have to say it has been a really great outlet for me. Anytime I felt anxious or depressed (which can happen often) I'd write. The sadness or anxiety would fade. Not completely but just enough that I could have a temporary relief. Almost like Tylenol taking the edge off a headache.
Thank you so much Matt for everything you do, I love your videos! This one has been a huge life changer, and hit close to home.
Adam Dubuc
Adam Dubuc - Måned siden
I feel the same way, more of an obligation than an enjoyable process. I do make a shit load of post it notes tho.....
Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma - Måned siden
I've been keeping journal for 2 years and i feel it's worthy...why? I'm telling exact experiences I've had throughput the process.though, in my case i love the process of journaling. because, English is not my first language. journaling has helped me in re-collecting my thoughts and writing them down have given me a bit more clarity of what i speak. To be very honest, I've skipped journaling sometimes twice & thirce a week and sometimes I've missed months of not keeping journal active. but, now it has become my habit and I don't need to put much pressure on myself to continue it. Hence, in starting you might feel like it's not worty of doing but I'm genuinely telling once it becomes your habit everything will be more clearer to you.😁
Árpád Rideg
Árpád Rideg - Måned siden
When nostalgia hits you, you wish you have done this
aye g
aye g - Måned siden
couldnt afford a therapist and that made me start journaling 2 years ago. so far, im alive.
~ one time i was so mad because of how my week went, at the same time i also wanted to write about it. so i just scribbled on the entire page.
~ journaling is not supposed to be perfect. there's no wrong way in expressing. i used to overthink my words, but i realized it only puts a filter to what i really feel. so be free, its not an essay assignment, she dont judge.
~ it helps in dealing with regrets too. ive made mistakes in my life, and although ive said sorry to these people and they forgive me, i write a letter of what i shouldve said/done. sometimes my regrets bother me so much, i just write them down. its a way of forgiving myself. some letters to the people im grateful for too
~ i write a movie line, quote, lyric, a lesson from a book, and poetry i wanna be reminded of when i look back. i relate it to my life, and how i understand it.
Maurice Phoenix
Maurice Phoenix - Måned siden
Well I'm starting like start of this year. Coz one of my best friend suggesting it. And it is indeed hard to keep writing it every day. Donno what to write...is it okay whenever I did or something happen that day then to write or it is have to be written everyday😅
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith - Måned siden
I've journaled for 45 years. I've had times when I've gone for days, weeks, months, and then for a year or two when I was temporarily legally blind and couldn't journal. But I've always returned to it and now that I'm old and in my 60s, have plenty of time for it. I imagine someone 100 years from now finding my old journal volumes in an attic and reading about how life was for an avetage person during the different decades of my life.
Nice to read something from a guy's perspective.
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith - 8 dager siden
@Titia van den Eertwegh in the US, legally blind means you have very low vision where you can't drive, read normal size type, read directions on a package, and other similar things, and where glasses don't help. It differs from total blindness where one sees only blackness.
Titia van den Eertwegh
Titia van den Eertwegh - 8 dager siden
Legally blind?
Serenity In The City
Serenity In The City - Måned siden
There are many different styles of journaling. You don't necessarily have to write about your day word for word. You can do a bullet style where you just note the important events of the day. You can use a style for self discovery and personal growth where you use question prompts (you can find these on different internet platforms) and you must soul search for the answers. You are an artist? Incorporate that into your journaling. Talk about your feelings and thoughts or ideas. Do some internet research and find a style of journaling that works for YOU and add or take away from it depending on your needs. There are also different types like dream journals etc There is a style where you don't think you just free flow from your heart and subconscious until you don't have anything else to say. Or you could give yourself a time limit. Some people even use voice recorders for journaling. It really can be fun and mind blowing sometimes. Maybe journaling should be called journeying because that's what it's about.
Nitish Thorat
Nitish Thorat - Måned siden
Is it ok to maintain an online journal, so that we can always have that with us.
So Journey
So Journey - Måned siden
I do journaling, but I personally like minimal workbook journal which contains habits tracking, personal dreams and goals, how to raise vibration, etc.
Justin Gabiosa
Justin Gabiosa - Måned siden
So, I've always been the type of person who was stuck in my mind. I was always afraid to speak out and to try and have no filter. I also talk a lot to myself and in my head. I saw this video and journaling peaked my interest. I believe that it is a very different activity from person to person. I decided to try it out after I watched this video and I already wrote 3 pages on regular lined paper. My thoughts flowed seamlessly and it really helped me to express my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I really do feel like this is self therapy and I will definitely continue to do so in the future. I already ordered a journal and a nice pen thats coming in 2 days on Amazon!! If this comment can help one person who is stuck in their mind decide to journal, then I am very happy I wrote this!
Janvi V.
Janvi V. - 19 dager siden
@Justin Gabiosa - welcome, it's a whole new world in there! 😇
Maria Caceres
Maria Caceres - Måned siden
That’s funny “ I didn’t wanna boast “ I think that’s cute but it’s great to be grateful vs thinking of it as boasting and it’s interesting that after you realize your emotions changed .. it’s nice to actually see how our minds shift on paper
Vinod N
Vinod N - Måned siden
Seeing your videos I feel you work only at nights
Christian Alejandro
Christian Alejandro - Måned siden
Hello Matt,
I've journals for about 2 years now. Despite this mutual feeling We Share about it sometimes feeling like a task, it has helped me in a mental health aspect (feeling of accomplishment when anxiety or depression was ata high). Currently reviewing these journals and will email I what I come up with. Thanks for your creations!
greengohm - Måned siden
6:17 - what an awesome shot!
zed lune
zed lune - Måned siden
What you mean man I've been journaling since I was like 8 now I'm 18 and I still do.
Her 86m2
Her 86m2 - Måned siden
Journaling is one of my most favorite self-care activities