What could go wrong? Riding mountain bikes with an RC car

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Yes, I know nobody asked for these RC videos. I think I got it all out of my system for the time being. Today, we attempt to jump a mountain bike and RC car over a tabletop at the same time. It turns out that this isn't nearly as easy as sending the car or bike alone, as they actually travel at different speeds to clear the same jump. After some technical problems and a steep learning curve, we finally figure out that a bigger battery makes it much easier to time.
Here's the car Traxxas sent us
If you're interested in the Maxx, just go to your local hobby shop and they will probably have it. You'll also need a charger, battery, and probably some tools. This thing is an absolute beast! It might need a little polishing after landing upside down about 300 times.
Thanks to James from Squatch Bikes for driving instagram.com/squatchbikes/ , Elliot for riding instagram.com/smelliot12/ , and Heather for shooting pictures instagram.com/heather_shredder/
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dcoog anml
dcoog anml - 21 sekund siden
“Today we’re gonna be doing something different but kinda the same” - Seth 2020
RC 77
RC 77 - 42 minutter siden
I love these rc car vids keep doing them please 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Jrzart5 - Time siden
Why does it take you so long to post videos
Lorenzo MTB
Lorenzo MTB - 2 timer siden
"Today we are going to be doing something a little different but kinda the same" absolutely class love it 😁👌👍
demon646 - 2 timer siden
shout out to Traxxas... I bought my E-Revo VXL used and it's a beast! Good times.
Jono 99
Jono 99 - 2 timer siden
Guys if u see pls like to get this to top but Seth broke his ankle he put it on his insta
Jack Stefanik
Jack Stefanik - 2 timer siden
Awesome video.
Lil Kai
Lil Kai - 5 timer siden
Hey Seth! I love your videos they’re really cool to watch. I got a suggestion, you should test bike parts, accessories etc from the shop WISH. I see advertising on bike tyres, bike wash etc, and I think it’s be so interesting to see you review some items of your choice!
Be Cool
Be Cool - 6 timer siden
Hi seth! I need to make a importnant decision! I just started mtb and there is this full sus bike for 562$(dechatlon rockrider 530s) and Trek marlin 5 2021. My budget is 590$ Which one do i take!?
Bfredd33 - 4 timer siden
I would recommend getting a hard tail for that budget you will get better parts
Louis Wendelbo
Louis Wendelbo - 7 timer siden
I love the intro tho!!!!!!!
Brayden Burke
Brayden Burke - 7 timer siden
Make a video of you practicing wheelies
K Monday
K Monday - 9 timer siden
Healing vibes seth
Try Again
Try Again - 11 timer siden
You need an fpv drone racer to chase you... I know a guy
Khlot Vouthy
Khlot Vouthy - 12 timer siden
Can make more rc car videos
Toby Boswell
Toby Boswell - 12 timer siden
Seth why you not posting
K Monday
K Monday - 9 timer siden
He broke his leg
matthew lush
matthew lush - 14 timer siden
Bike off-road
Bike off-road - 18 timer siden
Hi Seth I’m a small new MTB YouTuber my channel name is Bike off-road I’m a big fan and it would be great if you could give me a shoutout
Georgia Henderson
Georgia Henderson - 18 timer siden
I think another YouTuber Ryan Willard has sprained his arm here cuz he hit a jump and he sprained his arm
Ian S
Ian S - 19 timer siden
Why is this no longer called Seth's bike hacks??!!!
James - 19 timer siden
Can you make a video of you riding every trail on berm peak?
Cheese on Everything
Cheese on Everything - 20 timer siden
all he had to do was keep his finger steady on the throttle
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 21 time siden
This shows how crazy it was when ken block jumped a ramp with a snowboarder.
Riley Carruthers
Riley Carruthers - 22 timer siden
Is air force 1's good for mountain biking???
Bisexu_Whale Edits
Bisexu_Whale Edits - 23 timer siden
Who’s here after Seth announced that he broke his ankle? Get better soon Seth!🙂
oliver mingin
oliver mingin - 23 timer siden
Seth, u should make a pump track
Adrian Zamora
Adrian Zamora - Dag siden
Can you make a part recommendation video?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 21 time siden
The car was nose heavy and the extra battery evened it out.
IN LK - Dag siden
Get out and Vote Vote Vote!!!! TRUMP 2020!!! 🇺🇸 ❤️.. Do It!!!! Berm Peak and everything else is on the line!!!
kraner 14
kraner 14 - Dag siden
yeah the same storm that hit you hit me aswell we mad a cool bike trails from it like you like 5 months ago
i think
Blind-Ambition - Dag siden
stock setup isn't going to work good. needs heavier oil and springs in it. front end is bottoming way too easy... that's why it's bouncing out of control. surprised the "professional" rc driver doesn't know that.
Matthew aubel
Matthew aubel - Dag siden
Who’s here after he snapped hi leg🦴
Dylan Bikes
Dylan Bikes - Dag siden
I just did a small jump and I've wreckedy derailer and I landed on my neck but I'm waiting to get it fixed because I love riding my new bike I got it 2 weeks ago but it's been through a journey
JoPro - Dag siden
Heal fast and well. Stay safe, and good luck.
BLR_whipash 12
BLR_whipash 12 - Dag siden
Hey seth you should try put helium in your bike tires!
Mathias Söderberg
Mathias Söderberg - Dag siden
The guy driving the RC is exceptionally bad at jumping it! It's really not that hard as you guys making it look🤷🏻‍♂️
CoderShare - Dag siden
Sorry about your leg :(
Walter's Canister
Walter's Canister - Dag siden
Since you broke your foot maybe there will be more hacks and product reveiews? They are the best
Tyler Hawkins
Tyler Hawkins - Dag siden
So it looks like this may not be the last rc vid
christonator mckenna
christonator mckenna - Dag siden
i really hope seths bike hacks doesnt turn into a company
Stuart D
Stuart D - Dag siden
I race rc nitro 1/8 buggy
Lincoln Hafner
Lincoln Hafner - Dag siden
The car was nose heavy and the extra battery evened it out.
Wyatt - Dag siden
Man, I don't ride mtb, I do bmx, but I swear every time I click one of your videos I end up watching 10, theres such a casual and cool tone to the channel, but somehow all the camera angles, audio, everything, feels so professional and it's nice to see a channel that makes it look so easy while also being so cool.
darkstateofme Nyman
darkstateofme Nyman - Dag siden
Ok so this is a bit off topic, but a good hack is taking 2 screws and then measuring the width of your tyres and drilling them into your bench according to your width. (Cockpit repair stand kinda like the clug)
dakota dewett
dakota dewett - Dag siden
If you ever owned a traxxas car you know that they can take a 50 ft jump and and keep going like it’s nothing
camcam0530 - Dag siden
Youtube unsubscribed me from you. Luckily I remember you
CHOCCY MILK - Dag siden
Now traxxas needs to make a Seths bike hacks rc car, and give one to Seth to test on berm peak!
John Wren
John Wren - Dag siden
Guy is actually a terrible RC driver.
John Wren
John Wren - Dag siden
Sweet ad! Lol
Trail Riders
Trail Riders - Dag siden
Hi u inspired my cousin and I to make our own YouTube channel. Could you give us us shout out the Video is called the start of Trail Riders
everythingRC Everything rc
Bro not to be rude but this guys rc car orientation is so bad he should stand at the side of the ramp so that he can land that car😂
William Lipinski
William Lipinski - Dag siden
can Amy be in the nextvideo
ASMR DIRTBIKES - 2 dager siden
they should of got the e revo 2.0
orange tj
orange tj - 2 dager siden
can you please do a video on suspension posts?
Layton’s mtb reviews
Layton’s mtb reviews - 2 dager siden
I’ve made a review on my mtb could people check it out and give me some advice on if I’ve done anything wrong and what I could improve on?
Matthew Forzano
Matthew Forzano - 2 dager siden
*IMPORTANT* I have a Few Questions about my MTB and a Video idea for you, its been a Long time since you made a "Best MTB front and rear Derailleur" Yours also didn't really go over anything. I have a Cannondale Trail 8 And my MTB Derailleurs Are Both Horrible. I'm looking to Upgrade them even though the bikes only 5 weeks old, What are your Recommendations? I'm looking to spend about $50 per Derailleur, I don't Do super Hard core riding like you, However I still do Jumps, And Riding Fast in the woods over rock gardens and Roots. What is Your Recommendation? (My bike has 7 Speeds in the back and 3 in the front, {21 in total})
misolou fout
misolou fout - Dag siden
You should buy an X-Maxx its the bigger brother of that one I myself have had a Slash 4x4 for like give or take 5 years still works traxxas is the #1 in RC
Tobias - 2 dager siden
getting sponsered by traxxas. that's epic!!
misolou fout
misolou fout - Dag siden
TRAXXAS only helps out people with free stuff if they're already filthy rich ,NEVERMIND THE POOR PEOPLE WITH NOTHING AYE TRAXXAS?
Noah Winters
Noah Winters - 2 dager siden
Please use the Traxxas Stampede
Austens MTB
Austens MTB - 2 dager siden
He advertised it like traxxas would have
Arian laas
Arian laas - 2 dager siden
jealous of yall guys my leg just got amputated and i have to wait 4 months for a fake leg. Cant wait to get back on a bike, sad thing is it will never be the same anymore
Ryan M
Ryan M - 2 dager siden
how do i fix a chain that hits my frame on jumps. I have a nishiki pueblo with everything stock
I have already done the b screw thing on my Shimano Tourney TX35 rear derailleur and it hasnt worked
latitude - 2 dager siden
Why all the EC crap. Let’s get to the bike crap. 🙏🏽😜
Ryan Flannery
Ryan Flannery - 2 dager siden
Hey Seth loved the video since it is now winter you should ski berm peak it would be interesting ⛷
Pukhraj Gansinh
Pukhraj Gansinh - 2 dager siden
I got the traxxes erevo
KyDen9 - 2 dager siden
Does anyone know what the 2008 Novara Aspen is? Because that's the bike I ride.
Arron Mcdonald
Arron Mcdonald - 2 dager siden
Hi Seth, I have a carerra valour mountain bike and I want to make it into a proper mountain bike like what you do with bikes, could u be able to do a video on budget things for mountain bikes as I am just a 14 year old boy
Mattgair. 05
Mattgair. 05 - 2 dager siden
Liking the videos but when can we see you getting building again?
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson - 2 dager siden
Seth should build a big wooden statues of drama at berm peaks trail head like the one on dirt merchant in whister
The Bearded Grump
The Bearded Grump - 2 dager siden
You needed a better RC driver.
Rem Guinto
Rem Guinto - 2 dager siden
Seth you and kevin talbot
Like if you guys agree
RC DEPENDENT - 2 dager siden
TRAXXAS only helps out people with free stuff if they're already filthy rich ,NEVERMIND THE POOR PEOPLE WITH NOTHING AYE TRAXXAS?
Sphyxx - 2 dager siden
You should buy an X-Maxx its the bigger brother of that one I myself have had a Slash 4x4 for like give or take 5 years still works traxxas is the #1 in RC
misolou fout
misolou fout - 2 dager siden
my two favorite hobbies: RC and MTB. love it
Tyson Mccabe
Tyson Mccabe - 2 dager siden
Go to Australia i think it will be a fun little challange i live in Australia the tracks are fun as i love ur vids have fun
Tyson Mccabe
Tyson Mccabe - 2 dager siden
@misolou fout proberbly a duel suspension
misolou fout
misolou fout - 2 dager siden
Hey what is a good beginer mountain bike
Doru Andrei
Doru Andrei - 2 dager siden
I want to see back the trek 4700 if u have it
Xavier Bissonnette
Xavier Bissonnette - 2 dager siden
Hi Seth me and my friend would love to have you to shoutout are very small youtube chanel about MTB it's called We are outside
Anonymous - 2 dager siden
Stop with rc cars and upload bike videos in your garden
Invisble Ninja5000
Invisble Ninja5000 - 2 dager siden
this was pointless
Jack Hellyer
Jack Hellyer - 2 dager siden
Sub to jack hellyer please
bodoy euir
bodoy euir - 2 dager siden
Everyone’s talking about “what could go wrong” but what about the stuff that went right, like that was insane! Anyway thanks Seth.
Dan Aleks
Dan Aleks - 2 dager siden
Looks like car has auto break on neutral.
This is bad for jumping.
SlowBusa - 2 dager siden
what happened to the derailleur?
Lucas Balsiger
Lucas Balsiger - 2 dager siden
I don't know if any of you follow Traxxas but that is one expensive car. Btw jumping isn't that hard, I could nail it easy with that car, especially because it has amazing rotational mass
bodoy euir
bodoy euir - 2 dager siden
Very gréât vidéo. Nice challenge with rc car VS bike
PollyWannaFirecracker - 2 dager siden
3:42 did he just call it a toy? I'm triggered.
I used to drive these around before I got into mountain biking, and now I might fix mine up again (they're always breaking no matter what Seth says) and go for a rip.
Ross Valenzuela
Ross Valenzuela - 2 timer siden
you'd be suprised. Ive owned a ton of Rcs and this one is in a league of its own tank wise .
Theron Petitto
Theron Petitto - 2 dager siden
Im not sure if it’s just me but you are slowly becoming less entertaining every video. I like the old Seth that made 10 bike gadget videos and stuff of that sort. This RC stuff is not you. I liked it when it felt like you were talking to me directly and not a group of people like you are. I hope you make some changes to your videos and become the Seth that you used to be.
Bdelk 44
Bdelk 44 - 2 dager siden
Here is Some thing crazy I have the big brother of the big brother of that rc car
Keenan O'Connell
Keenan O'Connell - 2 dager siden
Awesome just awesome
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia - 2 dager siden
Hey what is a good beginer mountain bike
Payton Newman
Payton Newman - 2 dager siden
my two favorite hobbies: RC and MTB. love it
iliriano6 - 2 dager siden
F that. Revo is where is at.
ryan d
ryan d - 2 dager siden
Hey seth, In my opinion I would love to see a mini creek system throughout bermpeak, idk if you have ever brought that idea up
Gilbert T.
Gilbert T. - 2 dager siden
No way😮😮😮😍
Matt J1
Matt J1 - 2 dager siden
Highly recommend Traxxas vehicles
Matt J1
Matt J1 - 2 dager siden
Oh so sweet the Maxx is an awesome truck I have the Xmaxx you should check that out ps love berm peak truck can't believe traxxas sorted you that that's total bad ass nice one traxxas 👍👍👍
DannyBoi 4328
DannyBoi 4328 - 2 dager siden
I really miss the old name of the channel but the new one is more like what the channels about atm so it makes sense I guess
Frog - 3 dager siden
Hi Seth!
I just got really into mountain biking and got my first bike. It’s a trek marlin 4. I don’t live in a place were there are many trails for good riding. The best trail is about 1.5 hours from my house. It’s my dream to live somewhere where there are trails everywhere. I’m looking at a polygon Siskin t7 on Pinkbike. I’m freaking out without having trails close to me. If I could drive I would be mountain biking anything I could. Do you have any tips for finding good trails or beginner cheap full suspension bikes?
Ryeastyboy Man
Ryeastyboy Man - 3 dager siden
I’m looking for a good but cheap endero bike any ideas???
Kev’in Bike
Kev’in Bike - 3 dager siden
Very gréât vidéo. Nice challenge with rc car VS bike
Xavier Estevez
Xavier Estevez - 3 dager siden
It national youths inspiration day thanks for inspiring me seth
serdy ximi
serdy ximi - 3 dager siden
Damn just came back to this channel and he changed so much I miss the old Seth
Cameron Herrick
Cameron Herrick - 3 dager siden
CEO of something different but kind of the same
Ben Likes to do things
Ben Likes to do things - 3 dager siden
Can Gahllager Kevins downhill bike be brought back
everyday mtb
everyday mtb - 3 dager siden