Weaponised Homemade Screwtank

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Its Finished and what a Project........
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Making the Screws noburn.info/id/video/tHW2nMuoaaqtnXI.html
Chassis and drivetrain noburn.info/id/video/l6fEd9Z-nIqOmmE.html
Hydraulics noburn.info/id/video/02W5id2SYZKNeag.html
First Test noburn.info/id/video/u6mnf8dej2yucGU.html
Making it Float noburn.info/id/video/k23GaJxjkqSmfKg.html
Making The SEMI Auto Cannon noburn.info/id/video/yXbEq7iiqYGoaag.html
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colinfurze - 18 dager siden
There we have to Furze Screwtank, been a good project this, so what other vehicles projects would you like to see come out the Colin Furze Shed.......
AdraxasJr - 7 dager siden
Spider mech
David Rice
David Rice - 14 dager siden
I'm assuming that you've never actually played the game, because its infuriating to the ordinary free to play player, only those with godlike luck and matchmaking actually enjoy it and they usually pay for that
Denis Zhuravlev
Denis Zhuravlev - 14 dager siden
Hi, cool project. I'd like you to add shock absorbers or springs and more speeeeed! It would be great off-road car!
Woble Bean
Woble Bean - 14 dager siden
Build a screw MOTORCYCLE! It uses two little screws on front and back and the back one is Longer like a snowmobile.
savion bailey
savion bailey - 14 dager siden
You should make a cybertruck
Joe Lemon
Joe Lemon - 2 timer siden
America: we carry guns around for saftey.
Colin: I built my own tank in my back garden but had to legalize it
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero - 3 timer siden
Neil Myatt
Neil Myatt - 4 timer siden
ok Furze - next you need to level up and build a bipedal walking mech!
AlphaTyper - 5 timer siden
Hey ColinFurze, Thanks for accepting my friend request
Drewmoefoe - 5 timer siden
The anti-doctor tank
RobyRob 76
RobyRob 76 - 5 timer siden
Can you make the mantis blades of cyberpunk? Or whatever they’re called
ChillStream - 6 timer siden
Your way to obsessed with rock music
TheMiddleton OfDarknessGaming
So colin I challenge you to build the largest model rocket you can possibly build within 3 weeks
Anand Dodake
Anand Dodake - 6 timer siden
Can you make a Black Panther suit?
andrey ?
andrey ? - 7 timer siden
I see where the Australian fires came from
さRaZor - 8 timer siden
Video idea: a sofa that has a base under it
Monty Christoe
Monty Christoe - 10 timer siden
Idk why make the oppressor mk1 or 2
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 15 timer siden
Just when we thought all english people were tea addicted gentlemen
Ridho Syauqi
Ridho Syauqi - 18 timer siden
what the hell
Chris Gregory
Chris Gregory - 20 timer siden
make a car that shoots FLAME out of the exhaust pipe!!
bob aloo
bob aloo - 21 time siden
Love the Channel. Can we see an episode of bloopers or maybe a Jackie Chan injury reel.. People need to know some of these things are dangerous. Cheers
john issa
john issa - Dag siden
make a hybrid rocket motor, I recommend paraffin and nitrous oxide
angelickitten - Dag siden
I saw someone in one of your video said, make Mary Poppins umbrella but crazier and I think it's a good idea. Idk if this is vehicle or not, but could be
Tani - Dag siden
*Military would like to know your location*
Graham Eddolls
Graham Eddolls - Dag siden
Hi, Colin. How about making a fork lift that can discard unwanted loads (like a pallet of toilets or cabbages) by "throwing them over its shoulder"?
R Guthrie
R Guthrie - Dag siden
Need more of these video's like this with all the crap going on in the world! Keep the video's coming please. Good video's are becoming harder to find.
Sanchogamer _Yt
Sanchogamer _Yt - Dag siden
Eres tonto que luego miles de bosques se queman por gente como tu
Noodles Playzguitar
Noodles Playzguitar - Dag siden
Just a thought change the apples to solid steel balls
Never mind forgot you not in America like the rest of the crazy inventors
Noodles Playzguitar
Noodles Playzguitar - Dag siden
I remember the beginning of this and I was thinking that this will never work
Szczur_ Zagłady
Szczur_ Zagłady - Dag siden
U can do a door in front of this and a plexi or something like that window to ;)
J Rohit
J Rohit - Dag siden
Well, this woild be a much better excuse than a gender reveal party
Joe Breakwell
Joe Breakwell - Dag siden
Why is Tom always so red tho?
Graham Eddolls
Graham Eddolls - Dag siden
Hi, Colin. I know you don't waste much so I'm wondering if/how you are able to recycle aluminium shavings and remnants ...... Thanks for any info! :o)
Alexander Saunders
Alexander Saunders - Dag siden
U should make a really fast shooting nerf gun for a video
Aaron Furaus
Aaron Furaus - Dag siden
Colinfurze I just wanted to say how much of a fan I am of your channel. I enjoy watching your videos so much because I love science. but it always needs a little humor in it LOL
COREY EDEN - Dag siden
Can you upload more videos please i am a big fan of your channel 🙏
Sammy Senju
Sammy Senju - Dag siden
How did he not start a Forrest fire
Lucas White
Lucas White - Dag siden
Can you make the threaded cane from blood borne?
Lucas Murphy
Lucas Murphy - Dag siden
Just saw that the world record for fastest wheelbarrow is 45mph. Lightweight Colin make it happen
Justin Berryman
Justin Berryman - 2 dager siden
Well in the U.S.A we can build any caliber high velocity cannon or mortar we wanna without all that legal bullshit thank God were not the U.K or Australia we like our guns here LoL
MarkoRollo - 2 dager siden
I have to wonder if people in your hometown see you out and about doing this stuff and momentarily wonder what's going on and then are just like, nevermind, it's Colin, carry on.......
Daniel Pruitt
Daniel Pruitt - 2 dager siden
So cool I wish I was an inventor
Ahorn _
Ahorn _ - 2 dager siden
Can you make a Rollercoaster in your Backyard?
Nicholas mello
Nicholas mello - 2 dager siden
hi colin furze, i'm from Brazil, i'm your biggest fã
El Claudix CM.
El Claudix CM. - 2 dager siden
More vidios
DoomXshoT - 2 dager siden
y e s
y e s - 2 dager siden
Next video: I burnt down a forest sorry Team Trees
jack atkin
jack atkin - 2 dager siden
now make a real big tank that would be awesome
Zach Myers
Zach Myers - 2 dager siden
🚩📣 Attention Colin: I have a small project request. Can you build a simple Welding Turn Table that is driven by a microwave motor? I plan to make it for our welder at work bc he needs one. Prefer it to have a foot pedal as well. I haven't seen anyone make one yet on the web. So... When you get a minute, throw one together and see if it works and post a vid so I can follow you step by step in making it. I only want to use a microwave motor bc I have one already sitting, waiting to be put to use lol. If you label the vid "DiY Welding Rotary Table using Microwave Motor" or "Will This Even Work!?" ..or whatever. If you can have it done within a week that would be great. Thanks in advance
-DiY Machinist from NC, USA
mksoeung - 2 dager siden
Are those augers from cross out?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 2 dager siden
Weaponised Homemade Screwtank Me: Wait thats illegal
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 2 dager siden
"Local British man sets forests on fires and shoots people with apples on a screw driven......tank ? Am I reading this right ? " Says the dumbstruck news reporter .
Camaro Charger
Camaro Charger - 2 dager siden
I've been binging Colin's videos for the last 3 days, finally done from the first Mr. blobby one to this. Damn he's mad, never change Colin never change.
Morris Jakob Johnson
Morris Jakob Johnson - 2 dager siden
Burning treessssss need some firefigther
Kalyansankella Sankella2
Kalyansankella Sankella2 - 2 dager siden
Add new viedio
Mochizuki Toya
Mochizuki Toya - 2 dager siden
if someone comes to close you pull out the weponized screw tank
Beau - 2 dager siden
I miss the Star Wars builds 😞
Ghost - 2 dager siden
Mak a predator costume and with the gauntlets
Ibraheem Khazbak
Ibraheem Khazbak - 2 dager siden
This guy is the reason phineas and ferb exists
Meera Bhise
Meera Bhise - 2 dager siden
Great tank, but she could use some frontal armour.
Alex Galea
Alex Galea - 2 dager siden
Is it just me or does it look like a boat with another boat on the roof with screws on the side?
Dann mreps
Dann mreps - 2 dager siden
Can I team up with you..
King Boii832
King Boii832 - 2 dager siden
Aliastino Gaming
Aliastino Gaming - 2 dager siden
This can be a zombie destroyer
Carter DeLap
Carter DeLap - 2 dager siden
Can you over engineer a nerf gun?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 2 dager siden
Police: Someone set the forest on fire. Do you know anything? Colin: ....
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 2 dager siden
You should make a snow cannon using liquid nitrogen and water
Zenn virus
Zenn virus - 3 dager siden
World of Tanks should add the Furze Screwtank as a playable tank. It'll be mental.
Emile Obersteiner
Emile Obersteiner - 3 dager siden
Make a roller coaster pls
Jayant Chatterji
Jayant Chatterji - 3 dager siden
"Local British man sets forests on fires and shoots people with apples on a screw driven......tank ? Am I reading this right ? " Says the dumbstruck news reporter .
ミドナ - 3 dager siden

Typer Trio
Typer Trio - 3 dager siden
das banane
das banane - 3 dager siden
Now we know why the forest burns.
SpyengoEen - 3 dager siden
Gamers: It's like those tanks in World of Tanks.
Old school gamers: It's just the Shagohod.
Me, a man of culture: It's literally the "Dragon" from Dr. No.
Andrea Zoli
Andrea Zoli - 3 dager siden
Mom, when I grow up I want to do the Colinfurze
Matty Roberts
Matty Roberts - 3 dager siden
I would love to see a colab between the hacksmith and colinfurze. The thing they would create would be mad!
Adam - 3 dager siden
Hmm probably not beating any speed records but I reckon it'd made a great all terrain mobility scooter.
Paul Bransford
Paul Bransford - 3 dager siden
If you slant the cannon's chute you could reload it from the seat!
UltraMiner245 - 3 dager siden
It’s the chimera from operation: anchorage
꧁༺Crowno༻꧂ - 3 dager siden
Took a little too long to find someone commenting this
SergeantScopez - 3 dager siden
this man could probably make his own atomic bomb
SergeantScopez - 3 dager siden
he needs to colab with hacksmith
man bird
man bird - 3 dager siden
I dont know why he didnt just build a normal mini tank with tracks on it i feel like that would have been alot more interesting and faster
Joseph Ogrady
Joseph Ogrady - 3 dager siden
You should make a snow cannon using liquid nitrogen and water
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 3 dager siden
UK: NO GUNS! Colin: Ok then, I will just make a flamethrower, and use it in the woods.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 3 dager siden
Be careful with fire!!!
Yi Hoon Kil
Yi Hoon Kil - 3 dager siden
???: *FBI OPEN UP!!!!*
Chloe's White Van
Chloe's White Van - 3 dager siden
Collin is honestly the Mark Rober of England
Jacob Allentharp
Jacob Allentharp - 3 dager siden
This man officer
KingKitsune - 3 dager siden
Jet ski/motorbike old people scooter would be awesome I’m my opinion
Herobrine Ninja
Herobrine Ninja - 3 dager siden
In invite hacksmit Nd do a tank battle
Just a kid Dont mind me
Just a kid Dont mind me - 3 dager siden
And I thought the hidden blade was an ambitious projecr
كيرو kerol
كيرو kerol - 4 dager siden
انا معرفش مين شاف الكومنت دة😍
يارب تنام وتصحي فرحان 😀🌻❤
بالي تعمل لايك واشتراك في قناتي 💙
Premium Balkan
Premium Balkan - 4 dager siden
Nice tonk u got there
Mumbo - 4 dager siden
could you test it against something like a car?
7zfk - 4 dager siden
It should be screw tank
star lemon
star lemon - 4 dager siden
Он не перестань меня удевлять
MrcabooseVG - 4 dager siden
I like how instead of making a different weapon he just went 'fuck it' and got a license
John C
John C - 4 dager siden
*oi mate u got a loisence fooh thaught*
Parth Bhatt
Parth Bhatt - 4 dager siden
I am coming to your place in zombie apocalypse 😂
Waha 19
Waha 19 - 4 dager siden
This guy definitely mastered geometry and physics
Waffles_123 - 4 dager siden
Make the screw tank fly
alexjet - 4 dager siden
Be careful with fire!!!
Ryan Tracy
Ryan Tracy - 4 dager siden
What if smoky the bear saw this video😂
Pedro Antonio Garces Luciano
Este bro no se anda con tonteras, ya está preparado para la mutación de el covid xd
UCHIHA ITACHI - 4 dager siden
Can u make external Armor exoskeleton thing, like in the movie matrix witch which they fight the whole swarm of those mecha army
YA BRO - 4 dager siden
You should but a bullet proof glass that's move up and down like a door